General Information

Sovereign                   : Queen Elizabeth II (1952)

Land area                   : 236 sq mi (611 sq km); total area: 238 mi (616 sq km)

Population (2007 est.) : 170,649

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Castries, 60,300

Monetary unit            : East Caribbean dollar

Languages                 : English (official), French patois

Ethnicity/race            : Black 82.5%, mixed 11%, East Indian 2.4%, other or unspecified 3.1% (2001 census)

Religions                   : Roman Catholic 68%, Seventh-Day Adventist 9%, Pentecostal 6%, Evangelical 2%, Anglican 2%, other Christian 5%, Rastafarian 2%, none 5% (2001)

Literacy rate              : 90% (2001 est.)

Economic summary  : GDP/PPP (2006 est.): $1.179 billion; per capita $4,800 (2005 est.). Real growth rate: 5.1%. Inflation: 2.9% (2005 est.).

One of the Windward Islands of the eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia lies just south of Martinique. It is of volcanic origin. A chain of wooded mountains runs from north to south and from them flow many streams into fertile valleys.

The first inhabitants of St. Lucia were the Arawak Indians, who were forced off the island by the Caribs. Explored by Spain and then France, St. Lucia became a British territory in 1814 and one of the Windward Islands in 1871. With other Windward Islands, St. Lucia was granted home rule in 1967 as one of the West Indies Associated States. On Feb. 22, 1979, St. Lucia achieved full independence in ceremonies boycotted by the opposition St. Lucia Labour Party, which had advocated a referendum before cutting ties with Britain.

Islamic History and Muslims

According to Abdullah Abdul Raheem; there are  very small Muslim community (150-200 ) in St Lucia. The community is made up of mainly converts or locals, who are of African descent, but who also include immigrants from the Middle East, South Asia and other Caribbean countries.  Islam has been in St Lucia from the early 90's. Some locals who lived abroad came back home to settle down (mainly from the USA). One of the main brothers Abdul Rabb was instrumental in having his presence as a Muslim felt on the Island. His manner of dressing was not the same as locals and so people would enquire about this and so he would use the opportunity to invite to Islam. Currently we have no actual Masjid. We have some small Musalla. Three in Castries the capital and one in Vieux Fort another town. Business wise we have some Syrian Muslims who run clothing and shoe stores others sell incense oils and perfumes. But the majority of brothers are engaged in the construction industry either skilled as in masons, carpenters or semi skilled laborers.

The rate at which people embrass Islam is on average 1-2 per month, mainly males. We have a registered Islam Organisation but it does represent the entire body of Muslims. Our activities such as Eid Salah and Taraweh and Islamic classes (children) is organised by a small group of brothers.

  Islamic Centers and Organizations

Organization Name



General Information


Old Victoria Road, The Morne,
Castries, Saint Lucia , SAINT LUCIA


Separate area for sisters/Islamic classes offered.

Musallah (Masjidur Rahman) and Islamic Foundation of Vieux-fort

Musallah(Masjidur Rahman) and Islamic Foundation of Vieux-fort
St. Jude's Highway,
La Tourney, Saint Lucia , SAINT LUCIA

1 758 5194642

Every Sunday, after asr a session in tafseer ul quran.


The Islamic Association of St Lucia Inc. The Islamic Association of St Lucia Inc.
CP 6202, Conway, Castries, St Lucia. W.I.,
Castries, St Lucia W.I. 1758, SAINT LUCIA
1758 4522187 
To propagate Islam as given in the Holy Quraan and Sunnah by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

Masjid Al- Nur

Masjid Al- Nur
Old Victoria Road,
Castries,  SAINT LUCIA







   Muslim Owned Business

Organization Name



General Information

Albertini's Shop

Albertini's Shop
Roseland Avenue,
Canaries, West Indies , SAINT LUCIA

758-459 4521

The business is a Village shop and sells general food stuff as well as sweets confectionary, Rice, Sugar flower Milk eggs and the like as well as Chicken and Meat for the local people.

Y & J Cafe

Y & J Cafe
Wiliam Peter Blvd.,
Castries, , SAINT LUCIA

758-719-6119 or 0087 

Halal Food served. Halal Stewed Chicken, Halal Fried Chicken, Salt Fish, Fish Meals, Dates, Ground Provisions Macaroni & Cheese, Rice and other Halal Foods.

Omars Fashions

Omars Fashions
21 St. Louis Street,
Castries, , SAINT LUCIA

758-2849520/ 4580994

Syrian owned Shoe store, catering for both men and women. It is owned by Br. Muhammad Aref Esber.





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