General Information

Status                          : Overseas territory

Total area                    : 101 sq mi (262 sq km)

Population (2006 est.) : 45,436

Capital (2003 est.)       : George Town (on Grand Cayman), 29,400

Monetary unit             : Cayman Islands dollar

Literacy rate              : 98% (1970 est.)

Economic summary   : GDP/PPP (2004 est.): $1.391 billion; per capita $32,300. Real growth rate: 1.7% (2002 est.). Inflation: 2.8% (2002).

The Caymans consist of three islands—Grand Cayman (76 sq mi; 197 sq km), Cayman Brac (22 sq mi; 57 sq km), and Little Cayman (20 sq mi; 52 sq km)—situated about 180 mi (290 km) northwest of Jamaica. They were dependencies of Jamaica until 1959, when they became a unit territory within the Federation of the West Indies. In 1962, upon the dissolution of the federation, the Cayman Islands became a British dependency, and a new constitution approved in 1972 provided for a greater degree of autonomy. Tourism and finance are the Cayman Islands' major industries.

Islamic History and Muslims

The Muslim community of the Cayman Islands is very small compared to other countries, but the diversity of the community makes up for what it lacks in size. Islam has grown very much in the Cayman Islands during the past twenty years. We came to the Cayman Islands in Dec 1981 at that time there were very few Muslim families living here in the Cayman Islands. Most of them were working in the bank. We were meeting them several times in a week but there was no proper arrangement for Jumma prayers at that time. Some Muslims were praying at home individually. Some times there were prayers but other times there weren't. When there were Jumma prayers they took place at the bank office which was only available periodically.

After a while a few new Muslim families came from overseas and a decision was made to do Jumma prayers on a regular basis. One brother volunteered his apartment to perform Jumma prayers every Friday. At this point there were no Caymanian Muslims. Also one of the sisters offered to teach children The Quran at her house. She did not teach any other basic beliefs of Islam etc., only Quran. A few children were going to her house for Quran lessons.

Unfortunately the brother who had volunteered his apartment was transferred abroad and therefore the Jumma prayers were discontinued once again. After a while the sister who was teaching the children Quran also left Cayman. This caused the arrangement for Quran lessons to be diminished. A couple of months later we again made the arrangement to perform Jumma prayers. The prayers took place at one of the brother's residence. Unfortunately due to the closure of the bank many of the Muslim families who attended Jumma prayers left Cayman.

Once again the prayers were discontinued. In 1992, Bro. Muzaffer came back from The States after completing his education and we again planned to start Jumma prayers. At this point, the number of Muslims attending Jumma prayers varied between one and two persons. On one occasion there were no brothers for Jumma prayers so Bro. Muzaffer brought one of his friends who was of Christian faith. He prayed with us to make a Jammat. We started searching for more Muslim families who were living on the island and we found some Indonesian Muslim brothers. We invited them to attend Jumma prayers each week at Bro. Siddiqui's residence. At the same time Mrs. Siddiqui started teaching a few students Quran each Sunday, at her house. We also understood that a few Caymanian Muslims were living on the islands. We invited them also to join us for Jumma prayers. At this point there was a good number of Muslims attending Jumma prayers. After three years of Jumma prayers at a permanent venue, the Muslim brothers decided to start other Islamic activities such as Islamic Sunday school.

In the beginning Islamic School took place at the George Town, Town Hall but due to high charges and unavailability of the hall the Islamic School was transferred to a bank office, offered by an Indonesian brother, who was the manager of the bank. The Islamic School took place at the bank office for three years and during this period there were about ten students. This number kept changing throughout the years due to families coming and leaving. During Islamic School, there were Quran lessons, memorizing of Khalmas and surahs from the Quran (In Arabic with translations) and also Zuhr prayers. Sometimes there was also Arabic lessons. For the past two years the Islamic School has been taking place at Bro. Muzaffer's residence. To this date three students have completed the Quran, mashallah. All the Khalmas and over fifteen surahs from the Quran with English translations have also been learnt by many of the students. More recently included in the Islamic School are Islamiat and Arabic writing lessons, which include a follow-up homework each week via email. Bro. Muzaffer has volunteered a portion of his house to be used as a Masjid.

Some activities, which take place there, include Jumma prayers also Zuhr and Isha prayers daily. Every Tuesday and Thursday after Isha there is Taleem (Hadiths recitation). There is also Adult Arabic classes every Monday and Wednesday. Some Muslim brothers have been attending these classes and more are encouraged to come. Now, An Islamic Society of the Cayman Islands has also been formed. From May 2002 they have published a newsletter which includes valuable information about Islam, kutbahs, prayer times, an editorial, other activities and also a section for students. This newsletter is mashallah being published each month. We pray to Allah (SUBT) to guide us along the straight path and inshallah let the Islamic community grow to its fullest.

The activities organized by the Islamic Society of the Cayman Islands cater for all Muslims on the Island, residents as well as visitors. One of the Major and Mid Term projects of the Islamic Society of the Cayman Islands, is to establish a Mosque on the largest of the three (3) islands, Grand Cayman. Presently we are using a portion of a brother's house to have our congregational prayers. We are willing to accept donations towards this effort.

Monthly Islamic Events Cayman Islands

Sister Ya Ya and her daughter Sister Natacia reading the Holy Qu'ran

Children from the Islamic School doing Qur'an recitation. Leading the group is 3 year old Haniya.


Is'ha Salaat

Some Brothers having dinner and socialising.


Some of the brothers socialising.

Brother Muzzafar and Brother Wahjad cleaning up after a beautiful evening


 Islamic Centers and Organizations

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Islamic Society of Cayman Islands

Islamic Society of Cayman Islands
P.O. Box 641 GT,  877 South Sound Road  Cayman Islands, , CAYMAN ISLANDS


Taleem  Children's Arabic Class  Daw'ah






   Muslim Owned Business

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Al-Halal Farms

Al-Halal Farms
Eastern District,







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