General Information

Republic of Yemen

National name: Al-Jumhuriyah al-Yamaniyah

Current government officials

Total area: 203,849 sq mi (527,969 sq km)

Population (2007 est.): 22,211,743

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Sanaá, 1,778,900

Other large cities: Aden, 568,700; Hodiedah, 426,100; Tiaz, 317,600

Monetary unit: Rial

Language: Arabic

Ethnicity/race: predominantly Arab; but also Afro-Arab, South Asians, Europeans

Religions: Islam (including Sunni and Shiite), small numbers of Jewish, Christian, and Hindu

Literacy rate: 50% (2003 est.)

Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $52.05 billion; per capita $2,300. Real growth rate: 3.1%. Inflation: 12.5%.

Formerly divided into two nations, the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and the Yemen Arab Republic, the Republic of Yemen occupies the southwest tip of the Arabian Peninsula on the Red Sea opposite Ethiopia and extends along the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Saudi Arabia is to the north and Oman is to the east. The country is about the size of France. A 700-mile (1,130-km) narrow coastal plain in the south gives way to a mountainous region and then a plateau area.

The history of Yemen dates back to the Minaean (1200–650 B.C.) and Sabaean (750–115 B.C.) kingdoms. Ancient Yemen (centered around the port of Aden) engaged in the lucrative myrrh and frankincense trade. It was invaded by the Romans (1st century A.D.) as well as the Ethiopians and Persians (6th century A.D.). In A.D. 628 it converted to Islam and in the 10th century came under the control of the Rassite dynasty of the Zaidi sect, which remained involved in North Yemeni politics until 1962. The Ottoman Turks nominally occupied the area from 1538 to the decline of their empire in 1918.

The northern portion of Yemen was ruled by imams until a pro-Egyptian military coup took place in 1962. The junta proclaimed the Yemen Arab Republic, and after a civil war in which Egypt's Nasser and the USSR supported the revolutionaries and King Saud of Saudi Arabia and King Hussein of Jordan supported the royalists, the royalists were finally defeated in mid-1969.

The southern port of Aden, strategically located at the opening of the Red Sea, was colonized by Britain in 1839, and by 1937, with an expansion of its territory, it was known as the Aden Protectorate. In the 1960s the Nationalist Liberation Front (NLF) fought against British rule, which led to the establishment of the People's Republic of Southern Yemen on Nov. 30, 1967. In 1979, under strong Soviet influence, the country became the only Marxist state in the Arab world.

The Republic of Yemen was established on May 22, 1990, when pro-Western Yemen and the Marxist Yemen Arab Republic merged after 300 years of separation to form the new nation. The poverty and decline in Soviet economic support in the south was an important incentive for the merger. The new president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was elected by the parliaments of both countries.

Islamic History and Muslims

Islam was introduced into the region by Ali ibn Abu Talib in about 630 when Prophet Muhammad was still alive. It was during this period that the mosques in al Janad and the great mosque in San'a were built. Yemenis are divided into two principal Islamic religious groups: 50-55% Sunni and 42%[1]-47%[2] Shi'a. The denominations are as follows: 50-55% primarily of the Shafi'i and other orders of Sunni Islam. 40-45% of the Zaidi order of Shi'a Islam, 2-5% of the Ja'fari and Western Isma'ili orders of Shi'a Islam. The Sunnis are predominantly in the south and southeast. The Zaidis are predominantly in the north and northwest whilst the Jafaris are in the main centres of the North such as Sana'a and Ma'rib. There are mixed communities in the larger cities.

The Zaidis of the northern highlands dominated politics and cultural life in northern Yemen for centuries; with unification, and the addition of the south’s almost totally Shafi'i population, the numerical balance has shifted dramatically away from the Zaidis. Nevertheless, Zaidis are still overrepresented in the government and, in particular, in the former North Yemeni units within the armed forces. However, there are no reported incidents of violence or discrimination between the adherents of the two main orders of Islam, Zaidi and Shafa'i, in Yemen. Except for a small politically motivated clerical minority, religiously motivated violence is neither incited nor tolerated by the Islamic clergy. However, Wahhabi and Salafi influences from Saudi Arabia and anti-Shiite rhetoric from Iraqis who support Saddam, are causing clashes between the government and primarily Zaidi forces.

Islam in Yemen

Islam and Muslims in Yemen


Mosque Yemen - Lafforgue

Yemeni Mosque

Grand Mosque, Sanaa, Yemen at sunrise

Jiblah Mosque, Yemen

  Islamic Centers and Organizations

لإيمان, Sanaa, جامعه
URL:   Phone: 1400495

مسجد الجهيم, Ibb

اللجنة الدعوية بمسجد باعبود, Mukalla
Phone: 00966551218180

Masjed Algahim, Taiz, Taiz
Phone: 01176-45676543

جمعية الحكمة اليمانية الخيرية, Taiz
URL:   Phone: 9674-243272
جمعية الإصلاح الإجتماعي الخيرية, Mukalla, حضرموت
Phone: +9675-305999
AbdulAziz Mosque, Ataq, yemen
Phone: 967-5202362
مسجد المناصرين, Aden
Masha_Allah_Products_International, Sanaa
URL:   Phone: 967-1677492

مدرسة أسماء بنت عميس لتحفيظ القرآن للبنات, Duba` Ad Dakhil Ma`ilah
Phone: 009674843835

AbdulAziz Mosque, Ataq
  Al-jamia Al-kabear, Hodaidah
  Al-Slam Mosque, Taiz
  Alnozaily Mosque, San`a'
  AlRahma, A;Madrasa, Shihr
  Alrahmah, AlMadrasah, Alforqan, Moaz bin Jabal, Bogshah, Alawabeen and bin Sunaif, Ash Shihr
  Ashaffaee Mosque, Al-hami
  Badr Cultural Center, Sanaa
  Balhaf mosque, Balhaf
  Big Mosque of Nisab, Yemen Arab Republic
  Markez al shaykhou Mouqbil ibn Hady al wadi'i, Dammaj
  Masjed Algahim, Taiz
  Masjed Alraodeh, Ibb
  Masjed Dahman, Sanaa
  Masjid al-rahmah, Maklan
  Masjid Al-Taqwa, Ghayl Ba Wazir
  Masjid dahman, Tarim
  مركز مسجد التوحيد, Dhamar
  مركز النور الدعوي, Husainiya
  مسجد المنيف, Al Qufl
  مسجد قباء, Sanaa
  مسجد معيان مكنون, Al Hami
  مسجد أنور, Al Hami
  مسجد أبي بكر الصديق, SANAA
  مسجد أبي ذر الغفاري, Aden
  مسجد أحمد صالح, Umm Surrah
  مسجد القدس, Sanaa
  مسجد الكوماني, Dhamar
  مسجد المناصرين, Aden
  مسجد المعلمين , Taiz
  مسجد النور, Rada
  مسجد النصر بالحصبة, Sanaa
  مسجد الهتاري, Aden
  مسجد الهدى- الشماسي, Taiz
  مسجد الإمام الشافعي, Al Hami
  مسجد الإمامم الشافعي, Qishn Bay
  مسجد البر, Ibb
  مسجد التقوى, Fuwa
  مسجد التقوى, Ghayl
  مسجد التوحيد, Thamar
  مسجد الجلالية العليا, Ibb
  مسجد الجهيم, Ibb
  مسجد الدعوة, Hodeida
  مسجد الروضه, Al Hami
  مسجد الرحمن, Sanaa
  مسجد الرحمة, Mukalla
  مسجد الرشاد, Al Hami
  مسجد الرضا, Aden
  مسجد السنة, Ibb
مسجد السنة, Taiz
  مسجد السنة, Mukalla
  مسجد السنة , Beihan Qasab
  مسجد السنة بالحاوي, Tarim
  مسجد العسفلاني, Aden
  مسجد بدر, Al Hami
  مسجد جامع قبة الشجاع, Taiz
  مسجد خشامر, Khashamir
  مسجد دار القران الكريم, Taiz
  مسجد عمر بن الخطاب, Ibb
  مسجد عبدالرحمن بن عوف, Aden
  مسجدعمر المختار, Ibb
  اللجنة الدعوية النسائية بشحير, Shuhair
  الجمع الكبير, Dhamar
  جامع ومركز الفاروق, الحسينية
  جامع الناصر صلاح الدين الايوبي, Ibb Province
  جامع التوفيق, Dhamar
  جامع الروضة, Aden
  جامع الرحمان, Ibb
  جامع الرحمة, Aden
  جامع الرضوان, Nisab
  جامع الرضا, Hodeida
  جامع بني بكر, Yafa
  جامع حذيفه, Sanaa
  جامع خضير, Sanaa
  جامع عمر بن عبدالعزيز, Sanaa
  دار الحديث, Dhamar

ملتقى الكلمة الطيبة, Sanaa
  مؤسسة اليرموك الخيرية الإجتماعية, بيت الفقيه
  مؤسسة البادية الخيرية, Al Qatan
  مؤسسة البصائر الخيرية, Hajjah
  مؤسسة التقوى الخيرية, Bait Al Faqih
  مؤسسة التقوى الخيرية, Hodeida
  مؤسسة روافد الاجتماعية الخيرية, Khashamir
  مركز ومكتبة الفجر البريقة, Aden
  مركز السلام العلمي بالربصة, Hodeida
  اللجنة الدعوية بمسجد باعبود, Mukalla
  المكتب الدعوي - شارع جيزان, Hodeida
  الجمعية الأهلية لرعاية الطالب, Tarim
  الجمعية الخيرية لأهالي الجبــــــــــة, Taiz
  جمعية الإصلاح الإجتماعي الخيرية, Mukalla
  جمعية البنيان, Sanaa
  جمعية الحكمه اليمانيه, Shihr
  جمعية الحكمة اليمانية الخيرية مكتب تريم, Tarim
  جمعية الحكمة اليمانية الخيرية, Taiz
  جمعية حده الخيرية, Sanaa
  جامع السلام, Aden
  دار الخير لتحفيظ القرآن الكريم, Hodeida
صندوق رعاية الطالب الفلسطيني, Sanaa


Omar Bin AbdulAziz Mosque, Taiz
  Sibawaih institute for Arabic, Sanaa
  مدارس النبأ الأهلية, Sanaa
  مدرسه الرياده, Shihr
  مدرسة مكارم الأخلاق, Al-Raidah
  مدرسة أسماء بنت عميس لتحفيظ القرآن للبنات, Duba` Ad Dakhil Ma`ilah
  مدرسة تحفيظ القرآن الكريم للبنات, Khashamir
  مسجد الشيخ مهيوب علي حسن ومدرسة الايمان, Al Batnah
  جامعة الإيمان, Sanaa
  جامعة الايمان, امانة العاصمة
  جامعة صنعاء (كلية الآداب دراسات اسلامية), Sanaa
  دار القرآن الكريم وعلومه, Zirajah
رباط الاحسان للعلوم الشرعية, Nisab

   Muslim Owned Business

Al-salahi office, SANAA
  corpHost, Sanaa
  Hile store, Maklan
  Masha_Allah_Products_International, Sanaa
  Saeed Ahmed Lardhi Pharmacy, Shihr
  The Cultural Center for Foreigners' Call, Sanaa
  Yemeni Canadian Institute, Taiz
  الضيافة مياه معدنية صحية ونقية احدى منتجات شركة الكرامة, Sanaa
  تسجيلات الأقصى الشريف الإسلامية / عدن, Aden
  جامع النور, Al Kurb
دار الآثار للنشر والتوزيع, Sanaa

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