General Information

Status                         : Overseas territory

Total area                   : 35 sq mi (91 sq km)

Population (2008 est.) : 13,854

Capital (2003 est.)       : The Valley, 830

Monetary unit              : East Caribbean dollar

Ethnicity/race               : Black African

Literacy                        : 95% (1984 est.)

Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2002 est.): $112 million; per capita $7,500. Real growth rate: 2.8%. Inflation: 2.3%.

Anguilla was first colonized in 1650 by English settlers from St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and has since remained a British territory. It was originally part of the West Indies Associated States as a component of the St. Kitts–Nevis-Anguilla Federation. In 1967, Anguilla declared its independence from the federation but Britain did not recognize this action. In Feb. 1969, Anguilla voted to cut all ties with Britain and become an independent republic. In March, Britain landed troops on the island and, on March 30, a truce was signed. In July 1971, Anguilla became a dependency of Britain and two months later Britain ordered the withdrawal of all its troops. A new constitution for Anguilla, effective in Feb. 1976, provided for separate administration and a government of elected representatives. The Associated State of St. Kitts–Nevis-Anguilla ended in 1980, and in 1982 a new Anguillan constitution took effect.

Islamic History and Muslims

   Registerd on the 8th of February 2000 under the Friendly Societies Act, the AIS is governed by a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and a Secretary. Three trustees sit on the General Commitee. The membership of ordinary members is very low seeing that the population of Muslims on Anguilla is 16. This small number, (0.2% of the total population), proves to be no hindrance in the development of Islam on the island, as the muslims of Anguilla are concerned about the quality instead of the quantity of the Muslims
Among the many objectives of AIS, the main objectives are:-

          - To develop and encourage awareness of the Islamic Faith,  governed by  the Qur'an, Sunnah and the Ijtim'ah,among the genral  public.
          - To be the main link between the government and the muslim community of Anguilla.
          - To announce the official Fatwa on any Islamic dispute to the Islamic Community and the Government.

The Jamaat is in need of an Imam to fulfill the said duties and promote the dawah effort on the island. Requests were made to various organizations and still awaiting a response. Interested persons are urged to send us an email

  Islamic Centers and Organizations

Organization Name



General Information

Masjid An-Nur

Masjid An-Nur
P O Box 529, Blowing Point,
Locrum, B.W.I. 1303, ANGUILLA


It is the only Mosque in Anguilla. Daily and Friday Jumuaah Prayers are held here.

Anguilla Islamic Shura (AIS)

Anguilla Islamic Shura (AIS)
P.O. Box 1133, Locrum, Blowing Point,
The Valley, , ANGUILLA

(264) 497-3214/7860






   Muslim Owned Business

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