General Information

Total area: 50,346 sq mi (130,395 km² sq km)

Population (2007 est.): 51,092,000

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): London, 7,615,000 (metro. area), 7,429,200 (city proper)

Other large cities: Glasgow, 1,099,400; Birmingham, 971,800; Liverpool, 461,900; Edinburgh, 460,000; Leeds, 417,000; Bristol, 406,500; Manchester, 390,700; Bradford, 288,400

Monetary unit: Pound sterling (£)

Languages: English, Welsh, Scots Gaelic

Ethnicity/race: English 90%, South  Asian 5.3%, black 2.7%, Mixed race 1.6%, Chinese 0.7%, other 0.6%

Religions: Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist) 71.6%, Muslim 2.7%, Hindu 1%, other 1.6%, unspecified or none 23.1% (2001)

Literacy rate: 99% (2003 est.)

Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $1.9 trillion; per capita $38,000. Real growth rate: 3.1%. Inflation: 2.3%.

England comprises the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain, plus offshore islands of which the largest is the Isle of Wight. It is bordered to the north by Scotland and to the west by Wales. It is closer to continental Europe than any other part of mainland Britain, divided from France only by a 24-statute mile (52 km or 21 nautical mile) sea gap. The Channel Tunnel, near Folkestone, directly links England to mainland Europe. The English/French border is halfway along the tunnel.

Much of England consists of rolling hills, but it is generally more mountainous in the north with a chain of low mountains, the Pennines, dividing east and west. Other hilly areas in the north and Midlands are the Lake District, the North York Moors, and the Peak District. The approximate dividing line between terrain types is often indicated by the Tees-Exe line. To the south of that line, there are larger areas of flatter land, including East Anglia and the Fens, although hilly areas include the Cotswolds, the Chilterns, and the North and South Downs.

The largest natural harbour in England is at Poole, on the south-central coast. Some regard it as the second largest harbour in the world, after Sydney, Australia, although this fact is disputed (see harbours for a list of other large natural harbours).

Bones and flint tools found in Norfolk and Suffolk show that Homo erectus lived in what is now England about 700,000 years ago. At this time, England was joined to mainland Europe by a large land bridge. The current position of the English Channel was a large river flowing westwards and fed by tributaries that would later become the Thames and the Seine. This area was greatly depopulated during the period of the last major ice age, as were other regions of the British Isles. In the subsequent recolonisation, after the thawing of the ice, genetic research shows that present-day England was the last area of the British Isles to be repopulated, about 13,000 years ago. The migrants arriving during this period contrast with the other of the inhabitants of the British Isles, coming across lands from the south east of Europe, whereas earlier arriving inhabitants came north along a coastal route from Iberia. These migrants would later adopt the Celtic culture that came to dominate much of western Europe.

By AD 43, the time of the main Roman invasion, Britain had already been the target of frequent invasions, planned and actual, by forces of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. It was first invaded by the Roman dictator Julius Caesar in 55 BC, but it was conquered more fully by the Emperor Claudius in 43 AD. Like other regions on the edge of the empire, Britain had long enjoyed trading links with the Romans, and their economic and cultural influence was a significant part of the British late pre-Roman Iron Age, especially in the south. With the fall of the Roman Empire 400 years later, the Romans left the Province of Brittania, much of which later came to be known as England.

The History of Anglo-Saxon England covers the history of early mediæval England from the end of Roman Britain and the establishment of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the 5th century until the Conquest by the Normans in 1066. Fragmentary knowledge of Anglo-Saxon England in the 5th and 6th centuries comes from the British writer Gildas (6th century) the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (a history of the English people begun in the 9th century), saints' lives, poetry, archaeological findings, and place-name studies. The dominant themes of the seventh to tenth centuries were the spread of Christianity and the political unification of England. Christianity is thought to have come from three directions—from Rome to the south, and Scotland and Ireland to the north and west. From about 500 AD, it is believed England was divided into seven petty kingdoms, known as the Heptarchy: Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex, and Wessex. The Anglo-Saxon kingdoms tended to coalesce by means of warfare. As early as the time of Ethelbert of Kent, one king could be recognised as Bretwalda ("Lord of Britain"). Generally speaking, the title fell in the 7th century to the kings of Northumbria; in the 8th, to those of Mercia; and in the 9th, to Egbert of Wessex, who, in 825, defeated the Mercians at the Battle of Ellendun. In the next century, his family came to rule all England.
Originally, England (or "Englaland") was a geographical term to describe the part of Britain occupied by the Anglo-Saxons, rather than a name of an individual nation-state. It became politically united through the expansion of the kingdom of Wessex, whose king Athelstan brought the whole of England under one ruler for the first time in 927, although unification did not become permanent until 954, when Edred defeated Eric Bloodaxe and became King of England.

In 1016, England was conquered by the Danish king Canute the Great and became the centre of government for his short-lived empire. With the accession of Edward the Confessor, heir of the native English dynasty, in 1042, England once again became a separate kingdom. Its ties and nature, however, were forever changed following the Norman Conquest in 1066.

The next few hundred years saw England as a major part of expanding and dwindling empires based in France, with the "Kings of England" using England as a source of troops to enlarge their personal holdings in France for many years (Hundred Years' War) ; in fact the English crown did not relinquish its last foothold on mainland France until Calais was lost, in 1558, during the reign of Mary Tudor (the Channel Islands are still crown dependencies, though not part of the UK).

In the 13th century Wales (the remaining Romano-Celts) was brought under the control of English monarchs through conquest. This was formalised in the Statute of Rhuddlan in 1284 and Wales was legally annexed to the Kingdom of England by the Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542. Wales shared a legal identity with England as the joint entity originally called England and later England and Wales.

An epidemic of catastrophic proportions, the Black Death first reached England in the summer of 1348. The Black Death is estimated to have killed between a third and two-thirds of Europe's population. England alone lost as much as 70% of its population, which passed from seven million to two million in 1400. The plague repeatedly returned to haunt England throughout the 14th to 17th centuries. The Great Plague of London in 1665–1666 was the last plague outbreak.

During the English Reformation in the 16th century, the external authority of the Roman Catholic Church in England was abolished and replaced with Acts of Royal Supremacy and the establishment of the Church of England ("Anglican Church") under the Supreme Governance of the English monarch. This occurred during the reign of Henry VIII. The English Reformation differed from its European counterparts in that its roots were more political than theological.

The English Reformation paved the way for the spread of Anglicanism in the church and other institutions.

The period known as the English Civil War (1642-1651) saw political machinations and armed conflicts between supporters of the Long Parliament (Roundheads) and of King Charles I (Royalists) in 1642 to 1645 and 1648 to 1649, followed by conflict between supporters of the Rump Parliament and of King Charles II in 1649 to 1651. The War ended with the Parliamentary victory at the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651. It had led to the trial and execution of Charles I, the exile of his son Charles II, the replacement of the English monarchy with the Commonwealth of England (1649–1653) and personal rule by Oliver Cromwell during The Protectorate (1653–1659).

After Cromwell's death in 1659, a brief return to Commonwealth rule was attempted before Parliament invited Charles II to return to England in 1660 and restore the monarchy. During the interregnum, the Church of England's monopoly on Christian worship in England came to an end and the Protestant Ascendancy consolidated in Ireland. Constitutionally, the wars established a precedent that British monarchs could not govern without parliamentary consent, although this would not be cemented until the Glorious Revolution later in the century.

Although embattled for centuries, the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland had been drawing increasingly together since the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century and in 1603, with the Scottish king James VI accession to the English crown, the two countries became linked by a personal union, being ruled by the same Stuart dynasty. Following a number of attempts to unite the Kingdoms, a Treaty of Union was agreed on 22 July 1706 by representatives of the English and Scottish parliaments,and put into effect by the Acts of Union which resulted in political union between the states with the creation of the united Kingdom of Great Britain on 1 May 1707. (Ireland joining in 1801 with all of Ireland except Northern Ireland leaving in 1922 has resulted in the current name of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

After the Union, England (including Wales) retained its separate legal identity since the continuance of the separate Scottish legal system was enshrined in the Articles of the Treaty of Union. Wales was already part of the Kingdom of England but the Wales and Berwick Act 1746 made explicit that laws passed for England were automatically applicable to Wales. The Wales and Berwick Act 1746 also referred to the formerly Scottish burgh of Berwick-upon-Tweed. The border town changed hands several times and was last conquered by England in 1482, but was not officially incorporated into England. Contention about whether Berwick was in England or Scotland was ended by the union of the two in 1707. Berwick remains within the English legal system and so is regarded today as part of England (though there has been some suggestion in Scotland that Berwick should be invited to 'return to the fold'). The county of Monmouthshire has long been an ambiguous area with its legal identity passing between England and Wales at various periods. In the Local Government Act 1972 it was made part of Wales. The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are Crown dependencies and are not part of England.

Islamic History and Muslims

Islam is the second largest religion in the United Kingdom with a total of 1,591,000, (or 2.8% of the total population) Muslims.Most Muslims in the United Kingdom are immigrants from South Asia (in particular Pakistan, Bangladesh and India), or are descendants of immigrants from that region. Some come from Africa (especially among the earlier settlers from the former British Colonies of the Commonwealth, nations such as Nigeria, Uganda and Sierra Leone, while many others are from the Middle East, Somalia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Although Islam is generally thought of as being a recent arrival in the United Kingdom, there has been contact between Britons and Muslims for many centuries. An early example would be the decision of Offa, the eighth-century King of Mercia (one of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms existing at that time), to have coins minted with an Islamic inscription on them - copies of coins issued by the near-contemporary Muslim ruler Al-Mansur. It is thought that they were minted to facilitate trade with the expanding Islamic empire in Spain.

Muslim scholarship, especially early Islamic philosophy and Islamic science, was well-known among the learned in England by 1386, when Geoffrey Chaucer was writing. In the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, there is among the pilgrims wending their way to Canterbury, a 'Doctour of Phisyk' whose learning included Rhazes (Al-Razi), Avicenna (Ibn Sina, Arabic ابن سينا) and Averroes (Ibn Rushd, Arabic ابن رشد). Ibn Sina's The Canon of Medicine (1025) was a standard text for medical students well into the 18th century. Roger Bacon, one of the earliest European advocates of the scientific method, was inspired by the works of early Muslim scientists.In particular, his work on optics in the 13th century was largely based on the Book of Optics (1021) by Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen).

Since the publication of Professor John Makdisi's "The Islamic Origins of the Common Law" in the North Carolina Law Review, there has been controversy over whether English common law was inspired by medieval Islamic law. Makdisi drew comparisons between the "royal English contract protected by the action of debt" and the "Islamic Aqd", the "English assize of novel disseisin" and the "Islamic Istihqaq", and the "English jury" and the "Islamic Lafif" in the classical Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence, and argued that these institutions were transmitted to England by the Normans, "through the close connection between the Norman kingdoms of Roger II in Sicily — ruling over a conquered Islamic administration — and Henry II in England." Makdisi also argued that the "law schools known as Inns of Court" in England (which he asserts are parallel to Madrasahs) may have also originated from Islamic law. He states that the methodology of legal precedent and reasoning by analogy (Qiyas) are also similar in both the Islamic and common law systems.Other legal scholars such as Monica Gaudiosi, Gamal Moursi Badr and A. Hudson have argued that the English trust and agency institutions, which were introduced by Crusaders, may have been adapted from the Islamic Waqf and Hawala institutions they came across in the Middle East. Dr. Paul Brand also notes parallels between the Waqf and the trusts used to establish Merton College by Walter de Merton, who had connections with the Knights Templar, but Brand also points out that the Knights Templar were primarily concerned with fighting the Muslims rather than learning from them, making it less likely that they had knowledge of Muslim legal institutions.

The first English convert to Islam mentioned by name is John Nelson. 16th century writer Richard Hakluyt claimed he was forced to convert, though he mentions in the same story other Englishmen who had converted willingly.

This king had a son which was a ruler in an island called Gerbi, whereunto arrived an English ship called the Green Dragon, of the which was master one M. Blonket, who, having a very unhappy boy on that ship, and understanding that whosoever would turn Turk should be well entertained of the a yeoman of our Queen's guard, whom the king's son had enforced to turn Turk; his name was John Nelson.
Captain John Ward of Kent was one of a number of British sailors who became pirates based in the Maghreb who also converted to Islam (see also Barbary pirates). Later, some Unitarians became interested in the faith, and Henry Stubbes wrote so favourably about Islam that it is thought he too had converted to the faith.

From 1609 to 1616, England lost 466 ships to Barbary pirates, who sold the passengers into slavery in North Africa. In 1625, it was reported that Lundy, an island in the Bristol Channel which had been a pirate lair for much of the previous half century, had been occupied by three Turkish pirates who were threatening to burn Ilfracombe; Algerine rovers were using the island as a base in 1635, although the island had itself been attacked and plundered by a Spanish raid in 1633. Around 1645, Barbary pirates under command of the Dutch renegade Jan Janszoon operating from the Moroccon port of Salé occupied Lundy, before he was expelled by the Penn. During this time there were reports of captured slaves being sent to Algiers and of the Islamic flag flying over Lundy.

The Muslim Moors had a noticeable influence on the works of George Peele and William Shakespeare. Some of their works featured Moorish characters, such as Peele's The Battle of Alcazar and Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Titus Andronicus and Othello, which featured a Moorish Othello as its title character. These works are said to have been inspired by several Moorish delegations from Morocco to Elizabethan England around 1600. A portrait was painted of one of the Moorish ambassadors, Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud ben Mohammed Anoun.

Besides scientific and philosophical works, a number of Arabic fictional works were also translated into Latin and English during the 17th and 18th centuries. The most famous one was the One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights), followed by Ibn Tufail's Hayy ibn Yaqdhan, which was translated into Latin as Philosophus Autodidactus by Edward Pococke the Younger in 1671 and then into English by Simon Ockley in 1708. The English translation of Hayy ibn Yaqdhan, set on a desert island, may have inspired Daniel Defoe to write Robinson Crusoe, considered the first novel in English, in 1719. Later translated literary works include Layla and Majnun and Ibn al-Nafis' Theologus Autodidactus.

The practice of Islam in the United Kingdom was legalized by the Trinitarian Act 1812.

The first large group of Muslims arrived in Britain about three hundred years ago. They were sailors recruited in India to work for the British East India Company, so it's not surprising that the earliest Muslim communities were found in port towns. Naval cooks also came, many of them from the Sylhet Division of what is now Bangladesh. One of the earliest Bengali Muslim immigrants to Britain was Sake Dean Mahomet, a captain of the British East India Company. In 1810, he founded London's first Indian restaurant, the Hindoostane Coffee House. He is also reputed for introducing shampoo and therapeutic massage to the United Kingdom. There are other records of Sylhetis working in London restaurants since at least 1873.

The first Muslim community to permanently settle in the United Kingdom consisted of Yemeni sailors who arrived in ports such as Swansea, Liverpool and South Shields shortly after 1900. Later, some of them migrated to inland cities like Birmingham and Sheffield, where there are 23,819 Muslims.

Mosques also appeared in British seaports at this time; the first mosque in the United Kingdom is recorded as having been at 2 Glyn Rhondda Street, Cardiff, in 1860.Second mosque is the Shah Jahan Mosque, Woking in 1889. The Woking Muslim Mission was established in 1913 by Islamic missionaries. In the aftermath of World War II, from the 1950s onwards, there was considerable immigration to the United Kingdom from its former colonies, especially the Indian subcontinent and East Africa, with large Muslim populations developing in many British towns and cities as a result.

According to the 2001 census 1,536,015 Muslims are living in England and Wales, where they form 3% of the population; in Scotland they number 42,557 and represent 0.84% of the population; and the Northern Ireland census indicated that 1,943 Muslims lived in the province.

British Muslim population by Ethnic group (Source: 2001 Census


Number of Muslims

Muslims as % of ethnic group

Ethnic group as % of Muslims





  White British




  White Irish




  Other White








  White & Black Caribbean




  White & Black African




  White & Asian




  Other Mixed




Asian or Asian British
















  Other Asian




Black or Black British




  Black Caribbean




  Black African




  Other Black








Other Ethnic Group








In England 40% of Muslims live in London, where they make up 8.5% of the population. There are also large numbers of Muslims in Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Luton, Slough, Leicester and the mill towns of Northern England. In Scotland there are significant Muslim populations in Glasgow (17667, 3.1%), East Renfrewshire (1897, 2.1%), Dundee (2846, 2.0%) and Edinburgh (6801, 1.5%). In Wales most Muslims live in Cardiff (11261, 3,7%), but there are also significant numbers in Newport (3492, 2.6%) and Swansea (2167, 1.0%). Muslims are concentrated in urban areas, where they make up 3.3% of the population; In rural areas the proportion of the population is less than 0.1%.

The local authorities with a Muslim population greater than 10% are:

London Borough of Tower Hamlets 36.4% 71,389
London Borough of Newham 24.3% 59,293
Blackburn with Darwen 19.4% 26,674
City of Bradford 16.1% 75,188
London Borough of Waltham Forest 15.1% 32,902
Luton 14.6% 26,963
Birmingham 14.3% 139,771
London Borough of Hackney 13.8% 27,908
Pendle 13.4% 11,988
Slough 13.4% 15,897
London Borough of Brent 12.3% 32,290
London Borough of Redbridge 11.9% 28,487
City of Westminster 11.8% 21,346
London Borough of Camden 11.6% 22,906
London Borough of Haringey 11.3% 24,371
Metropolitan Borough of Oldham 11.1% 24,039
Leicester 11.0% 30,885
London Borough of Ealing 10.3% 31,033
Kirklees 10.1% 39,312
Most large cities have one area that is a majority Muslim even if the rest of the city has a fairly small Muslims population; see, for example, Harehills in Leeds.

There are many Muslims from the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh. The Sylhetis, who speak a dialect of Bengali, are concentrated in Tower Hamlets, London. However, there are also significant communities in the London borough of Newham, as well as Luton, Birmingham and Oldham. The Bangladeshi Muslim community in London form 24% of the Muslim population, larger than any other ethnic group. Out of all the ethnic groups in the UK, it has the largest proportion of people following a single religion, with 93% Muslim.

During the arrival of Bangladeshis to the country, there were limited mosque availability for the communities, therefore prayers were conducted in council flats in small rooms. Until the 1980s, more larger facilities became available in areas where the Bangladeshi diaspora are at large. Many synagogues and some community buildings were turned into mosques for the people, and present mosques began to expand the area's of the buildings into larger facilities. This process has continued down to the present day with the East London Mosque recently expanding into a large former car park where the London Muslim Centre is now used for prayers, recreational facilities and housing.

Most people regard themselves as part of the ummah, and their identity based on their religion rather than their ethnic group. Cultural aspects of a 'Bengali Islam' are seen as superstition and as un-Islamic. The identity is far more stronger in comparison to the native land. Younger Bangladeshis are more involved in Islamist activities and movement groups, whereas the older generation practice with Islamic rituals mixed with the Bengali culture. The majority of Bangladeshi women wear the burqa and many young women or girls also wear the headscarf, which has become very common to wear. The daily prayers are attended regularly, children attending Qur’an classes at mosques, fasting is observed by all adults and many children during Ramadan, and many houses are decorated with Arabic writings, images of Makkah etc.

Among the Bangladeshis, there are many Muslim groups which are active throughout the communities. The Young Muslim Organization is the largest group present, in connection with the Islamic Forum Europe, associated with the East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre - all of which have connections with the Bangladesh Islamic party, the Jamaat-e-Islami (linked with some community mosques, which also linked with the Dawat-e-Islami). Other groups also also attract a few people, the Hizb ut-Tahrir - which calls for the Khilafah (caliphate) and influences by publishing annual magazines, and lectures through mainly political concepts, and the other which is a movement within Sunni Islam is the Salafi - who view the teachings of the first generations as the correct one, and appeals to younger Muslims as a way to differentiate themselves towards their elders. Other large groups include another Sunni movement, the Barelwi - mainly of a Fultoli movement (led by Abdul Latif Chowdhury in Bangladesh), and the Tablighi Jamaat - which is a missionary and revival movement,] and avoids political attention. All these groups work to stimulate Islamic identity among local Bengalis or Muslims and particularly focus on the younger members of the communities.

A majority of British Muslims (42.5% as of 2001) are of Pakistani descent. Pakistanis from Mirpur district were one of the first South Asian Muslim communities to permanently settle in the United Kingdom. The first of them arrived in Birmingham and Bradford in the late 1930s. Immigration from Mirpur grew from the late 1950s onwards. It was accompanied by immigration from other parts of Pakistan, mainly from the north of the Punjab province and the area around Attock. People of Pakistani extraction are particularly notable in West Midlands, West Yorkshire, Lancashire/Greater Manchester, and industrial towns in South East England like Luton, Slough and Oxford.


African Muslim communities are found in British major cities and towns. In London, there are mosques, centers and Muslim charitable organizations that belong to people of African origins. Mosque of the Muslim Association of Nigeria is located at 365 Old Kent Road South East London - less than two kilometer from Siera Leoneans' Mosque in Brixton. Also in London is AWQAF Africa, the African Muslim Communities founded by Nigerian Muslim Scholar Dr. Sheikh Adelabu, the President of AWQAf Africa Muslim College and the Amir (i.e. Chairman) of African Hajj And Umrah Commission in London. Many African Muslims adopt tradition of going to Asalatu or As-Salat i.e. Muslim prayer groups or Islamic ritual ceremonies during the weekend for spiritual uplifting, awareness and social activities.

The Muslim population of UK, also consists of people of Indian origin (8%), who hail from various parts of India especially Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The Gujarati Muslims from Surat and Bharuch districts in India started to arrive from the 1930s. They first settled in the towns of Dewsbury and Batley in Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire. There are large numbers of Gujarati Muslims in Dewsbury, Blackburn, Bolton, Preston and in the London Boroughs of Newham, Waltham Forest and Hackney. Immigration of Muslims into UK, was primarily started off by Indians during the colonial rule. At present there are many Halal Indian restaurants in UK, run by Indian Muslims.

Apart from these peoples, a considerable portion of South Asian Muslims trace their origins back to South Asian communities in East Africa that either simply moved or were forced out due to anti-Indian activities of African revolutionaries in countries such as Uganda and Zanzibar.

Concentrated in the London area are communities of Nigerians, some of whom are Muslim, and Bosnian and Albanian Muslims from Kosovo. Since the Iraq War and the civil war in Somalia respectively, the United Kingdom has also seen an increase in the number of Kurdish, Somalian and Afghan Muslim immigrants. Kurds are concentrated in the Ravensthorpe area of Dewsbury while Somalis tend to be focused in the London and Sheffield areas.

Religious currents and organisations
Islamic organizations have been growing in the UK, due to the high numbers of settlers from Muslim countries. These organizations have spread and are based throughout the country, and the main aim of these organizations is to provide a Muslim voice available in the local area's and the communities, present mainly in the London borough of Tower Hamlets including others, and other cities in the United Kingdom, such as Oldham and Birmingham. There are many associations which have been established ever since their arrivals, for example, the 'Council of Mosques', 'UK and Éire and the 'Union of Muslim' organizations. Other high profiled are also present, this is the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) which is currently chaired by a Bangladeshi, Muhammad Abdul Bari. It is regarded to be the most accomplished influence at national level, particularly by the government where it has received many approbation's and by many other Muslim groups.

The East London Mosque organises an annual programme to attract people to its services which include ICT training, English classes, a Junior Muslim Circle, Saturday Halaqa (Islamic talks) and Madrasahs. According to the mosque, involvement in its activities has increased and it notes that: the five daily prayers have increased. Especially during Friday Jummah prayers, where it was difficult to accommodate the increasing number of people. During Ramadan, the prayer facilities attracted between 4,000 to 5,000 people every day. Much of these works by the people, show Islamic identity among the Muslims is increasingly rising due to many Islamic groups and facilities available throughout the communities in the UK.

A large number of British Muslims are of South Asian descent, following many different movements within Islam. Many British Asian Muslims follow the Barelwi sect. The most influential movement of the Barelwi group is the World Islamic Mission. Many also follow the Deobandi movement as well. The Tablighi Jamaat is an important subgroup of the Deobandis; its center is located in Dewsbury. The Ahl-i Hadith is another trend, which in general is opposed to Sufism. Islamic Mission is the counterpart of the Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami which follows the ideology of Abu l-Ala Mawdudi.

South Asian Shias are predominantly from Pakistan or Gujarat (the Khoja, who are usually found under the umbrella organisation "The World Federation"). There are also Shias from Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq. The al-Khoei foundation, belonging to one of the most important Iraqi Shia families, is located in London. Among the Gujarati Ismaili Muslims, both branches of Ismailism - the Dawoodi Bohras, Alavi Bohras and the Nizaris - are represented. The Ahmadiyya, who are considered heretical by mainstream Muslims, have relocated their centre to Tilford near Farnham in Surrey from Pakistan due to Pakistan's persecution of Ahmadi-Muslims. However, their biggest mosque in the United Kingdom can be found in Morden, south London.

Much of the congregation of London's most famous mosque (London Central or Regent's Park Mosque) are of Arab descent. In Birmingham much of the Arab community is centered around the Muath Trust more commonly known as the 'Amaanah'.

Turkish Muslims are Sunnis. The religious authority of Turkey runs a mosque in London.

The United Kingdom also has a large diaspora of African and Afro-Caribbean Muslims, hailing both from the Muslim communities in British colonies in Africa and the Caribbean and also from British-born converts.

The Sunni Salafi movement has gained some prominence within the British Muslim community in recent decades as well.

The Sunni Sufi Muslim Council and British Muslim Forum represents Sufi or Barelwi Muslims in the UK

Time-line of Muslims in Britain

Offa of Mercia (powerful Anglo-Saxon King) minted coins with Arabic declaration of faith demonstrating diplomatic relations with the Muslim empire. Many Muslims landed at this time in the British Isles as explorers and traders.

Ballycottin Cross found on Southern coast of Ireland bears Arabic inscription ‘Bismillah’ (in the name of God). This is one of many artefacts of the period which demonstrates Islam’s early interaction with Britain.

It is generally believed that the first Englishman known for certain to have been a scholar of Arabic was Henry II's tutor, Adelard of Bath who travelled in Syria and Muslim Spain and translated a number of Arabic texts into Latin.

Despite hostilities during the Crusades, the Muslim leader Saladin fascinated the Knights Templars; particularly his moral character. Many were known to have a fondness for Muslim habits and customs. One such knight, Robert of St. Albans, embraced Islam and later had the honour of marrying the great-granddaughter of Saladin.

The first English convert to Islam recorded is John Nelson, a 16th century sailor. During the reign of Elizabeth I, there were considerably more Englishmen living in North Africa than living in all the North American colonies. In Algiers alone, there were 5000 English converts and many sailors brought back tales of their compatriots who had ‘turned Turk’.

The British consul of Egypt (Benjamin Bishop) became a Muslim. By the end of the 17th century, trade with Turkey accounted for one quarter of all England’s overseas commercial activity.

A Chair of Arabic at the University of Oxford was established and it was known that Charles I collected Arabic and Persian manuscripts. Christian scholars of the era wrote favourably of Islam including Dr Henry Stubbs.

Document refers to "a sect of Mahomatens" being "discovered here in London".

British East India Company was formed to cash in on the eastern route spice trade. British control of India resulted in a gradual migration of many classes of Indians to Britain.

Existence of the first mosque in Britain at 2 Glyn Rhondda Street, Cardiff, recorded in the Register of Religious Sites (now maintained by the Office of National Statistics).

Queen Victoria became Empress of India and several Indian servants and spouses joined the royal household. Her favourite member of staff was Abdul Karim who gave the Queen lessons in Hindustani and received the title ‘Companion of the Indian Empire’.

Founding of the Anjuman-I-Islam in London, later renamed the Pan-Islamic Society.

William Henry Quilliam (Shaikh Abdullah Quilliam) embraced Islam and led a small community in Liverpool. In 1889 the community rented a house, 8 Brougham Terrace, to serve as a prayer hall. He would personally call the adhan - the call to prayer - from one of its upper windows. The community was soon able to purchase the rented property and also 9-12 Brougham Terrace, which became the Liverpool Muslim Institute. Following a visit to Turkey Abdullah Quilliam was given the title 'Sheikh-ul-Islam of the British Isles' by the Sultan. He founded a weekly journal, The Crescent, which was published from 1893 to1908. Quilliam is buried at Brookwood Cemetery, near Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking.

Establishment of the Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, with an adjoining student hostel, under the patronage of the Indian Muslim princess, the Begum of Bhopal. It was the base for the journal ‘Muslim India and the Islamic Review', re-named as 'the Islamic Review' in 1921. An early editor was the charismatic Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, a barrister originally from Lahore.

Syed Ameer Ali convened a public meeting at the Ritz Hotel for the establishment of the London Mosque Fund for "a mosque in London worthy of the tradition of Islam and worthy of the capital of the British Empire". He was the first Indian to be appointed Privy Councilor and to be given membership of the Judicial Committee, the then Supreme Court of the Raj. On retirement in 1904 he settled in Britain with his English wife; his sons Waris and Tariq subsequently served as trustees on a number of the first mosque projects in London.

First issue of the journal 'Muslim India & The Islamic Review', later renamed the 'Islamic Review', Woking. The journal was published for sixty years.

Friday prayers were held under the auspices of the London Mosque Fund, first in Lindsay Hall, Notting Hill Gate, and later at 39 Upper Bedford Place. The venue then shifted to 111 Campden Hill Road, where prayers were conducted till October 1928.

British Muslim Lord Headley (Al-Haj El-Farooq) wrote to Secretary of State Austen Chamberlain for allocation of state funds for the purchase and construction of a mosque in London "in memory of Muslim soldiers who died fighting for the Empire".

Marmaduke Pickthall, the son of an Anglican clergyman and distinguished poet and novelist, declared his Islam in dramatic fashion after delivering a talk on ‘Islam and Progress' on 29th November 1917 to the Muslim Literary Society in Notting Hill, West London. Throughout the Great War (1914-1918), and even prior to declaring his faith as a Muslim, he wrote extensively in support of the Ottomans. When a vicious propaganda campaign was launched in 1915 over the massacres of Armenians, Pickthall rose to the challenge and argued that all the blame could not be placed on the Turkish government. At a time when many Indian Muslims in London had been co-opted by the Foreign Office to provide propaganda services in support of Britain's war against Turkey, Pickthall's stand was a most courageous one and of great integrity. When British Muslims were asked to decide whether they were loyal to the Allies (Britain and France) or the Central Powers (Germany and Turkey), Pickthall said he was ready to be a combatant for his country so long as he did not have to fight the Turks. He was conscripted in the last months of the war and became corporal in charge of an influenza isolation hospital. The Foreign Office would have dearly liked to have used his talents as a linguist, but instead decided to regard him as a security risk.

Formation of the London Nizamiah Mosque Trust Fund by Lord Headly (Al-Haj El-Farooq) ; these funds were subsequently transferred to the London Central Mosque Fund (present day Islamic Cultural Centre in Regents Park).

A branch of the Western Islamic Association was formed in South Shields by Khalid Sheldrake. In 1936 there was also a sufi zawiya lodge in South Shields at 45 Cuthbert Street. By 1938 the Muslim community was 700 strong.

Muslim Society of Great Britain, under the presidency of Ismail de Yorke, organised Islamic events at the Portman Rooms, Baker Street.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, best known in the English-speaking Muslim world for his monumental translation and commentary of the Holy Qur'an, finally settles in Britain after years as an itinerant educationalist. British Muslims initiate their first political campaign by expressing opposition to the Peel Commission's proposals for the partitioning of Palestine. Yusuf Ali, drawing on his first-hand knowledge of the mandates drawn up by the League of Nations, lectured widely on the injustice in Palestine, at venues in Brighton, Cambridge and London. Yusuf Ali was the only non-ambassadorial trustee of the London Central Mosque Fund, thus representing the British Muslim community.

Churchill, at a war cabinet meeting on 24th October, authorised allocation of funds for the acquisition of a site for the London mosque.

East London Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre opened by the Egyptian Ambassador, Dr Hassan Nahjat Pasha. The Mosque was subsequently managed by the Jamiat Muslimeen.

King George VI visited the Islamic Cultural Centre - Regents Lodge in Regents Park - for its official opening.

The British government encouraged immigration from the New Commonwealth. After the Second World War there were severe labour shortages, hence the significant influx of Muslim immigrants to help with the massive task of reconstruction.

Groups of students from six cities met in Birmingham to form the Federation of the Students Islamic Societies in the UK & Eire (FOSIS). The UK Islamic Mission was also formed this year.

The Muslim Educational Trust came into being, addressing the needs of Muslim school children, and publishing the landmark 'First Primer of Islam' in April 1969.

Martin Lings (Abu Bakr Sirajuddin) appointed Keeper of Oriental Manuscripts at the British Museum. The Union of Muslim Organisations (UMO) was formed with Dr Syed Aziz Pasha as General Secretary. Bashir Maan elected the first Muslim councillor in Glasgow

'Impact International', the authoritative Muslim news magazine, launched in London in May

Establishment of the Islamic Council of Europe, with headquarters in London and diplomat Salem Azzam appointed Secretary General. The Islamic Foundation, Leicester (subsequently relocated in 1990 to Markfield) was also formed this year with Professor Khurshid Ahmed as its first Director General.
Opening of the Dar-al-Uloom, Holmcombe Hall, Bury; publication of the 'Draft Prospectus of the Muslim Institute for Research and Planning', by Dr Kalim Siddiqui

World of Islam festival in London
Islamic Centre established; Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) reverted to Islam.
Current day
Muslim Britain is young: 800,000 people are aged under 25, the vast majority straddling two cultures. "Art, music, film and other forms of culture are as much part of the daily lives of Muslims as are politics, religion and science," The Muslim community contributes more than £31bn to the economy, and much else besides to our lives. Islam is Britain's second most popular religion. Over 600,000 of Britain's 1.5 million Muslims are active in their faith. Most British Muslims belong to the Sunni tradition of Islam. There are over 600 mosques in the UK and around 60 Muslim schools.

Islam in England

Mosques in England

Mosques in London

Political organisations and pressure groups


The East London mosque in Whitechapel.






The London Central Mosque (Regent's Park Mosque) located  at Westminster, in London, built since 1977.

Birmingham Central Mosque, 1975.


  The Shah Jahan Mosque in the 1900s

                             Green Lane Mosque

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, Gibraltar, 1997. August, 8 1997 (also known as: King Fahd bin Abdulaziz al-Saud Mosque)



                           Baitul Futuh, London, 2003. Largest Mosque in all of Western Europe

Fazl Mosque, London, 1924. One of the first mosques to be constructed in England; London's first mosque ever created.

North London Central Mosque (aka Finsbury Park Mosque), London, 1995


East London Mosque (London Muslim Centre), London, 1985

Medina Mosque, Sheffield, 2006


Yusuf Islam

By : Yusuf Islam

I was brought up in the modern world of all the luxury and the high life of show business. I was born in a Christian home, but we know that every child is born in his original nature - it is only his parents that turn him to this or that religion. I was given this religion (Christianity) and thought this way. I was taught that God exists, but there was no direct contact with God, so we had to make contact with Him through Jesus - he was in fact the door to God. This was more or less accepted by me, but I did not swallow it all. I looked at some of the statues of Jesus; they were just stones with no life. And when they said that God is three, I was puzzled even more but could not argue. I more or less believed it, because I had to have respect for the faith of my parents.
Gradually I became alienated from this religious upbringing. I started making music. I wanted to be a big star. All those things I saw in the films and on the media took hold of me, and perhaps I thought this was my God, the goal of making money. I had an uncle who had a beautiful car. "Well," I said, "he has it made. He has a lot of money." The people around me influenced me to think that this was it; this world was their God.
I decided then that this was the life for me; to make a lot of money, have a 'great life.' Now my examples were the pop stars. I started making songs, but deep down I had a feeling for humanity, a feeling that if I became rich I would help the needy. (It says in the Qur'an, we make a promise, but when we make something, we want to hold onto it and become greedy.)
So what happened was that I became very famous. I was still a teenager, my name and photo were splashed in all the media. They made me larger than life, so I wanted to live larger than life and the only way to do that was to be intoxicated (with liquor and drugs).

After a year of financial success and 'high' living, I became very ill, contracted TB and had to be hospitalized. It was then that I started to think: What was to happen to me? Was I just a body, and my goal in life was merely to satisfy this body? I realized now that this calamity was a blessing given to me by Allah, a chance to open my eyes - "Why am I here? Why am I in bed?" - and I started looking for some of the answers. At that time there was great interest in Eastern mysticism. I began reading, and the first thing I began to become aware of was death, and that the soul moves on; it does not stop. I felt I was taking the road to bliss and high accomplishment. I started meditating and even became a vegetarian. I now believed in 'peace and flower power,' and this was the general trend. But what I did believe in particular was that I was not just a body. This awareness came to me at the hospital.
One day when I was walking and I was caught in the rain, I began running to the shelter and then I realized, 'Wait a minute, my body is getting wet, my body is telling me I am getting wet.' This made me think of a saying that the body is like a donkey, and it has to be trained where it has to go. Otherwise, the donkey will lead you where it wants to go. Then I realized I had a will, a God-given gift: follow the will of God. I was fascinated by the new terminology I was learning in the Eastern religion. By now I was fed up with Christianity. I started making music again and this time I started reflecting my own thoughts. I remember the lyric of one of my songs "I wish I knew, I wish I knew what makes the Heaven, what makes the Hell. Do I get to know You in my bed or some dusty cell while others reach the big hotel?" and I knew I was on the Path.
I also wrote another song, "The Way to Find God Out." I became even more famous in the world of music. I really had a difficult time because I was getting rich and famous, and at the same time, I was sincerely searching for the Truth. Then I came to a stage where I decided that Buddhism is all right and noble, but I was not ready to leave the world. I was too attached to the world and was not prepared to become a monk and to isolate myself from society.
I tried Zen and Ching, numerology, tarot cards and astrology. I tried to look back into the Bible and could not find anything. At this time I did not know anything about Islam, and then, what I regarded as a miracle occurred. My brother had visited the mosque in Jerusalem and was greatly impressed that while on the one hand it throbbed with life (unlike the churches and synagogues which were empty), on the other hand, an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity prevailed.
When he came to London he brought back a translation of the Qur'an, which he gave to me. He did not become a Muslim, but he felt something in this religion, and thought I might find something in it also. And when I received the book, a guidance that would explain everything to me - who I was; what was the purpose of life; what was the reality and what would be the reality; and where I came from - I realized that this was the true religion; religion not in the sense the West understands it, not the type for only your old age. In the West, whoever wishes to embrace a religion and make it his only way of life is deemed a fanatic. I was not a fanatic, I was at first confused between the body and the soul. Then I realized that the body and soul are not apart and you don't have to go to the mountain to be religious. We must follow the will of God. Then we can rise higher than the angels. The first thing I wanted to do now was to be a Muslim.
I realized that everything belongs to God, that slumber does not overtake Him. He created everything. At this point I began to lose the pride in me, because hereto I had thought the reason I was here was because of my own greatness. But I realized that I did not create myself, and the whole purpose of my being here was to submit to the teaching that has been perfected by the religion we know as Al-Islam. At this point I started discovering my faith. I felt I was a Muslim. On reading the Qur'an, I now realized that all the Prophets sent by God brought the same message. Why then were the Jews and Christians different? I know now how the Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah and that they had changed His Word. Even the Christians misunderstand God's Word and called Jesus the son of God. Everything made so much sense. This is the beauty of the Qur'an; it asks you to reflect and reason, and not to worship the sun or moon but the One Who has created everything. The Qur'an asks man to reflect upon the sun and moon and God's creation in general. Do you realize how different the sun is from the moon? They are at varying distances from the earth, yet appear the same size to us; at times one seems to overlap the other. When many of the astronauts go to space, they see the insignificant size of the earth and vastness of space. They become very religious, because they have seen the Signs of Allah.
When I read the Qur'an further, it talked about prayer, kindness and charity. I was not a Muslim yet, but I felt that the only answer for me was the Qur'an, and God had sent it to me, and I kept it a secret. But the Qur'an also speaks on different levels. I began to understand it on another level, where the Qur'an says,"Those who believe do not take disbelievers for friends and the believers are brothers." Thus at this point I wished to meet my Muslim brothers.
Then I decided to journey to Jerusalem (as my brother had done). At Jerusalem, I went to the mosque and sat down. A man asked me what I wanted. I told him I was a Muslim. He asked what was my name. I told him, "Stevens." He was confused. I then joined the prayer, though not so successfully. Back in London, I met a sister called Nafisa. I told her I wanted to embrace Islam and she directed me to the New Regent Mosque. This was in 1977, about one and a half years after I received the Qur'an. Now I realized that I must get rid of my pride, get rid of Iblis (the devil), and face one direction. So on a Friday, after Jumma' I went to the Imam and declared my faith (the Kalima) at this hands. You have before you someone who had achieved fame and fortune. But guidance was something that eluded me, no matter how hard I tried, until I was shown the Qur'an. Now I realize I can get in direct contact with God, unlike Christianity or any other religion. As one Hindu lady told me, "You don't understand the Hindus. We believe in one God; we use these objects (idols) to merely concentrate." What she was saying was that in order to reach God, one has to create associates, that are idols for the purpose. But Islam removes all these barriers. The only thing that moves the believers from the disbelievers is the salat. This is the process of purification.
Finally I wish to say that everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah and pray that you gain some inspirations from my experiences. Furthermore, I would like to stress that I did not come into contact with any Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur'an first and realized that no person is perfect. Islam is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) we will be successful. May Allah give us guidance to follow the path of the ummah of Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Ameen! )


  Islamic Centers and Organizations

  Aberdeen Mosque, Aberdeen
  Aberystwyth Mosque, Aberystwyth
  Abu Bakar Mosque, Bradford
  ABU BAKER MOSQUE, London Borough Of Ealing
  Abu Bakr Assddiq Masjed/ A branch of Muslim Welfare House, Nottigham
  Abu Bakr Jamia Masjid, Southampton
  Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre, Cambridge
  Abu Bakr Masjid Trust, Reading
  Abu Bakr Mosque, South Hall
  Abu Bakr Mosque, Lancashire
  Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque, Cambridgeshire
  Abu Zahra Foundation, Keighley
  ABU-BAKR MOSQUE, Middlesex
  Abu-Bakr Mosque and Community Centre, Middlebrough
  Acton Mosque, London
  Acton Muslim Welfare Association, London Borough Of Ealing
Acton Muslim Welfare Association, London

 AGSB Islamic Society, Altrincham
  Airdrie & Coatbridge Islamic Centre, Lanarkshire
  Aisha Mosque and Islamic school, Walsall
  Akron Masjid, Cleveland
  Al Ansaar Musalla, London
  Al Ansaar Musallah, London
  al bilal mosque, Prestwich
  Al Falah Islamic Centre, Manchester
  Al Falah Mosque, Bolton
  Al Farooq Youth Center, Walsall
  Al Fatiha, London
  Al Hira Islamic Centre, Bradford
  Al Huda Caltural Centre & Mosque, London
  Al Jamaat-ul-Muslimin, Northampton
  Al Jamia Darul Quran, Bolton
  Al Jamia Masjid, Ilford, London
  Al Karam Mosque, Buckinghamshire
  Al Khair Mosque, South Yorkshire
  Al Kharafi Islamic Centre, Surrey
  Al Khawthar Academy - Islamic Centre, Leicester
  Al Khayr Foundation, Leicester
  Al Madina, Enfield
  Al Madina Jamia Mosque, Leeds
  Al Madina Jamia Mosque, Oldham
  Al Madina Makka Mosque, West Yorkshire
  Al Madina Mosque, Leeds
  Al Madina Mosque, Barking
  Al Noor Masjid, Batley Carr
  AL QUDS MOSQUE, Brington
  Al Rahman Masjid & Daubhill Muslim Society, Bolton
  Al-Amin Islamic Society Jamia masjid & madrasha, Keighley
  Al-Amin Jame Mosque, Rochdale
  Al-Amin Mosque, Wednesbury
  Al-Amin Talimul Islamic Society, West Yorkshire
  Al-Ansar Centre, Essex
  Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre, London
  Al-Asr Education Centre, Blackburn
  Al-Azhar Mosque, South Shields
  Al-Falah Islamic Centre, London
  Al-falah Masjid, Coventry
  Al-Furqan Mosque, Leigh and Wigan Canal
  Al-Hijrah Mosque, Birmingham
  Al-Hilal Masjid Tulsehill, London
  Al-Hira Educational Centre, London
  Al-Huda Cultural Centre & Mosque, London
  Al-Huda Islamic Centre, Glasgow
  Al-Khazra Markazi Masjid, Oldham
  Al-Madina Mosque, Brighton
  Al-Manar Islamic & Cultural Centre, Cardiff
  Al-Markaz -al-Najmi, Manchester
  AL-MUNTADA, Fulham
  Al-Muntada Al-Islami, London Borough Of Hammersmith And Fulham
  Al-Muntada Al-Islami Trust, London
  Al-Muzzammil Mosque, London
  Al-Nehar Mosque & Education Centre, London
  Al-Noor Mosque, Newport
  AL-RAHMA MOSQUE, Manchester
  AL-REHMA MOSQUE, Liverpool Street Station
  AL-SUNNAH MOSQUE, Manchester
  Alexandra Road Mosque( Taqwa Mosque), Newport
  Allahi Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre, Sheffield
  Almadina Mosque, London Borough Of Barking And Dagenham
  Almanar Islamc Centre, Cardiff Castle
  Alrahman Mosques, London Borough Of Camden
  Altrincham Muslim Association, Altrincham
  Amir-e-Millat Mosque & Community Centre, Birmingham
  Anjuman-e-Islamia Jamia Mosque, London
  Anjuman-e-Naqeebul Islam, Birmingham
  Anjuman-e-Zinatul Islam, Batley
  Anjuman-e-Zinatul Islam, Batley
  Aqaba Trust, London
  Arab Research & Information Co. Ltd., Oxfordshire
  Ashrafia Mosque, Bolton
  Ashville Jamia Masjid, London
  Assalaturr-Rahman Islamic Association, London Borough Of Southwark
  Assoc. of Brad. Muslims-Jamia Mosque, Bradford
  Assunah Islamic centre, London
  Assunnah islamic centre, London Borough Of Haringey
  At Tawheed Mosque-Grainger Park, New Castle
  At-Taqwa, London
  Azize Masjid, London Borough Of Hackney
  Azizia Mosque, London
  B.W.A MUSLIM CULTURAL CENTRE, London Borough Of Lewisham
  Bait Al Aman Mosque, London
  Bait ul Aman Jamia Mosque & Madrassa, Bradford
  Bait-Ul-Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre, London
  Bait-ul-Mukarram Mosque & Islamic Centre, Rossendale
  Bait-UL-Mukarram Mosque&Islamic Centre, Haslingden
  Balham Masjid, London Borough Of Wandsworth
  Balham Mosque, London
  Banbury Madni Mosque, Banbury
  Bangali Mosque & Community Centre, Halesowen
  Bangali Mosque & Community Centre, West Midlands
  Bangladesh Cultural and Educational Center, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Islamic & Social Organisation, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Islamic Association, Walsall
  Bangladesh Islamic Center, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Islamic Centre, West Midlands
  Bangladesh Islamic Centre, Smethwick
  Bangladesh Islamic Education Centre-Mosque, Oxfordshire
  Bangladesh Islamic Mission, Bedford
  Bangladesh Welfare Assoc. & Mosque, Birmingham
  Bangladeshi Islamic Education Centre & Mosque, Oxford
  bangladeshi muslim association, South Shields
  Bangor Islamic Centre, Bangor
  Bangor Islamic Centre and Mosque, Bangon
  Basingstoke Mosque, Basingstoke
  Bath Islamic Centre & Mosque, Bath
  Battersea Mosque & Islamic Centre, London
  Bazme Tolue-Islam London, Ilford
  BBC Community Centre, London
  Bedford Jamee Mosque & Cultural Centre, Bedfordshire
  BEDFORDSHIRE, Bedfordshire
  BEESTON MUSLIM CENTRE, Nottinghamshire
  Belfast Islamic Centre, Belfast
  Belgrave Islamic Centre, Essex
  Bengladeshi Sunni Mosque, Scunthorpe
  Berea mosque, Brynmawr
  BHSBWA (Bengali Muslim Welfare Association), CAMBERLEY
  Bilal Jamia Masjid & Islamic Teaching Centre, Rochdale
  Bilal Jamia Mosque & Madrassa, Oldham
  Bilal Jamia Mosque & Muslim Community Centre, Wolverhampton
  Bilal Masjid Inc, Cleveland
  Bilal Mosque, Huddersfield
  Bilal Mosque, London Borough Of Newham
Bilal Mosque, London

Birmingham Central Mosque, Birmingham
  Birmingham Jame Mosque, Birmingham
  Blackburn Council of Mosques, Manchester
  Bletchley Jame Mosque, Milton Keynes
  Bordesley Green Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Bordesley Islamic Center, Birmingham
  BOURMEMOUTH JAMMI MOSQUE, Borough Of Bournemouth
  Bournemouth Islamic Centre & Central Mosque, Bournemouth
  Bournemouth Islamic Centre & Central Mosque, Dorsetshire
  Bournemouth Jamei Mosque, Bournemouth
  Brent Islamic Centre, Cricklewood
  Brighton Islamic Centre & Mosque, East Sussex
  Bristol Central Mosque, Bristol
  Bristol Jamia Mosque, Bristol
  Brixton Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, London
  Broadfield Mosque, Crawley
  Bromley by Bow Mosque, London
  Bromley Muslim Council, London
  Brunel University, Uxbridge
  Burton Muslim Mosque, Burton upon Trent
  Bury Park Jamia Masjid, Lutton
  Bury Park Jamia Masjid, London
  Bury Park Jamia Masjid, Luton
  Bury Park Jamia Masjid, Bedfordshire
  Butts Muslim Society & Mosque, Walsall
  Calderdale British Muslim Association, Halifax
  CALL TO ISLAM, Luton Hoo
  Call To Islam Education Centre, Luton
  Camberley Centre, Gloucester
  Camberley Islamic Centre, Surrey
  Cambridge Muslim Welfare Society, Cambridgeshire
  Canning Town Islamic Centre, London
  Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre, Canterbury
  Cardigan Jamiah Mosque, Wales
  Centon Mosque & Madresa Talimul Quran, South Walls
  Centon Mosque & Madresa Talimul Quran, Cardiff
  Central Jamia Masjid, Rochdale
  Central Jamia Masjid, Milton Keynes
  Central Jamia Masjid, Southall
  Central Jamia Masjid ( old southall), London Borough Of Ealing
  Central Jamia Mosque, High Wycombe
  Central Jamia Mosque & Madressa Arabia Islamia, Wakefield
  Central Jamia Mosque Anjuman ul Muslameen Ltd., Chesham
  Central Jamiat Ulama UK, Manchester
  Central Jamme Mosque, Reading
  Central Mosque, South Walls
  Central mosque, Glasgow City
Central Mosque, Birmingham
  Central Mosque, London
  Central Mosque, Cardiff
  Central Mosque & Islamic Community Centre, Blackpool
  Central Mosque Committee Walsall, Walsall
  Central Mosque of Brent, London
  Central Mosque of Brent, WILLESDEN GREEN, London Borough Of Brent
  Central Mosque of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle
  Central Oxford Mosque Society, Oxfordshire
  Central Region Islamic Centre, Stirlingshire
  Central Scotland Islamic Centre, Scotland
  Central Scotland Islamic Centre, Stirling
  Centre of Islamic Studies, London
  Charlton Mosque, London Borough Of Greenwich
  Charlton Mosque, London
  Chashma-e-Rahmat Mosque, Smethwick
  Cheadle Masjid - Cheadle Muslim Association, Manchester
  Cheadle Muslim Association (CMA) Welfare Trust, Stockport
  Chelmsford Mosque, Chelmsford
  Cheltenham Muslim Association, Gloucester
  Cheltenham Muslim Association, Cheltenham
  Chesterfield Jamia Mosque -Education & Welfare Trust(Friends Meeting House), Chesterfield
  Chingford Mosque, London
  Chiswick Mosque, Chiswick
  City University Islamic centre, London Borough Of Islington
  Colchester Islamic Cultural Assoc., Colchester
  Corby Mosque, Corby And Weldon
  Cranfield Islamic Socity, Cranfield
  Crawley Islamic Centre & Mosque, Crawley
  Crescent Primary School, London
  Cricklewood mosque., London Borough Of Brent
  Croydon Masjid and Islamic Centre, London Borough Of Croydon
  Croydon Mosque, Croydon
  Croydon Mosque, Surrey
  Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre, Croydon
  Croydon Mosque and islamic centre, London
  Dalston Mosque, London
  DAR - UL - ISRA, Cardiff
  Dar Al Islam Foundation, London
  Dar Al-Arqam (Doha Mosque), Bradford
  Dar Assalaam Mosque, Peterborough
  Dar Ul Islam Central Mosque & Islamic Education Centre, Middlesbrough
  Dar-al-Arqam, West Yorkshire
  Dar-Ul-Alum, Burnley
  Dar-ul-Isra, Cardiff
  Dar-ul-Uloom Islamia Education & Cultural Centre, Manchester
  Dar-ul-Uloom Jamia, Lancashire
  Dar-ul-Uloom Jamia Chashtiah Monir Ul-Islam, Rochdale
  Dar-us-Salam Masjid, Leicester
  Dar-us-Salam Mosque, Leicestershire
  Dartmouth Masjid, Dartmouth
  Darul Aman Trust, London
  Darul Ummah Masjid, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets
  Darul Ummah Mosque, London
  Darul-Ilm, Dewsbury
  Darul-Islah Wattarbi, Burnley
  Darul-Quran Islamic Centre, Renfrewshire
  Darus Salam Mosque & Islamic Centre, Manchester
  Dawat-ul-Islam Masjid, Chorley
  Dawat-ul-Islam Mosque, Glasgow
  Dawatul Islam Masjid, Chorley
  Deeplish Mothertongue Group, Rochdale
  Derby Jamia Mosque, Derby
  Devon islamic centre, Plymouth Sound
  Dewsbury Markazi Masjid, Dewsbury
  Dewsbury Muslim Association, Dewsbury
  Didsbury Mosque, Newton Heath
  Didsbury Mosque & Islamic Centre, Manchester
  Discover Islam Centre, Cardiff
  Dockland Madina Masjid & Muslim Community Centre, London
  Doncaster Jamia Mosque, Doncaster
  Dorking Muslim Community Association, London
  Dulwich Mosque & Islamic Centre, London
  Dundee Islamic Society, Dundee City
  Dunfermline Islamic Mosque, Fife
  Dunfermline Mosque & Islamic Centre, Dunfermline
  Eaman Foundation Dawah Centre, Ilford
  East Ham Markaz-ud-Dawat Wal Irshad, London
  East London Markazi Mosque, London
  East London Mosque, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets
  East London Mosque, London
  East Newport Islamic Cultural Centre, Newport
  East Sussex Islamic Association (Hastings) uk, Hastings
  Eastbourne Islamic Cultural Centre, Eastbourne
  Easton Islami Darsagah, Bristol
  Easton Masjid, Bristol
  Eccles & Salford Islamic Mosque, Manchester
  Eccles & Salford Islamic Mosque, Lancashire
  Edinburgh Central Mosque & Islamic Centre, Edinburgh
  Edmonton Islamic Centre, London
  Edmonton Islamic Centre, London Borough Of Enfield
  Elland Mosque, Halifax
  Elland Mosque Association, Halifax
  Elland Mosque Association, West Yorkshire
  Eman foundation, Seven Kings
  Eman Foundation Masjid, Goodmayes
  Enfield Jamia Masjid, Enfield
Enfield Mosque, Enfield
  Essex Jame masjid trust, Southend-on-sea
  Essex Jame Masjid Trust, Essex
  Essex Jammie Masjid, Southend
  Evington Muslim Centre, Leicestershire
  Exeter Mosque & Cultural Centre, Exeter
  Falkirk Islamic Centre, Grangemouth
  Falkirk Islamic Centre, Scotland
  Falkirk Islamic Centre, Stirlingshire
  Falkirk Islamic Centre, Falkirk
  Farnworth Mosque, Bolton
  Farooq Azam Stockton Mosque, Stockton on Tees
  Farooq Azam Stockton Mosque, Stockton-on-Tees
  Farooq-e-Azam Stockton Mosque, Cleveland
  Fatih Mosque, London
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  Fife Islamic Centre (Kirkcaldy), Kirkcaldy
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  FOSIS, London
  friday prayers, Whitehaven
  Frkan Mosques -, Glasgow City
  G.M.C.C Masjid Abubakr, Cardiff
  Ghana Muslim Welfare Centre, London
  Ghilani noor masjid, Stoke-upon-Trent
  Glasgow Central Mosque, Glasgow City
  Glasgow Islamic Centre & Central Mosque, Glasgow
  Glodwick Bangladesh Jamia Mosque Jalalabad, Oldham
  Gloucester Muslim Welfare Association, Gloucester
  Golden Mosque, Rochdale
  Grantham, Grantham
  Graveney Madressa, London
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  Gravesend & Dartford Muslim Cultural Centre, Kent
  Greenwich Islamic Centre, London
  Greenwich Islamic Centre, Woolwich
  Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre, Grimsby
  Grimsby Mosque, Great Grimsby
  Grosvenor House Prayer Room, London
  HADEETH STUDY CIRCLE, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Hadith Study Circle, Birmingham
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  Hafeez Islamic Learning Centre, Accrington
  Hamza Mosque & Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Hamza Mosque Islamic Centre, West Midlands
  Handsworth Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Handsworth Mosque & Islamic Centre, West Midlands
  Handswoth Mosque and Islamic Centre, Birmingham
Haqqani Centre, London
  Harborne Islamic Foundation, Birmingham
  Harlesden Ummah Cultural Centre, London Borough Of Brent
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  Harrow Central Mosque, Harrow On The Hill
  Harrow Mosque, London Borough Of Harrow
  Hartlepool Mosque, Hartlepool
  Hastings Mosque, (Masjid al-Haque), Hastings
  Haverfordwest Mosque, Haverfordwest
  Havering Islamic Cultural Centre, Romford
  Heathrow Airport, Heathrow
  Heaton Mosque, Newcastle upon Tyne
  Heaton Mosque & Islamic Centre, New Castle
  Heaton Muslim Society, Newcastle upon Tyne
  Heckmondwike, Heckmondwike
  Hendon Islamic Centre, London
  Hendon Mosque, Hendon
  Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre, London
  Hendon Mosque & Islamic centre, London Borough Of Barnet
  Herts And Essex Mosque, Bishops Stortford
  Hidayah Centre, Hayes
  Hitchin Mosque & Islamic Centre, Hitchin
  Holborn Islamic & Welfare Centre, London
  Holborn Muslim Community Association, Holborn
  Holborn Muslim Community Association, London
  Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre, Hounslow
  Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre, Middlesex
  Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic centre, London Borough Of Hounslow
  Hounslow Jamia Masjid and Islamic centre, Hounslow
  Hounslow Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre, London
  HUDA MOSQUE, Bristol
  Hull Mosque, Hull
  Huntingdon Islamic Education & Prayer Centre, Huntingdon
  Hyde Jamia Mosque & Islamic Centre, Hyde
  Hyde Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre, Manchester
  I. C. I. S., London
  Ibrahim Mosque, London
  Idaara Taleemul Quran Mosque, Motherwell
  Idara Isha'at Al-Islam, Manchester
  Idara Taleem-ul-Quran, Edinburgh
  Idara Taleemul Islam, Walsall
  Ihsan Islamic Centre, Norfolk
  IIPC Weekly Qur'anic study circle, Ilford
  Ilaahi Masjid, Batley
  Ilaahi Masjid Humza (India Muslim Society, Dewsbury
  Ilaahi Masjid Humza (India Muslim Society), Dewsbury
Ilford Essex Islamic Centre, Ilford
  Ilford Islamic Centre, Essex
  Ilford Islamic Centre, Ilford
  Ilford Islamic Centre, London Borough Of Redbridge
  Ilford Mosque, Enfield
  Ilford Mosque & Muslim Society (Dawat-ul-Islam), Ilford
  Ilford Muslim Community Centre & Mosque, Ilford
  Imaan Islamic Society, Blaina
  Inter-Islam, Leicester
  International Thinkers Forum, Manchester
  Inverness Masjid, Inverness
  IPO Chiswick Prayer Room, London
  Ipswich Mosque, Ipswich
  IQRA Community Centre, Preston
  Iqra Islamic Centre, Leeds
  Iqra Learning Centre, Coventry
  Ishaatul Islam Mosque, London
  Islah-ul-Muslimeen Mosque & Islamic Centre, Wellingborough
  IslamBradford Centre, Bradford
  islamic academy, Chorlton upon Medlock
  Islamic Academy of Manchester, Manchester
  Islamic Assoc. of S. Humberside, Grimsby
  Islamic Association Mosque, Birmingham
  Islamic Center, Leeds
  Islamic Center, Birmingham
  Islamic Center, Dundee
  Islamic center, Staffordshire
  Islamic Center, Stafford
  Islamic Center Of Cleveland, Cleveland
  Islamic Centre, Hamilton
  Islamic Centre, Slough
  Islamic Centre, Surrey Heath
  Islamic Centre, Middlesex
  ISLAMIC CENTRE, Loughborough
  Islamic Centre, Stoke On Trent
  Islamic Centre, London
  Islamic Centre, West Midlands
  Islamic Centre, Berkshire
  Islamic Centre, Lanarkshire
  Islamic Centre, Maidstone
  Islamic Centre & Cultural Association, Bury
  Islamic Centre & Madrassa Arabia, Manchester
  Islamic Centre & Mosque, Harlow
  islamic centre (shelton), England
  Islamic Centre - Derby Ltd, Derby
  Islamic Centre - Dudley, West Midlands
  Islamic Centre Darul Islam Masjid & Madressa, Bradford
Islamic Centre England, London
  Islamic Centre Mosque, Middlesex
  Islamic Centre Nottingham, Nottigham
  Islamic Centre of Brent Cricklewood, London
  Islamic Centre of South West England, Exeter
  Islamic Centre Plymouth, Plymouth
  Islamic Centre Redhill, Redhill
  Islamic Centre St. Albans, Saint Albans
  Islamic Centre Upton Park, London
  Islamic Centre Upton Park, London Borough Of Newham
  Islamic Centre, Nottingham City Centre, Nottinghamshire
  Islamic Community, Bridgend
  Islamic Community Centre, London
  Islamic Community Centre, South Yorkshire
  Islamic Cultural & Education Centre, London
  Islamic Cultural & Educational Association, Bradford
  Islamic Cultural Association, Middlesbrough
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Hampstead
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Wembley
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Bellshill
  Islamic cultural centre, Liverpool
  Islamic Cultural Centre, West Yorkshire
  Islamic Cultural Centre & Jaame Mosque, Lancashire
  Islamic Cultural Centre & Mosque, Stoke on Trent
  Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC), London
  Islamic Cultural Centre (Wembley), London Borough Of Brent
  Islamic Cultural Centre Finchley, London
  Islamic Cultural House, London
  Islamic Cultural Society & Central Mosque Luton, Luton
  Islamic Cultural Welfare Association, Batley
  Islamic Culture Centre, Sittingbourne
  Islamic culture centre, Rhyl
  Islamic Culture Centre Zakaria Mosque, Bolton
  Islamic Da'wah Academy, Leicester
  Islamic Dawah Center, London Borough Of Newham
  Islamic Dawah Centre, London
  Islamic Education & Cultural Centre, Birmingham
  Islamic Education & Cultural Society, Hayes
  Islamic Education Centre, London
  Islamic Education Centre, Birmingham
  Islamic Educational & Recreational Institute, Southall
  Islamic Educational Centre, Bedfordshire
  Islamic Educational Welfare Association, London
  Islamic Heritage & Research Foundation, Coventry
  Islamic Information Centre, Avon
  Islamic Information Centre, East Sussex
  Islamic Information Centre & Mosque, London
  Islamic Institute of Dawah and Research, Nottingham
  Islamic Mission College, Bradford
  Islamic Presentation Centre International Ltd, West Midlands
  Islamic Religious Centre & Mosque, Blackburn
  Islamic Resource Centre, Norfolk
  Islamic Resource Centre - Kingston upon Thames, Kingston
  Islamic Society & Mosque, East Sussex
  Islamic Society (Heriot-Watt University), Edinburgh
  Islamic Society of Airdrie & Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
  Islamic Society of Edinburgh University, Edinburgh
  Islamic Society-University of Glamorgan, Treforest
  Islamic Socitey in Cranfield University at Silsoe, Silsoe
  Islamic Studies Center, Birmingham
  Islamic Studies Centre, Midlothian
  Islamic Study Centre, Whitland
  Islamic Tarbiyah Academy, Dewsbury
  Islamic Training Foundation, London
  Islamic Unity Society, London
  Islamic Universal Association, London
  Islamic Welfare Association of West Surrey, Egham
  Islamic Words of Wisdom, West Midlands
  Islamic Youth Movement, Manchester
  Isle of Man Islamic Association, Douglas
  Isle of Wight Jamee Masjid and Islamic Comunity Centre, Newport
  isle of wight jami-e-mosque, newport, 42 chapel street, PO30 1PZ, Isle of Wight
  Ithad ul Muslimeen, Manchester
  Jaame Masjid - Islamic Cultural Centre, Blackburn
  Jalalabad (Masjid)Association, Worcestershire
  Jalalabad Jame Masjid, Luton
  Jalalabad Mosque & Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Jalalabad Mosque & Madrassa, Birmingham
  Jalalia Jame Mosque, Rochdale
  Jalalia Jamme Masjid, Ponders End
  Jam'iat Ihyaa' Minhaaj Al-Sunnah, Ipswich
  Jam-e Masjid Abu Bakr, Huddersfield
  Jamaa Masjid - Dundee Islamic Society, Dundee
  Jamait-ul-Muslemeen Jmia Masjid, Warrington
  Jame Masjid, Leiscester
  Jame Masjid, Hull
  Jame Masjid, Leicester
  Jame Masjid & Community Centre, Rotherham
  Jame Masjid & Islamic Centre Derby, Derby
  Jame Masjid & Madrasah Darul Marif Al Islamia, Hull
  Jame Masjid & Madrassa Salafia Skipton, Skipton
  Jame Masjid & Madrassa Tawheed, London
  Jame Masjid Ahl-e-Hadith, Bradford
  Jame Masjid Ahl-e-Hadith & Madrassa Salafia, Keighley
Jame Masjid Ahl-e-Hadith & Salfia Centre, West Yorkshire
  Jame Masjid Ahl-e-Hadith & Salfia Centre, Dewsbury
  Jame Masjid Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Oldham
  Jame Mosque & Bangladesh Islamic Cntr, St. Albans
  Jame Mosque (Jamiyat-ahl-e-Hadith), Bradford
  Jami Mosque & Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Jamia Al Karim Mosque & Gloucester Islamic Trust, Gloucester
  Jamia Al-Akbaria, Luton
  Jamia Al-Karam, Milton Keynes
  Jamia Darus Sumah Mosque, London
  Jamia Hanafia Bradford Association, Bradford
  Jamia Heddaria, Rochdale
  Jamia Islamia (Anjaman-Ehyae-Islam), Glasgow
  Jamia Islamia (Anjaman-Ehyae-Islam), Lanarkshire
  Jamia Islamia Mosque, Birmingham
  Jamia Islamia Nottingham, Nottingham
  Jamia Markezi Masjid, Ashton under Lyne
  Jamia Masjid, London
  Jamia Masjid, Bradford Abbas
  Jamia masjid, Hemel Hempsted And Boxmoor
  Jamia Masjid, Yorkshire
  Jamia Masjid, Bedfordshire
  Jamia Masjid, Bristol Channel
  Jamia Masjid, Bury
  Jamia Masjid, Batley
  Jamia masjid, Black Burn
  Jamia Masjid, Berkshire
  Jamia Masjid, Coventry
  Jamia Masjid, Lancashire
  Jamia Masjid, Preston
  Jamia masjid, Hemel Hempstead
  Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre, London
  Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre - Slough, Slough
  Jamia Masjid Abu-Baker, Burnley
  Jamia Masjid Al-Furqan, Rochdale
  Jamia Masjid Billal (Scottish Islamic & Cultural Centre), Dundee
  Jamia Masjid Gillingham, Gillingham
  Jamia Masjid Ibrahim, Burnley
  Jamia Masjid Islamic Centre, Southall
  Jamia Masjid Lanarkshire, Bellshill
  Jamia masjid markazi, Keighley
  Jamia Masjid Osman, Huddersfield
  Jamia Masjid Quba, Cradley Heath
  Jamia Masjid Reading, Reading
  Jamia Masjid Sultania, Nottingham
  Jamia Masjid-Bilal, Cardiff
  Jamia Masjid-e-Bilal, Leicester
  Jamia Masjid-e-Farooq-Azam, Burnley
  Jamia Mosque, Wolverhampton
  Jamia Mosque, Bradford
  Jamia Mosque, Wolverhampton
  Jamia Mosque, Derby
  Jamia Mosque, Gwent
  Jamia Mosque, Newport
  Jamia Mosque, Gloucester
  Jamia Mosque & Islamic Society of Darlington, Darlington
  Jamia Mosque / Markazi Islamic Centre, Sheffield
  Jamia Mosque Ehle Sunnatal Jummat & Community Centre, West Bromwich
  Jamia Mosque Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam Mosque, Oldham
  Jamia Mosque Mehr-ul-Millat, Birmingham
  Jamia Rasoolia Islamic Centre, Manchester
  Jamia Rehmania Mosque, High Wycombe
  Jamia Salafia, Huddersfield
  Jamiah Sultania Mosque, Nelson
  Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Old Hill
  Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith & Madrassah salafiah, Dudley
  Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith (Reading Branch), Reading
  Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith Mosque, Halifax
  Jamiat Aml-e-Hadith, Accrington
  Jamiat Ittihad Ulmuslimin, Glasgow City
  Jamiat- ahl- e-Hadith Masjid - Burton, Staffordshire
  Jamiat- ahl- e-Hadith Masjid - Burton, Burton upon Trent
  Jamiatul-Uloom-Al-Islamia & Baitul Abrar Jami Masjid, Luton
  Jamie masjid and madrash, Humberside
  Jamiya Masjid And Islamic Centre (JMIC), Bromley
  Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam Mosque, West Yorkshire
  Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam Mosque, Bradford
  Jamiyate Tablige Islam Masjid, Sheffield
  Jamme Masjid - Westminster Islamic Centre, London
  Keele University, Keele
  Keighley Jamia Mosque, Keighley
  Kent Islamic Centre Mosque, Chatham
  Kent Muslim Welfare Association, Kent
  Kepier Mosque, Durham City
  Khadija Women Islamic Centre, Oldham
  Khalifa Community Centre, West Yorkshire
  Khatme Nabuwwat Centre, London
  Khazra Central Mosque, Glasgow
  Khazra Central Mosque, Glasgow City
  Khizra Mosque, Bury
  Kings Cross Mosque & Islamic Centre, London
  Kingston Jamia Mosque, Kingston upon Thames
  Kingston Mosque, London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames
  Kingston Muslim Association, London
  Kingston Muslim Association, Surrey
  Kirkcaldy Islamic Education & Cultural Society, Kirkcaldy
  Kokani Mosque, London
  Lambeth Islamic Cultural Centre, London
Lampeter Mosque (University Prayer Room), Centre of Islamic Studies,, Lampeter
  Lanarkshire Muslim Mosque Society, Lanarkshire
  Langbaurgh Islamic & Quranic Cultural Association, Middlesbrough
  Langside Mosque & Madrassah, Glasgow
  League of British Muslims UK, Ilford
  Leamington Spa Mosque and Muslim Community Centre, Leamington Spa
  Leeds grand mosque, Leeds And Liverpool Canal
  Leeds Grand Mosque, Leeds
  Leeds Islamic Centre, West Yorkshire
  Leeds Islamic Centre & Central Jamia Mosque, Leeds
  Leeds Islamic Elderly Day Centre, West Yorkshire
  Lenton Muslim Centre, Nottingham
  Levenshulme Islamic Centre, Lancashire
  Lewisham & Kent Islamic Centre, London
  lewisham & kent islamic centre, London Borough Of Lewisham
  Lewisham and Kent Islaamic Center, Lewisham
  leytonstone islamic association, London Borough Of Waltham Forest
  Leytonstone Mosque, London
  Limelight Beds, Barwell
  Lincoln Mosque & Islamic Association, Lincoln
  Liverpool Mosque & Islamic Institute, Liverpool
  Liverpool Muslim Society Al Rahma Mosque, Liverpool
  Llanelli Islamic Center, Swansea
  London Central Mosque, London
  London Islamic Cultural Society, London
  London Islamic Cultural Society & Community Centre, London
  London Islamic Turkish Association, London
  London Jamia Masjid, London
  London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel
  London Muslim Centre, London
  London Muslim Mosque, London
  Loughborough Islamic Centre, Leicestershire
  Loughborough Mosque & Islamic Culture Association, Loughborough
  Loughborough University Prayer Room, Loughborough
  Loughbrough Islamic Cultural Association, Leicestershire
  lslamic Centre of Edinburgh Trust, Midlothian
  M.A.Al-Kharafi Islamic Centre, Camberley
  Macca Mosque & Muslim Community Centre, Bolton
  Madani Jamia Masjid & Pakistan Muslim Association, Dewsbury
  Madani Masjid & Esha-Tul-Quran Islamia Madrassa, Scunthorpe
  Madani Mosque, Huddersfield
  Madarsa, Renfrew
  Madina Islamic Mission, Middlesex
  Madina Kashif-ul-Aloom, Birmingham
  Madina Masjid, Wakefield
  Madina Masjid, Batley
  Madina Masjid, Nelson
  Madina Masjid, Blackburn
  Madina Masjid, Blackburn
Madina Masjid & Muslim Cultural Cntr, London
  Madina Masjid and Islamic Centre, Wolverhampton
  Madina Masjid Muslim Association& Islamic Cultural Centre, London
  Madina Mosque, West Midlands
  Madina Mosque, Lancashire
  Madina Mosque, Cardiff
  Madina Mosque, Birmingham
  Madina Mosque, Preston
  Madina Mosque, Stoke
  Madina mosque, Bolton
  Madina Mosque, Stoke on Trent
  Madina Mosque & Islamic Centre, Oldham
  Madina Mosque & Islamic Centre, Lancashire
  Madina Mosque & Muslim Welfare House, Oxford
  Madina Mosque And Islamic Centre, Darwen
  Madina Mosque Trust (Clapton), London Borough Of Hackney
  Madina Mosque Trust Clapton, London
  Madina Tul-Uloom & Islamic Centre, West Yorkshire
  Madinah Masjid, Luton
  Madinatul Uloom & Islamic Centre, Bradford
  Madni Jamia Masjid, Halifax
  Madni Jamia Masjid, Bradford
  Madni Jamia Mosque, Huddersfield
  Madni Masjid, Nottingham
  Madni Masjid, Blackburn
  Madni Masjid and Educational Centre, Yorkshire
  Madni Masjid Mosque, West Yorkshire
  Madni Masjid Muslim Centre, Nottinghamshire
  Madni Masjid Taleem-ul-Quraan, Lancashire
  Madni Masjid Taleem-Ul-Quraan, Accrington
  Madni Mosque, Glasgow
  Madni Mosque, Birmingham
  Madrasa Alarabia al-Islamia, Glasgow
  Madrasa Nurul Islam, Leicester
  Madrasa Taleem-ul-Islam, Glasgow
  Madrasah Anwarul Uloom - Masjid-e-Tabuk, Leicester
  Madrasah Talim ul Quran, Stoke on Trent
  Madrassa Arbia Taleemul Qur'an & Mosque, Ashton under Lyne
  Madrassa Naim-ul-Quran, Birmingham
  Madrassa Zia-ul-Quran, Middlesbrough
  Madrassa Zia-ul-Quran, Glasgow
  Madrassah Al Shafia Al Islamia, Batley
  Madrassah AL-FAROOQ Alsalfy, Glasgow
  Madressa Islamia Mosque, Blackburn
  Madressa Islamia Talimuddin, Birmingham
  Madressa Rashidiya, Bradford
  Madressa Talimu -Islam, Blackburn
  Madressa-e-Rahimiyah, Leicestershire
  Madressa-e-Rahimiyah, Leicester
  maidstone community & islamic centre, MAIDSTONE
Maidstone Community & Islamic Centre, Kent
  Majlis-e-Dawat ul Haq, Leicester
  Makki Jamia Masjid, South Yorkshire
  Makki Jamia Masjid, Sheffield
  Makki Madani Masjid, Dewsbury
  MAKKI MASJID, Yorkshire
  Makki Masjid, Stoke-on-Trent
  Makki Masjid & Anjuman Islah-ul-Muslemeen, Halifax
  Makki Masjid & Islamic Centre, Lancashire
  Makki Masjid - Markaz Masjid of Blackburn, Blackburn
  Makki Masjid al Quds, Brighton
  Makki Masjid and Madrassa, Leeds
  Makki Masjid Manchester, Manchester
  Makki Mosque, Bolton
  Makki Mosque, Heckmondwike
  Manchester Central Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre, Manchester
  Manchester City Centre Mosque, Manchester
  Manchester Islamic Centre, Manchester
  Manchester Islamic Centre, Mancetter
  Margate, AL BIRR Mosque, Margate
  Markaz assalafi bi Manchester, Manchester
  Markaz Muaadh ibn Jabal Islamic Centre, Slough
  Markaz-ud-Dawat Wal Irshad & Muslim Community Centre, London Borough Of Newham
  Markazi Jamia Masjid, Halifax
  Markazi Jamia Masjid, Rotherham
  Markazi Jamia Masjid Bilal, Leeds
  Markazi Jamia Mosque, Wakefield
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith UK, Birmingham
  Markazi Masjid Northampton, Northampton
  Markazi Masjid Northampton, Northamptonshire
  Markazul Uloom Al-Islamiyya, Rotherham
  Markfield Conference Centre, Leicestershire
  Markuzul Uloom London, London
  Markzi Jame Mosque Riza & Islamic Centre, Huddersfield
  Masjed Noor & Islamic Education Cntr., Radcliffe
  Masjed Quba, Preston
  Masjedul Jannat, Surrey
  Masji-e-Umar, Sheffield
  masjid, Wrexham Maelor
  Masjid, Newbury
  Masjid & Madrassa Faiz-ul-Quran, Birmingham
  Masjid & Madrassah Al-Tawheed, London
  Masjid - e - Umar, Leiscester
  Masjid - Great Harwood, Blackburn
  Masjid Abi Bakr As-Siddiq, Nottinghamshire
  Masjid Abu Bakr, Walsall
  Masjid Abu Bakr & Islamic Education Trust, London
  Masjid Al Falah - Islamic Education Trust, Leicester
Masjid Al Furqan - North Evington Deeni Cultural Centre, Leicester
  Masjid Al Haque, St. Leonards on Sea
  Masjid Al Huda, Leicester
  Masjid Al Khaleel - Majlis-e-Isha'at-ul-Qur'aan, Leicester
  Masjid Al Khowthar, Leicester
  Masjid Al Madina - Bangladeshi Community Centre, Cheltenham
  Masjid al noor, Cardiff Arms Park
  Masjid Al Quba, Leicester
  Masjid AL-ALEEF, Borough Of Bolton
  Masjid Al-Falah, London
  Masjid Al-Farooq & Muslim Community Centre Glasgow, Glasgow
  Masjid Al-Farooq Anjumane Ishaate Islam, Walsall
  Masjid Al-Farouq, Wallsall
  Masjid Albaseera, Bristol
  Masjid An Noor, Leicester
  Masjid and Islamic Centre, London Borough Of Harrow
  Masjid and Madrassah Usman Ghani Radiallahu anhu, Brierfield
  Masjid Ar Rahman, Leicester
  Masjid ARRAHMAN, Borough Of Bolton
  Masjid As Sunnah, London Borough Of Hounslow
  Masjid As Sunnah, Cranford
  Masjid As-Sunnah, Hounslow
  Masjid Ash-Shifa, Nottingham
  Masjid Assalam, Worthing
  Masjid At Taqwa, Leicester
  Masjid At-Tawheed, Great Yarmouth
  Masjid Bilal, Manchester
  Masjid Bilal & Islamic Centre, London
  Masjid E Bilal & Islamic Centre, Lancashire
  Masjid E Noor, Manchester
  Masjid e zakaria, Yorkshire
  Masjid En noor, Tonbridge
  Masjid Hamza & Madrassa Tarteel-ul-Quran, Bradford
  Masjid Ibrahim, Bolton
  Masjid Khalil, London
  Masjid Muhammadi & Madrassa Salafiah, Birmingham
  Masjid Noor, Redditch
  Masjid Noor, Cardiff
  Masjid Noor, Manchester
  Masjid Noor, Lanarkshire
  Masjid Noor, Glasgow
  Masjid Noor Ul Islam, Batley
  Masjid Noor-Ul-Uloom, West Midlands
  Masjid Omar, Huddersfield
  Masjid Osman, Cardiff
  Masjid Siddiqia, Birmingham
  Masjid TAYYABAH, Borough Of Bolton
  Masjid Tooba, Leigh and Wigan Canal
  Masjid Tooba & Islamic Centre, Lancashire
  Masjid Tooba and Islamic Centre, Wigan
  Masjid Umar, Leicestershire
  Masjid Umar, Bradford
  Masjid Umar - Evington Muslim Centre, Leicester
  Masjid Umar - Islami Darasgah, Cardiff
  Masjid Umatulah, Cleveland
  Masjid Ummar, Birmingham
  Masjid ur Rehman, London
  Masjid Usman - Markaz Masjid of Leicester, Leicester
  Masjid Wa Madrasah Usman Gani (RA), Nelson
  Masjid Zeenatul Islam (stoney stanton road), Coventry
  masjid-abu bakr As-Saddiq, Nottingham
  Masjid-e-Abu Bakr, Leicester
  Masjid-e-Abu Hurairah, South Walls
  Masjid-e-Abu Hurairah, Cardiff
  Masjid-e-Aisha, Birmingham
  Masjid-e-al-Ameen, Leeds
  Masjid-e-Aman Islamic Educational Centre, Birmingham
  Masjid-e-Aneesul Islam, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Anwaar, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Aqsa Preston Hanfi Sunni Muslim Society, Preston
  Masjid-e-Baitul Mukarram, Leicester
  Masjid-e-Bilal, Rossendale
  Masjid-e-Bilal, Leeds
  Masjid-e-Bilal, Rossendale Valley
  Masjid-E-Bilal, Haslingden
  Masjid-e-Bilal, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Bilal, Nottingham
  Masjid-E-Da' watul Islam, London Borough Of Redbridge
  Masjid-e-Dawatul Islam, Batley
  Masjid-e-Falah, Preston
  Masjid-e-Hamidiye, Leicester
  Masjid-e-Hamza (Muslim Society), Todmorden
  Masjid-e-Hidayah, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Hire, Leicester
  Masjid-e-Imdadiah, Manchester
  Masjid-e-Irfan, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Jamia Al Madina, Middlesbrough
  Masjid-e-Khizra, Glasgow
  Masjid-e-Khizrah, Glasgow City
  Masjid-e-Khulfa-e-Rashedeen, Derby
  Masjid-e-Khulfa-e-Rashedeen, Derbyshire
  Masjid-e-Mahmoodia, Batley
  Masjid-e-Noor, Birmingham
  Masjid-e-Noor, Glasgow
  Masjid-e-Noor, Huddersfield
  Masjid-e-Noor, Preston
  Masjid-e-Noor, Luton
  Masjid-e-Noor, Glasgow City
  Masjid-e-Noor & Madressa Anwarool-Islam, Batley
  Masjid-e-Noor (UKIM - Blackburn), Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Noor Gloucester, Gloucester
  Masjid-E-Noor-Ul-Islam, Lancashire
  Masjid-e-Noor-ul-Islam, Bolton
  Masjid-e-Noorul Islam, South Walls
  Masjid-e-Noorul Islam - Islamic Education Society, Blackburn
  Masjid-E-Nur, Cleveland
  Masjid-e-Quba, Birmingham
  Masjid-e-Quba, London Borough Of Hackney
  Masjid-e-Quba, Bradford
  Masjid-e-Quba North London Mosque Trust, London
  Masjid-e-Rizwan, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Sajedeen & Madressa-e-Islamiah, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Salam, Preston
  Masjid-e-Saliheen, Black Burn
  Masjid-e-Saliheen, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Taleemul Islam, Leicester
  Masjid-e-Tauheed, East Ham
  Masjid-e-Tauheed, Dewsbury
  Masjid-e-Tauheed, West Yorkshire
  Masjid-e-Tauheedul Islam, Blackburn
  Masjid-e-Umar, Nottingham
  Masjid-E-Umar, West Midlands
  Masjid-e-Umar & Madressa-e-Talimuddin, Dewsbury
  Masjid-e-Umar & Muslim Association, Leeds
  Masjid-e-Umar (Muslim Welfare Society), Wednesbury
  Masjid-e-Umer, London
  Masjid-e-Umer Trust, London Borough Of Waltham Forest
  Masjid-e-Usman, Bradford
  Masjid-e-Usmani, Leicester
  Masjid-e-Zakaria & Muslim Association, Coventry
  Masjid-e-Zakariya, Dewsbury
  Masjid-e-Zawiyah & Islamic Center, South Walls
  Masjid-e-Zawiyah & Islamic Center, Cardiff
  Masjid-E-Zeenat-Ul-Islam, Coventry Canal
  Masjid-E-Zeenat-Ul-Islam, Coveney
  Masjid-E-Zeenat-Ul-Islam, West Midlands
  Masjid-ul Aqsa & Islamic Centre, Oldham
  Masjid-ul-Imam-il-Bukhari, Leicester
  Masjide Aqsa, London
  Masjide Noorul Islam, Black Burn
  MASJIDE USMANI, Leiscester
  Masjidul Furqan, Glasgow
  Masjid~al~Momineen, Blackburn
  Mayfair Islamic Centre, London
  Meadows Muslim Action Group & Mosque, Nottingham
  Meadows Muslim Centre, Nottingham
  Medina Islamic Education Centre, Clitheroe
Medina Mosque, Birmingham

Mehre Millat Mosque, West Midlands
  Milton Road Mosque, Rotherham
  Misbahul Uloom Urdu Centre, Rochdale
  Mohamed Amjad Chaudhry, Edinburgh
  Mohammedi Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Mohammedi Park Masjid Complex, Middlesex
  Morden Mosque and Madrassa, London Borough Of Merton
  Mosque, Salisbury
  Mosque, Scunthorpe
  Mosque, Holytown
  Mosque & Cultural Centre, Bedford
  Mosque & Islamic Centre, Glasgow
  Mosque & Islamic Centre, Midlothian
  Mosque & Islamic Centre (Southport), Merseyside
  Mosque & Islamic Centre of Brent, London
  Mosque & Islamic Community Centre, Edinburgh
  Mosque & Madrasah, Burnley
  Mosque & Muslim Welfare Association, Acton
  Mosque (Islamic Shikka Prophieshtan, Cardiff
  Mosque / Masjid for Jumma Prayers, Welwyn garden city
  Mosque and Islamic Centre, Harrow, London
  Mosque Anwar-e-Mohammedia, Wednesbury
  Mosque Anwar-ul-Uloom, Smethwick
  Mosque at the University of East Anglia, Norwich
  Mosque in Buckinghamshire new university, Chalfont Saint Giles
  Mosque Islamic Cultural Centre, Birmingham
  Mosque Islamic Welfare Association, Birmingham
  Mosque Noor-ul-Uloom, Birmingham
  Mosque Raza - Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre, Birmingham
  Mosque Taiyyibah, Wolverhampton
  Mosque+ school, Folkestone Harbour
  MosqueTrust & Islamic Cultural Centre, Halesowen
  Mossley Community Mosque, Ashton under Lyne
  Mount Pleasant Medina Islamic Trust, Batley
  Muhammadi Masjid, Nelson
  Multifaith Prayer Room, Chertsey
  Musalla As-Salaam, Scotland
  Muslim Association Coleraine, Coleraine
  Muslim Centre at Reading University, Reading
  Muslim Community & Education Centre, London
  Muslim Community Centre, Woking
  Muslim Community Centre, Basingstoke
  Muslim Community Centre, West Yorkshire
  Muslim Community Centre & Mosque, London
  Muslim Cultural & Welfare Association, Carshalton
  Muslim Cultural & Welfare Association, Sutton
  Muslim Cultural Centre & Madinah Mosque(East Ham), London
  Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, London
  Muslim Cultural Society Mosque, London
Muslim Education Centre, High Wycombe
  Muslim Federation Cleveland Abu-Bakr Mosque & Community Centre, Middlesbrough
  Muslim Foundation Mosque, Birmingham
  Muslim Heritage Centre Ltd., Manchester
  Muslim prayer room at Grizedale College, Lancaster University, Lancaster
  Muslim staff of Furness general hospital , Barrow In Furness
  Muslim Student Assn, Cleveland
  Muslim Welfare Association, Kent
  Muslim Welfare Association (WEMBLEY), London
  Muslim Welfare Association Centre, London
  Muslim Welfare Association of the Vale of Glamorgan, Barry
  Muslim Welfare Centre, Manchester
  Muslim welfare House, London Borough Of Islington
  Muslim Welfare House, Nottinghamshire
  Muslim Welfare House (London), London
  Muslim Welfare House (Newcastle), Newcastle
  Muslim Welfare House (Newcastle), New Castle
  Muslim Welfare House (Nottingham), Nottingham
  Muslim Welfare House - Sheffield دار الرعاية الإسلاميّة ـ شفيلد, Sheffield
  Muslim Welfare Trust, Stockton on Tees
  Muslim Welfare Trust, Stockton-on-Tees
  Muslim World League, London
  Muslim world league, South Kensington
  N. W. Kent Muslim Association, Dartford
  N. Westminster Muslim Cultural Association, London
  Nagina Mosque & Urdu School, Oldham
  Nearest Mosque, Chatsworth House
  Neath Islamic Center, Swansea
  New Peckham Mosque, London
  Newcastle Central Mosque, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Newcastle Central Mosque & Islamic Centre ( Bilal Mosque), Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Newcastle central mosque - Masjid At-Tawhid, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Newcastle Mosque and Islamic Centre, New Castle
  Newcastle Mosque and Islamic Centre, Newcastle
  Newcastle University ISLAMIC SOCIETY, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Newham North Islamic Association, London
  Newport Islamic Society for Gwent, Newport
  noor ul islam, Leyton
  Noor-al-Hadi Mosque, Sheffield
  Noor-ul-Islam Centre, London
  Noor-ul-Islam Mosque, Bradford
  Noor-ul-Islam Mosque, West Yorkshire
  Noor-ul-Islam Mosque, Bury
  Noor-ul-Islam Mosque, Cardiff
  Nooralhadi mosuqe, Sheffield And South Yorkshire Navigation
  North Brixton Islamic Centre - Masjidul Qudus, London
  North Brixton Islamic Coultural Centre (UK), Brixton
  North Brixton Islamic Cultural Centre, London Borough Of Lambeth
NORTH EAST LONDON ISLAMIC CENTRE, London Borough Of Waltham Forest
  North East Wales Institute Of H.E., Wrecsam
  North Finchley Mosque, London Borough Of Barnet
  North London Central Mosque, London Borough Of Islington
  North London Central Mosque, London
  North London Mosque, London
  North Manchester Jamia Mosque & Ibadur Rahman Trust, Manchester
  North nottinghamshire Muslim Welfare Association, Manfield
  North Road Mosque, Dewsbury
  North Watford Mosque, Watford West Station
  Northern Ireland Muslim Family Association, Belfast
  Northfield Education Centre, Leicester
  Northumbria University Islamic Society, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Norwich Ihsan Mosque, Norfolk
  Nottingham Islamic Centre, Nottingham
  Nuneaton Mosque, London
  Nur-ul-Islam Mosque, Berkshire
  Nur-ul-Islam Mosque, Maidenhead
  Nusrat-ul-Islam, Oldham
  Old Kent Road Mosque - Muslim Association of Nigeria Building, London
  Oldchurch Hospital, Romford
  Oldham Central Mosque, Oldham
  Oldham Mosque & Islamic Centre, Oldham
  Oxford Aviation Students' mosque, Kidlington
  Oxford Central Mosque Manzil Way, Oxford
  Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford
  Oxford Mosque Society, Oxford
  Paigham-e-Islam Trust, Birmingham
  Paigham-e-Islam Trust, West Midlands
  Paigham-e-Quran Mosque, Birmingham
  Pak House, Craven Arms
  Pakistan Community Advice Centre, South Yorkshire
  Pakistan Community Centre &The Central Mosque of Brent, London
  Pakistan High Commission, London
  Pakistan Islamic Centre, Rossendale Valley
  Pakistan Islamic Centre, Scunthorpe
  Pakistan Islamic Centre., Rossendale.
  Pakistan Muslim Centre, South Yorkshire
  Pakistan Muslim Welfare Society & Jamia Mosque Batley, Batley
  Pakistan Welfare Association, Birmingham
  Pakistan Youth & Community Centre, Merseyside
  Pakistani Muslim Welfare Association Mosque, Darlaston
  Peckham Islamic Centre, London
  Peckham Mosque, London
  Penfield Mosque and Madresa, Wolverhampton
  Perth Islamic Centre, Perth
  Place for Juma Prayer, Galashiels
  Poole Masjid, Poole
  Poplar Central Mosque, London
Portsmouth Jami Mosque, Southsea
  Portsmouth Jamia Mosque, Portsmouth
  Powys Islamic Education Centre, Newtown
  Prayer room at Nevill Hall Hospital, Doctors mess, !st Floor, Abergavenny
  Preston Muslim Cultural Centre, Preston
  Prince Charles Hospital Mosque, Merthyr Tydfil
  Quba Cultral Mosque, Sheffield
  Quran Recitation & Tafsir Classes, Camberley
  Quran Study Halaqah, Leicester
  Qurani Murkuz, London
  Quwwatul Islam Masjid, Preston
  Quwwatul Islam Mosque, Lancashire
  Quwwatul Islam Societey, London
  Raza Mosque, Blackburn
  Redbridge Islamic Education Centre, Ilford
  Redbridge Mosque & Islamic Centre, Ilford
  Redhill Mosque, Redhill
  Regents Park Mosque, London
  Rehman Mosque, London
  Romford Mosque, Enfield
  Romford Mosque, Romford
  Royal Oldham Hospital Mosque, Oldham
  Rugby Mosque Society, Rugby
  S.E.London Bait-ul-Aziz (Masjid & Madrasa) Islamic CulturalTrust, London
  Saint Ives Mosque, Saint Ives
  Sakina Trust (UK), London
  Salafi Center Manchester, Manchester
  Salafi Masjid and Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Salahadin Mosque, Bradford
  Salahuddin Trust, London
  Salsabeel Interpreting & Arabic Classes & Quranic Teachings, London
  Saraji Islamic Studies Centre, Bathgate
  Sarajia Islamic Centre, Scotland
  Sautul Quran, Lancashire
  Sautul Quran, Accrington
  Scottish Islamic & Cultural Centre, Angus
  Scottish Islamic & Cultural Centre (Bilal Mosque), Dundee City
  Sentry Community Centre, Romford
  SEVEN KINGS MASJID, London Borough Of Redbridge
  Seven Kings Mosque, Ilford
  Shacklewell Lane Mosque, London
  Shadwell Mosque, London
  Shahjahan Mosque, Surrey
  Shahporan Islamic Centre, Manchester
  Shaikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz Masjid, Banbury
Sheffield Allyah Jame Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre, Sheffield
  Sheffield Islamic Centre Madina Masjid, Sheffield
  Shepherds Bush Mosque & Cultural Centre, London
  Shoreditch Mosjed Trust, London
  Sisters Circles & Tajweed Class, London
  SLMCC, Harrow Weald
  Slough Jamia Masjid, Slough
  Somali Community Centre(Masjid Attaqwa), Sheffield
  South East Kent Islamic Cultural Centre, Folkestone Harbour
  South london islamic centre, Streatham
  South London Islamic Centre, London
  South Somerset Muslim Cultural Association & Yeovil Mosque, Yeovil
  South Tottenham Muslim Community Ass, London
  South Wales Islamic Centre, South Glamorgan
  South Wales Islamic Centre, Cardiff
  South West Mosque, Exeter
  Southampton Medina Mosque Trust, Southampton
  Southampton Mosque Trust, Southampton
  Southend Central Mosque, Southend-on-Sea
  Southend Mosque & Islamic Trust, Southend
  Southend Mosque & Islamic Trust, Essex
  Southport Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre, Southport
  Sparkbrook Islamic Center, Birmingham
  Sri Lanka Muslim Cultural Centre UK, Edgware
  Sri Lanka Muslim Cultural Centre UK, Edgware
  St. Albans Islamic Centre, St. Albans
  Stafford Muslim Community Centre, Stafford
  Stamford Hill Masjid-e-Quba, London
  Stevenage Central Mosque, Hertfordshire
  Stevenage Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre, Stevenage
  Stevenage Muslim Community Centre, Stevenage
  Stratford Islamic Association, London
  Students House Mosque, Birmingham And Fazeley Canal
  Subulas salaam / My Sister, Bolton
  Sufat-ul-Islam UK Association, Bradford
  SUGHAR MOSQUE, Farnworth
  Suleymaniye Mosque, London
  Sultan Selim Mosque Complex, London
  Sulthainia Mosque, Doncaster
  Sumsa mosque, Glasgow City
  Sunderland Jami Mosque, Sunderland
  Surrey M666666666uslim centre, London
  Surrey Muslim Centre, Addlestone
  Sussex University Mosque, Falmer
  Sutton Islamic Centre, Sutton
  Sutton Islamic Centre, Surrey
  Sutton Islamic Centre, London Borough Of Sutton
  Swansea Islamic Community Centre, West Glamorgan
Swansea Mosque and Islamic Center, Swansea
  Swindon Mosque, Swindon
  T.H.A.N.K.S. (The Holy & Noble Koran Society), Blackburn
  Taiyabah Mosque (B.C.I Society), Bolton
  Taleem Ul Islam, Blackburn
  Talim-Ul-Quran, Nelson
  Taybah Islamic Centre, Leicester
  Tayside Islamic & Cultural Education Society, Angus
  Tayside Islamic & Cultural Education Society, Dundee
  Tayyeba Masjid, Oldham
  TELFORD MOSQUE, Wellington
  Tennyson Road Mosque, Birmingham
  Thamesdown Islamic Association, Swindon
  The Al Falah Mosque, Lancashire
  The Aziziya Mosque, London
  The Broadway Islamic School and community Liesure Center, Birmingham
  The Central Mosque, Glasgow
  The Chaplancy Room, Ulster University, Coleraine, Coleraine
  The Dawat-ul-Islam Mosque, London
  The House of Knowledge Ltd., West Midlands
  The Ilford Muslim Society, London
  The Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI, London
  The Islamic Centre, East Ham
  The Islamic Shariah Institute, Birmingham
  The Leicester Mosque, Leicester
  The London Central Mosque, London
  The Madina Masjid, Birmingham
  The Message Islamic Information Centre, South Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Bury
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Scotland
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, London
  The Mosque, Walsall
  The Mosque, Bolton
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Middlesex
  The Mosque, Aberdeen City
  The Mosque, Bury
  The Mosque, Huddersfield
  The Mosque, Blackburn
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Blackburn
  The Mosque, Blackburn
  The Mosque, Blackburn
The Mosque, Blackburn
  The Mosque, Blackburn
  The Mosque, Bolton
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bolton
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bedford
  The Mosque, Bolton
  The Mosque, Blackburn
  The Mosque, Blackburn
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Huddersfield
  The Mosque, Huddersfield
  The Mosque, Huddersfield
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bradford
  The Mosque, Bolton
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Cambridge
  The Mosque, Chatham
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Chelmsford
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
The Mosque, Birmingham

The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Coventry
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Sussex
  The Mosque, Chesham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Cheltenham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Chesham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Brighton
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Burton-on-Trent
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Bristol Channel
  The Mosque, Brighton
  The Mosque, Brighton
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Darlaston
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Darlaston
  The Mosque, Derby
  The Mosque, Derby
  The Mosque, Derby
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Holytown
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, South Walls
  The Mosque, Darlaston
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Bristol Channel
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Lancashire
  The Mosque, Keighley
  The Mosque, Ashton Under Lyne
  The Mosque, Gloucester
  The Mosque, Sussex
  The Mosque, Ashton Under Lyne
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Keighley
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Whitley Bay
  The Mosque, Wickford
  The Mosque, Bradford Abbas
  The Mosque, York
  The Mosque, York
  The Mosque, Buckinghamshire
  The Mosque, Ashton Under Lyne
  The Mosque, Galloway
  The Mosque, Galloway
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Worcester
  The Mosque, Exeter
  The Mosque, Elland
  The Mosque, Edinburgh
  The Mosque, Belfast
  The Mosque, Keighley
  The Mosque, Glasgow
  The Mosque, Hyde
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Durham
  The Mosque, Bedford Level
  The Mosque, Bedford Level
  The Mosque, Wigan
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Dumfries
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Leeds
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Doncaster
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Sussex
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Darlington
  The Mosque, Lancaster
  The Mosque, Lancaster
  The Mosque, Kidderminster
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Worcester
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Yorkshire
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Liverpool
  The Mosque, Birmingham
  The Mosque, Leicester
  The Mosque & Markaz, Yorkshire
  The Mosque - Nuneaton, Nuneaton
  The Mosque and Islamic Centre, Walsall
  The Muslim Community Centre Uxbridge, London Borough Of Hillingdon
  The New Mosque, South Walls
  The New Mosque, Cardiff
  The Norwich Mosque and Islamic Centre, Norwich
  The Pakistan Mosque, West Yorkshire
  The Pakistan Muslim Centre (Sheffield) Ltd., South Yorkshire
  The steps of islam, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  The Torbay Islamic Centre, Devonshire
  The United Islamic Association, London
  Thornaby Muslim Assoc. & Mosque, Stockton-on-Tees
  Thornaby Muslim Assoc. & Mosque, Stockton on Tees
  Thurrock Islamic Centre, Purfleet
  Thurrock Jame Masjid, Grays
  Thurrock Jame Masjid, Enfield
  Tipton Muslim Community Centre, West Midlands
  Tipton Muslim Trust Association, Birmingham
  Tooting Islamic center, London Borough Of Wandsworth
  Tooting Islamic Centre, Wandsworth
  Tooting Islamic Centre, London
  Torbay Islamic Centre, Paignton
  Torbay Islamic Centre, Torquay
  Tottenham Islamic Center, London
  Tottenham Mosque - Islamic Community Centre, London
  Trowbridge Islamic Trust, Trowbridge
  Trowbridge Mosque, Trowbridge
  Trowbridge Mosque, Wiltshire
  Truro Masjid, Truro
  Tunbridge Wells Islamic Cultural Cntr., Tunbridge Wells
  Tunstall Mosque, Stoke on Trent
  Turkish Community Association - Kotku Mosque, Newcastle
  Turkish Community Association - Kotku Mosque, New Castle
  Turkish Mosque, London
  UK ISLAMIC MISSION (Boston br.), Boston
  UK Islamic Mission - Islamic Centre, Petersborough
  UKIM, Kingston Upon Hull
  UKIM (Watford), Watford
  UKIM - Azmat-e-Islam Masjid, Oldham
  UKIM - Blackheath Islamic Community Centre & Mosque, Halesowen
  UKIM - Byron Street Masjid (Bradford), Bradford
  UKIM - Glasgow Islamic Centre, Glasgow
  UKIM - Glasgow Islamic Centre, Lanarkshire
  UKIM - Hull Mosque & Islamic Centre, Hull
  UKIM - Jamia Masjid Khizra, Manchester
  UKIM - Jamia Masjid Khizra, Lancashire
  UKIM - Jamia Mosque Birmingham, Birmingham
  UKIM - Leicester Islamic Centre, Leicester
  UKIM - Luton Mosque, Luton
  UKIM - Madina Masjid, Rochdale
  UKIM - Madina Masjid & Islamic Centre, West Midlands
  UKIM - Madina Masjid & Islamic Centre, Wolverhampton
  UKIM - Madina Masjid & Levenshulme Islamic Centre, Manchester
  UKIM - Madina Mosque (Keighley), Keighley
  UKIM - Madina Mosque Nelson, Nelson
  UKIM - Masjid Bilal & Islamic Centre, London
  UKIM - Masjid Ibrahim, Burnley
  UKIM - Neeli Masjid Rochdale, Rochdale
  UKIM - Oldham Mosque, Oldham
  UKIM - Peterborough Mosque, Peterborough
  UKIM - Sheffield Branch, Sheffield
  UKIM - Sparkbrook Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  UKIM - York Mosque, York
  UKIM Islamic Centre, Stockton-on-Tees
  UKIM Islamic Centre, Hemel Hempstead
  UKIM Islamic Centre, Airdrie
  UKIM, Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre, Slough
  UKIM- Islamic Centre Walsall, Walsall
UKIM- Madrassa Taleem ul Quran & Qurtaba Masjid, Oldham
  ultan mosques, Brierfield
  Ulum Ud-Din, Birmingham
  United Islamic Association, London
  United Islamic Association, Wood Green
  United Kingdom Islamic Mission, Hempstead
  United Kingdom Islamic Mission, Reading
  United Kingdom Islamic Mission, Willesden Green
  United Kingdom Islamic Mission, Slough
  United Kingdom Islamic Mission, Southend-on-Sea
  United Muslim Associatio (UMA), Beckton
  University Glamorgan Student Islamic Association, Pontypridd
  University Mosque, Swansea
  University Mosque, Durham
  University of Brighton Muslim Society, Brighton
  University of East Anglia, Norfolk
  University of Exeter, Exeter
  University of Surrey Prayer Room and Quite Centre, Guilford
  University Students Mosque, Leeds
  Upton Lane Mosque, London
  مركز و مسجد الرسالة بشفيلد, Sheffield Canal
  Valide Sultan Mosque, London
  Wakefield Mosque Committee, Wakefield
  Waltham Forest Islamic Association, Walthamstow
  Waltham Forest Islamic Association, London Borough Of Waltham Forest
  Walthamstow Mosque, London
  Warrington Islamic Association, Warrington
  Washwood Heath Muslim Centre, Birmingham
  Watford Jamia Mosque, Watford
  Watford Jamia Mosque, Watford West Station
  Weekly Islamic Study Circle, Ilford
  Weekly Sisters Halaqah, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Wellgate Jamia Mosque, Rotherham
  Wembley Central Mosque/Muslim Welfare Association, Middlesex
  Wembley Mosque & Islamic Centre, Wembley
  Wembley Mosque &Islamic Centre, Middlesex
  Werneth Jamia Mosque, Oldham
  West Bowling Islamic Society, Bradford
  West Cumbria Muslim Society (Prayer room), Whitehaven
  West Ealing Mosque, UK Islamic Mission, London Borough Of Ealing
  West London Islamic Centre, Greenford
  West London Islamic Centre Jamia Masjid, Ealing
  West Norfolk Islamic Association, Kings Lynn
  West Wales General Hospital, Carmarthen
  Westminister Islamic Centre and Jamme Masjid, London
  Weston Jame Masjid, Weston-Super-Mare
  Wimbledon Mosque, London
  Wimbledon Mosque, Wimbledon
  Wimbledon Mosque, London Borough Of Merton
  WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society), High Wycombe
  WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society), Marlow
  WISE Islamic Centre, Buckinghamshire
  Witton Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Wolverhampton Mosque Trust. Waterloo Road Jamia Mosque, Wolverhampton
  Woodlands Road Mosque, Birmingham
  world islamic centre, Scunthorpe And Frodingham
  Wrexham Mosque, Wrexham
  Wycombe Islamic Mission, Wycombe
  Wycombe Islamic Mission, Buckinghamshire
  Wycombe Islamic Mission & Mosque, High Wycombe
  Wye College Mosque, Wye
  Xadro Mosques, London
  York Muslim Association, York
  Zakaria Madressa & Mosque, Manchester
  Zakaria Mosque, Lancashire
  Zakariya Masjid, Luton
  ZAKARIYYA JAME` Masjid, Borough Of Bolton
  Zawiya Mosque, Birmingham

Islamic Organizations and Services

  2nd Floor, Nursing Home, Erne Hospital, Enniskillen         

   Muslim Health club, London
  Muslim Welfare Society, West Midlands
  7th Goodmayes (Al Noor) Scouts, London
  A.A.Website Makers, London
  A1-Madina Publications, West Yorkshire
  Aalami Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwwat, London
  Aarons Solicitors, Luton
  Aashyana Housing Association Ltd, Bristol
  Abdullah Quilliam Society, Liverpool
  Abu Bakr Girl's School, Walsall
  ACTE All Cultures Together in Education, Belfast
  Adab Books, Cambridge
  Afghanaid, London
  Ahale Sunnat Islamic Educaiton Cultural Center, Birmingham
  Ahl ul Sunnah Sisters, Luton
  Ahmed Kollyan Trust, London
  Al Amin Educational Trust, East Sussex
  Al Birr Islamic School, London
  Al Falah Muslim Association, London
  Al Hikmah Centre - Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Batley
  Al Khidmah International Foundation, London
  Al Manar School, London
  Al Quran Academy London, London
  Al- Nisa Association, Belfast
  Al-Abbas News Agency, West Midlands
  Al-Akram School, Derby
  Al-Akram Trust, Derbyshire
  Al-Alim Centre For Education (A.C.E), Derby
  Al-Almin Trust, Surrey
  Al-Ansaar Welfare & Education, Preston
  Al-Anssar Islamic Information Centre Ltd, London
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Midlands
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Markfield
  Al-Asr Scholastic Research, Heston
  Al-atfaal, Leicester
  Al-Bukhari Education & Training Cntr., Birmingham
  Al-Fajr Al-Rabic Mohammed Yahya M Ali, Halesowen
  Al-Falaah Pre-School & School, London
  Al-falah Charitable trust, Hackney
  Al-Furqan Community College, Midlands
  Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation, London
  Al-Furqan Primary School, Midlands
  Al-Furqan School Co.-Ed. Primary/Girls Secondary, Birmingham
  Al-Habib Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre, Swindon
  Al-Hifdh, London
  Al-Hijra School & College, Midlands
  Al-Hijrah School, Midlands
Al-Hijrah School, Birmingham
  Al-Huda Girl's School, Birmingham
  Al-Huda Girls' School, Midlands
  Al-Islah Private School, Lancashire
  Al-Islah Private School, Manchester
  Al-Jamiatul Islamiyah Darul Uloom Boys Secondary, Lancashire
  Al-Karam School, Midlands
  Al-kawthar wefare trust, London
  Al-Madina Muslim Association, Worcestershire
  Al-Mahad Al-Islami School, Yorkshire
  Al-Manar Centre Trust, South Glamorgan
  Al-Muntada Islamic School, London
  Al-Mustafa Islamic Foundation, Lingfield
  Al-Muttaqiin, Wallington
  Al-Nasr Trust, Berkshire
  Al-Nasr Trust, Slough
  Al-Noor Institute, London
  Al-Noor Muslim Primary School, Ilford
  Al-Noor Primary School, London
  Al-Noor Youth Association, London
  Al-nur Association, Belfast
  Al-Risaala Balham Preparatory & Tooting Girl's/Boy's Sec. Sch., London
  Al-Siraatal Mustaqiim, Hounslow
  Alatik for Hajj & Umra services, Manchester
  Albanian Islamic Society & Centre, London
  Albirr Foundation UK, London
  Algerian Community In Britain, Ilford
  Algerian League In Britain, London
  alhudaa islamic prayer group, London Borough Of Barking And Dagenham
  Alim Association, Birmingham
  All Aazad Indian's Anjuman, Bolton
  All Aazad Indian's Anjuman, Manchester
  All Muslim Welfare Society. Mohammed Yahya, Birmingham
  All Pakistan Women's Association, Birmingham
  Alliance of Newham Muslim Associations, London
  Almuntada al islami, London Borough Of Wandsworth
  Altrincham Muslim Association and The Islamic Cultural Centre, Cheshire
  Amal Trust (Light of the Youth), London
  Aman Gara Charity, Lanarkshire
  Aman Support Centre, Dyfed
  Ameena Tandoori Indian Takeaway, Hampshire
  Amina Hatun Islamic School, London
  AMINA-Muslim Womens Resource Centre, Lanarkshire
  AMSS, Surrey
  An Nahdah Institute, London
  An-Nisa Slough Women's Group, Slough
  An-Nisa Society, Wembley
  Anjuman Himaytul Islaam, Hayes
ANJUMAN-E-ISLAMIA NEWHAM, London Borough Of Newham
  Anjuman-E-Khawateen, Hounslow
  Annoor Islamic Welfare Society UK, Birmingham
  AnOxfordMuslimsWebsite, Oxfordshire
  Ansaar, Nottingham
  Arab Women's Group, London
  Arab-British Chamber Charitable Foundation, Hertfordshire
  Arabica, Manchester
  Arrahman Academy for Cultural & Religious Activities, London
  ASH SHIFA, Banbury
  Ashiana Housing Association, Manchester
  Asian Advisory Centre, Birmingham
  Asian Girsl's & Young Women's Group, Birmingham
  Asian Health & Social Care Centre, Bristol
  Asian Muslim Elders Association, Woking
  Asian Muslim Mother's Assoc. (AMMA), London
  Asian Quitline, London
  Asian Resource Centre, Birmingham
  Asian Stroke Victims Support Association, Birmingham
  Asian Women's Activities Development Worker (Birmingham), Birmingham
  Asian Women's Project, Nottingham
  Assembly for the Protection of Hijab, London
  Association Al-Tawheed, London
  Association for British Muslims, London
  Association of Bradford Deaf Asians, Bradford
  Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) U.K., Birmingham
  Association of Haringey Muslim Community, London
  Association of Islamic Fostering (AIF), London
  Association of Muslim Graduates of Nigerian Origin, London
  Association of Muslim Lawyers, High Wycombe
  Association of Muslim Researchers (AMR), London
  Association Of Muslim Schools, West Midlands
  Association of Muslim Schools - AMS, Leicester
  Association of Muslim Schools of UK & Eire (AMS), Nottingham
  Association of Muslim Social Scientists (UK), Richmond
  Association of Muslims, London
  Association of Muslims with Disabilities (UK), London
  Association of Pakistani Graduates, Manchester
  Association of Teachers and Lecturers, London
  Association of Turkish People in the UK, London
  Aston Islamic Education Center, Birmingham
  Aston University Islamic Society, Birmingham
  Asylum Aid, London
  At-Taqwa Willesden Library, Willesden
  ATTAQWA, Slough
  Avenue School, London
  Azad Kashmir Welfare Association, Birmingham
  Azhar Academy, London
  Bait Al-Mal Al-Islami, London
Ballymena Islamic Culture Centre, Ballymena
  Banaatul-Islam - Study Circles for Women, Manchester
  Bangladesh Association (Bristol, Bath & West), Bristol
  Bangladesh Centre UK, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Cultural Assoc. (Blackburn), Blackburn
  Bangladesh Cultural Centre, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Educational Social and cultural Organisation, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Islamic Organisation, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Islamic Social Organisation, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Medical Relief Foundation, London
  Bangladesh Muslim Community Development, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Muslim Women's Organisation, Birmingham
  Bangladesh Peoples Association, Bradford
  Bangladesh Welfare Association Community Development Trust, Burnley
  Bangladesh Women's Association, Bristol
  Bangladesh Womens Association Harringey, London
  Bangladeshi Islamic Supplementary Project, Birmingham
  Bangladeshi Mental Health Assoc. Ltd, Birmingham, Bristol
  Barbodhan Muslim Welfare Society, Bolton
  Bardford Muslim Friends Primary School, Birmingham
  Barking Muslims Association, Essex
  Barnsley Muslim Community Centre Ltd, Barnsley
  Bath Asian Council, Bath
  Bath University Islamic Society - BUIS, Bath
  Bedford International Islamic Society, Bedford
  Bedfordshire International Islamic Society, Bedfordshire
  Belfast Isalmic Centre Women's Group, Belfast
  Bengali International Ltd., London
  Bengali Women's Welfare Project, London
  Berkshire Arabic Community Association (BACA), Reading
  Bexhill Islamic Association, Bexhill
  Bexley Muslim Women Community Centre, Erith
  Birchfield Independent Girls' School, Midlands
  Birmingham Boy's School, Birmingham
  Birmingham Institute of Education Training & Technology, Birmingham
  Birmingham Pakistani Scouts Development Project. Institute of Education Training & Technology, Birmingham
  Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit (BRAMU), Birmingham and Fazeley Canal
  Birmingham Specialist Community Health Trust (BSCHP), Birmingham
  Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, Birmingham
  Black Stone Books, Swansea
  Blackburn Council of Mosques, Blackburn
  BMCS - Bristol Muslim Cultural Society, Bristol
  Bolton Muslim Girl's School, Lancashire
  Bolton Muslim Girl's School, Manchester
  Bolton Muslim Welfare Trust, Manchester
  Bolton Muslim Welfare Trust, Bolton
  Bolton Muslim Welfare Trust, Lancashire
  Bosnia & Hercegovina Muslim Community, London
Bosnia & Herzegovina Charity, London
  Bosnia & Herzegovina Refugee (UK) Network, Birmingham
  Bosnia Herzegovina Heritage Rescue, London
  Bosnian Refugee Action Group, Cambridgeshire
  Bracknell Islamic Cultural Society, Bracknell
  Bradford Council of Mosques, Bradford
  Bradford Eid Committee, Bradford
  Bradford Gymkhana Sports & Social Society, Bradford
  Brierley Hill Asian Welfare & Cultural Association, Brierley Hill
  Brighton & Hove Muslim Women's Group, Brighton
  Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum, Brighton
  Brimingham Islamic Mission, Birmingham
  Bristol Muslim Culture Society, Avon
  Bristol Pakistani Community Welfare Organisation, Bristol
  Bristol Pakistani Womans Organisation, Avon
  Bristol Taleem-ul-Islam (Trust), Bristol
  Bristol University Islamic Society, Bristol
  British Asian Women's Association, Birmingham
  British Association for Muslims, Birmingham
  British Muslems Parliamentary Deputies Forum, North Shields
  British Muslim Council, London
  British Muslim League UK & Overseas, Birmingham
  Burton Islamic Society, Burton upon Trent
  Call to Islam Dawah Centre, Walthamstow
  Cambridge Muslim Community Services, Cambridge
  Cambridge Muslims, Cambridge
  Cambridge University Islamic Society, Cambridge
  Canning Town Muslim Trust, London
  Canning Town Muslim Welfare Association, London
  Care-Link (UK) Trust, London
  Central Jamiat Ulama UK, Bolton
  Central Moonsighting Committee of Great Britain, Rotherham
  Central Scotland Pakistan Social & Welfare Association, Stirlingshire
  Centre for Islamic Studies, Ceredigion
  Channel Islam Ltd., Coventry
  Charity Box ( Islamic Relief ), Aberdeen
  Charity Islamic Trust Elrahma, London
  Charter 3:101, Wembley
  chechen orphans, nottingham
  Cheetham Al-Hilal Community Project, Lancashire
  Chesterfield Muslim Association, Derbyshire
  Chesterfield Muslim Womens Welfare Group, Derbyshire
  Children's Relief Fund, Leicestershire
  Circumcision Clinic, Bristol
  City Circle, London
  Claire Humes Revert Association, Melton Mowbray
  College Link Project, London
  Commission for Racial Equality, Birmingham
Commission for Racial Equality, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal
  Commission for Racial Equality, London
  Commission for Racial Equality, Edinburgh
  Committee of Muslim Women of Chechnya, Nottigham
  Community Career Line Project Burton, Burton upon Trent
  Community Development Association, Birmingham
  Companions Of the Mosque, London Borough Of Sutton
  Confederation of Sunni Mosques Midlands, Birmingham
  Cornwall Islamic Comunity, Truro
  Council for Mosques - Elderaly Day Centre -Bradford, Bradford
  Council of British Pakistanls, Birmingham
  Council of Mosques for London & Southern Counties, London
  Council of University Sheikhs, London
  Coventry Muslim Community Association Limited, Coventry
  Coventry Muslim Resource Centre, West Midlands
  Coventry Muslim School, Midlands
  Coventry road Community & Islamic Center, Birmingham
  Crescent Life, Rochdale
  Crescent Relief (London), London
  Da'watul Islam Youth Group, Birmingham
  Dar Al-Hekma Trust, London
  Dar Al-Islam Foundation, London
  Dar-al-Muminaat, London
  Dar-ul-Ehsan Institute, Watford
  Daru-Al-Moameneen -, Bristol
  Darul Arqam, London
  Darul Iftaa, Leicester
  Darul Uloom Al-Arabiya Al Islamiya, Lancashire
  Darul Uloom Al-Arabiya Al-Islamia, Bury
  Darul Uloom Al-Arabiya Al-Islamiya, Manchester
  Darul Uloom Islamic High School, Midlands
  Darul Uloom Islamic High School, Birmingham
  Darul Uloom Leicester, Midlands
  Darul Uloom London, Chislehurst
  Darul Uloom London Boys Secondary, London
  Darul Uloom Oxford, Oxford
  Dawat e Islami, Birmingham
  Dawatul Islam UK & Eire, London
  deen mas'har magazine, London
  Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Scotland
  Dewsbury Darul Uloom, Yorkshire
  Dhek Bhal, Bristol
  Diabetes UK, London
  Didcot Muslim Society, Didcot
  Direct Relief, London
  Disabled Muslim Women's Association, Essex
  Disabled Muslim Womens Association, London
  DJS Halal Poultry, Lanarkshire

Dostiyo Asian Women & Girl's Organisation, Northampton
  Dr G C Khamar, Shotton
  DR UMAR AZAM, Manchester
  Dudley Muslim Association, West Midlands
  Dudyal Refugee Association Development Association, Birmingham
  Dundee University Islamic Society, Dundee
  Durham University Islamic Society, Durham
  East African Muslim Association, Birmingham
  East Anglian Islamic Trust, Norwich
  Edhi International Foundation (UK), London
  Education Aid, London
  Education for Muslims, London
  El Farouq Foundation, London
  El Halal, Aylesbury
  Epsom and Ewell Islamic Society, Epsom
  Eritrean Muslim Community Assoc., London
  Essex Islamic Educational Trust, Romford
  European Islamic Mission, Doncaster
  Express Money, London
  FAIR (Forum Against Islamaphobia & Racism), London
  Faisalabad Welfare Association, Lancashire
  Families Relief, London
  FAMSY(Federation of Muslim Students and Youth), Victoria
  Faye Mohammed Counselling & Training, Essex
  Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE), Markfield
  Federation of Muslim Organisations, Leicester
  Federation of Muslim Organisations Leicester (FMO), Leicester
  Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), London
  Feversham College, Bradford
  Fisabililah Community Services Organisation, Sutton
  fITRA, Woking
  Followers of Ahle-us-Sunnah-wal-Jammah, Watford
  Forum for Social Studies, London
  Fountain Books, London
  Freedom & Justice for Samar & Jawad, London
  Friends of Al-Aqsa, Leicestershire
  Friends of Al-Aqsa, Leicester
  Friends of Hadhramaut, London
  FSTC Ltd, Manchester
  Future for women, Bradford
  Gardens of Peace Muslim Cemetery, Essex
  Gardens of Peace Muslim Cemetery Trust, Ilford
  Ghana Muslim Union, London
  Girlington Islamic Trust, West Yorkshire
  Girlington Muslim Welfare Association, Bradford
  Girlington Muslim Welfare Association, West Yorkshire
  Girls Have Rights To Education and Welfare (GREW), Epping
  Gloucester Muslim Welfare Association Ltd, Gloucestershire
  Gloucesterhshire Islamic School, Gloucestershire
  Gloucestershire Islamic School, Gloucester
  Gloucestershire Sisters United, Gloucester
  Golden Hillock Employment & Resource Centre, Birmingham
  Golders Green Muslim Committee, London
  Gorgushti Welfare Association Hillock Employment & Resource Centre, Birmingham
  Greater Manchester Muslim Police, Manchester
  Green Crescent, Nottingham
  Green Crescent, Nottinghamshire
  Greenwich Islamic Centre., London Borough Of Greenwich
  Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman, London
  Hackney Muslim Women's Council, London
  Hackney Pakistan Women's Welfare Centre, London
  Hajj Umrah Tours Directory, Manchester, Manchester
  Halal Monitoring Committee, Leicester
  Hamd House Prepatory School, Midlands
  Hamd House Prepatory School, Birmingham
  Hanifah Pre-School & Playgroup, Manchester
  Haque Associates, Luton
  Harrow Islamic & Cultural Society, Harrow
  Harrow Muslim Education Society, Harrow
  Harrow Muslims Collective, Harrow
  Help the Needy, Birmingham
  Hertfordshire Muslim Education Coun., Saint Albans
  Hidayatul Banat, Lancashire
  Hilal Islamic Foundation, Cheshire
  Hillfields Muslim Association, Coventry
  Hinckley Muslim Association, Hinckley
  Hope Islamic Society (Liverpool Hope University Islamic Society), Liverpool
  Horn Aid (UK), London
  Hounslow Islamic Relief Assoc. (HIRA), Hounslow
  Hounslow Muslim Art & Cultural Society, Cranford
  HSBC Amanah, London
  Huddersfield Council of Islamic Affairs Charitable Trust, Huddersfield
  Huddersfield Dawa Islamic Centre, Huddersfield
  Huddersfield Islamic Library, Huddersfield
  Huddersfield Muslim Burial Council, Huddersfield
  Human Appeal International, Manchester
  Human Relief Foundation, Bradford
  Human Rights Action, London
  HUMJOLI, Slough
  IAS Independent Adoption Service, London
  Ibrahim Islamic Community Centre (Hastings), Hastings
  ICRA, Wakefield
  ICRA, Derby
  Idara Maarif E Islam, Birmingham
  Ilford Muslim Society, Essex
  Imaad, Reading
  Imams and Mosques Council (Birmingham), Birmingham
  Independent Immigration Support Agency, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal
Indian Muslim Federation (UK), London
  Indian Muslim Patel Society, West Yorkshire
  Indian Muslim Welfare Society, West Yorkshire
  Indo Pakistan Muslim Association, Birmingham
  Information Centre Risalatul-Ikhwan, London
  Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (UK), Slough
  Institute of Islamic Culture Education Ltd (IIC), Wealdstone
  Institute of Islamic Education, Dewsbury
  Institute of Islamic Studies (Birmingham), Birmingham
  Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS), London
  Institute of Islamic Studies (Northampton), Northampton
  Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, London
  International Council for Islamic Information, Markfield
  International Education Foundation, Harrow
  International Forum for Islamic Dialogue, London
  International Islamic Link, Middlesex
  International Kashmir Welfare Council, Blackburn
  International Muslim Volunteers Bureau, Nuneaton
  International Thalassaemia Foundation, Manchester
  InterServ educational Services, Bournemouth
  IPAS, London
  IPCI - UK, London
  Iqra, West Midlands
  Iqra Academy, Glasgow
  Iqra Boy's School, London
  Iqra International, Luton
  IQRA International, Bedfordshire
  Iqra Islamic Society, Midlothian
  IQRA Trust, London
  Iraq Muslim Community School, Birmingham
  ISAAR, Slough
  Islahul Muslimeen Parishad, Birmingham
  Islamia Girl's School, Huddersfield
  Islamia Girl's School, Yorkshire
  Islamia Schools Trust, London
  Islamia Trust, Middlesex
  islamic academy, Manchester
  Islamic Academy of Scotland, Glasgow
  Islamic Aid, London
  Islamic Arts Foundation, London
  Islamic Association Charity, London
  Islamic Association of North London, London
  Islamic Association of South Humberside, Great Grimsby
  Islamic Association Of South Humberside, Humberside
  Islamic Awareness & Education Project, Swindon
  Islamic Brotherhood, West Midlands
  Islamic Cardiff Website, Cardiff
  ISLAMIC CENTER, Nottingham
  Islamic Centre (Central London), London
  Islamic Centre East London, London
Islamic Centre of Harrow, Middlesex
  Islamic Centre Slough, Slough
  Islamic College London Boys secondary, London
  Islamic Consultancy Chaplain Service, London
  Islamic Consultancy Education Service, London
  Islamic Council for Iraqi Community in Britain, Middlesex
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Oxford
  Islamic Cultural Centre halesowen UK Charitable, Halesowen
  Islamic Dawah Academy, Leicester
  Islamic Dawah Centre International, Birmingham
  Islamic Development Agency, Aylesbury
  Islamic Education & Cultural Society Of Hayes, Middlesex
  Islamic Education and Cultural Trust (Jamia Al-Hafsah), London
  Islamic Education Board, Middlesex
  Islamic Education Centre (Blackburn), Blackburn
  Islamic Education Society, Lancashire
  Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre, West Midlands
  Islamic Educational Trust UK, London
  Islamic Email Circle, Glasgow
  Islamic Forum Europe, London
  Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences (IFEES), Birmingham
  Islamic Funeral Service, West Midlands
  Islamic Funeral Services, Berkshire
  ISLAMIC HELP, Birmingham
  Islamic Heritage & Research Foundation (GB) Ltd, West Midlands
  Islamic History Classes, Camberley
  Islamic Home Schooling Advisory Network (IHSAN), London
  Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), Wembley
  Islamic Information Centre, Bristol
  Islamic Information Centre, England
  Islamic Information Centre, Middlesex
  Islamic Information Centre (St. Leonards on Sea), Saint Leonards
  Islamic Institute for Education & Training - Al Jamia Al Islamia, Newark
  Islamic Medical Association, Ilford
  Islamic Memorial Services, West Midlands
  Islamic Men and Women's Association, Bradford
  Islamic Movement, Southampton
  Islamic Museum in London & Cultural Centre Project, London
  Islamic Observation Centre, London
  Islamic Pakistani Community Centre, Northampton
  Islamic Party of Britain, Milton Keynes
  Islamic Prayer Group, London Borough Of Southwark
  Islamic Prayer Group (IPG), London
  Islamic Propagation Centre International (UK) (IPCI), Birmingham
  Islamic Relief, West Midlands
  Islamic Relief, Lanarkshire
  Islamic Relief, West Yorkshire
Islamic Relief, Middlesex
  Islamic Relief, Leicestershire
  Islamic Relief (National Office), London
  Islamic Relief - Blackburn, Blackburn
  Islamic Relief - Bradford, Bradford
  Islamic Relief - Glasgow, Glasgow
  Islamic Relief - Leicester, Leicester
  Islamic Relief Agency - ISRA, Birmingham
  Islamic Relief Charity Warehouse, Lancashire
  Islamic Relief Worldwide (International Office), Birmingham
  Islamic Research Academy (IRAP), Dunblane
  Islamic Research Foundation, Glasgow
  Islamic Research Institute of Great Britain, Dewsbury
  Islamic Resource Centre - Birmingham, Birmingham
  Islamic School of London, London
  Islamic Sharia Council, London
  Islamic Social Association, London
  Islamic Society (Bath University), Aylesbury
  Islamic Society (Hull University), Hull
  Islamic Society (Newcastle University), Newcastle
  Islamic Society (University of Liverpool), Liverpool
  Islamic Society for the Promotion of Religious Tolerance (UK), London
  Islamic Society of Britain, Birmingham
  Islamic Society of Britain (Glasgow), Glasgow
  Islamic Society of Britain (Liverpool), Liverpool
  Islamic Society of Brunel University, London
  Islamic Society University of Surrey, Guilford
  Islamic Society, University of Essex, Colchester
  Islamic Socity Dumfries, Scotland
  Islamic Student Association (Imperial College at Wye), Ashford
  Islamic Student's Society of Northern Ireland (ISSNI), Belfast
  Islamic Students Society, Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth
  Islamic Study Circle in SOUTHWARK, London
  Islamic Welfare Association, West Midlands
  Islamic Welfare Association of Camberley, CAMBERLEY
  Islamic Welfare Association Of West Surrey, Englefield
  Islamic Welfare Association of West Surrey, Virginia Water
  Islamic Welfare Society, West Midlands, London
  Isle of Man Islamic Association, Isle of Man
  Islington Muslim Association, London
  ISRA - Islamic Relief Agency, Birmingham
  Jaameah Islamia Trust, East Sussex
  Jagoron Welfare Society, Swansea
  Jamahiriya School, London
  Jamea Al Kauthar, Manchester
  Jamea Al Kauthar Girls/Boarding, Lancaster
Jameah Islameah Islamic Educational Institute, Crowborough
  Jameah Islamiyah, Sussex (East)
  Jamia Al-Hudaa, Midlands
  Jamia Al-Karam, Notts
  Jamia Islamia Muhammadia, West Yorkshire
  Jamia Islamia Study Centre, Warwickshire
  Jamia Islamia Study Centre - Hijaz College, Nuneaton
  Jamia Islamia Study Centre Hijaz College, Midlands
  Jamia Madinat ul Uloom, London
  Jamia-Tul-Imam Muhammad Zakaria, Bradford
  Jamiat Taekwondo School, Glasgow
  Jamiat Ulema Brittania, Birmingham
  Jamiat-e-Ulama of Britain, Dewsbury
  Jamiatul Al Islamia, Bedfordshire
  Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda, Lancashire
  Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda, Manchester
  Jamiatul Ummah, London
  Jammat-e-ahle-Hadith, London
  Jeevan Disabilty Group, Sheffield
  Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, London
  JSJS Employment Resource Centre Ltd, Birmingham
  Jumma Prayer Place at Hatfield, Hatfield
  Junior Muslim Circle, London
  Justice International (Global Network Of Lawyers), London
  Kafel Centre, Swansea
  Kashmir Centre, London
  Kashmir International Relief Fund, London
  Kashmir Welfare Action Committee, Birmingham
  Kashmir Youth Project, Manchester
  Kashmiri Association Kashmir Welfare Cultural Assoc. (Blackburn), Blackburn
  Kashmiri Children's Welfare Trust, Leeds
  Kassim Darwish Grammar School for Boys, Manchester
  Keele Islamic Society, Stoke on Trent
  Kettering Muslim Association, Kettering
  Khadija Youth & Community Centre, Oldham
  Khadimabad Welfare Trust (U K) Ltd., West Midlands
  Khadra Academy, Nottingham
  Khalsa Welfare Trust, West Midlands
  Khan Insurance Services, Lancashire
  Khan Travel Service, South Glamorgan
  Khans Chartered Accountants, Middlesex
  Khidmah Organisation, Leicester
  Khutbahbank, Slough
  Khyber Pukhtoon Welfare Association, Birmingham
  Kind Aid, London
  King Fahad Academy, London
  Kiran Asian Women's Aid, London
  Kirkcaldy Islamic Education & Cultural Society, Fife
  Kokani Muslim World Foundation, London
Kokni Community Luton Centre, Luton
  Kosova Islamic Centre UK, London
  kulan somali Organization, Milton Keynes
  Ladies understanding of Islam, Barnstaple
  Lanarkshire Muslim Welfare Society, Motherwell
  Lancashire Council of Mosques, Blackburn
  Lancaster Islamic Society, Lancaster
  Lancaster Muslim Welfare Society, Lancaster
  Latifa Khatun Forkania Madrasha & Orphanage - Bangladesh, London
  laziza tandoori, Lowestoft
  Leatherhead Muslim Association, Leatherhead
  Leeds Islamia Girl's School, Yorkshire
  Leeds Muslim Forum, Leeds
  Leeds New Muslims, Leeds
  Leicester Islamic Academy, Midlands
  Leicestershire Muslim Kokni Assoc., Leicester
  Lewisham Muslim Women's Organisation, London
  Lewsey Muslim Cultural Society, Luton
  Liberty (National Council for Civil Liberties), London
  Liverpool Muslim Social Al-Rahma Day Centre, Liverpool
  Liverpool Muslim Society, Liverpool
  Liverpool Yemeni Arabic Club, Merseyside
  London School of Islamics Social Psychotherapy, London
  London School of Islamics Trust, London
  London School Of Quraan, London Borough Of Greenwich
  Loughborough Students Union- Islamic Society, Loughborough
  Lozells Islamic Welfare and Community Center, Birmingham
  LSE - Annual Lecture on Islam / Islamic Studies, London
  M.A. Al-Kharafi Tutorial Classes, CAMBERLEY
  Madina House Children's Home, London
  Madina Islamic Mission, Hounslow
  Madinatul Uloom Al-Islamiya, Kidderminster
  Madni Muslim Girl's School, Yorkshire
  Madni Trust, Nottingham
  Madrasah-E-Darul Qirat Majidiah (UK), London
  Madrassa Al-Quran Trust, Redditch
  Madrassa Islamia Primary School, Luton
  Majestic Quran Foundation, London
  Manchester Bangladesh Women's Organisation, Manchester
  Manchester Da'wah Office (Mdo), Manchester
  Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, Lancashire
  Manchester Islamic High School for Girls Secondary, Manchester Ship Canal
  Manchester Muslim Millennium Project, Lancashire
  Manchester Muslim Prep.School, Manchester Ship Canal
  Manchester Muslim Prepatory School, Lancashire
  Manchester Quran Memorisation Committee, Manchester
  Manor Park Islamic Cultural Centre, London
  Mansfield & Ashfield Bangladeshi Association, Mansfield
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Worcestershire
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Lancashire
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, East Sussex
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Stirlingshire
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, West Yorkshire
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, London
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, West Midlands
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, South Yorkshire
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Berkshire
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Nottinghamshire
  Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Surrey
  Mauritanian Travel Information, Egham
  Mauritian Islamic Women's Assoc., London
  Mauritian Sunni Muslim Society, London
  MDA (Muslim Doctors' Association), Croydon
  Mecca Social Club, Staffordshire
  Mecca Social Club, Hampshire
  Medical Aid for Palestine, London
  Memon Association UK, London
  Mencap, London
  Midland International Aid Trust, West Midlands
  Millat Asian Housing Association, Surrey
  Minorities Resource Centre Pukhtoon Welfare Association, Birmingham
  Mirpur Drop-In Centre, Birmingham
  Moroccan Community Welfare Group, London
  Motamar Al Alim Al Islami (World Muslim Congress ), London
  Mount Pleasant Islamic Trust, West Yorkshire
  Muath Welfare Trust, Birmingham
  Muhammadi Nursery, Birmingham
  Muhammadi Trust, London
  Muslim Advice & Support Service (MASS), Coventry
  Muslim Advisory and Community Welfare Council, London
  Muslim Aid, London
  Muslim Association of Bradford, Bradford
  Muslim Association of Bradford Elderly Day Centre, West Yorkshire
  Muslim Association of Bradford(M A B), West Yorkshire
  Muslim Association Of Britain, South Yorkshire
  Muslim Association of Britain, London
  Muslim Association of Britain Ltd., Cambridgeshire
  Muslim Association of Nigeria, London
  Muslim Association of Nigeria (MAN), London Borough Of Southwark
  Muslim Association of Professionals, London
  Muslim Burial Council, Leicestershire
  Muslim Burial Council of Leicestershire, Leicester
  Muslim Care, London
  Muslim Charity, Pinner
  Muslim Child Helpline, Nottinghamshire
  Muslim Childminder, South Glamorgan
  Muslim Communities Forum, London
  Muslim Community and Welfare Centre, London
  Muslim Community Centre, West Sussex
  Muslim Community Centre, Suffolk
  Muslim Community Centre, Warwickshire
  Muslim Community Centre (Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadit, UK), Birmingham
  Muslim Community Day Centre, Nuneaton
  Muslim Community Forum, Bethnal Green
  Muslim Community House, West Midlands
  Muslim Community Organisation Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
  Muslim Community Resource Centre Ltd, Leicestershire
  Muslim Council of Britain, Wembley
  Muslim Council of Wales, Cardiff
  Muslim Cultural & Welfare Centre, Lanarkshire
  Muslim Cultural Society, London
  Muslim Disabled Association (MDA), Essex
  Muslim Disabled Women's Association, Ilford
  Muslim Doctors & Dentists Association, Birmingham
  MUSLIM DOCTORS GROUP/ friday Jamat prayer, Haywards Heath
  Muslim Education and Literary Services, London
  Muslim Education Consultative Committee, Birmingham
  Muslim Education Relief, London
  Muslim Educational Co-ordinating Council (UK), Croydon
  Muslim Educational Consultative Committee, West Midlands
  Muslim Educational Trust, London
  Muslim Educational Trust, Portland
  Muslim Elderly & Disabled Organisation, Batley
  Muslim Elderly and Disabled Organisation, West Yorkshire
  Muslim Enterprise Development Service, Liverpool
  Muslim Families Uk Charitable Trust, London
  Muslim Federation, Cleveland
  Muslim Federation Cleveland, Cleveland
  Muslim Fostering Society (UK), London
  Muslim Foundation of G. Britain (MFGB), Nuneaton
  Muslim Funeral Service, West Midlands
  Muslim Funeral Service, Lancashire
  Muslim Funeral Service, West Yorkshire
  Muslim Funeral Service, Bradford
  Muslim Global Relief, Nelson
  Muslim Global Relief, Lancashire
  Muslim GP Practice, Cardiff
  Muslim Hands, Nottinghamshire
  Muslim Hands, Nottingham
  Muslim Health club, Leyton
  Muslim Health Project:, Derbyshire
  Muslim Help, Nottinghamshire
  Muslim HIV & Aids Support Service, London
Muslim Home School Network and Resource (MHSNR, Attleborough
  Muslim House (MAB), Glasgow
  Muslim Information Service, London
  Muslim Institute, London
  Muslim Khatri Association, Leicestershire
  Muslim Ladies Health Club, London
  Muslim Law (Shariah) Council, London
  Muslim Lawyers Committee, London
  Muslim magazine Q News, London
  Muslim Marriage Connections, London
  Muslim Media Monitoring & Response, London
  Muslim Media Network, Lancashire
  Muslim Media Services Ltd., West Midlands
  Muslim Mediation Service, London
  Muslim Medical Forum, London
  Muslim News, Middlesex
  Muslim parents association, Darlington
  Muslim Parents Association, Manchester
  Muslim Parents Association (Waltham Forest), London
  Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, London
  Muslim Pen-Pal Society, Bolton
  Muslim Professionals, West Yorkshire
  Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK), London
  Muslim Research & Development Foundation, Surrey
  Muslim Sister's Jamaat, London
  Muslim Society, Lancashire
  Muslim Society of Leeds, Leeds
  Muslim Solidarity Committee, New Malden
  Muslim Sports Association, Manchester
  Muslim Sports Association, Lancashire
  Muslim Student Society UK & Ireland, Manchester
  Muslim Teachers Association, Epsom
  Muslim Teachers Association, Surrey
  Muslim Teachers Network, Birmingham
  Muslim Ummah Solidarity Movement, Birmingham
  Muslim Welfare and Communty Center, Birmingham
  Muslim Welfare Association, Birmingham
  Muslim Welfare Association, London Borough Of Brent
  Muslim Welfare Centre (Stockport), Stockport
  Muslim Welfare House, Leicester
  Muslim Welfare House, London
  Muslim Welfare Institute, Blackburn
  Muslim Women & Children's Support Group, Manchester
  Muslim Women & Youth Help Line, South Yorkshire
  Muslim Women Society for the Future, Middlesex
  Muslim Women's Association, Birmingham
  Muslim Women's Association (UK), London
  Muslim Women's Association - Luton, Luton
  Muslim Women's Helpline, Wembley
  Muslim Women's Society, Nottingham
Muslim Women's Welfare Assoc. (Ilford), Ilford
  Muslim Women's Welfare Association, London
  Muslim Women's Welfare Association Ltd., Essex
  Muslim Womens Association of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  Muslim Womens Helpline, Middlesex
  Muslim Womens Helpline, London
  Muslim Womens Organisation, Nottinghamshire
  Muslim World Congress, London
  Muslim World League Office Trust, London
  Muslim Youth Association Liverpool, Merseyside
  Muslim Youth Centre, Blackburn
  Muslim Youth Education Council, Leicester
  Muslim Youth Forum, Leicester
  Muslim Youth Foundation, Manchester
  Muslim Youth Foundation, Lancashire
  Muslim Youth Helpline, Wembley
  Muslim Youth Helpline, London
  Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH), Middlesex
  Muslim Youth League, Manchester
  Muslim Youth Parliament Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Muslim Youthwork Foundation, Leicestershire
  Muslimaat (Sheffield Assoc. of Muslim Women and Girl's), Sheffield
  Muslimat UK, London, Nuneaton
  Muslims for Secular Democracy Ltd., London
  N. London Muslim Housing Assoc. Ltd, London
  NATFHE, London
  National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux, London
  National Council for Voluntary Organisations, London
  National Islamic Helpline, London
  National Kabadi Association, Birmingham
  National Meningitis Trust, Gloucester
  National Muslim Education Council of UK, London
  Nechells Islamic Teaching Center, Birmingham
  Needy Children of the Ummah, London
  Needy Families Association, London
  New Muslim Network (Wales), Swansea
  New Muslim Outreach, Walsall
  New Muslim Project. Wales, Cardiff
  Newham Muslim Citizens Association, London
  NHS, Amersham
  Nigeria Muslim Forum UK, Manchester
  Noor Youth Trust, London
  Noor-Ul-Quran, Manchester
  Norfolk & Norwich Muslim Assoc., Norwich
  North London Muslim Community Center, London Borough Of Hackney
  North London Muslim Community Centre, London
  North London Muslim Housing Association, London
  North London Muslim Welfare Assoc., Enfield
North London Muslim Youth Club, London
  North Notts Muslim Walfare association, Sutton In Ashfield
  North Wales Islamic Societies, Bangor
  North Wembley Muslim Association, London
  Nuneaton Muslim Society, Warwickshire
  Nuneaton Muslim Women's Group, Nuneaton
  Oldham Islamic Mission, Manchester
  Oldham Islamic Mission, Oldham
  Oldham Muslim Funeral Service, Lancashire
  ORFACT (Orphans Relief Fund & Charitable Trust), London
  Organisation of British Muslims, London
  Organisation of the Blind Muslim Association, London
  Orphan Aid, Nottingham
  Orphan Aid, Nottinghamshire
  Orphan Relief Fund and Charitable Trust, London
  Overseas Sri Lankan Muslim Educational Trust (OSMET), Stanmore
  Oxford Institute for Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, Oxford
  Oxford Muslim Community Association, Oxford
  Oxford University Islamic Society, Oxford
  Paigaam Publication, Batley
  Pak Kashmir federation (U.K), Leeds
  Pak Kashmir Maktaba, West Midlands
  Pakistan & Kashmir Welfare Association Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Pakistan & Muslim Welfare Association, Lancashire
  Pakistan Association - Burnley, Burnley
  Pakistan Community Centre, Derbyshire
  Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Assoc. (UK), Birmingham
  Pakistan Forum, Birmingham
  Pakistan Foundation UK, London
  Pakistan Muslim Association, Tyne And Wear
  Pakistan Muslim Welfare Association, Walsall
  Pakistan Residents Committee of Highgate, Birmingham
  Pakistan Sports Forum, Birmingham
  Pakistan Welfare Association, Manchester
  Pakistan Welfare Association, Hounslow
  Pakistan Welfare Society Sports Forum, Birmingham
  Pakistan Women's Association Burnley, Burnley
  Pakistan Youth & Community Association, Leicestershire
  Pakistani Community Centre, Burton upon Trent
  Pakistani Muslim Assoc. Smethwick, Smethwick
  Pakistani Muslim Welfare Association, Wolverhampton
  Pakistani Resource Centre, Manchester
  Pakistani Welfare Association, Burton upon Trent
  Palestinian Return Centre, London
  Palfrey Girl's School, Walsall
  Palfrey Girl's School, Midlands
  Paradise Muslim School, Coventry
  Paradise Muslim School, Midlands
  Paradise Prepatory School, Yorkshire
PC Planet, London Borough Of Lambeth
  Perth Islamic Society, Perthshire
  Plymouth Islamic Education Trust, Plymouth Sound
  Plymouth Islamic Education Trust (PIETY) Masjid and Community Centre, Plymouth
  Police Complaints Authority, London
  Popda Society, Walsall
  PPIslam, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Preston Muslim Forum, Lancashire
  Preston Muslim Forum, Pinner
  Preston Muslim Girl's School, Preston
  Preston Muslim Girl's Secondary, Lancashire
  Preston Muslim Girl's Secondary School, Manchester
  QAF: Quranic Arabic Foundation, Birmingham
  Quran study circle, Colchester
  Rabetah Al-Ulama Al-Islamiyyah, Batley
  Racial Attacks & Harassment Monitoring Association (RAHMA), Swansea
  Radio Authority, London
  RAHMA (Mercy) - Project Kosova, Leicester
  Ramadhan Foundation, Lancashire
  Rawalpindi Association, Blackburn
  Reading Muslim Council, Berkshire
  Redbridge Muslim Women's Social Grp., Ilford
  Redditch Pakistan Community Forum, Redditch
  Refugee Council, London
  Resuscitation Council UK, London
  Richmond Islamic Educational Cultural Society, London
  Roehampton University Islamic Society, Roehampton
  Rossendale Muslim Girl's & Women's Group, Manchester
  Runnymede Trust, London
  S.E. London Bangladesh Women's Association, London
  Safa Tots, Woking
  Salaam Islamic Resource Centre, Cleveland
  Sandwell Confederation of Bangladeshi Muslim Organisations, West Bromwich
  Sandwell Muslim Organisation: S M O, West Midlands
  Sandwell Muslims Organisation, Oldbury
  Saviletown Muslim Jamaat, West Yorkshire
  Scarborough Islamic Society, Scarborough
  Scottish Islamic Society, Earlston
  seven kings muslim education trust, Seven Kings
  Shariah Court of the UK, London
  Shariat Council and Darul Ifta Europe, Rotherham
  Sheffield Association Of Muslim Women & Girls, South Yorkshire
  Sheffield New Muslim Project, Sheffield
  Sheffield, Rotherham & District Council of Muslims, Sheffield
  Shropshire Islamic Foundation, Telford
  Sisters in Islam - Muslim Girl's Club, Enfield
  Smethwick A. S. R. A., Birmingham
  Smethwick Pakistani Muslim Association, West Midlands
Smokefree London, London
  Society for the Revival of Islamic Heritage, London
  Society of British Muslim Women, Nottingham
  Society of Muslim Parents, Maidenhead
  Solihull Muslim Community Association, Solihull
  Somali Islamic Youth Organization, London
  Somali Mental Health Project, South Yorkshire
  Somali Physical Disability, South Yorkshire
  Somali Social Development Committee, London
  Somali Teaching Group, London
  Somali Women's Development Project, London
  Somali Women's Group, Manchester
  Somalian integrated relief organisatoin, Loch A' Chaoruinn
  SOS Children's Villages UK Pakistan Supporters' Group, London
  Sound & Vision Centre, Leicester
  South London Sisters, London
  South West International Muslim Society, Totnes
  Southwark Muslim Women's Assoc. Family Centre, London
  Southwark Youth Muslim Project, London
  Sri Lanka Islamic (UK) Association, London
  Sri Lanka Muslim Refugee Assistance UK, London
  Sri lankan muslim welfare assosiation, Crawley
  srilankan muslim information centre uk, London
  St Andrews Islamic Society, Saint Andrews Bay
  St. James Community Support & Advice Centre, Birmingham
  St. Werburgh's Asian Women's Group, Bristol
  Step in Time Tours, Birmingham
  Stoke on Trent Federation of Mosques, Stoke On Trent
  Student Islamic Association, London South Bank University, London Borough Of Southwark
  Student Islamic Society, Tyne And Wear
  Sudan Relief & Rehabilitation, London
  Sunni Muslim Association, Lancashire
  Surrey Heath Muslim Association, Camberley
  Sussex Muslim Society Trust, East Sussex
  Swahilli Muslim Community of the UK, Hayes
  Swansea Muslim Youth League, Swansea
  Swimming for Muslim Women, London
  Swindon Muslim Initiative, Swindon
  Syed Ijlal Haider, Shrewsbury
  Sylhet Cultural Society, Birmingham
  Taibah School, Wales
  Tanzeem Islami, London
  Taslim Funerals, London
  Tauheedul Islam Girl's High School, Manchester
  Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School, Lancashire
  Tayyibah Girl's School, London
  Teesside Radio Ramazan, Middlesbrough
  Tehreek-e-Kashmir, Birmingham
  Tehrik-I-Nizam-I-Quran & Sunnah, Croydon
  The Ar Rahman Organisation, London
The Arabic Cultural Association, Staffordshire
  The Association of Muslim Schools, Leicestershire
  The Avenue School, London
  The British Muslim Association, West Yorkshire
  The Coventry Muslim Community Association Ltd., West Midlands
  The Coventry Muslim Community Association Ltd., Coventry
  The Islamia Schools Trust, London
  The Islamic Academy, Cambridge
  The Islamic Email Circle, Glasgow
  The Islamic Email Circle ©, Glasgow City
  The Islamic Establishment Ltd, Leicester
  The Islamic Foundation, Leicestershire
  The Islamic Shariah Institute, West Midlands
  The Islamic Trust, Oxford
  The Muslim Council of Britain, Middlesex
  The Muslim Directory, London
  The Muslim Educational Trust, London
  The Muslim Food Board, Leicestershire
  The Muslim Food Board (Uk), Leicestershire
  The Muslim Institute Trust, London
  The Muslim Weekly, London
  The Muslim Weekly, West Midlands
  The Muslim Weekly, Birmingham
  The Muslim Womens Resource Centre, Lanarkshire
  The Naz Project, London
  the olive foundation, Newcastle
  the serenity, Cardiff
  The Sisters Haven, Coventry
  The sunni muslim youth, Oldham
  The Ultimate-Truth, England
  The Unseen Magazine, Birmingham
  The Waltham Forest Islamic Association, London
  The World of Islam, Manchester
  Third World Foundation, Birmingham
  Thurrock Bangladesh Welfare Institution, Essex
  Tipton Muslim Community Centre, Tipton
  True Way, Stafford
  Truro college friday prayers, Truro
  Turkish Cypriot Women's Project, London
  Ujala Trust, Wembley
  UK Action Committee on Islamic Affairs (UKACIA), New Malden
  UK Action Committee on Islamic Affairs (UKACIA), New Malden
  UK Asian Women's Centre, Birmingham
  UK Islamic Education Waqf (UKIEW), London
  UK Islamic Mission, Leicester
  UK Islamic Mission (UKIM Head Office), London
  UK Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre Trust, London
  UK Turkish Islamic Cultural Trust, London
UKIM (Birmingham), Birmingham
  UKIM (Southampton Office), Southampton
  UKIM (St. Albans), Saint Albans
  UKIM (Women's Section - Glasgow), Glasgow
  UKIM (Women's Section - Walsall), Walsall
  Ukim Iqra Centre, Leeds
  Ulfa Aid, London
  Ummah Welfare Trust, West Yorkshire
  Ummah Welfare Trust (, Leicester
  Ummat un Wahidah Association for Islamic Solidarity (UWAIS), Newcastle
  Un-Nur Girls College, Birmingham
  Union Muslim Students, London
  Union of Muslim Families, London
  Union Of Muslim Organisations (Walsall), West Midlands
  Union of Muslim Organisations - Walsall Branch, Walsall
  Union of Muslim Organisations UK and Eire, London
  United Muslim Organisation of Scotland, Glasgow
  Unity Organisation (MC), Sunderland
  University of Durham, Durham
  University of Hertfordshire Islamic Society, Hatfield
  University of Kent Islamic Society, Canterbury
  University of Leicester Islamic Society, Leicester
  University of Plymouth Islamic Society, Plymouth
  University of Salford Islamic Society, Salford
  University of Surrey, Islamic Student Society, Guildford
  مساعدة طلبة اللغه الإنجليزية, Plymouth
  W.A.W.G. (Windsor Arab Women's Group), Windsor
  walsgrave hospital chapel, Coventry
  Waltham Forest Islamic Association, London
  Waqf Al-Birr Educational Trust, London
  Warga Lampeter, Lampeter
  Warwick University Islamic Society, Coventry
  Watford Mosque and welfare Association for the Muslim community, Walford
  Watford Muslim Community Project, Watford
  Watford School of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Watford
  Welsh Pakistan Council, Gwent
  Welwyn Hatfield Islamic Society, Welwyn Garden City
  Welwyn Hatfield Islamic Society, Hartfield
  Welwyn Hatfield Islamic Society, Hertfordshire
  Werneth Youth Project, Manchester
  Wolverhampton Muslim Trust, Wolverhampton
  Women's Relief, London
  Woodstock Girl's School, Birmingham
  World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), London
  World Federation of KSIMC, Stanmore
  World Islamic Propagation Establishment (UK) (WIPE), Pinner
  World Kashmir Freedom Movement (WKFM), London
  www. namaz. co. uk, Glasgow, Crawley
Yemeni Advice and Cultural Centre, Birmingham
  Yemeni Community Association, Cardiff
  YM Luton, Luton
  Young Girls Islamic Classes & learning, Sheffield
  Young Muslim Organisation (UK), London
  Young Muslims (UK) (Glasgow), Glasgow
  Young Muslims (UK) (Head Office), Markfield
  Young Muslims UK (Sisters Section), Walsall
  Young Urdu Learning, Leicester
  Youth Muslim Organisation, Enfield
  Zakaria Muslim Girl's High School, Yorkshire
  اتحاد المنظمات الإسلامية في أوروبا, London

Islamic Schools/Colleges

Abu Bakr Girls School, Wallsall
  Abu Bakr Girls' School, West Midlands
  Academy Al-Ansaar, Birmingham
  Ad-Deen Muslim School, Seven Kings
  Adaab Academy, Sheffield
  Adam Primary School, London
  Afifah High School for Girls, Manchester
  AICE - Association for Islamic Charity, Leeds
  Al Ameen Primary & Nursery School, Birmingham
  Al Ansaar Academy, West Midlands
  Al Fitra School, Swindon
  Al Haroon Educational Centre, West Midlands
  Al Hidayah Primary School, London
  Al Jeel Aljadeed School, Birmingham
  Al Kalimah Muslim Resource Centre, Luton
  Al Karam Secondary School, Nottingham
  Al Madina Nursery School Ltd., London
  Al Mahad Al Islami, Sheffield
  Al Noor Muslim Primary School, London
  Al Zaitoona Arabic School, Kingston
  Al-Amanah Supplementary School, Hertfordshire
  Al-Amanah Supplementary School, Watford
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Leicester
  Al-Aqsa Primary School, Leicestershire
  Al-Asr Primary School, Blackburn
  Al-Burhan Grammar School, Birmingham
  Al-Burhan Grammar School, West Midlands
  Al-Falah Boys' School, London
  Al-Furqan Community College, West Midlands
  Al-Furqan Community College, Birmingham
  Al-Furqan Prepatory School, Dewsbury
  Al-Furqan Primary School, Birmingham
  Al-Furqan Primary School and Community College, West Midlands
  Al-Furqan School, West Midlands
  Al-Furqn School, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Al-Hijrah School, West Midlands
  Al-Hira School, Birmingham
  Al-Hira School, West Midlands
  Al-Huda Girls' School, West Midlands
  Al-Imaan Arabic School, South Shields
  Al-Islah Private School, Blackburn
  Al-Isra Islamic College, Worcestershire
  Al-Isra Islamic College, Malvern
  Al-Jamiah Al-Islamiyyah Darul Uloom, Manchester
  Al-jamiyah-islamiyah-darul-uloom Islamic College, Leicestershire
  Al-Karam School, Nottinghamshire
  Al-Khair School, Croydon
  Al-Maktoum Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Dundee
Al-Manar School, London
  Al-noor Independent School, Essex
  Al-Rayyan Academy, Camberley
  Al-Sadiq School, London
  Alfajr school, Netherton
  ALMADRASSA, Canterbury
  Amanah Arabic School, Birmingham
  Amanah Day Nursery, West Midlands
  Amington Green Nursery School, Staffordshire
  AMS Girls secondary school, Gloucester
  An-Noor Islamic School, Hounslow
  An-Noor School, Liverpool
  An-Noor Supplementary School, Oxfordshire
  Andalusia Academy Bristol, Bristol
  Ar-Rahman Academy: Al Azhar British Institute of Religious & Social Sciences, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets
  Arabic Class, Galashiels
  Arabic Class, London
  Arabic Learning School., London
  Ariyana Halal Meat & Grocery, Ilford
  Ash-Shifa School, Banbury
  Avicenna Grammar School for Boys, Lancashire
  Azhar Academy, London Borough Of Newham
  Bayan Weekend Tutorial School, Egham
  Birchfield Independent Girl's School, Birmingham
  Birchfield Independent Girls School, West Midlands
  Birmingham Muslim School, West Midlands
  Birmingham Private Boys School, Birmingham
  Birmingham Private School For Boys, West Midlands
  Bolton Muslim Girl's School, Bolton
  Bolton Muslim Girl^s School, Borough Of Bolton
  Br Wasim Weekend School, London
  Bristol Islamic Schools Trust, Bristol
  British Driving School, London Borough Of Barking And Dagenham
  Brondesbury College for Boys, London
  Brondesbury College for boys, London Borough Of Brent
  Cardiff Muslim Primary School, Cardiff
  CICA Islamic School, Colchester
  Coventry Muslim School, Coventry
  Crescent Community High School For Girls, Manchester
  Darool-Uloom, London Borough Of Bromley
  Darul Arqam, Leicester
  DARUL ULOOM, Borough Of Bolton
  Darul Uloom Islamic High School, West Midlands
  Darul Uloom Leicester, Leicestershire
  Darul Uloom School Leicester, Leicester
  Dawat Tandoori Takeaway, Manchester
  Duddeston Bengali Muslim School, Birmingham
  El-Iman Arabic School, London Borough Of Harrow
European Institute of Human Sciences, Lampeter
  Feversham College, Yorkshire
  Fi Amanillah, Lanarkshire
  Green Lane Halal, Birmingham
  Hamd House Preparatory School, West Midlands
  Hanifah Pre-School & Playgroup, Lancashire
  Highfields Boy's Secondary School, Leicester
  Highfields Boys Secondary School, Leicestershire
  Hijaz College, Warwickshire
  Inayat M S Qulssom, Essex
  Institute Of Contemporary Islamic Thought, Berkshire
  Institute of Islamic Education, West Yorkshire
  Institute of Islamic Studies (Birmingham), West Midlands
  Institute of Islamic Studies (Northampton), Northamptonshire
  International Colleges of Islamic Science, London
  Iqra Community Girls' School (Primary), London
  Iqra Community Primary School, West Yorkshire
  IQRA Independent School, London
  Iqra School, Oxford
  IQRA SCHOOL, Oxfordshire
  Islamia Girls High School, West Yorkshire
  Islamia Girls' School, Huddersfield
  Islamia Girls' School, London
  Islamia Primary School, London
  Islamic Academy, Birmingham
  Islamic Academy Of Manchester, Lancashire
  Islamic Centre Jamia Masjid, Slough
  Islamic Dawah Academy, Leicestershire
  Islamic FoundatMarkfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE)ion/, Leiscester
  Islamic Girl's School Leicester, Leicester
  ISLAMIC GIRLS SCHOOL, Leicestershire
  Islamic Institute, South Yorkshire
  Islamic Institute for Education & Training, Notts
  Islamic Institute Girls Secondary, Sheffield
  Islamic Research Academy (ISRA), Dundee
  Islamic School for Boys, Kent
  Islamic Welfare Society Madressa-E-Tal'limul Qur'an, Birmingham
  Islamiyyah School, Blackburn
  JAME'AH ACADEMY, Leicestershire
  JAMEA AL KAUTHER, Lancashire
  Jameah Academy, Leicester
  Jameah Islamiyah, Sussex
  Jamia Abdullah Ibn E Masood (RA) Sheffield, Sheffield
  JAMIA AL HUDAA, Nottinghamshire
  Jamia Al-Hudaa, Nottingham
  Jamia Al-Hudaa, London
  Jamia Al-Hudaa -residential school for girls, Nottigham
  Jamia Al-Hudaa Girls Darul Uloom, Notts
  Jamia Islamia, London
JAMIA ISLAMIA, Warwickshire
  Jamia Islamia Academy of Manchester, Manchester
  Jamia Talimul Islam, Dewsbury
  Jamia Tul Salam, West Midlands
  Jamia-E-Islamia, Nottingham
  Jamiatul Ilm Wal-Huda UK - Darul Uloom Blackburn, Blackburn
  Jamiatul Ummah, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets
  Leeds Girls' Academy, Leeds
  Leeds Islamia Girls High School, Leeds
  Leicester Islamic Academy, Leicester
  Leicester Islamic Academy, Leicestershire
  Leicester Islamic Academy, England
  Liverpool Islamic Institute, Merseyside
  london islamic madrassa/school, Stepney
  London Islamic School, London
  Madani Girl's School, London
  Madani High School & Community Centre, Leicester
  Madinah Private Day Nursery, Lancashire
  Madinatul Uloom Al-Islamiya, Worcestershire
  Madinatul Uloom Al-Islamiya Boys Secondary,, Worcester
  Madni Muslim Girl's School, Dewsbury
  Madrasah-E Talimul Islam, Preston
  Madrasah-E-Noor, Nelson
  Madrasatul I M Zakaria, Lancashire
  Madrasatunnur Educational Trust, Hounslow
  Madrasatur-Rahma, London Borough Of Barnet
  Madrassa-E-Islamia, Nottingham
  Madrassah Irshad Ul Islam, Oldham
  Madrassah Taleem ul haq, Derby
  Madrassah-e-Islamiyah, Dewsbury
  Madrassia Islamia Primary School, Bedfordshire
  Madressa Al Arabia Al Islamia, Lanarkshire
  Madressa Islamiyah, Lancashire
  Madressa Talimul Islam, Lancashire
  Madrisa Zia-Ul-Quran, Cleveland
  Madrisa Zia-Ul-Quran, Cleveland
  Mahmood Halal Meat Market, West Yorkshire
  Mahud us shuahada, Preston
  Manchester Islamic High School for Girl's, Manchester
  Manchester Islamic Schools, Lancashire
  Manchester Muslim Preparatory School, Manchester
  Mardrassa Arbia Taleem Quran, Lancashire
  Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE), Leicestershire
  Mazahirul Uloom, London
  Medina County High School, Isle Of Wight
  Mediterranean Restaurant & Take Away, South Yorkshire
  Milton Keyens Islamic Society/School of Islamic Studies, Milton Keynes
  Mosam Bakery (Halal), Lancashire
  Muhammad School of Islam, Slough
Muhammedi Nursery, West Midlands
  Muslim Community College, Leicestershire
  Muslim Women’s Organisation, Nottingham
  Nansen Islamic Primary School, Birmingham
  Noor Ul Islam Pre-School, London
  Noor Ul Islam Primary School, London
  Noor Ul Islam Primary School, Leyton
  North London Muslim School, London
  North London Muslim School, London Borough Of Enfield
  Nottingham Islamia School, Nottigham
  Nottingham Islamia School, Nottingham
  Paradise Prepatory School, Dewsbury
  Pehla Qadam Day Nursery, Nottinghamshire
  PIETY Islamic School, Plymouth
  Portsmouth Saudi school, Portsmouth
  Preston Muslim Girls High School, Lancashire
  Preston Muslim Girls High School, Preston
  Quran Academy Bristol, Bristol
  Quran Academy Islamic Education & Cultural Centre, West Midlands
  Quran Study Circle, London
  Rabia Girl's School, Luton
  Rawdhat ul Uloom, Blackburn
  Richmond Upon Thames College Islamic Society, London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames
  Rochdale Girl's School, Rochdale
  Salafi Independent School, Birmingham
  Saudi Arabic School, Durham
  Saudi School, Loughborough
  Saudi School, Southampton
  Saudi School in Bradford المدرسة السعودية ببرادفورد, Bradford
  School of Motoring, Birmingham
  School of Motoring, Belfast
  School of Motoring, Bristol
  School of Motoring, London Borough Of Croydon
  Stepping Stones Islamia School, Stoke On Trent
  Suffah Primary School, London Borough Of Hounslow
  Suffah Primary School, Hounslow
  Sunderland Arabic School, Sunderland
  Syed Indian Take-Away, Merseyside
  TAHID SCHOOL, London Borough Of Enfield
  Taibah School, Cardiff
  Tauheedul Islam Girls High School Girls Secondary, Blackburn
  Tawhid boys school, London Borough Of Hackney
  Tawhid Boys School, London
  Tayyibah Girls School, London Borough Of Hackney
  The Honey Bee Preschool, Reading
  The Institute of Islamic Political Thought (IIPT), London
  The Islamic Academy, Cambridgeshire
  The Leicester Islamic Academy, Leicestershire
  The South London Supplementary School, London
The University of Birmingham Islamic Society, Birmingham
  Unique School of Recitation of the Quran, Blackburn
  Weekend Islamic School, Maidenhead
  West London Arabic School, London Borough Of Hammersmith And Fulham
  Westland Middle School,, Bethesda
  WISE Sunday school, High Wycombe, London
  Zakaria Muslim Girls High School, West Yorkshire
  Zakaria Muslim Girls High School Girls Secondary (AMS Member), Batley
  Zeenat -Ul-Qur'aan Academy, Nuneaton

   Muslim Owned Business

Al-Madina Halal Meat, Norbury
  Al-Tayeb Halal Meat, Bow
  Noor-e-Madina Store, Leyton
  Khyber, Dorsetshire
  The Lebanese Restaurant, London
  Lalbaag Tandoori, London
  Mogul Indian Cuisine, London
  Mogul Palace, London
  Muhib Indian Restaurant, London
  O Hassan, London
  Parvez Indian Takeaway, London
  Alwaha, London
  Asli Zaika, London
  Bengal Balti House, London
  Bombay Express, London
  Capital Kebab, London
  Curry Masters, London
  Curry Paradise, London
  Dacca Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Dawn Of The Raj, London
  Delhi Nehari, London
  Dhaka Biryany Restaurant, London
  Dicle Mangal, London
  East & West Takeway, London
  Fakhreldine, London
  Hafez I, London
  Halal Retaurant, London
  Hot Spot, London
  Khans Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Lahore Karahi, London
  Lal Qila Tandoori, London
  Lancer Of Bengal, London
  Mahmood's Punjabi Restaurant & Takeaway, London
  Maroush I, London
  Maroush II, London
  Maroush III, London
  Maroush IV, London
  Maroush V, London
  Mughal Empire, London
  Nandos (Balham), London
  Nandos (Bayswater), London
  Nandos (Bethnal Green), London
  Nandos (Dalston), London
  Nandos (Stroud Green), London
  Naz Tandoori, London
  New Lahore Restaurant, London
  New Tayyab, London
  Ophim, London
  Ranoush I, London
  Rush Hour Sandwich Bar, London
Shalamar House Restaurant, London
  Shalamar Restaurant, London
  Sheba Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Sheraz Restaurant, London
  Signor Marco I, London
  Sima Tandoori, London
  Sonar Gaon Tandoori Restaurant, London
  The Bengal Trader, London
  The Cinnamon Tree, London
  The Empress Tandoori Restaurant, London
  The Saliques Restaurant, London
  Zafrani's Ltd., London
  Zafroni Restaurant, Staffordshire
  Zahara Properties Ltd., Manchester
  Zaid Construction Ltd., London
  Zaika Restaurant Ltd., London
  Abbeywood Tandoori, London
  Agrabad, London
  Ahmed Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Akash Tandoori, London
  Al Amin Tandoori, London
  Al Dar Group Ltd., London
  Al-Halal Taste Restaurant, London
  Al-Karam Halal Meat, London
  Amaan Fashion, West Midlands
  Amin Glazing Contractors, Tyne And Wear
  Arab Cargo Co.Ltd, London
  Arabco Investments Ltd., West Midlands
  Babur Brasserie, London
  Balti Curry House, London
  Balti Indian Takeaway, London
  Balti King Tandoori, London
  Bombay Cuisine, London
  Dewaniam, London
  Elachi The Essence Of Spice, London
  Fairuz, London
  Golden Tandoori, London
  Halal Tandoori House, Buckinghamshire
  Haweli Of Clapham, London
  Iajshahie Indian Takeaway, London
  India Nights, London
  Ivory Arch Tandoori, London
  Jamdani Indian Takeaway, London
  Jubraj Indian Cuisine, London
  Khan's Tandoori, London
  Khyber Balti House, London
  Lahore Karahi Halal Chinese, Birmingham
  Lal Bagh Tandoori, Dorsetshire
  Noor Ltd., Hertfordshire
  Palki Tandoori, London
Pandoo's, London
  Passage To India, London
  Qurat, London
  Roti Restaurant and Takeaway, London
  Salaam Ivory Arch, London
  Salah Eddine Butchers Ltd., London
  Salam Halal Meats, London
  Shakira, London
  Shandar Sweets Ltd., Lancashire
  Shish Mahal Tandoori, London
  Souk, London
  Standard Tandoori, London
  Surma Curry House, London
  Taja, London
  Tandoori Nights, London
  Tandoori Of Chelsea, London
  Thai Orchard, London
  The Bombay Cuisine, London
  The Clapham Tandoori, London
  Village Tandoori, London
  Zaika, London
  Zain Jewellers, West Midlands
  1 Castle Pacific Group Ltd, London
  100% Halal Meat Stores Ltd, Birmingham
  13th Studios Ltd., London Islamic Books Ltd., London
  1st Haj & Umra Service, Essex
  21st Century Haj & Umra Services, Essex
  21st Century Hajj & Umrah Services, Redbridge, Birchington, Canterbury, Herne Bay
  2nd cup coffee bar, Edinburgh
  34 Leagrave Road, Luton
  4 Points Solutions, Cambridge
  7 spices, Glasgow
  786 Naaser Kaiser Architects, Bramhall
  A & I Salam Argyle News, Merseyside
  A & R Meats, East Sussex
  A & T Pizza & Kebab, High Wycombe
  A Ahmed, London
  A Ali, West Yorkshire
  A Aziz, West Yorkshire
  A Hakim Halal Meat, Birmingham
  A Hameed, Humberside
  A Hameed Chiragh, Middlesex
  A Hameed Chiragh, London
  A Haq Abu & Ferdous: Books Asia, West Yorkshire
  A K Halal, London
  A K Windows & Doors Ltd, Wolverhampton
  A Masood Islam Halal Meat, Coventry
  A Mustapha, London
  A Sufian, London
  A To Z Business Services Ltd, London
  A Z Halal Butchers, London
  A&A IT & Translation Services, London
  A-One Tandoori Carryout, Ayrshire
  A-Z Agencies, London
  A. D. Electrical, London
  A. G. Malik Dispensing Chemist, Wolverhampton
  A. M Autos, Slough
  A. Maqueet Sadiq, Worthing
  A. Q. Butt & Co Solicitors, Hounslow
  A. Q. Qurashi Chartered Architects, Hounslow
  A.F.A. Services, Lichfield
  A.F.C CASH N CARRY, Middlesex
  A.J Security, Luton
  A.M & Sons, Essex
  A.M & Sons (Ilford), London
  A.N.S. Architectural Hardware Ltd, London
  A.Q. Qurashi Architects, Middlesex
  A.S Audhali Farm Gate Fresh Poultry Ltd, Warwickshire
  A1 Catering Disposable Products, Batley
  A1 Noor Balti Take Away, Manchester
  A1 North Star Tandoori Takeaway, Manchester
  A1 Travels, Leicestershire
  A1 TRAVELS, Leicester
  A2Z Computer Services, Harrow
  Aagrah Restaurant, Wakefield
  Aamir Design Ltd., Lancashire
  Aamir Design Ltd., Lancashire
  Aamir Electronics & Builders, Leicestershire
  Aamna I T Consultants Ltd., Middlesex
  Aan Travel, Manchester
  Aashiana Tandoori Restaurant, Bedford
  Ababeel Travel, London
  Ababil Indian Takeaway, London
  Abahoni Tandoori Restaurant, Essex
  Abbas Associates Ltd., Dorsetshire
  Abbas Car Services, Cambridgeshire
  Abbas Clothing, Middlesex
  Abbas Trading, Middlesex
  Abbasi Accountancy Limited, Watford
  Abbasi Beere, Nottinghamshire
  Abbassi Ltd, Berkshire
  Abbey & Co Associates Ltd, Bolton
  Abbey Appliances, London
  Abbey Solicitors, Manchester
  Abbey Travel, Bolton
  Abbey Tyres, Leicester
  Abbi African Foods & General store, Kent
  ABC Automotive Accessories, London
  Abdul Balti House, Manchester
  Abdul Ghafour, Bedfordshire
  Abdul Haircutters, Aberdeenshire
  Abdul L Awan, Lancashire
  Abdul Rahim, Lancashire
  Abdul Razzaq, London
  Abdul Sattar Brass-Up Ltd, Middlesex
  Abdul Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Abdul Wahid & Sons Ltd., Leicestershire
  Abdullahs, Cambridgeshire
  Abdullahs Balti Ltd, West Yorkshire
  Abduls Takeaway, Lancashire
  Abduls Takeaway, Manchester
  Abdulz, Manchester
  Abdus Printers, Leicester
  Abed Eid, Cheshire
  Aberbargoed Post Office, Aber-bargoed
  Abid's Take Away, Ayrshire
  Abids Driving School, Middlesex
  Abids Driving School, Harrow
  Abids Takeaway, Ayrshire
  Abjad Ltd, Oxford
  Able Roofing & Building Services, Glasgow
  aboo-bakar passengers transport, London
  Abra-Kebab-Ra, Manchester
  Abrar Book Store, Leeds And Liverpool Canal
  Absolute Paintball, Reading
  Abu & Sons, Leicestershire
  Abu Alam & Co, Lancashire
  Abu Ali Restaurant, London
  Abu Bakr Community Business Centre, Cleveland
  Abu Dar's, London
  Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, London
  Abu Umar & Co, London
  Abu Zaad, London
  Abu Zarr Tours Ltd., West Midlands
  Abu Zawish Abdullah, London
  Abudllahi Halal Meat, Middlesex
  Abul Hasan, London
  Access to flights, London
  ACCIDENT CLAIM, London Borough Of Newham
  Acepoint Travel, Buckinghamshire
  Acha Chinese, London
  Achanak Tandoori Take Away, Glamorgan
  ActiveNET web solutions, Bristol
  Adab Books, Cambridge
  Adam Takeaway, Lancashire
  Adam Travel-UK, West Yorkshire
  Adana Kebabs, East Sussex
  Adans Travel, London
  Adil Electronics, Lancashire
  Adils Takeaway & Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Adnan Tikka, Dyfed
  Advance Securities, East Barnet
  Aes Pakistan (Holdings) Ltd., Surrey
  Aes Pakistan (Holdings) Ltd., Surrey
  Afghan Kitchen, London
  Afiz Saree Centre, West Midlands
  Afro-Asia Halal Meat, Leicestershire
  Aftab Tandoori Restaurant, Shropshire
  Afzal Poultry, West Yorkshire
  Agra Balti House, East Sussex
  Agra Tandoori, East Sussex
  Agra Tandoori, Edinburgh
  Agra Tandoori, Kent
  Agra Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Agra Tandoori Take Away, Manchester
  Agra Tandoori Takeaway, Essex
  Agrabad, London
  Ahad Tandoori, Tyne And Wear
  Ahad Travel Ltd., Middlesex
  Ahadh Halal Meat & Poultry Ltd., Essex
  Ahar Balti, Hertfordshire
  Ahar Tandoori Takeaway, London
  Ahd Construction Ltd., West Midlands
  Ahd Investments Ltd., Surrey
  Ahlan Butchers, Leicestershire
  Ahmad Bros Cash & Carry, Lancashire
  Ahmad Brothers Cash & Carry, Cheshire
  Ahmad Cloth Store, Manchester
  Ahmad General Store, Stirlingshire
  Ahmad Halal Meat, Middlesex
  Ahmad Licence Grocer, Stirlingshire
  Ahmad Store, Leicestershire
  Ahmad Stores, Leicester
  Ahmed & Co, Wembley Park
  Ahmed & Co, London
  Ahmed Al-Hamdi Arabic Translation & Interpreting, Manchester
  Ahmed Al-Riyami Trading, Coventry
  Ahmed Bach, West Midlands
  Ahmed Enterprises, London
  Ahmed Exotic, London
  Ahmed Food Stores, Tyne And Wear
Ahmed Halel Meat Cash & Carry, London
  Ahmed Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Ahmed Israr, Lanarkshire
  Ahmed Jeewa & Sons, West Midlands
  Ahmed Law Associates, London
  Ahmed Mustafa, London
  Ahmed Tandoori, Middlesex
  Ahmed Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Ahmed Zubairi & Co, Wembley
  Ahmed's International Superstore, Newcastle-on-Tyne
  Ahmed's international superstore, South Shields
  Ahmet Turkish Kebab House, Lancashire
  Aida Kebab House, Kent
  Aina Khan Partnership, London
  Air Express Travel & Tours, London
  Aisha & Jamal Ltd., Kent
  Aisha Childcare Ltd., Manchester
  Aisha Fashions, Lanarkshire
  Aisha Garments, West Midlands
  Aishah Tandoori, Ayrshire
  AJ Cyber Cafe, London Borough Of Brent
  Ajanta Indian, London
  Ajanta Tandoori, London
  Ajaz Ahmed, West Yorkshire
  Ajaz Brothers, Coventry
  Ajaz Brothers Ltd., Lancashire
  Ajaz Haj & Umrah Service Ltd., South Yorkshire
  Ajmeer Kebab & Curry House, Lancashire
  Ajmeer Manzil Tandoori Restaurant, Wigan
  Ajmeer Tandori, Merseyside
  Ajooba Indian Take Away, Cheshire
  Ajwa, London
  Akash Balti Tandoori, Hampshire
  Akash Indian Restaurant, London
  Akash Tandoori, London
  Akbar Balti & Pizza Bar, West Yorkshire
  Akbar Balti (Manchester) Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Akbar Balti Restaurant Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Akbar General Food Store, West Yorkshire
  Akbar General Importers, London
  Akbar Restaurant Ltd., Cambridgeshire
  Akbar Super Fresh, Bedfordshire
  Akbar Tandoori, London
  Akbar Tandoori, Cambridgeshire
  Akbar Tandoori Restaurant, Surrey
  Akbar Tandoori Take-Away, London
  Akbar Travel Service, South Yorkshire
  Akbar Trimmings, Manchester
  Akbar's Mini-Market Ltd., Nottinghamshire
  Akbars Indian Kitchen, West Midlands
Akbars Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Akeed Halal Products, Cardiff
  Akhtar & Co, Brentford
  Akhtar & Co Ltd, Warwickshire
  Akmal Hajh Travel Uk Ltd., Hertfordshire
  Akmal School of Motoring, Bedfordshire
  Akmal Security Ltd., Berkshire
  Akmal's Tandoori Bistro, West Yorkshire
  Akram Driving School, West Midlands
  Akram General Stores, Harris
  Akram Khan Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Akrams Oasis, Manchester
  Al - Hilal Hajj & Umra Tours Ltd., West Midlands
  Al Abas, London
  Al Alya'a, South Shields
  Al Amaanah Foods Ltd., Leicestershire
  Al Amanah Beauty, London
  Al Amin, East Sussex
  Al Amin, London
  Al Amin Balti Restaurant, Congleton
  Al Amin Kebab & Pizza Takeaway, Aberdeenshire
  Al Amin Superstore, Lancashire
  Al Amin Tandoori, London
  Al Ansar, Southall
  Al Ansar Bookshop, Southall
  Al Anwar for Arabic Language Services, Manchester
  Al Badr Islamic Society, London
  Al Badr World Heritage Tours, Lancashire
  Al Bahdja, London
  Al Bahia Halal Butchery, London
  Al baiyyinah - Islamic Information Store, Middlesex
  Al Baraka, Exeter
  Al Baraka Halal Meat, Leicestershire
  Al Baraka Kebab & Curry House, Cheshire
  Al Barakah Haj & Umra Services Ltd., Essex
  Al Basha Restaurant, London
  Al Bilal, Bedfordshire
  Al Bilal Restaurant, Lancashire
  Al Bustan Restaurant, London
  Al Dar II, London
  Al Duomo, East Sussex
  Al Faisal, West Yorkshire
  Al Faisal Tandoori, Manchester
  Al Farah Haj & Umrah Services Ltd., Leicestershire
  Al Farooq International, Leicester
  Al Farooq Kebabish, London
  Al Fassia Moroccan Restaurant, Berkshire
  Al Fateh Tours & Travel Ltd., West Yorkshire
Al Ferdous Sweets, London
  Al Firdous Travel Hajj & Umrah Ltd., Manchester
  Al Forno, East Sussex
  Al Furqan Store, West Midlands
  Al Gelanni Foods Ltd., Gwent
  Al Ghadeer Ltd., London
  Al Hadha Exchange & Trading (UK) Ltd, London
  Al Hal Chicken & Pizza Junction, Bedfordshire
  Al Halal, Midlothian
  Al Halal, Lancashire
  Al Halal Fried Chicken, London
  Al Halal Frozen Foods Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Al Halal Supermarket Ltd, West Yorkshire
  Al Halal Supermarket Ltd., Bradford
  Al Hamra Food Store, Lanarkshire
  Al Hamra Sweet Centre, Manchester
  Al Hamza Kebab House, West Midlands
  Al Hashmi Hajj & Ummrah Tours Ltd., West Midlands
  Al Hassan Foods, Hampshire
  Al Helal, Staffordshire
  Al Helal Balti House Ltd., Merseyside
  Al Hidaayah Hajj & Umrah, Birmingham
  Al Hidaayah Publishing & Distribution Ltd, Birmingham
  Al Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Tours, West Midlands
  Al Hijaz Halal Meats, Leicestershire
  Al Hussain Kebab & Balti Centre, Staffordshire
  Al Inam Butchers, Norfolk
  Al Islah Food, South Glamorgan
  Al Istiqaamah Bookstore, London
  Al Jame Halal Butchers, Leicester
  Al Jannat Restaurant, London
  Al Jumuah Magazine, London
  Al Khaleejiah Financial Services Ltd., London
  Al Madina Foodstores, Glasgow
  Al Madina Kebab House, Cheshire
  Al Madina Publications, West Yorkshire
  Al Masood Superstore, Lancashire
  Al Maurid Books, London Borough Of Haringey
  Al Mecca Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Al Medina Kebab House, Middlesex
  Al Medina Motors Ltd., Manchester
  Al Medina Store, Bedford
  Al Medina Store, Bedfordshire
  Al Mujahid Tours & Travels Ltd., Gwent
  Al Noor - The Guiding Star Bookshop, South Yorkshire
  Al Noor Halal Foodstore, Angus
  Al Noor Halal Meat, Middlesex
  Al Noor Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Al Noor Poundstore, London
  Al Qasim Poultry Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Al Quran Book Centre, London
  Al Raj Indian Tandoori Restaurant, Nairnshire
  Al Saeed Store, Manchester
  Al Saqui Books, London
  Al Sattar Group, West Midlands
  Al Shafa Medical Centre, West Midlands
  Al Shahadah II Good cents, Morden
  Al Shazan, Birmingham
  Al Sheikhs Balti Restaurant, Staffordshire
  Al Shers Balti Centre, Staffordshire
  Al Shiraz Sweet & Takeaway, Manchester
  Al Sultan Halal Meat Shop, London
  Al Uswat Welfare Association, London
  Al Zara Restaurant Ltd., Manchester
  AL- NOOR BOOK SHOP, Erdington
  Al-Aalam Publications Ltd., London
  Al-Ahmed Asian Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Al-Ahram Bookshop, London
  Al-Amin Cash & Carry Ltd., Lancashire
  Al-Amin Financial Services, London
  Al-Amin Halal Grocery, Cambridgeshire
  Al-Amin Halal Grocery Ltd., Suffolk
  Al-Amin Halal Grocery Ltd., East Sussex
  Al-amin halal store, Cambridge
  Al-Amin Restaurant, London
  Al-Amin Stores, London
  Al-Amin Tandoori, Surrey
  Al-Amin Tandoori Restaurant, West Midlands
  Al-Amin Tandoori Takeaway, Humberside
  Al-Amin Tandoori Takeaway, Grimsby
  Al-Amin Travellers, West Midlands
  Al-Amin Travels, London
  Al-Amir Bakery Ltd., London
  Al-Aqsa House, London
  Al-Athariyyah Book Shop, London
  Al-Badar, Bedfordshire
  Al-Bahrain Services, London Borough Of Barking And Dagenham
  Al-Balal Boutique, Lancashire
  Al-Balal Restaurant, Lancashire
  Al-Baraka Grocery Store, Torquay
  Al-Baraka Halal Meat, Leicester
  Al-Barakah, London
  Al-Dar, London
  Al-Falah Hajj & Umrah, London
  Al-Falah Ltd, London
  Al-Falah Mini Market, Coventry
  Al-Farid, Devonshire
  Al-Farooq Kebabish, Forest Hall
  Al-Faruk Hajj Services, London
Al-Fazal Indian Takeaway, Cambridgeshire
  Al-Fazal Kebab House, Lancashire
  Al-Firdous Publishers, London
  Al-Furqan Bookshop, London
  Al-Habib Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Al-Hadi International, London
  Al-Hafeez Halal Food Store, Stirlingshire
  Al-Halal Butchers, Luton
  Al-Halal Butchers, Lancashire
  Al-Halal Frozen Food, Walsall
  Al-Halal Meat & Poultry, West Midlands
  Al-Halal Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Al-Halal-Meat & Poulty, West Midlands, London
  Al-Hidaayah Hajj & Umrah, West Midlands
  Al-Hijaab - Islamic clothing for men, ladies & children, Bradford
  Al-Hoda Islamic Booksellers, London
  Al-Hubaib Halal Meat, Bradford
  Al-Iman Halal Butchers, London
  Al-Jannat Restaurant & Take Away (Royal Sweet), London
  Al-Jazeera Travel Tours Agency, London
  Al-Kamal Balti Tandoori, Fife
  Al-Karam Halal Meat & Poultry, Seven Kings
  Al-Kitab Bookshop, London
  Al-Lisan Al Arabi, London
  Al-Madina, Lancashire
  Al-Madina Cash & Carry Ltd., Cheshire
  Al-Madina Chippy, Cleveland
  Al-Madina Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Al-Madina Publications, Batley
  Al-Madina Tandoori, Cheshire
  Al-Mahra Fashion, London
  Al-Mamur Travel, London
  Al-Manara Oriental Pastry Ltd., London
  Al-Medina Nursery, London
  Al-Midani Ltd., Cheshire
  Al-Minar, Birmingham
  Al-Mithaaq Distributors, London
  Al-Musafir, West Yorkshire
  Al-Mustafa Spicy Chicken Pizzas, Essex
  Al-Noor Balti Tandoori, Lancashire
  Al-Noor Bookshop, London
  Al-Noor Halal Meat, Leicester
  Al-Qassab Associates, West Sussex
  Al-Quds, Manchester
  Al-Quran Islamic Book Centre, London
  Al-Rauf Jewellers, Lancashire
  Al-Rehman Halal Meat & Greengrocers, Ilford
  Al-Risalaah Book Shop, London
Al-Sabah, West Yorkshire
  Al-Saddique Fried Chicken, Essex
  Al-Saif Trading Ltd., Middlesex
  Al-Salam Ltd., London
  Al-Sami Kebab House, Lancashire
  Al-Shafqat Hajj Tours, Leicestershire
  Al-Sheikhs Kebab House, Staffordshire
  Al-Shifaa Travel - Hajj and Umra, Derby
  Al-Shiraaz, West Yorkshire
  Al-Tazaj, Leicester
  Al-Waha, London
  Al-Waha Arabian Studs, Surrey
  Al-Warrak Publishing Ltd, London
  Al-Yusr Management Services (UK) Ltd., London
  Alaa Tandoori Restaurant, Lancashire
  Aladdin Balti, West Midlands
  Aladdin Balti Hut, Northamptonshire
  Aladdin Indian Take Away, Devonshire
  Aladdin Indian Takeaway & Restaurant, Fife
  Aladdin Pizza Delivery Co, Cheshire
  Aladdin Restaurant, Chelmsford
  Aladdin Restaurant, South Glamorgan
  Aladdin Restaurant, Essex
  Aladdin Takeway, London
  Aladdin Tandoori, Cleveland
  Aladdin's Falafel Mediterranean Cuisine Pizza & Pasta, London
  Aladdins, Glamorgan
  Aladdins Cave, West Midlands
  Aladdins Cave, Lancashire
  Aladdins Cave Kebab House, West Midlands
  Aladdins General Stores, Herefordshire
  Aladin, London
  Alam Balti House, Merseyside
  Alam Geer Foods, West Midlands
  Alam Halal Indian Tandoori, West Midlands
  Alam School of Motoring, Leicestershire
  Alam Tandoori, Hampshire
  Alam Tandoori Balti, Kent
  Alam Tandoori Take Away Balti House, Kent
  Alameda Tandoori Restaurant, Bedfordshire
  Alamein, Hampshire
  Alamein Bangladeshi Cuisine, Hampshire
  Alamgeer Food Store, West Midlands
  Alamin, Kent
  Alamin, Workington
  Alamin Balti House, Lancashire
  Alamin Halal Grocery, Ipswich
  Alamin Takeaway, Glamorgan
  Alamin Tandoori, Berkshire
  Alamin Tandoori Restaurant, Bedfordshire
Alamin Tandoori Restaurant, Bedford
  Albany Halal Food Store, Cardiff
  Albaraka Investment Company, London
  Albeena Tandoori, Birmingham
  ALBREK International Ltd, London
  Alfa Cash & Carry, Glasgow
  Alfa Tandoori Takeaway, Hampshire
  Ali & Co, Lancashire
  Ali & Co, Middlesex
  Ali Abad, West Yorkshire
  Ali Akbar, West Yorkshire
  Ali Amanit Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Ali Amanit Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Ali Assam Consultants, Surrey
  Ali Baba, Hampshire
  Ali Baba, Cornwall
  Ali Baba, Dorsetshire
  Ali Baba, Devonshire
  Ali Baba, London
  Ali Baba Restaurant, Birmingham
  Ali Baba's Home Delivery, Berkshire
  Ali Babas Kebabs, Essex
  Ali Babas Of Westhorne, London
  Ali Barber Ltd, West Yorkshire
  Ali Barbers, Kent
  Ali Bros, Birmingham
  Ali Colak, Suffolk
  Ali Consultants Ltd., Hertfordshire
  Ali Dhanji Solicitors, Leicester
  Ali Driving School, Buckinghamshire
  Ali Fast Food, West Yorkshire
  Ali Food Store, West Yorkshire
  Ali Gondola, Glamorgan
  Ali Graphic Arts, Gloucestershire
  Ali Halal Butchers, West Yorkshire
  Ali Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Ali Halal Meat & Superfood, Coventry
  Ali Homoeopathy Clinic, Lancashire
  Ali K Zaman & Co., London
  Ali Kebab, West Midlands
  Ali Khan & Associates Ltd., London
  Ali Khan Wholesale Meat And Poultry, Middlesex
  Ali Meat Market, Middlesex
  Ali Murad Indian Take-Away, West Yorkshire
  Ali Newsagents, Lochgelly
  Ali Provisions, Birmingham
  Ali Raj Take-Away, Cheshire
  Ali Raj Tandoori Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Ali Rhind Rag Rug, Tyne And Wear
Ali S Kebab & Pizza House, Cambridgeshire
  Ali S Takeaway & Sweet House, Lancashire
  Ali Shah Consultants Ltd., Bedfordshire
  Ali Shan Cafe & Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Ali Superstore, Dunbar
  Ali Trader, Lancashire
  Ali's Cave Emporium, Midlothian
  Ali's Computing Contracts Ltd, West Yorkshire
  Ali's Fast Food & Pronto Pizza, West Yorkshire
  Ali's Kebab, Essex
  Ali's Kebab & Curry House, Lancashire
  Ali's Kebab & Southern Fried Chicken, Cambridgeshire
  Ali's Kebab Grill, London
  Ali's Kebab Grill, Hampshire
  Ali's Kebab House, County Antrim
  Ali's Kebab House, Devonshire
  Ali's News, Leicestershire
  Ali's Takeaway, Isle Of Lewis
  Ali's Takeaway, Lancashire
  Ali's Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Ali's Tandoori, East Sussex
  Ali's Tandoori, Clwyd
  Ali's Tandoori, Brighton
  Ali's Tandoori, South Glamorgan
  Ali's Tandoori Take Away, Ayrshire
  Alif International, Hertfordshire
  Alif International, Watford
  Alif International Specialised Islamic Booksellers, Hertfordshire
  Alimento Int. Ltd, Tyne And Wear
  Alis Brasserie, Bournemouth
  Alis Kebab House, Norfolk
  Alishaan, London
  Alishan Tandoori, Colchester
  Alishan Tandoori Indian Takeaway, Manchester
  Alizaks, Manchester
  Alkaram abaya collection, Birmingham
  All In One Kebab Shop, Ayrshire
  All Trimmings, Wolverhampton
  Alladdins, London
  Alladins Takeaway, Manchester
  Allaho-Akbar Hajj & Umrah Ltd., Cambridgeshire
  Allahukaafi Hajj and Umurah Services Uk / IRE, London Borough Of Lambeth
  Allenton Kebabs & Tandoori Take Away, Derbyshire
  Allied Contruction Services LTD, Oxford
  Almadina Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Almas Beauty, Luton
  Almaz Tandoori Takeaway, Lancashire
  Almedina Store, Bedfordshire
  Alminar Tandoori Take Away, LancashireAlnoor Foods Ltd, Middlesex
  Aloe Vera 4 Health, Manchester
  Alpha Ceramics (UK) Limited, Bristol
  Alphalec Electrical Services, Oxford
  Alphanumeric Chartered Certified Accountants, London
  Alsultan, London
  Altaf Bros, Stoke on Trent
  Altaf Electronic Watches, Middlesex
  Altaf Halal Meat, Chatham
  Alternative Treatment & Research Centre . Member Homeopathic Medical Association UK, Huddersfield
  Alubede Halal Butchers, London
  Amabala Kebab House, Birmingham
  Amal Shawarma House, London
  Aman & Rezwan Ltd., London
  Aman Builder Ltd., Middlesex
  Aman Building Ltd., Mid Glamorgan
  Aman Community Education Centre, Mid Glamorgan
  Aman Construction Ltd., London
  Aman Solicitors Advocates, West Midlands
  Amana Personnel Services, London
  Amanah Studio, Dewsbury
  Amani House of Hijaab, London
  Amani Tours Limited, London
  Amans, Berkshire
  Amar Electronics, London
  Amar Jewellers Ltd., West Midlands
  Amar Tandoori, Birmingham
  Amax 1, Bristol
  Ambala of Leicester, Leicester
  Amballa sweets centre, Derby
  Amber Takeaway, Essex
  AMC Chartered Surveyors& Petroleum Consultants, Harrow
  Amen Corner, London
  Amer Nazir Management Ltd., Manchester
  Amim Tandoori, Leicestershire
  Amin Chiropody, Surrey
  Amin Clothing, Leicestershire
  Amin Fashion Stores, Lancashire
  Amin Food Store, Merseyside
  Amin Halal Butcher & Grocers, Lanarkshire
  Amin Kebabs, Shropshire
  Amin M, Lancashire
  Amin News, Northamptonshire
  Amin Pharmacy, Middlesex
  Amin S Continental Foods, Leicestershire
  Amin Sons & Co. Ltd., Birmingham
  Amin Tandoori Takeaway, West Glamorgan
  Amin Textile Clothing Shop, Tyne And Wear
  Amin Welch & Co, London
  Amin's Curry, London
Amina, Southend-on-Sea
  Amina Wiltshire, Peterborough
  Amine Builders, London
  Amins, Wigan
  Amin`s Halal Chinese Food, Newark
  Amir, Berkshire
  Amir Balti & Kebabs, Derbyshire
  Amir Bassalian & Sons, London
  Amir Indian Take Away, Manchester
  Amir Iqbal, Scotland
  Amir Tandoori Takeaway, Lancashire
  Amira Domestic Cleaning Agency, London
  Amirah Emporium, London
  Amiras Creations, London
  Amiri's Take Away, Cambridgeshire
  Amjad Ali, West Midlands
  Amjad Javed, West Yorkshire
  Amjad Raja, London
  Amjadia Indian Restaurant, London
  Ammans Tandoori, Lancashire
  Amorex, London
  Amozon, London
  Amsons, West Midlands
  AMSSCITT, Bingley
  Amsua (UK) Ltd, London
  An Nur, West Midlands
  Anam's, Yorkshire
  Anarkali, Cheshire
  Anarkali Balti Takeaway, Glamorgan
  Anarkali Collection, Nottinghamshire
  Anarkali Indian Cuisine, London
  Anarkali Moghul Brasserie, London
  Anarkali Tandoori, Glamorgan
  Anarkali Tandoori Restaurant, Middlesex
  Ancient Curry Dome, Brighton
  Andaz, Dundee
  Aneesa Balti Restaurant, Newcastle Under Lyme
  Angel Restaurant, Cafe + Takeaway, Gloucester
  Anglo-Arab Translation Services, Cleveland
  Anjum Azam, Lancashire
  Antalya Kebabs, Kent
  Anwar and Company Ltd, Rochdale
  Anwar Communication, West Midlands
  Anwar Halal Meat, Liverpool
  Anwar Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Anwar Jewellers, Middlesex
  Anwar Legal Services Ltd, Lancashire
  Anwar Tandoori, West Sussex
  Anwar Tandoori, Bexhill
  Anwar Tandoori, Lancing
Anwar's, London
  Anwara Tandoori, London
  Anyas Tea Cabin, Windermere
  Apadana Restaurant, London
  Apex Books Concern, Littlehampton
  Apex Travel, London
  Apna Foodstore, Glasgow
  Apna Radio, London
  Apollo Foods, Glasgow
  appa amna jabbas collection, Black Burn
  Aqsa Halal Meat & Poultry, Lancashire
  Ar Raheeq Welfare Association Ltd., West Midlands
  Ar-Raya (Islamic Shop), Luton
  Arab Books Ltd., London
  Arab Butchers, West Midlands
  Arab Express, London
  Arab Lawyers Network, London
  Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Marketing Services Ltd., London
  Arab Tours Ltd., London
  Arab Training & Information Centre, South Yorkshire
  Arab World Translation, West Sussex
  Arabco Trading Ltd., West Midlands
  Arabcredit Com Ltd., Oxfordshire
  Arabeska Import & Export, Hertfordshire
  Arabesque Apparel Ltd., Manchester
  Arabia Tourism, London
  Arabic & Persian Translation, Oxfordshire
  Arabic Culture Centre Ltd., London
  Arabic Language Center, London
  Arabic Sweet Foods, Bradford
  Arabic teacher, Peterborough
  Arabic Teacher, West Yorkshire
  Arabic/English interpreters,, Manchester
  ARAHCO, Wainfleet All Saints
  ARC Metalworks, London
  Archi-Structure, Bradford
  Arfaan Moonlight Tandoori Takeaway, West Midlands
  Argyll Construction, Southall
  Arien Distribution, Rochdale
  Arif Amin Ltd, Middlesex
  Arif Bakery, London
  Arin Foodstore, Coventry
  ArRum, London
  Arshad Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Art and Gift Ltd, London
  Art in Islam, Huddersfield
  Artaprint Printers & Stationers, London
  Aryana Halal Meat, London
  Asad Jewellers, West Yorkshire
Asam Foodstore, Glasgow
  Asap Locum, London
  Asbah Charity Shop, West Glamorgan
  Ascend Technology Ltd, London
  Asghar & Co, Southall
  Asghar Engineering Consultancy Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Ashiana, Manchester
  Ashiks Chicken Kebab Ltd, Wolverhampton
  Ashiq Cash & Carry Ltd., Lancashire
  Ashraf Azhariqbal, West Midlands
  Ashraf Balti House, Northamptonshire
  Ashraf Ismail Consulting, London
  Ashrafs Balti House, Hampshire
  Asia Halal Meat & Food Stores, West Yorkshire
  Asian Food Center (AFC), Hounslow
  Asif Kisson Couture Accessories Designer, Northamptonshire
  Asif Motors, Glamorgan
  Asim Electronics, West Midlands
  Asim Pervez & co, Bury
  Aslam & Co, Kent
  Aslam Foods, South Yorkshire
  Aslam Jewellers, Midlothian
  Asli Zaika, London
  Asmaan Tandoori Restaurant, Glasgow
  Asmas Boutique, Nottinghamshire
  ASR Construction, London
  Associate IT Consultants, Reading
  Aston Clark, London
  Astrak Network System, London
  Atah Halal Meats, Bradford
  Atah Halal Meats, West Yorkshire
  ATBS Construction, Sheffield
  AtharChaudhry Photography, Oxford
  AtharChaudhry Photography, Abingdon
  ATIF Superstore, Woking
  Atlantic & Pacific Travel Ltd, London
  ATM - Khans Food Store, County Durham
  Atta Engineering Ltd., Wiltshire
  Atta Jewellers, Derbyshire
  Ausaf Khan, West Midlands
  Avangarde Consulting Ltd, Wilstead
  Avenue Kebab House, Birmingham
  Awais Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Ayaz & Co Ltd, London
  Ayesha Knitwear, Manchester
  Ayesha Sweet House, Tyne And Wear
  Ayeshas Authentic Restaurant, South Yorkshire
Ayeshas Authentic Restaurant, Dronfield
  Ayeshas Collection, West Yorkshire
  Ayisha Tandoori Takeaway, Aberdeenshire
  Aylesbury's Favourite Tandoori House, Aylesbury
  Ayub Food Store, Lancashire
  Ayubs Western Salon, Nottinghamshire
  Ayyaz Homes, Hampshire
  Azaad Tandoori, Angus
  Azam & Sons, West Midlands
  Azam Brothers Fashion Group Ltd, Kings Lynn
  Azam Newsagent, Lanarkshire
  Azams Gents Hairdressing, West Midlands
  Azhar & Co. Solictors, Slough
  Azim Balti House, Birmingham
  Aziz & Saunders, Lancashire
  Aziz Hairdressers, London
  Aziz Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Aziza Solutions Ltd, London
  Azizia Restaurant, London
  Aziziye Halal, London
  Azka Impex, Birmingham
  Azmi Rana Solicitors, Manchester
  B & R Quality Halal Butchers, London
  B2 Village Tandoori, Manchester
  Baadshah Kebab House, Birmingham
  Baba Ali, Powys
  Babu Tandoori, London
  Babu Tandoori Centre, Middlesex
  Babu's Tandoori, Middlesex
  Babu's Tandoori, Southall
  Babylon, New Malden
  Babylon Supermarket, London
  Baddar Halal, Bedfordshire
  Badr Halal Food Store, Lanarkshire
  Badr Young Muslim & Arab Library, Northampton
  Badrul Huda Meridian Clinic, Jersey
  Bahar Tandoori Halal Restaurant, Isle Of Wight
  Bahar Tandoori Halal Restaurant, Cowes
  Bait-ul Araby, London
  BALHAM DISCOUNTS, London Borough Of Wandsworth
  Ballal Halal Meat & Poultry, Ilford
  Balqees Bait Al-Hijab, London
  Balti & Tandoori, Essex
  Balti Bazaar Indian Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Balti Chef, Cambridgeshire
  Balti Cottage, Dorsetshire
  Balti Cottage Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Balti Curry Express, Essex
  Balti Express, Kent
Balti Express, Essex
  Balti Express, East Sussex
  Balti Express, Glamorgan
  Balti Express Takeaway, Derbyshire
  Balti Goar, Essex
  Balti House, Hampshire
  Balti House & Tandoori Restaurant, Birmingham
  Balti House Tandoori, Glamorgan
  Balti Hut, East Sussex
  Balti Hut, Cambridgeshire
  Balti Hut, Leicestershire
  Balti Indian Takeaway, Middlesex
  Balti King, Essex
  Balti King, Glamorgan
  Balti King, Indian Takeaway, Isle Of Wight
  Balti Massala Restaurant, Cheshire
  Balti Master, Glamorgan
  Balti Night, Essex
  Balti Paradise, Cambridgeshire
  Balti Spice, Glamorgan
  Balti Take Away, Glamorgan
  Banbury Taxis, Banbury
  Bangalore Tandoori Restaurant, Edinburgh
  Bangkok Thai Café, London
  Bangla Bazar, Cambridge
  Bangla Cup Sports Association, Stoke On Trent
  Bangladesh Curry Mahal, London
  Bangladeshi Community & Education Training Centre, West Yorkshire
  Banu Indian Restaurant, Birmingham
  Bar-B-Q Base, London
  Barakat Balti, Manchester
  Barakat Balti, Lancashire
  Barakat Restaurant, London
  Barb Services Ltd, Birmingham
  Barinda Balti Cottage, Cheshire
  Barket Travel, West Yorkshire
  BARNEY'S, Inverness
  Basharat Meat Shop, Middlesex
  Bashir Hasham, Orkney
  Basmillah Store, Lancashire
  Basra & Basra Ltd., Hampshire
  Bazeer & Co, London
  Beaucliffe Hotel, Manchester
  Beautician - Electrologist, London
  Beckett Road News, Doncaster
  Beefeater Restaurant, Cheshire
  Beefy's Take Away, Fife
  Begg, Williamson & Co, London
Behesht, London
  Beirut Express, London
  Bel-Air Group of Hotels, Margate Road
  Belal Tandoori Restaurant, Stalybridge
  Belash Tandoori, London
  Bella Butchers, London
  Belmon Cosmetics Ltd, Luton
  Belmont Balti House, Kent
  Belvedere Kebab House, Kent
  Belvedere Tandoori, Kent
  Bengal Halal Store, London
  Bengal Village, London
  Best Halal, Avon
  Best Plan, Birmingham
  Best Turkish Kebab, Essex
  Bibi Gadwah Solicitors, London
  Bibi's Kitchen, London
  Big Man's (Fish'n Grill), Colchester
  Bilaal Food Stores, Midlothian
  Bilal Financial Management Ltd., London
  Bilal Food Store, Staffordshire
  Bilal Hajj, Leicestershire
  Bilals Spicy Hut, Manchester
  Bilash Tandoori, Brighton
  Bilash Tandoori Restaurant Ltd., Oxfordshire
  Bilawal Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Bina Banqueting Hall, London
  Bina Tandoori, Hampshire
  Birchfield Halal Family Butchers, Birmingham
  Biriani House, Berkshire
  Birmingham Halal Abattoir Ltd., Birmingham
  Birmingham Halal Chicken, West Midlands
  Birmingham Halal Chicken Co, Small Heath
  Birmingham Halal Chicken Co, Birmingham
  Birmingham Legal Partnership, West Midlands
  Birmingham Pakistan Sports Forum, West Midlands
  Bismallah Halal Butchers, London
  Bismallah Tandoori Indian Take Away, Hertfordshire
  Bismi lmports, Manchester
  Bismilah Stores, Gloucestershire
  Bismilla Furniture Manufacturers, West Midlands
  Bismilla Indian Take Away, Edinburgh
  Bismillah Al - Khair, Norbury
  Bismillah Al - Khair Grocery & Halal Meat, Surrey
  Bismillah Butchers, Middlesex
  Bismillah Butchers, Leicester
  Bismillah Convenience Store, Avon
  Bismillah Food Market Ltd., North Yorkshire
  Bismillah Food Store, Hayes
Bismillah Fresh Halal, Forest Hall
  Bismillah Fresh Halal Meat & Poultry, Gillingham
  Bismillah Fresh Halal Meat & Poultry, Kent
  Bismillah Hajj & Umrah Travel Tours Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Bismillah Halal Food Store, Angus
  Bismillah Halal Meat, Coventry
  Bismillah Halal Meat, Ilford
  Bismillah Halal Superstore, West Yorkshire
  Bismillah Indian Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Bismillah Medina Indian Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Bismillah mobile cleaners, London Borough Of Barnet
  Bismillah Store, West Midlands
  Bismillah Tandoori Take Away, Surrey
  Black Crescent Fragrances, London
  Blackburn Halal Meats, Lancashire
  Blackseed, Coventry
  Blossom Guest House, Edinburgh
  Blue Elephant, London
  Blue Elephant, London
  Blue Nile, Glasgow
  Boarshaw Tandoori, Manchester
  Bobat Arif & Co, London
  Bohill Kebab House, Fife
  Bolton Halal Butchers, Lancashire
  Bolton Halal Butchers, Liverpool
  Bolton Halal Poultry Ltd, Lancashire
  Bolton Poultry Products, Bolton
  Bombay Balti, Essex
  Bombay Balti House, Kent
  Bombay Express, Dorsetshire
  Bombay Fusion, Chelmsford
  Bombay Indian Cuisine, Brighton
  Bombay Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Bonophul Tandoori, London, Batley
  BOOKSTORE: Islamic Treasure Trove, Birmingham
  Border Tandoori, Eyemouth
  Bosphorus, London
  Bournemouth Alsafa Hotel, Bournemouth
  Bradford Property Rental, Bradford
  Brantwood Post Office, Dundee
  Brent Supermarket, London
  Brick Lane Balti House, London
  Bridal Service, London
  Brighton Food Stores, New Castle
  Brighton Halal Meat, East Sussex
  Brilliant Tandoori Take Away, Glamorgan
  Bristol College of Accountancy, Bristol
British Driving School, Barking
  British Gutter System, Hayes
  British Haj Travel, Lancashire
  British Islamic Stores, Leicestershire
  Broadstairs Kebabs, Kent
  Broadstairs Tandoori, Kent
  Broadway Kebab House, Birmingham
  Bromley Tandoori, Kent
  Bromptons Solicitors, London
  Brondesbury Park Hotel, London
  Brothers Food Store, Bedfordshire
  Brothers Mini Market, Scarborough
  Brunel Associates, Bristol
  Budget Fair Cash & Carry, Forest Hall
  Building consultant and contractor, Oxford
  Burger Hut Halal, Ilford
  Burnage Tandoori, Manchester
  Burnham Kebab House, Essex
  Burnham Tandoori, Essex
  Bushra Computer Systems Ltd, Middlesex
  Bushra Fashions, Bedfordshire
  Butts Tabaq Tandoori Balti House, Birmingham
  Byblos Mezza of Lebanon, London
  C & R Restaurant, London
  C M Atif & Co, London
  C Mahmoud, London
  C-Net 2000 Ltd, London
  Café Naz, London
  Cafe Bangla, London
  Cafe India - Takeaway, Glasgow
  Cafe Indiya, London
  Cafe Lazeez, London
  Cafe Lazeez, Birmingham
  Cafe Naz, London
  Cafe Shan, London
  Cafe Spice Namaste, London
  cake-a-licious Ltd, Exeter
  Call To Islam, London
  Camberley Superstore, Camberley
  Care Dental, Edgware
  Carlisle Halal Meat Co., Bradford
  Carlisle Halal Meat Co., West Yorkshire
  Castle Balti, Warwick
  Castle Tandoori, Somerset
  Cater Direct Ltd, Hayes
  Cava Indian Cuisine, Lanarkshire
  Cavendish Tandoori, Derbyshire
  Caversham Kebab House, Berkshire
  Caversham Tandoori, Berkshire
  Celebrations, London
  Central Balti & Tandoori Restaurant, West Midlands
  Central Kebab House, Cheshire
  Central Kebab House, Clwyd
  Cequin Ltd, Birmingham
  Chaand Tandoori Restaurant, Dundee
  Chaar Minar Balti & Tandoori, Kent
  Chads Kebab Tandoori, Derbyshire
  Chand Balti House, West Yorkshire
  Chand Mahai Restaurant, London
  Chand Takeaway Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Chandni Chowk Restaurant & Sweets Ltd., Middlesex
  Chandni Cottage Restaurant, Staffordshire
  Chandni Express, Devonshire
  Chandni Indian Cuisine, Somerset
  Chandni School of Motoring, London
  Chandni Silk House, Middlesex
  Chandni Sweets, Middlesex
  Chandni Traders Ltd., Strabane
  Charcoal Kebab House, Manchester
  Charminar Of India, London
  Charminar Vegetarian, London
  Chaudery Bros Halal Butchers, Bristol
  Chaudhry's TKC, London
  Chaudhrys TKC Restaurant, Southall
  Chaudry & Co, London
  Chaudry Bros Halal Meat & Poultry, Bristol
  Chaudry Bros Halal Meat & Poultry, Avon
  Cheadle Hulme Balti House, Cheshire, Liverpool
  Cheetah Sports, Middlesbrough
  Chennaidosa, London
  Cheshire Halal Uk Ltd, Lancashire
  chez cars, London
  chicken & spice, Bedford
  Chicken Cottage, London
  Chicken Hut, Aberdeen
  Chico Mexico, London
  Chilli Chutney, London
  Chillies - Café, Glasgow
  Chiltern International Management Services Ltd., London
  China Grill, London
  Chohan's Halal Products Ltd, Lancashire
  Choudhuri Tandoori, Bedfordshire
  Choudhury Tandoori Restaurant, Bedfordshire
  Chowdhary & Co, London
  Church Street Clinic, Torquay
  Church Street Clinic, Paignton
Circumcision Practitioner, Milton Keynes
  Cirta, London
  Cisatlantic Design, Edinburgh
  City Deal Estates, London
  City Placement Ltd, London
  City Spice, London
  Classical Homeopath, London
  Clifton Spice, London
  Clinic, London
  Co-Logica Ltd, Edgware
  Codnor Tandoori Takeaway, Derbyshire
  College of Humanities, London
  Commercial Window Company Ltd, Coventry
  Commission for Racial Equality in Wales, Cardiff
  Community Translation Services, Nelson
  Compusoft Consultants Ltd, London
  Comstat Stationers, Leicester
  Connect2web, London
  Construction 2000 (UK), London
  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Boston
  Contenetal Food, Plymouth
  Continental Kebab House, Cheshire
  Cool Breeze Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd, Alperton
  Corporate Legal Solicitors, Southampton
  Corporate Legal Solicitors, Isle Of Wight
  Coventry Wholesalers, Coventry
  Coversure Insurance Services, West Sssex
  Craven Park Halal Butchers, London
  Crescent Halal Butchers, Leicestershire
  Crescent International, Slough
  Cricklewood Best Halalmeat, London
  Crossgates Tandoori Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Crown Enterprises and Training, Sheffield
  Crown Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Crown Self Drive, London
  Crown Travel, West Yorkshire
  Crown Travel (UK) Limited, Bradford
  Crystal Charcoal, London
  Crystal restaurant, Colchester
  Cullaloe Project Resource Ltd, Cowdenbeath
  Curry Cabin, London
  Curry Mahal, Brighton
  Curry Manzil, Kent
  Cushera food, Plymouth
  Cyclelogic, Manchester
  Cyprus Kebab House, Bedfordshire
  D & B Halal Meat Market, West Yorkshire
  Daanish Kebab House, Ayrshire
Daily Air Travel, Southall
  Daily Fresh Food & Halal Meat, London
  Dalchini, London
  Damas Gate Wholsale, Middlesex
  Daniah Travel Ltd, Essex
  Danyan Kebab House, Isle Of Wight
  Dar & Dar Retail & Wholesale, London
  Dar Al Arqam Publishing & Distribution, West Midlands
  Dar Al Dawa Bookshop, London
  Dar Al-Arqam Book Shop, Birmingham
  Dar Al-Taqwa Ltd., London
  Dar Computer Consultants Ltd., Cumbria
  Dar Construction Ltd., Avon
  Dar Contractors Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Dar Hotels Ltd., Avon
  Dar Hussain & Co., Cambridgeshire
  Dar Planning & Management Ltd., London
  Dar-Al-Riyadh (UK) Ltd., Surrey
  Dar-Al-Sultan, Leicester
  Dar-Alhikma Bookshop, London
  Dar-us-salaam International Publications Ltd, London
  Darasalam Store, Whitechapel
  Darul Kutub, Dewsbury
  Darul Kutub, West Yorkshire
  Data Halal Meat, Lanarkshire
  Dataday Accountability, Barking
  Davis & Co, London
  Dawad Indian, Cornwall
  Dawat Tandoori Take Away, Cheshire
  Dawood Personnel Services Ltd., Surrey
  Dayar-Habib Tours, Lancashire
  DDA Ramps, Peterbrough, Birmingham
  Deans Halal Chippy, Lancashire
  Deedar Balti House, Cheshire
  Deedar Tandoori, Cheshire
  Deedar Tandoori Take-away, Cheshire
  Deen Builders, London
  Deen's pizza, Banbury
  Deens Fish Bar, Birmingham
  Delight Kebab & Pizza House, Ayrshire
  Delights Halal food, Weston-Super-Mare
  Delux Dry Cleaners & Shoe Repairs, London
  Dental Care Health Centre, Hounslow
  Dentazyme UK, Leicester
  Derby Firelec, Bolton
  Derwish-Di-Hatti, Lanarkshire
  Desi Khana, Birmingham
  Design Associates, London
Design Innovations, Wolverhampton
  Dewsbury Halal Meat Shop, West Yorkshire
  Dhaka Tandoori, Kent
  Dhaka Tandoori, London
  Dial - A - Halal, Leyton
  Dial a Website, CAMBERLEY
  Diamond Electronics and Computers Ltd, Hampton
  Dicle Mangal, London
  Didar Takeaway, West Sussex
  Didar Tandoori, Essex
  Dil Bahar Tandoori, London
  Dil Tandoori, London
  Dil-Bahar, London
  Dilchad, London
  Dildar Restaurant, Cheshire
  Dildar Tandoori Restaurant, Luton
  Dilshad Tandoori, Brighton
  Dilshad Tandoori, West Midlands
  Dilshad Tandori, East Sussex
  Dilwar Tandoori, Berkshire
  Din Jewellers, London
  Din Restaurant &Cafe, London
  Dins Kebab House, Birmingham
  Direct Halal Poultry Ltd, Lancashire
  Discount Direct, London
  Discount Islamic Goods, London
  Discover Your Memory, London
  Diwan (E) Khos, London
  Diwan catering, London
  Diwan E Am Tandoori Restaurant, Hexham
  Diwan-E-Khas Indian Restaurant, London
  Dixie Fried Chicken, Staffordshire
  Dixy Fried Chicken Euro Ltd, London
  Do It Yourself & Plumbers Merchant, Bradford
  Do it Yourself Wills, Ilford
  Domain Self Storage, London
  Donair & Falafel King, London
  Dover Harbour Hotel, Dover
  Dr A A Bashir, London
  Dr A A Khan, Birmingham
  Dr A A Khan, Shoeburyness
  Dr A Abu-Nijaila, London
  Dr A Ali-Khan, Bedfordshire
  Dr A C Abbas, Manchester
  Dr A C Fatheazam, Driffield
  Dr A G Hakeem, Birmingham
  Dr A H Khan, Stoke on Trent
  Dr A H Khan, Wolverhampton
  Dr A Hafeez, London
  Dr A Hafeez, Birmingham
Dr A Hafeez Manzoori Clinic,, Swanley Junction
  Dr A Hamal, Romford
  Dr A Hasan, Salford
  Dr A Idrissi, Sunderland
  Dr A Iqbal, London
  Dr A Ismail, Birmingham
  Dr A J Amin, Leicester
  Dr A J Ibrahim, Farnham
  Dr A K Jawad, Dagenham
  Dr A K M Rahman, Warley
  Dr A K M Zakaria, London
  Dr A Karim, London
  Dr A Khalique, Nottingham
  Dr A Khan, Nottingham
  Dr A Khan, Manchester
  Dr A Khan, London
  Dr A Khan, Nelson
  Dr A Khan, Birmingham
  Dr A Khanam, London
  Dr A Latif, Paisley
  Dr A M Abdullah, Barking
  Dr A M Farooqi, Leicester
  Dr A M Islam, Cheshunt
  Dr A M Khalid, Broughton Astley
  Dr A M Khan, Abbots Langley
  Dr A M Khan, Bradford
  Dr A M Khan, Sheffield
  Dr A Masood, Bradford
  Dr A N Khanam, Stoke on Trent
  Dr A Nabi, Slough
  Dr A Naeem, Brentwood
  Dr A Nasir, Saint Helens
  Dr A Qazi, Bradford
  Dr A R A S Hamid, Huddersfield
  Dr A R Khan, Dudley
  Dr A R Rahman, London
  Dr A Raheem, Doncaster
  Dr A Rahim, Merthyr Tydfil
  Dr A Rahman, Clydebank
  Dr A Rahman, Salford
  Dr A Rashid, Leicester
  Dr A Rashid, Braintree
  Dr A Razzaq, Rochdale
  Dr A S Abdul-Karim, Peterborough
  Dr A S Jamal, Cardiff
  Dr A S Khan, Leeds
  Dr A S M Rahman, Birmingham
  Dr A S N Khan, Leeds
  Dr A S Obaidi, Basingstoke
  Dr A S Waheed, London

Dr A S Zaki, Stechford
  Dr A T Khanbhai, Bedford
  Dr A T M Noorullah, London
  Dr A U Khan, Tredegar
  Dr A U Khan, Doncaster
  Dr A U Rahman, Wednesbury
  Dr A W A Amin, Hawarden
  Dr A Waheed, Blackwood
  Dr A Y F Karim, Folkestone
  Dr A Yousef, Weston-Super-Mare
  Dr Abdul F A Lakhdar, Loughton
  Dr Abdul H Nabijee, London
  Dr Abdul Hasan, Loughton
  Dr Abdul Husain Khadim Nasralla, London
  Dr Abdul Kalma Rashid Hasan, London
  Dr Abu Al-Timman, Leeds
  Dr Abu Amjad, West Yorkshire
  DR ADEEL RIAZ, Walsall
  Dr Adnan Malik, Sutton
  Dr Ahmed & Partners, South Yorkshire
  Dr Ahmed Z Nasiri , Milton Keynes
  Dr Aisha Bashir, Peterborough
  Dr Akram & Associates Ltd., Buckinghamshire
  Dr Al-Wakeel Consultant Co. Ltd., London
  Dr Aliya Abboudi Najim, Byfleet
  Dr Amin, Glasgow
  Dr Amin & Partners, Cheshire
  Dr Amin & Partners, Clwyd
  Dr Amina Karim Doctor, Ruislip
  Dr Amira Naseem, London
  Dr Andleeb Khan, Horsham
  Dr Anwar A Khan, Loughton
  Dr Anwar M Yahya, Milton Keynes
  Dr Anwar Yaqub, London
  Dr Arshad Waheed, Milton Keynes
  Dr B C Amin, London
  Dr B Islam, Sheffield
  Dr B Khan, Blackwood
  Dr B Khan, Nottinghamshire
  Dr B M Zaman, Airdrie
  Dr B Yusaf, Stowmarket
  Dr Badr-Ur Rashid, London
  Dr Balsam Abdul-Karim, Manchester
  Dr Bipin Amin, Oldham
  Dr C A Khan, Gillingham
  Dr C F Khan, Brandon
  Dr C Iqbal, Saffron Walden
  Dr C K Z Hyder, Burnley
  Dr D B Khan, London
Dr D Fahmy, Brighton
  Dr D J Amin, London
  Dr D J Ebrahim, Odiham
  Dr D K Haffenden, Stroud
  Dr D Rashid, Manchester
  Dr D S Iqbal, Liverpool
  Dr David Saheem Ahmed Khan, Coppull
  Dr F A Khan, Warley
  Dr F A Rahimi, Ramsgate
  Dr F Ahmed, West Midlands
  Dr F B Malik, London
  Dr F Emad, Whitby
  Dr F Hafeez, Birmingham
  Dr F Haque, Harlow
  Dr F J Sadiq, Leeds
  Dr F K Rahman, Southall
  Dr F Khalid, Nottingham
  Dr F Khalil, Mansfield
  Dr F Khan, Southend-on-Sea
  Dr F Khan Kusum, Accrington
  Dr F R Ibrahim, Derby
  Dr F U Rehman, Bognor Regis
  Dr Faheem (MB CHB MRCGP ), Yatton
  Dr Fahimul H Khan, Hyde
  Dr Fatema Ibrahimi Ltd., London
  Dr Fawzi, Glenrothes
  Dr Fawzi, Rutherglen
  Dr Fazila Baiyat Ltd., East Sussex
  Dr Foozia, Ashton under Lyne
  Dr G A Fayed, Walsall
  Dr G Abdel-Malek, Birmingham
  Dr G E Fayed, Wolverhampton
  Dr G H Khan, Barnsley
  Dr G Islam, Doncaster
  Dr G K Khaira, Birmingham
  Dr G Khaja, Harrow
  Dr G M Khan, Manchester
  Dr G S Khan, Leeds
  Dr G Zakaria, London
  Dr Ghadeer Mohamed, Chorley
  Dr Ghulam Abbas, Blackpool
  Dr H A Haq, London
  Dr H A Khan, Burton-on-Trent
  Dr H K Mazhari, Greenford
  Dr H Khan, Liversedge
  Dr H M H Abdallah, Kettering
  Dr H M Rahil, Saint Helens
  Dr H N Rashiq , Birmingham
  Dr H S Abbas, Clowne
  Dr H U Rahman, Canvey Island
Dr Hajera Karim, Brierley Hill
  Dr Hameed U Khan, Loughton
  Dr Hanif Ahmed Babar, Birmingham
  Dr Hanif Rahim, Oxford
  Dr Hannam Yousif, London
  Dr Hany Elmadbouh, Peterborough
  Dr Haque F, Essex
  Dr Haythem Jameel Naseef, Kingston upon Thames
  Dr I A Khan, Bradford
  Dr I A Khan, Worksop
  Dr I A Malik, Nottingham
  Dr I Haq, Birmingham
  Dr I Inayatullah, London
  Dr I Khan, Bradford
  Dr I Rafi, Banstead
  Dr I Rashid, Reading
  Dr I Z Qazi, Ongar Station
  Dr Imam, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea
  Dr Imtiaz A Yusuf, Woking
  Dr Itrat Khan, Saint Albans
  Dr J A Hakeem, Redditch
  Dr J A Khan, Burnley
  Dr J Abad, Bradford
  Dr J H Khan, Birmingham
  Dr J Iqbal, Liverpool
  Dr J Khan, Derby
  Dr J R Hasan, Sheffield
  Dr J Rahman, Manchester
  Dr J Rehman, Tredegar
  Dr J S Ishaque, London
  Dr J U Khan, Coulsdon
  Dr J U Khan, London
  Dr Jeyan Abdul-Karim, Uxbridge
  Dr K A Rahman, Warley
  Dr K Abedin, Glasgow
  Dr K Islam, Rotherham
  Dr K Ismail, London
  Dr K Khaliq, Kilmarnock
  Dr K M Amin, Harrow
  Dr K M Amiruddin, Walsall
  Dr K M Islam Shah Jalal, London
  Dr K M Khan, Kettering
  Dr K M Latif, Northolt
  Dr K M Yasin, Brentford
  Dr Kaleem Ahmed Khan, Purley
  Dr Kamran A Khan, Croydon
  Dr Karim Khan, Nuneaton
  Dr Khalid, Walsall
  Dr Khalil, Benfleet
  Dr Khan, Lochgelly
  Dr Khan, Cramlington
  Dr Khan & Partners, Hertfordshire
  Dr M A Haque, Mansfield
  Dr M A Haque, South Ockendon
  Dr M A Haque, Nelson
  Dr M A Islam, Redcar
  Dr M A Khalid, Corby
  Dr M A Khan, Bradford
  Dr M A Khan, Doncaster
  Dr M A Khan, Birmingham
  Dr M A Khan, London
  Dr M A Malik, London
  Dr M A Mansoor, Hull
  Dr M A Nawaz, Manchester
  Dr M A Nawaz, Wigan
  Dr M A Rahaman, London
  Dr M A Rahman, Wolverhampton
  Dr M A Rahman, Blackburn
  Dr M A Rashid, London
  Dr M A Razzaque, Rossendale Valley
  Dr M A Zaidi, Doncaster
  Dr M A Zaman, Hemsworth
  Dr M Abbass, Doncaster
  Dr M Ayub Khan, Barnsley
  Dr M Aziz Rahman, Bristol
  Dr M B Islam, Conisbrough
  Dr M B Karim, Birmingham
  Dr M B Zubairu, Rotherham
  Dr M E Haque, Leeds
  Dr M E Haque, Salford
  Dr M F Haq, Dunstable
  Dr M F Haque, London
  Dr M F Khan, Abington
  Dr M Fahmy, Aldershot
  Dr M Farooq, Manchester
  Dr M Farrooque, Wigan
  Dr M Fateh, Dagenham
  Dr M Fateh, Essex
  Dr M H Khan, Bradford
  Dr M H Khan, London
  Dr M H Latif, Burnham on Crouch
  Dr M H Rahman, London
  Dr M H Rahman Doctor, Birmingham
  Dr M H Rasheed, Mansfield
  Dr M H Rasheed, Blackwell
  Dr M Hamayun, Glasgow
  Dr M Haq, Barking
  Dr M Haque, South Shields
  Dr M Haque, Clydebank
  Dr M Hashim, London
Dr M Hashim, Pontefract
  Dr M I Khan, Wolverhampton
  Dr M I Malik, Nelson
  Dr M I Qureshi, Manchester
  Dr M Iqbal, Derby
  Dr M J Khan, Batley
  Dr M J Nasif, Brentwood
  Dr M J Rehman , Bradford
  Dr M Jamaluddin, Swansea
  Dr M Jamil, London
  Dr M K Mansour, Stanley
  Dr M K Rahman, Prescot
  Dr M Kabir, London
  Dr M Karim, Manchester
  Dr M Khalaf, London
  Dr M Khan, Glasgow
  Dr M Khan, Wolverhampton
  Dr M Khan, London
  Dr M Khurshid, Batley
  Dr M L Rahman, Bilston
  Dr M M Khan, Warley
  Dr M M Rahman, Stanley
  Dr M M Rahman, London
  Dr M M Rahman, Ferndale
  Dr M N Iqbal, Newcastle upon Tyne
  Dr M N Islam, Huddersfield
  Dr M N Khan, Rawtenstall
  Dr M N Malik, North Shields
  Dr M Nasim, Luton
  Dr M Nassralla, Dudley
  Dr M Nazir, Birmingham
  Dr M Q Ibrahimi, Willesden
  Dr M Qamruddin Doctor, Skelmersdale
  Dr M R Haqqani, Redditch
  Dr M R Karim, Brierley Hill
  Dr M R Khan, Aberdare
  Dr M Rahber Mobarak, Birmingham
  Dr M Rahman, Gillingham
  Dr M Rahman, London
  Dr M Ramzan, Derby
  Dr M Rashid, Glasgow
  Dr M S A Khan, Cleckheaton
  Dr M S A Razzak, Boston
  Dr M S Abdou, Solihull
  Dr M S E Khalifa, Wrexham
  Dr M S Haq, Doncaster
  Dr M S Islam, Bradford
  Dr M S Islam, Manchester
  Dr M S Mirza Hamid, London
  Dr M S Rahman, AldershotDr M Salahuddin, Birkenhead
  Dr M T Khan, Manchester
  Dr M T Obaidullah, Maesteg
  Dr M Tahir Yousaf, Crossgates
  Dr M Wasim, Dr M M Husain, Dr M Y Kunju, Ebbw Vale
  Dr M Y Khan, Luton
  Dr M Z Abedin, Walsall
  DR M Z TAHIR, West Bromwich
  Dr M Zobair, Longtown
  Dr M.Saleem, Sheffield
  Dr Mangad Iqbal, London
  Dr Mansouri, Bishopbriggs
  Dr Mateen Durrani, Colchester
  Dr Mobin Salahuddin, Staines
  Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Hamami, Chesham
  Dr Muhammad, Burnham
  Dr Muhammad A. Khawaja, Peterborough
  Dr N A Bashar, Caerphilly
  Dr N A Kamaluddin, Hayes
  Dr N A Zaman, Derby
  Dr N Amin, Enfield
  Dr N B Amin Ruston, London
  Dr N C Amin, Wembley
  Dr N F Abbas, Bradford
  Dr N F Ali Khan, Surrey
  Dr N F Habib, Somersham
  Dr N I Rasool, Colchester
  Dr N Iqbal, New Malden
  Dr N J Iqbal, Rotherham
  Dr N Karim, Accrington
  Dr N Karim, Colchester
  Dr N Khan, Bradford
  Dr N Khan, Walsall
  Dr N M Malik, Dudley
  Dr N Mazhar, Greenford
  Dr N N Rahman, Prescot
  Dr N Nazir, Rotherham
  Dr N Nazir, Leeds
  Dr N Rashid, Knottingley
  Dr N S Khan, Mitcham
  Dr N S Khan, London
  Dr N S N Mansour, Surbiton
  Dr N S Naeem, Rochdale
  Dr N T Abd-Mariam, Hull
  Dr N U Haque, Wednesbury
  Dr N Waheed, Hockley
  Dr Nabil Hassan, Wraysbury
  Dr Nabila A Khan, Thornton Heath
  DR Naeem Younus MBBS FRCS MRCGP, Milton Keynes
  Dr Naheed Khan, Bradford
Dr Nasma Abdul-Razak, London
  Dr Nuzhet A-Ali, Egham
  Dr O A Abdo, Sutton Coldfield
  Dr O E Mohammed, Cumbria
  Dr O Khan, London
  Dr P C Hassan, Dunstable
  Dr P Ibrahim, Nottingham
  Dr P Khalique, Nottingham
  Dr P S Khan, London
  Dr Q A Khan, Manchester
  Dr Q M Rahman, London
  Dr Q O Khan, Preston
  Dr Q U Khan, London
  Dr Q Zaman, Manchester
  Dr Qamar A Khan, Milton Keynes
  Dr Qamar Khan, Slough
  Dr R A Qazi, Nelson
  Dr R A Rashid, Harlow
  Dr R Amin, London
  Dr R E Zakani, Watford
  Dr R G Amin, Brighton
  Dr R Hafiz, Sheffield
  Dr R I Malik, Nelson
  Dr R Karim, Nottingham
  Dr R Khan, Tamworth
  Dr R Rahman, London
  Dr R Rashid, Bradford
  Dr R Rashid, Hatfield Heath
  Dr R S Khan, East Tilbury
  Dr R Zamir, London
  Dr Rabia Yaqoob, Harrow
  Dr Rahman, Newton-le-Willows
  Dr Rahman's Surgery, Avon
  Dr Rasheed Ahmad FRCP, Liverpool
  Dr Raslan , well woman clinic, Surrey
  Dr Rasool Shasquth, Cleveland
  Dr Rateb Samman, Harlow
  Dr Rizwana Noor, London
  Dr Rukhsana Hasan, Northolt
  Dr S A Haque, Stockton-on-Tees
  Dr S A K Hamad, Liverpool
  Dr S A Khan, London
  Dr S A Khan, London
  Dr S A Latif, Birmingham
  Dr S A Malik, Eastwood
  Dr S A Rahman, Birmingham
  Dr S A Yasin, South Ockendon
  Dr S A Zaib, Aylesbury
  Dr S Abbas, Bradford
  Dr S Abbas, Birmingham
Dr S B Noorah, Canvey Island
  Dr S Fatheazam, Leeds
  Dr S H H Zaidi, Eastwood
  Dr S Haq, London
  Dr S Hasan, Hereford
  Dr S I Abadi, London
  Dr S Ibrahim, Folkestone
  Dr S Ismail, Walsall
  Dr S J Zaidi, Harrow
  Dr S Javaid, Newcastle under Lyme
  Dr S K Malik, Stockport
  Dr S Kausar, Glasgow
  Dr S Khan, Bolton
  Dr S Khan, London
  Dr S Khan, Liverpool
  Dr S Khan, Bradford
  Dr S Khan, Corby
  Dr S Khan, Neath
  Dr S Khan, Northamptonshire
  Dr S M A Farooqi, Harrow
  Dr S M Ali & Dr S Mansoor, West Yorkshire
  Dr S M H Maqvi, Lancashire
  Dr S M Haque, Bradford
  Dr S M Hassan, Northampton
  Dr S M Imam, Gateshead
  Dr S M Imtiaz, Bradford
  Dr S M Imtiaz, Aberdare
  Dr S M Khadri, Newcastle upon Tyne
  Dr S M N Gilani, Iver
  Dr S M Z Zaidi, Jarrow
  Dr S Malik, Dundee
  Dr S Mansoor, Leeds
  Dr S Mufti Al, South Glamorgan
  Dr S N U Hassan, Batley
  Dr S Nazeer, London
  Dr S O Rahman, Aberdare
  Dr S Qamar-Uz-Zaman, Sheffield
  Dr S Rahman, Kirkby in Ashfield
  Dr S Rasheed, Whitworth
  Dr S Rasool, Billingham
  Dr S S Khair, Middlesbrough
  Dr S S Khan, Manchester
  Dr S S Nahl, Coventry
  Dr S S Rafiq, London
  Dr S S Raza, Burnley
  Dr S Sadieq, Shotton
  Dr S Saleem & Mr A Saleemuddin, Kent
  Dr S Saleh, Manchester
  Dr S Shafi, Leicestershire
  Dr S T A Zaidi, Eastwood
Dr S T R Rahim, Croydon
  Dr S T Rahman, Maidstone
  Dr S Yaqub, Brentwood
  Dr S Z Abdalla, Walsall
  Dr S Z Jamali, Doncaster
  Dr S Z Khan, Bradford
  Dr S Zaidi, Eastwood
  Dr S Zaki, Solihull
  Dr S.M.Z Zaidi, Tyne And Wear
  Dr Sadiq, Liverpool
  Dr Samir M Sadiq, Ashton under Lyne
  Dr Shahid Amin, High Wycombe
  Dr Shahid binyamin, Milton Keynes
  Dr Shazia Khan, Croydon
  Dr Sheikh Surgerys, South Yorkshire
  Dr Surraya Khanam, London
  Dr Syed Mujtaba Nawaz Gilani, Iver
  Dr T A Khan, Dover
  Dr T A Khan, Aberkenfig
  Dr T A Rahman , Margate
  Dr T A Rahman, Kent
  Dr T Abubacker, Luton
  Dr T Haffiz, London
  Dr T Idrees, Airdrie
  Dr T M Farooqui, Dewsbury
  Dr T S Rahman, Cheadle
  Dr Tahir Masood, Slough
  Dr U Kabeer, Cardiff
  Dr W S Abdou, Birmingham
  Dr Wedad Abbas, London
  Dr Y D Malik, London
  Dr Y Fahim, Prescot
  Dr Y Hasan, Prescot
  Dr Y Iqbal, Warley
  Dr Y Rashid, Barking
  Dr Y Y Amin, Folkestone
  Dr Z A Khan, Manchester
  Dr Z Hamid, Abbots Langley
  Dr Z Khan, Nottingham
  Dr Z M Yacob, London
  Dr Z Malik, London
  Dr Z N Najim, Manchester
  Dr Z Rehman, Salford
  Dr Z U Islam, Lesmahagow
  Dr Z U Rehman, Flint
  Dr Z U Yaqub, Ongar Station
  Dr. A & S Ghauri Dental Surgeons, London
  Dr. A. Aziz Dhedhi, Boston
  Dr. Abdul Aziz Afridi, London
  Dr. Akbar Khurshid Ahmed, London
Dr. Anjum I.A, Lancashire
  Dr. Asif MIrza DMH C.Hyp CPNLP, Cleveland
  Dr. Ataullah, Southampton
  Dr. Khaled El-Ghazali, Eye Consultant, Kettering
  Dr. Khalid Khan Khusroo, London
  Dr. Liaqat A Khan, London
  Dr. M.Fahmy, Sheerness
  Dr. Muhammad Jawad Ahmed Hashmi, London
  Dr. Sayeed Yarkhan/ Mr.E Yarkhan, Derby
  Dr.M Asif-Suleman, Nottingham
  Dr.NAILA JADOON, Wrexham
  Drivetime, Birmingham
  Dry Cleaners, London
  Duffield Balti House, Derbyshire
  Dur Dur Restaurant, London
  E & W Hopkins Ltd, London
  E Dayer: Madina Halal, Leicestershire
  E-business Network, Leicester
  e-business network, London
  Eagle Travel, Coventry
  Earith Tandoori Takeaway, Cambridgeshire
  East End Halal Butchers, Whitechapel
  East Enders, London
  East India Tandoori, Cleveland
  East London Balti House, London
  Eastend Kebabish, London
  Eastern Balti House, Cheshire
  Eastern Delight Tandoori, Brighton
  Eastern Delight Tandoori Take Away, West Yorkshire
  Eastern Eye, London
  Eastern Fried Chicken, Birmingham
  Eastern Fried Chicken, London
  eastern halal takeaway, Wrexham Maelor
  Eastern Spice, London
  Eastern Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Eastern Tandoori, Derbyshire
  Eastern Tandoori, London
  Eastern Tandoori Take Away, Manchester
  Eastern Tropical & Halal Food Supplier Ltd, West Bromwich
  Easyway Travel, Birmingham
  Eat Fresh Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Ebury House Hotel, London
  Eden Books, London
  Educational Books, Croydon
  Egyptian Education Bureau, London
  Ehab Amin Ltd., Humberside
Ejaz & Co Chartered Management Accountants, London
  Ekeed Halal Products, Cardiff
  El Baraka, Glasgow
  El Halal Butchers Shop, South Glamorgan
  El Halal Butchers Shop, Cardiff
  El Halal Tandoori House, Buckinghamshire
  El-Efes, London
  El-Sawy Travel Ltd., London
  Elaichi Balti House, London
  Elbaraka Halal Butchers & Grocers (Arabic Products), West Midlands
  Ele The Treatment House, Tamworth
  Elite Labels (Leicester) Ltd, Leicester
  Elkadi Tours Hajj & Umrah, London
  Elmembur Halal Foods Ltd, Birmingham
  Elmet Tandoori: Enma Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Empire House, Essex
  Empire Kebabs, Dorsetshire
  Empire Packaging U.K Ltd, Birmingham
  Empire Security Services, Richmond
  Empire Tandoori Takeaway, Derbyshire
  Erra Continental, London
  Estikutum, Yorkshire
  Euphony communications, Bedford
  Euro Asia Food Store, Loughborough
  Euro Halal, Buckinghamshire
  Euro Hotel, Harrow
  Euro Impex International, Ilford
  Euro Link Mideast Ltd, London
  Eurocomputers Ltd, Brighton
  European Institute For Human Sciences, Ceredigion
  Eurotrade-MK. Ltd., Milton Keynes
  Everest Tandoori, Essex
  Evergreen Foods Halal Meat Centre, Buckinghamshire
  Evolutionary Concepts, Stockport
  Express Halal Meat & Poultry, London
  Expresso Pizza & Kebab House, London
  Eye to Eye, Birmingham
  F & B Halal Meat Market, Bradford
  F & B Halal Meat Market, West Yorkshire
  F A Geewala, Leicestershire
  F Ahmed Chartered Accountant, Essex
  F Mohammed Off Sales, Lanarkshire
  Fa'Yahaa Islamic Multimedia UK, West Yorkshire
  Fabb Fresh, London
  Fabuline Ltd, Manchester
  Faheem, London
  Faheemas Collection, Leicestershire
  Fahema Tandoori, West Yorkshire
Fair Price Halal Meat, London
  Faisal Food Store, Lanarkshire
  Faisal Sundown, Birmingham
  Faisal Tandoori Takeaway, Ellon
  Faisal's Enterprises Ltd., London
  Faiza Unique, London
  Faizan Systems Ltd., Berkshire
  Fakir Halal Doners, Birmingham
  Fakir Halal Doners, Small Heath
  Falafel Maison, London
  Family Kabab House, Norfolk
  Farah Hair Salon, West Sussex
  Farah's Hair & Beauty, Lanarkshire
  Farasha, London
  Faraz Takeaway, Birmingham
  Farhana Tandoori Takeaway, Lancashire
  Farid Photographic & Electronics, London
  Farjhana Indian Takeaway, Essex
  Farooq Jewellers Ltd, Kent
  Farooq School Of Motoring, Berkshire
  Farooqs Bengal Tiger, Cleveland
  Farzana Beauty Clinic, Birmingham
  Farzana's Beauty Clinic, West Midlands
  Fashion Impossible Ltd, Alperton
  Fast Track, Slough
  Fast-food bar - Takeaway, Glasgow
  Fateh News, Manchester
  Fateha, Kent
  Fatih Construction, London
  Fatih Construction, Catford
  Fatima Indian Cuisine, Glenrothes
  Fatty Arbuckle's, Birmingham
  Faversham Kebab House, Kent
  Favourite Chicken, London
  Faysal, London
  Faysal Halal Meat, Middlesex
  Fazal & Sons Tandoori, Cambridgeshire
  Fazira, West Midlands
  Fiazal Food Stores, West Yorkshire
  Fida Jewellers & Sons, West Midlands
  FINE FOODS, Wrexham
  FIRST AID TRAINING ORGANISATION, London Borough Of Waltham Forest
  First Electrics Co., Croydon
  First Test Sports, Woking
  Firstline Training Consultants, London
  Flight Express, London
  Flightcare Travels, Lancashire
  Flying Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Flywell Travel Ltd, Leicestershire
  Flywell Travel Ltd, London
Fone Talk UK, Dudley
  FOODWALLA, Hastings
  Foot Health Specialist - Mr. S. Afzal, Wembley
  Fountains Of Knowledge, Lancashire
  Framemasters Scotland Ltd, Glasgow
  Frazer-Nash Research Ltd, Camberley
  Free IT Classes, Slough
  Freelance Graphic Designer, Oxford
  Fresco, London
  FRESH MEAL, Temple
  Friends Corner, Coventry
  Frizzy's Balti House, Brighton
  Fusion, London
  Fusion Halal Chinese, London
  Future PC Systems, Dewsbury
  Future Technology & Information Systems Ltd, London
  G Gheewala, Leicestershire
  G-Serv, Slough
  G. A. Travel Centre, London
  G. Shaheen & Associates, London
  Gani & Co, London
  Gani & Co Solicitors, London
  Gara Accountancy Services, Southall
  Garnet Publishing, Reading
  Garnethill Cleaners, City Centre., Glasgow
  Gas & Central Heat, Wembley
  Gastech gas services, Bradford
  Genkidirect, Romford
  Geoffrey Lucas Solicitors, Manchester
  Gheewala Butchers, Leicestershire
  Gifto Travels Ltd, London
  Gifto Travels Ltd for Umrah and Flights Worldwide, London
  Gifto's Lahore Karahi, London
  Gifto's Lahore Karahi, Southall
  Gifto's Lahore Karahi, Middlesex
  Gifts international, Birmingham
  Gino Shabab, Ayrshire
  Girach & Co, Leicester
  Glasgow Sweet House, Glasgow
  Global Trade Winds Ltd, London
  Global Traders & Exporters Ltd, Surbiton
  GM Medical Supplies Ltd, Harrow
  Gohar Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Golden Bengal, Seaford
  Golden Curry Tandoori, London
  Golden Delicious Takeaway, Mid Glamorgan
  Golden Gate Tandoori Indian Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Golden Kebabs, Dorsetshire
  Goody's Mideastern Cuisine & Bakery, London
  Gourmet Buffet, London
  Gradient International Technology Inc., Manchester
  Graham Park Halal Butcher, London
  Gram Park Halal Butcher, London
  Granville Guest House, Edinburgh
  Great North Cars, London
  Great Renovations, Wembley
  Green Dome International Ltd, Nottingham
  Green Valley, London
  Greenleaf Catering Supplies, Southall
  Greenleaf Wedding Services, Southall
  Guided Ways Technologies, Maidenhead
  Gujar Khan Meat Shop, West Midlands
  Gujarkhan Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Gulab Brasserie, Irvine
  Gulab Ltd., London
  Gulab Tandoori, Chesterfield
  Guldasta (Bouquet), Nelson
  Gulf Legal Services Ltd, London
  Gulmarg Foodstore, Glasgow
  Gulshan, Bedford
  Gulshan Curry House, Chelmsford
  Gulshan Indian Restaurant, London
  Gulshan Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Gulshan Iqbal Restaurant, London
  Gulshan Restaurant, Fleet
  Gulshan Takeaway, Lancashire
  Gulshan Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Gulshan Tandoori, London
  Gulshan Tandoori, Lancashire
  Gulshan Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Gulshan Tandoori, Essex
  Gulzar Cash & Carry, Manchester
  Gulzar Cash & Carry: Gulzar Food Stores, Manchester
  H. Ahmed & Co, London
  H. M. Electronics, London
  H. R. Fashions Ltd, Nuneaton
  H.M.S Poultry Supplies, Staffordshire
  Habib & Aziz Fashions Ltd., Manchester
  Habib Bank (A Z G Zurich), Leicestershire
  Habib Bank A G Zurich, London
  Habib Bank Ag Zurich, London
  Habib Estate & Finance Co, West Yorkshire
  Habib Estate & Finance Co, West Yorkshire
  Habib Indian Cuisine, West Sussex
  Habib Indian Restaurant, West Midlands
  Habib International Call Box Office, Cleveland
  Habib News, Cleveland
Habib Rahman & Co, London
  Habib Tandoori Indian Cuisine, West Midlands
  Habib Trading Co Ltd, West Midlands
  Habib Tv & Video, London
  Habib's Restaurant & Sweet Mart Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Habiba Ltd, Middlesex
  Habibs Foodstore, Tyne And Wear
  Habibs Hair Salon, Middlesex
  Habibs Take Away, Oxfordshire
  Hafeez & Co, Midlothian
  Hafeez Southern Fried Chicken, Birmingham
  Hafez 1, London
  Hafez Wahid Halal Poultry, Bradford
  Hafez Wahid Halal Poultry, West Yorkshire
  Hafiz & Co Solicitors, London
  Hafiz Fashion, Leicestershire
  Hafsa Cuisine Tandoori Takeaway, Kent
  Hafsa Ltd, Middlesex
  Haider Ltd., Lancashire
  Haider Naqvi & Co, Middlesex
  Haideri Tandoori, Birmingham
  Haj & Umra Travel Ltd, London
  Haji & Son Halal Meat Centre, Birmingham
  Haji & Sons Halal Meat, London
  Haji Abdul Ghanis Meat Shop, Buckinghamshire
  Hajiani Zaheda Vaid, Birmingham
  Hajj Council of Europe & America/Oxford Travel & Tours, London
  Hakim Enterprises Ltd, Lancashire
  Hakim Greengrocers, Glasgow
  Halal, London
  Halal & Fresh Meat Wholesalers, Liverpool
  Halal & Fresh Meat Wholesalers, Cheshire
  Halal & Spice, Liverpool
  Halal & Spice, Lancashire
  Halal Bazaar, Birmingham
  Halal Burger Hut, London
  Halal Butchers, West Yorkshire
  Halal Butchers, Lancashire
  Halal Butchers, London
  Halal Candy UK, London
  Halal China Grill, Essex
  Halal China Grill, Ilford
  Halal Consumers, Birmingham
  Halal Cuizine, Lancashire
  Halal Cuizine Ltd., Liverpool
  Halal Cuizine Ltd., Lancashire
  Halal Express Foods Ltd, Lanarkshire
  Halal Food Authority, London
  Halal Fresh Meat & Poultry, Buckinghamshire
Halal Fried Chicken, Bedfordshire
  Halal Kebab, Lanarkshire
  Halal Kebab House, Lanarkshire
  Halal Kebab Hut, Ilford
  Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Halal Meat, Guildford
  Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Halal Meat, London
  Halal Meat, Surrey
  Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Halal Meat & Asian Grocery Specialists, Carlisle
  Halal Meat & Chicken Sayed Bros Supermarket, West Midlands
  Halal Meat & Poultrey Wholesaler, Birmingham
  Halal Meat & Poultry, Wolverhampton
  Halal Meat & Poultry, Sheffield
  Halal Meat & Poultry, South Yorkshire
  Halal Meat Centre, Lancashire
  Halal Meat Market-Chicago, Buckinghamshire
  Halal Meat Packers, London
  Halal Meat Shop, Lancashire
  Halal Meat Shop, Manchester
  Halal Meat Shop, Leicester
  Halal meat shop, carr house road, Doncaster
  Halal Meat Suppliers, Wolverhampton
  Halal Meat: A K Grocers, Sheffield
  Halal Meats, Lancashire
  Halal Meats & Poultry, West Midlands
  Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC), Leicestershire
  Halal of Marble Arch, London
  Halal Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Lancashire
  Halal Poultry & Meat Products Ltd, Smethwick
  Halal Poultry & Meat Products Ltd, West Midlands
  Halal Quality Butchers, West Yorkshire
  Halal Restaurant, London
  Halal Restaurant 1, London
  Halal Solkar Butchers, Lancashire
  Halal Supermarket Ltd, Lancashire
  Halal Tandoori Restaurant & Takeaway, Lincolnshire
  Halaqah Media, London
  Haleem & Co, Lancashire
  Haleema Balti Take-Away, Nottinghamshire
  Hallal Mait, Leigh and Wigan Canal
  Hamed Ladies Clothes, Merseyside
  Hamed R Welding, Sussex
  Hameed Enterprises, Middlesex
  Hamid Convenience Stores, Renfrewshire
  Hamid Halal Meat, Surrey
  Hamid Imrit, Middlesex
  Hamid Management Consulting Ltd, London
  Hamid's Balti House, South Yorkshire
Hampstead Heath Travel, London
  Hamza Halal Meat Shop, Birmingham
  Hanif & Co, West Midlands
  Hanif & Shahnaz Mullah, Manchester
  Hanif And Sons, Renfrewshire
  Hanif Autos, West Midlands
  Hanif Moti & Associates, Leicestershire
  Hanif Sheikh, West Yorkshire
  Hanis Tandoori, Lancashire
  Hanna Consultation Services Ltd, Coleraine
  Haq Halal Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Haq Hamilton Hughes & Co., London
  Haque Empire, Fyfield
  HARIS SIGNS, Middlebrough
  Haroon Halal Butchers, Ilford
  Harrods, London
  Hartwell Technologies, Wolverhampton
  Hasan Solicitors, West Midlands
  Hasham & Sons, West Midlands
  Hasham Halal Poultry Co, Birmingham
  Hasina Tandoori, Leigh-on-Sea
  Hassan & Co Chartered Accountants, Cambridgeshire
  Hassan & Co. Building Contractors Ltd, London
  Hassan Pet Supplies, East Sussex
  Hassan's Indian Takeaway, Essex
  Hassanali Jewellers, Middlesex
  Hatfield Tandoori, Hatfield
  Haverhill Kebab & Pizza Kitchen, Suffolk
  Hawas Natural Beauty Products, Brentford
  Hawas Natural Products, London
  Haweli Tandoori Restaurant, Middlesex
  Haz, London
  Heald Green Balti House, Cheshire
  Hearsay Communication, London
  Heathrow Kitchens, Hayes
  Hebah, London
  Helal Balti House, Northamptonshire
  Helal Tandoori Restaurant, Louth
  Hendon Halal Butchers, London
  Hendon Halal Meat, London
  Herb & Spice Indian Restaurant, London
  Herb Garden, Harrow
  Hi Spek Electronics, Hatfield
  hijab centre, Black Burn
  Hijab Centre, Lancashire, Newport
  Hilal Balti House, Merseyside
  Hilal Balti House, Liverpool
  Hilal Catering, Ilford
Hilal Restaurant, Wilmslow
  Hilal Restaurant Ltd, Altrincham
  Hill Tandoori, Kent
  HMD Butchers, Swansea Bay
  Home Tuition, London
  Homeland Journal, Wembley
  Homeopathic Consultant, Feltham
  Homeopathic Health Clinic, Birmingham
  Hood Hood Books, London
  Hossain Moorehead & Co., Lancashire
  Hot N Spicy, Sheffield
  Hot Tandoor Ltd., Hertfordshire
  House Of Knowledge, West Yorkshire
  Hove Tandoori, Worthing
  Huma Law Associates, Luton
  Hunkarim, London
  Huque Chaudhry Associates, Leeds
  Huque Chaudhry Associates, West Yorkshire
  Hussain Halal, Avon
  Hussain Halal Butchers Shop, Bristol
  Hussain Raja Mumtaz, Nottinghamshire
  Hussain School Of Motoring, Leicestershire
  Hussain Singh Kahn & Co., Lancashire
  Hussain Tandoori, Kent
  Hussains Indian Cuisine, Thatcham
  Hussan Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Hyde Park Bathrooms, London
  I Q Halal, West Yorkshire
  I Q Halal, Bradford
  I. Z. Associates, London
  I.D. Entity, Wembley
  Ian Graham Marketing, Hemel Hempstead
  IBC Equipment Supplies, Greenford
  Ibis Delight, Derbyshire
  Ibn Ul Waqt Magazine, London
  Ibrahim & Sons Ltd., London
  Ibrahim Computer Services Ltd, Middlesex
  Ibrahim Kellis, London
  Ibrar Fashions, West Midlands
  Ichiban, London
  Iftin Shop, London
  Ikhlas Indian Cuisine Restaurant, Altrincham
  Ikky's Mini Market & Post Office, Southall
  Ikram & Company, Middlesex
  Ikram & Company, Heston
  Ikram Jewellers, West Midlands
  Ilmi Publications, Leicestershire
  Ilmi Publications - Islamic Goods, Leicester
  Ilyas & Co, West Midlands
  Im-press Promotions, RingwoodIMAAN COLLECTIONS, Leicester
  Imagez Ltd, London
  Imam Baker & Sweet Centre, Birmingham
  IMAN - ShowCase Arts, Enfield
  Iman Cleaning Co Ltd, London
  Iman Consulting Ltd, Middlesex
  Iman Halal Meat, Plaistow
  IMAN'S HIJABS, Swansea
  Imani Clothing Ltd., Lancashire
  Impact International, London
  Impeks Print, Ilford
  Imperial Tandoori Takeaway, Derbyshire
  Impress Promotions-Brentford, Brentford
  Imram Sabir & Naheen Hanif Stores, West Yorkshire
  Imran Fashions, Glasgow
  Imran Motors, Lancashire
  Imran TV Services, Bedfordshire
  Imran's Takeaway, Lancashire
  Imrans Takeaway, South Yorkshire
  Imrans Tandoori Take Away, Dorsetshire
  India Garden Tandoori Restaurant, Oxfordshire
  India palms halal takeaway Glasgow road Dumfries, Dumfries
  Indian Balti & Curry House, Kent
  Indian Chef, Newcastle upon Tyne
  Indian Cottage, Spalding
  Indian Cuisine, London
  Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Leicestershire
  Industrial Components (uk) Ltd, Margate
  Infiniti Electronics, Dudley
  Injury Claim UK Ltd, Birmingham
  ink &phone centre, Chatham
  Instanbul Kebab, East Sussex
  Instanbul Takeaway, Kent
  Instant Signs International, London
  Institute Of Islamic Banking & Insurance, London
  Interair Package Tours, Leicestershire
  Interair Travel, Leicester
  International Computer Components Limited, London
  International Foods & Halal Meat Centre, Southampton
  International Islamic Dawah Centre, London
  International Students Welfare, London Borough Of Redbridge
  Intersoft Entertainment, Northants
  Invent knowledge Ltd, London
  IPCI Islamic Vision, West Midlands
  Iqbal Bros, West Yorkshire
  Iqbal Zafar, Nottinghamshire
  Iqra Book Gift Centre, South Yorkshire
  Iqra Books, Middlesex
  Iqra Books & Stationery, Avon
  Iqra Books & Stationery, Derbyshire
Iqra Islamic Books and Gifts Centre, Middlesex
  Iqra Pizza, South Yorkshire
  IQRA Sweet & Kebab centre – Takeaway, Glasgow
  Iqra Tandoori, Edinburgh
  Iqra Tandoori, South Yorkshire
  Iqra Textiles, Middlesex
  Iqra Tutorials, London
  Iram, London
  Irfan Auto Spares, Bedfordshire
  Irfan Khan Butchers, West Midlands
  Irfan Superstore, Lanarkshire
  ISA, London
  Isaa Global (UK) Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  Ishmails Eastern Inn, Chesterfield
  Islam & Associates Ltd., London
  Islam & Co Accountants, Merseyside
  Islam Bros Halal Foodstore, Tyne And Wear
  Islam Catering Ltd., Essex
  Islam Financial Services, Lancashire
  Islam for All - Bookshop & Dawah Centre, London
  Islam Gar Halal Poultry, West Yorkshire
  Islam Gar Halal Poultry, Bradford
  Islam Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Islam Hosting, Bradford
  Islam Mehdi Halal Meat Ltd., Essex
  Islam Tandoori, Cheshire
  Islam Tandoori, Hampshire
  Islam's Halal Meat, Leicestershire, London
  Islamabab Halal Meat Supplies, Leicestershire
  Islamabad (Halal Butchers) of Ilford, Essex
  Islamabad Halal Butchers, Leicestershire
  Islamabad Halal Butchers Ltd, Ilford
  Islamabad Halal Meat Centre, London
  Islamabad Poultry Products, West Yorkshire
  Islamabad Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Islamabad Restaurant, London
  Islamabad Takeaway, Leicestershire
  Islamaic Relief Organisation, London
  Islamia Educational Trust, West Yorkshire
  Islamia Halal Butchers, London
  Islamia Halal Poultry, Leicester
  Islamic & Contemporary Art, Craft, Calligraphy & Design., Nottingham
  Islamic Academy Cambridge, Cambridge
  Islamic Art, Lincolnshire
  Islamic Art & Archaeology Ltd, London
  Islamic Art Consultants Ltd., London
  Islamic Arts, Birmingham
  Islamic Bakery, West Yorkshire
Islamic Bank Investments plc, High Wycombe

Islamic Bank Of Britain, West Midlands
  Islamic Bank Of Britain, Leicestershire
  Islamic Book Centre, Bolton
  Islamic Book Centre, Lancashire
  Islamic Book Centre, London
  Islamic Book Centre - Glasgow, Glasgow
  Islamic Book Centre Frame House, Lancashire
  Islamic Book Club, Lancashire
  Islamic Book Store in Association with Kitaabun, Leicester
  Islamic Bookshop, Dorsetshire
  Islamic Bookshop Com Ltd., Middlesex
  Islamic Calligraphy, Nottingham
  Islamic College for Advanced Studies, London
  Islamic Directory, Birmingham
  Islamic Foundation, Markfield
  Islamic Gifts and Cards, Middlesex
  Islamic Goods & Merchandise, Birmingham
  Islamic Goods Direct, Essex
  Islamic Halal Meat Co, London
  Islamic Home Study Course, Nottingham
  Islamic Information Centre, London
  Islamic International Store, Cambridgeshire
  Islamic Investment House Ltd, London
  Islamic Jewellery, London
  Islamic marketing consultancy, Bruton
  Islamic, Swansea
  Islamic Perfumes Ltd, Manchester
  Islamic Perfumes Ltd, Lancashire
  Islamic Research House, Middlesex
  Islamic Resource Centre, West Midlands
  Islamic Shariah Institute, Birmingham
  Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge
  Islamic Vision Ltd., West Midlands
  Islamic World, London, Ruislip
  Islamicinsight, Enfield, London
  Islamouth Fishings Ltd, Middlesex
  Ismail & Ghani, West Yorkshire
  Ismail Auto Garage, London
  Ismail Gentleman's Hairdressers, Surrey, Bradford
  Istanbul, Devonshire
  Istanbul Barbeque, East Sussex
  Istanbul Delight, Colchester
  Istanbul Fast Foods, Lancashire
  Istanbul Grill, Hampshire
  Istanbul Kebab, Lancashire
  Istanbul Kebab & Burger House, Gloucestershire
  Istanbul Kebab & Pizza, Cambridgeshire

Istanbul Kebab & Pizza House, Dorsetshire
  Istanbul Kebab House, Lancashire
  Istanbul Kebab House, Suffolk
  Istanbul Kebab House, Cambridgeshire
  Istanbul Meats, Gateshead
  IT Warehouse, Wembley
  Italeria, London
  ITALIAN EXPRESS, Great Grimsby
  Izgara Restaurant Ocakbasi, London
  Izmir Kebab House, Essex
  J & F Foodstore, West Midlands
  J A Khan & Co, London
  J R High Class Halal Butchers, London
  J. R. Jones Solicitors, Birmingham
  Jaaneman Sweet Centre, London
  Jabal Amil Trading Ltd., London, Barking Town
  Jade Garden, Staines
  Jade Garden, London
  Jahangir, Saint Andrews
  Jahangir Tandoori, Dundee
  Jalaalabad Halal Butchers & Groceries, Enfield
  Jalal Tandoori, Manchester
  Jalalabad Balti House, Hampshire
  Jalalabad Tandoori, Suffolk
  Jalaliah Restaurant, London
  Jalsa Balti Tandoori Take Away, Cheshire
  Jamal & Co, Angus
  Jame Halal Meat, Leicester
  Jameel Foods Ltd., Hertfordshire
  Jameel Foodstore, Cambridgeshire
  Jamia Consultancy, Bristol
  Jamil & Son, Cheshire
  Jamil Halal Meat, London
  Jan Muhammad, Truro
  Janet Ali Solicitors, Middlesex
  Jasat Halal Pies, Lancashire
  Jasat Halal Pies Ltd., Lancashire
  Jasmin Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Jasmine Garden Take Away, Dorsetshire
  Jasmine House, Bedfordshire
  Javed Tandoori, Warrington
  Jayzee Computers, Gloucester
  Jazzis Halal Fast Food Takeaway, Rotherham
  Jehangir Restaurant, London
  Jehangir Tandoori, Hampshire
  Jelabi Junction, Southall
  JK Developments Ltd, Yatesbury
  Jomuna Brasserie, London
  Jubraj, London
Junaid Jewellers, Berkshire
  Junaid's Kebab House, West Midlands
  Junaid's Keebab House, Birmingham
  Junaids Fast Foods Ltd., West Midlands
  Junaids Fish Bar, Birmingham
  Jupiter Properties, Cardiff
  Juris Chambers Solicitors & Advocates, London
  Just Halal Kebabs, Sheffield
  Just Words (Arabic), London
  K & F Minhas: Fakir Halal Doner, Birmingham
  K & I Rasool: Quddsi Halal Meat & Poultry, Birmingham
  K & K Fresh Halal Chickens, Birmingham
  K A JAVID & CO, Glasgow
  K.A. Qureshi Dentists, Ilford
  K.R.K Glasgow Ltd, Lanarkshire
  K.R.K Glasgow Ltd, Glasgow
  K1-Catering T/A Tennessee Fried Chicken, Swindon
  K2 Balti & Tandoori, Cheshire
  K2 Balti restaurant, Llantwit Major
  K2 Cash & Carry, Middlebrough
  Kabul Halal Food Restaurant, Middlesex
  Kabul Halal Restaurant, Southall
  Kadiri Kitchens, London
  Kadiri's, London
  Kafel Fund, London
  Kaiser Halal Meats, Lancashire
  Kakoli Tandoori Restaurant, Lancashire
  Kamal Computers Ltd., Essex
  Kamal Knitwear (UK) Ltd, Leicestershire
  Kamils Kebab, Surrey
  Kamran Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Kandoo, London
  Kandy Halal Butchers, Leicester
  Kara Halal Chippery & Curry House, Lancashire
  Karachi Fried Chicken, Birmingham
  Karachi Kebabs, Derbyshire
  Karachi Tandoori Halal Takeaway, London
  Karahi Junction, East Sussex
  Karahi Mahal, London
  Karam Express, Bedfordshire
  Karim & Kaur, West Yorkshire
  Karim Brothers, London
  Karim Restaurant, London
  Karim Solicitors, London
  Karim's Orient Experience Restaurant, Staffordshire
  Karim's Tandoori, Brighton
  Karims Tandoori, Hove
  Karsaz Meat Limited, West Midlands
  Kashif Fast Food, Kent
  Kashmir, Bristol
Kashmir, Ayr
  Kashmir Authentic Cuisine, Berkshire
  Kashmir Balti, Cambridgeshire
  Kashmir Balti House, South Yorkshire
  Kashmir Balti House, West Sussex
  Kashmir Balti House, Peterborough
  Kashmir Balti House, Kent
  Kashmir Book Centre, West Midlands
  Kashmir Consultants Ltd, Staffordshire
  Kashmir Cottage Balti Restaurant, Staffordshire
  Kashmir Fast Food, Cheshire
  Kashmir Gardens, Scunthorpe
  Kashmir Halal Centre, Lancashire
  Kashmir Halal Centre, Liverpool
  Kashmir Halal Foods Ltd, Ilford
  Kashmir Halal Meat & Grocers, London
  Kashmir Halal Meats, Ilford
  Kashmir Halal Tandoori Restaurant, Oxfordshire
  Kashmir Halal Tandoori Restaurant, Oxford
  Kashmir International Food Stores, Cleveland
  Kashmir Jewellers, Nottinghamshire
  Kashmir Karahi, Middlesex
  Kashmir Kebab House, Cheshire
  Kashmir Kebab House, Birmingham
  Kashmir Kebab House, Manchester
  Kashmir Kebab House & Balti Takeaway, Manchester
  Kashmir Kebabs, Derbyshire
  Kashmir Restaurant, London
  Kashmir Store Limited, Glasgow
  Kashmir Stores, Huddersfield
  Kashmir Stores, Lanarkshire
  Kashmir Stores, Luton
  Kashmir Take Away, Bedford
  Kashmir Tandoori, Hampshire
  Kashmir Tandoori, Southall
  Kashmir Tandoori Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Kashmir Tandoori Restaurant, Hove
  Kashmir Tandoori Restaurant, Kent
  Kashmir Tandoori Take-Away, Buckinghamshire
  Kashmir watan foodstores, Preston
  Kasmir Halal Meat Grocers Lmtd, London
  Kasmir Halal Meat Grocers Lmtd, Neasden
  Kassim-Lakha Abdulla & Co, London
  Kausar Tandoori, Burntisland
  Kauthar Communications, Manchester
  Kavah, London
  Kawal Balti House, Lancashire
  Kayani Systems, Slough
  Kayyuim & Sons, Manchester
  Kaz Halal Meat, London

Kebab & Pizza Hut, Cheshire
  Kebab and Co, Newry
  Kebab And Pizza Galore, Aberdeenshire
  Kebab Centre, Cleveland
  Kebab City, Ayrshire
  Kebab Corner, Berkshire
  Kebab Delights, East Sussex
  Kebab Eastern Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Kebab Express, East Sussex
  Kebab House, East Sussex
  Kebab House, Cheshire
  Kebab King, Dorsetshire
  Kebab King, East Sussex
  Kebab King, Manchester
  Kebab Kingdom, East Sussex
  Kebab Mahal, Edinburgh
  Kebab Mahal, Fife
  Kebab Mahal & Champion Fish Bar, Dunfermline
  Kebab Take Away, Manchester
  Kebab Takeaway, Dyfed
  Kebab Tandoori Takeaway, Dyfed
  Kebabish, Ayrshire
  Kebabish, London
  Kebabish, Essex
  Kebabish Tandoori Take Away, Lancashire
  Kebabland, London
  Kebabland, Devonshire
  Kebabs King, Devonshire
  KebarbeQ, Grimsby
  Keebabish, Manchester
  Kensal Fast Food, London
  Kenya Halal Meat And Poultry, London
  Kerims Takeaway, Ayrshire
  KEY CARS, Bedford
  Keychange Accommodation Agency, London
  Khadija Ltd, Hampshire
  Khadimul Hujjaj Travels & Tours Ltd., Essex
  Khalid Construction Services, Middlesex
  Khalid Construction Services, Wembley
  Khalid Grocers: Akash Tandoori, Oxfordshire
  Khalid Jewellers, West Midlands
  Khalil Brothers Knitwear Ltd., Lancashire
  Khalil Opticians, Wolverhampton
  Khalsa Super Store Ltd., Middlesex
  Khalsa Tandoori, Lanarkshire
  Khamisani Travel Ltd, London
  Khan & Co, Suffolk
  Khan & Co Accountants, Buckinghamshire
  Khan & Co Accountants & Auditors, London
  Khan & Partners, London
Khan & Sons ., Oxfordshire
  Khan Accountancy Ltd., West Midlands
  Khan Adamson Ltd., Dyfed
  Khan Balti & Pizza, West Midlands
  Khan Balti Exotica, Manchester
  Khan Balti House, Angus
  Khan Brasserie, Berkshire
  Khan Carpet Centre, West Midlands
  Khan Chacha's Restaurant, West Midlands
  Khan Chippie, West Midlands
  Khan Consultants Ltd., Derbyshire
  Khan Dental Clinic, Merseyside
  Khan Food Store, Tyne And Wear
  Khan General Store, Woking
  Khan General Stores, West Midlands
  Khan Grocers, Staffordshire
  Khan Halal Meat, Surrey
  Khan Halal Meat, East Ham
  Khan Insurance Services, Rochdale
  Khan International Trade, West Midlands
  Khan Karahi, Berkshire
  Khan Property Management Services, Manchester
  Khan Sahib Balti, Cheshire
  Khan Solicitors, Berkshire
  Khan Solicitors, West Yorkshire
  Khan Tandoori, Middlesex
  Khan Tandoori, West Midlands
  Khan Tandoori, Newbury
  Khan Tandoori, Gwent
  Khan Tandoori, Southend-on-Sea
  Khan Tandoori (Nw) Ltd., Merseyside
  Khan Tandoori Indian Takeaway, Northamptonshire
  Khan Tandoori Restaurant, Kent
  Khan Tandoori Restaurant, South Glamorgan
  Khan Travel, Bedfordshire
  Khan Wahab Shafique Rahman & Co, London
  Khan's Balti Pizza Fastfood & Takeaway, West Midlands
  Khan's Fast Food Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Khan's Fish Bar, West Midlands
  Khan's Mini Market, Cheshire
  Khan's Quality Foods, Blackburn
  Khan's Restaurant, London
  Khan's Takeaway, Angus
  Khan's Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Khana Khazana, London
  Khana Peena Restaurant, Middlesex
  Khans, London
  Khans Balti, Lancashire
  Khans Balti House, London
  Khans Balti House Takeaway, North Yorkshire
Khans Balti Paradise, East Sussex
  Khans Brasserie, West Sussex
  Khans Chartered Accountants, Twickenham
  Khans General Store, Wiltshire
  Khans Indian Restaurant, London
  Khans Kababs, Gloucestershire
  Khans Of Kemp Town, East Sussex
  Khans Of Kensington, London
  Khans Palace, Ayrshire
  Khans Restaurant, London
  Khans Solicitors, London
  Khans Solicitors, Essex
  Khans Takeaway, London
  Khans Tandoori, Hampshire
  Khans Tandoori, Cleveland
  Khans Tandoori Restaurant, Aberdeenshire
  Khans Tandoori Take Away, Lancashire
  Khanum Balti, West Midlands
  Khanum Restaurant, West Midlands
  Khas Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Khawaja Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Khawaja Khalid Mahmood, London
  Khayyam Kebab Take Away, Aberdeenshire
  Khaza Tandoori, Cheshire
  Khazana, Wrexham
  Khazana Tandoori Take-Away, Kent
  Khidmat-Ul-Hujjaj, Leicestershire
  Khublai Khans Ltd., Midlothian
  Khurram Fish Take Away, Edinburgh
  Khurshid Kiran, Staffordshire
  Khushboo Restaurant, Surrey
  Khushboo Takeaway, Worcestershire
  Khushi's, Edinburgh
  Khwaja Halal Meats, Lancashire
  Khybar Halal Meat, London
  Khyber & Berbice Autos, Southall
  Khyber & Berbice Autos, Middlesex
  Khyber Balti House, Hertfordshire
  Khyber Indian Restaurant, Newtownabbey
  khyber pass take away near university of aberdeen, Aberdeen
  Khyber Tandoori Restaurant, Surrey
  Kids Crafts, Ipswich
  Kinara Restaurant, Berkshire
  King Balti Indian Takeaway, Dorsetshire
  King Soloman Kebab & Mediterranean Food Cuisine, London
  King Solomons, London
  Kingfisher Kebab House, Manchester
  Kismat Halal Centre, West Midlands
  Kismat Indian Tandoori Restaurant, Ayrshire
  Kismet, Cambridgeshire
Kismet, East Sussex
  Kismet, Ongar Station
  Kismet Balti House, West Sussex
  Kismet Curry & Balti House, Essex
  Kismet Indian Tandoori, London
  Kismet Kebab, Kent
  Kismet Takeaway, West Sussex
  Kismet Takeaway, Kent
  Kismet Tandoori, Ayr
  Kismet Tandoori, London
  Kismet Tandoori, Cheshire
  Kitaabun Book Services, Leicestershire
  Klass Fabrics, Birmingham
  Knightswood News, Glasgow
  Knowledge & Wisdom, West Midlands
  Koh-I-Noor, Devonshire
  Koh-I-Noor Balti, Lancashire
  Kotia Halal Meat, Lancashire
  KRK Cash & Carry Ltd, Glasgow
  Kubri Dispensing Chemist, London
  Kuhi Noor Indian Take Away, Leigh-on-Sea
  Kyber Kebabs, Mid Glamorgan
  La Belle Boucherie Ltd., London
  La Boucherie D'or, London
  La Fontana, Hillingdon
  La Imrans, Manchester
  LA KASBAH, Slough
  La Minhaz Balti House, Manchester
  La Parisiene, London
  LA Pizza, London
  La Porte des Indes, London
  Labels & Tags Company, Leicester
  Lagenda Restaurant (Holiday Villa), London
  Lahore, London
  Lahore Café Bar & Restaurant, Yorkshire
  Lahore Donar & Tandoori, Middlesex
  Lahore Grillz, London
  Lahore Halal Lunch House, Lancashire
  Lahore Harahi House, London
  Lahore Karahi, London
  Lahore Karahi, Leicester
  Lahore Karahi Halal Chinese, West Midlands
  Lahore Kebab, Leicester
  Lahore Kebab House, London
  Lahore Kebab House, West Midlands
  Lahore Kebab House, Birmingham
  Lahore One, London
  Lahore Restaurant, London
  Lahore Take-Away, West Yorkshire
  Lahore Two Restaurant, London
Lahori Karahi, London
  Lahori Kebab House, Birmingham
  Laila Tandoori Restaurant, Lancashire
  Lajpur Food Store, London
  Lal Qila Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Lal Qilla, Lyme Regis
  Lala Abdulmalik Khadam-Alhajaj, Nottinghamshire
  Lalees Halal Meat, Leicestershire
  Lalqila, Lancashire
  Lancashire Halal Meat Centre, Lancashire
  Land of Furniture, Swindon
  Landlord Services Ltd, Leeds
  Larkfield Tandoori, Kent
  Lartisan Quality Decorating, Middlesex
  Las Iguanas, Birmingham
  Lasani, Middlesex
  Latif & Company Chartered Accountants, Hertfordshire
  Latif & Son, Cheshire
  Latif Adams, Middlesex
  Latif Associates Ltd., Renfrewshire
  Latif Electrical, West Midlands
  Latif Limited, London
  Latif Newsagent, Midlothian
  Latif Newsagents, Angus
  Latif Restaurant Ltd., Tyne And Wear
  Latif Rugs, Middlesex
  Latif Wholesale Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Lazeez Halal Caterers, London
  Lazeez Halal Meat Shop, West Yorkshire
  Lazeeza Tandoori Takeaway, Manchester
  Laziz Falafel, London
  Lazzat Balti Tandoori, Cheshire
  Le Bon Marche, London
  Le Casablanca, Aberystwyth
  Le Taj, London
  Lembah Anai, Kensington
  Lemon Grass, London
  LemonGrass Express, London
  Leo Max Limited, Edinburgh
  LIBAS, London
  Lingua, Huddersfield
  Links Communication Ltd, Oxford
  Lisi, London
  Little Harwod Halal Butchers, Lancashire
  Little Harwod Halal Butchers, Liverpool
  Liverpool Muslim Society, Merseyside
  Locum Chemist, Burnley
  Londis-Duns, Duns
  London Car Rentals, London
London Council for Hajj & Umrah, London
  London Educational Books, Surrey
  London Europe Ltd, London
  London Halal Meat, London
  London Open Academy for Higher Studies, London
  London Open College, London
  Lubna Foods Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Lubna Take Away, Cheshire
  Lucky Tandoori, Cheshire
  Luton Kebab House, Bedfordshire
  Lynton House Surgery, High Wycombe
  M & P Meats, Essex
  M A Food Stores, Portsmouth
  M Ahid Travel, Lancashire
  M Amin Butuchers, West Yorkshire
  M Amin & Sons, Leicestershire
  M Amin & Sons, Leicestershire
  M Aslam, Lancashire
  M Aslam, West Yorkshire
  M B Meats Ltd., County Durham
  M Hanif & Son, Lanarkshire
  M Latif & Sons, West Midlands
  M Latif International Market, Avon
  M M Halal, Lancashire
  M Najib & Sons, Derbyshire
  M S Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  M S Latif Eletcrical Distributors:, West Midlands
  M&N company, Black Halls Rocks
  M. K. Supermarket, London
  M. Latif & Sons Cash & Carry Warehouse, Birmingham
  M. M. Khan, Dewsbury
  M. N. Haque & Co., London
  M. Raffi Mortgages, Manchester
  M. Said & Co., London
  M.A Halal Meats, Smethwick
  M.I.H Communications, Leicester
  M.latif &sons, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal
  M.R. Press, London
  M.S.CARPETS & FURNITURE, Willesden Green
  M.Y. Motors, Keighley
  Ma's Restaurant, London
  Maaz Supermarket, Birmingham
  Maaz Supermarket Ltd., West Midlands
  Madina, West Midlands
  Madina Asian Foods, Tyne And Wear
  Madina Bakery, West Midlands
  Madina Book & Gift Centre, Derbyshire
  Madina Book & Gift Centre, Derby
  Madina Butchersland, Middlesex
  Madina Cash & Carry U K Ltd., Lancashire
  Madina Cash and Curry, West Yorkshire
  Madina Catering, West Midlands
  Madina clothing, Gloucestershire
  Madina Curry Take Away, West Yorkshire
  Madina Education Trust, West Midlands
  Madina Food Store, Tyne And Wear
  Madina Fun TV Production & Distribution, Bradford
  Madina General Store, Hertfordshire
  Madina Gift Centre, West Midlands
  Madina Gift Centre, Lanarkshire
  Madina Green Grocers Ltd., Lancashire
  Madina Haj Tours, Birmingham
  Madina Haj Tours, West Midlands
  Madina Halal, Leicestershire
  Madina Halal, Leicestershire
  Madina Halal Meat, Middlesex
  Madina Halal Meat & Grocers, Middlesex
  Madina Halal Store, London
  Madina House Ltd., West Midlands
  Madina Indian Takeaway, Hertfordshire
  Madina International Foodstore, Buckinghamshire
  Madina Manawara (Halal Meat), South Yorkshire
  Madina Manawara (Halal Meat), Sheffield
  Madina Property Management Services, Manchester
  Madina Select & Save Ltd., Middlesex
  Madina Stores, West Midlands
  Madina Stores, Tyne And Wear
  Madina Sweet Centre, Lancashire
  Madina Takeaway, Warwickshire
  Madina Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Madinah Indian Halal Takeway, London
  Madras Tandoori, London
  Maedah Grill, Whitechapel
  Magdalen Restaurant, Oxfordshire
  Maghreb Moroccan Restaurant, London
  Magnum Stores, High Wycombe
  Mahal, Dorsetshire
  Mahboob Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Mahbub Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Mahbub Indian Takeaway, Manchester
  Mahek, London
  Mahmood & Southcombe Solicitors, Essex
  Mahmood Hassan Traders, Lancashire
  Mahmood Jewellers, Staffordshire
  Mahmood Z, Birmingham
  Mahmoods, Yorkshire
  Majjos, London
  Majlis, London
  Majlis Indian Restaurant, London
  MAK-C Consultancy, Bingley
Makan Café, London
  Makananhalal, Canterbury
  Makdas Islamic Butchers, Leicestershire
  Makdas Islamic Butchery, Leicester
  Maktabah, Birmingham
  Maktabah, West Midlands
  Malabar, London
  Malabar Junction, London
  Malaysian Products Centre, London
  Malaysian Satay House, London
  Malek Contractors Ltd., Cheshire
  Malik & Malik Solicitors, London
  Malik Auto Electrics, West Midlands
  Malik Bargain Centre, Birmingham
  Malik Camera Centre, Nottinghamshire
  Malik Chopdat & Co, West Yorkshire
  Malik Computer Services Ltd, London
  Malik Double Glazing Ltd, London
  Malik Halal Butcher & Green Grocer, Sheffield
  Malik Halal Meat, Middlesex
  Malik Mini Market, Avon
  Malik Premier Stores, Lancashire
  Maliks, Maidenhead
  Mamzil, London
  Management & Economics Consultants Int'l Ltd (MECI), London
  Manchester Clothing Co. Ltd, Manchester
  Manchester Halal Meat Co, Manchester
  Manchester Halal Meat Store, Lancashire
  Manchester Superstore, Manchester
  Mandelhurst Ltd, London
  Manzil Halal Frozen Food, Birmingham
  Manzil Restaurant, Birmingham
  Manzil Takeaway, Manchester
  Manzil Tandoori, Essex
  Manzil Tandoori Restaurant, Lancashire
  Marhaba Restaurant, Lancashire
  Marmaris Kebab House, Dyfed
  Marmaryz halal food, Abergavenny
  Maroush, London
  Marriage Bureaux, Ilford
  maryams english for the world, Cardiff
  Masaledar, London
  Mash's Halal Fast Food, Lancashire
  Mashal Radio Oldham, Oldham
  Mashuk Halal Food Centre, Tyne And Wear
  Masjid e umar, Yorkshire
  Masood Akhtar Associates, Birmingham
  Masood Akhtar Associates, West Midlands
  Masoom Tandoori Express, Hertfordshire
  Masoom Tandoori Restaurant, Essex
Masoom Tandoori Restaurant, Southend-on-Sea
  Master Halal Meats, Lancashire
  Master Kebab, London
  MathUmatics, Leicestershire
  Matsu, London
  Mawal, London
  Mawar, London
  MaximiseIT, Birmingham
  Maxwells Kebab House, Manchester
  May Co Telecommunication, London
  Mazammal Halal Meat Centre, Birmingham
  Mazir Tandoori, Ayrshire
  Mazrul Indian Takeaway, Dorsetshire
  Mazza, London
  MB ASIAN TAKEAWAY, Huddersfield
  MBK Software House, Birmingham
  MD Hajj & Umrah, London
  MDNET, London
  MDUK Media, London
  Mecca Global Travel, Bristol
  Medi-Chem Marketing, Walsall
  MediaLogicUK, Peterborough
  Medicare Consultancy, Rochdale
  Medina Balti Pizza Kebab House, Cheshire
  Medina Bookshop, West Midlands
  Medina Bookshop, Lanarkshire
  Medina Brasseries Ltd, South Yorkshire
  Medina Builders Ltd, Isle Of Wight
  Medina Curry House, London
  Medina Dairy Ltd, Slough
  Medina Foods, West Yorkshire
  Medina Halal Meat Limited, West Midlands
  Medina Recordings, Hertfordshire
  Medina Recordings, Watford
  Medway Halal Foods, Birmingham
  Meenar Tandoori, Bristol
  MegaTiles, Brent
  Mehek, London
  Mehfil Restaurant, Manchester
  Mekteb EL Amira Ltd, London
  Melatis, London
  MemSaab, Nottingham
  Memsaheb, London
  Menston Dental Practice, Menston
  Menston Dental Practice, Leeds
  Meridian Health Products Ltd (Jingchee), Redhill
  Meshwar Restaurant, London
  Meshweret Publishing, London Borough Of Southwark
  Mesopotamia Restaurant, Wembley
  Message of Islam, London
Metro Pizza, Beckenham
  Miah's Cafe Tandoor, West Glamorgan
  Miah's Cafe Tandoor, West Glamorgan
  Microscan Technolgy Ltd (Mtl), London
  Microstar Tech Ltd, London
  Microtec Ware Ltd., Cambridge
  Milaad Takeaway, Kent
  Milaad Tandoori, Kent
  Milan Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Millenium Catering, Harrow On The Hill
  Millenium Catering, London
  Millenium Marketing, Harrow
  Millenium Marketing, Middlesex
  Millennium Jeans, Blackburn
  Minar Restaurant, London
  Minar Tandoori, London
  Minara Restaurant, London
  Minars Express Foods, West Sussex, London
  Mirage Technologies, Leicester
  Mirch Masala, London
  Mirch Masala - Southall, Southall
  Mirchi Lahore, London
  Mirpur Jewellers, West Yorkshire
  Misbah Tandoori, Monmouth
  Misfala Tandoori Take-Away, Cheshire
  Mismylla Halal & Co, Coventry
  Mizan Books, Nottingham
  Mizan Tandoori, Lancashire
  MKFM Muslim Bed-sit Accomadation Est 1962, South Shields
  MMI - Muslim Marriage Introductions, London
  MMTI, Wembley
  Mobeen, London
  Mobeen Restaurant 1, London
  Mobeen Take Away, London
  Mobile Connections, Nottingham
  MobileForm(Telecomms/IT), Birmingham
  Mogal-E-Azam Tandoori Restaurant, Nottinghamshire
  Moghul Tandoori, Cambridgeshire
  Moghul Tandoori Indian Take Away, Cambridgeshire
  Moghuls Restaurant, Lancaster
  Mogul E Azam, London
  Mogul Restaurant, Lancashire
  Mohammad Gulistan Khan & Co. Ltd., Buckinghamshire
  Mohammad Hanif Bhatti, Cheshire
  Mohammad Nural Islam, Hampshire
  Mohammad Sharrif, West Yorkshire
  Mohammed & Co., Lancashire
Mohammed & Co., Dormans Park
  Mohammed Ali Licenced Grocer, Stirlingshire
  Mohammed Dar Consulting Engineers, Cheshire
  Mohammed Ghafoor, West Yorkshire
  Mohammed Hussein Traders, South Yorkshire
  Mohammed Iqbal Tarmohamad, London
  Mohammed Irshad, Derbyshire
  Mohammed Mafooz: World of Crockery, London
  Mohammed Nahib, Derbyshire
  Mohammed Newsagent, Fife
  Mohammed Newsagents, Lanarkshire
  Mohammed Raza Veterinary, Lancashire
  Mohammed Saber, London
  Mohammed Sarwar Traders, Lancashire
  Mohammed Shah & Co, London
  Mohammed Stores, Warwickshire
  Mohammed Yousef, West Midlands
  Mohammeds Tandoori, Brighton
  Mojmasti, London
  Mojmasti Halal Pakistani Restaurant, Middlesex
  Mokhams Of Digbeth, Birmingham
  Momotaz Indian Take Away, Manchester
  Momtaz Tandoori, West Sussex
  Monaf's Indian Cuisine, Middlesex
  Money Planners Ltd, London
  Monihar Balti & Tandoori Restaurant, Essex
  Monzil Tandoori, Hampshire
  Moonlight Tandoori Restaurant, Oxfordshire
  Moreitsolutions, Slough
  MorganAnwarChisholmHoque, London
  Moroccan Tagine, London
  Mortimer electrical, Trowbridge
  Mosam Bakery, Lancashire
  Mostafa's Taxis, Inverness
  Moti Hajj & Umrah, Leicestershire
  Moti Tours, Leicester
  Moud & Sa'a, Manchester
  Moud & Saa, Lancashire
  Mountain of Light Productions Ltd (MOL), London
  Mr Flafel, Bournemouth
  Mr. Fish, London
  Mr. Jerk, London
  Mrs. Rabaya Islam Homeopathic Physician, London
  MSA Publication Limited, London
  Mubaarak Restaurant, London
  Mubarak Food Co., West Yorkshire
  Mubarak Travels, West Midlands
Mugal-E-Shahi, Loughborough
  Mughal Balti Restaurant&Takeaway, Stoke On Trent
  Mughal General Grocers, Lancashire
  Mughal General Grocers, Manchester
  Mughal Indian Take-Away, Cheshire
  Mughal Indian Tandoori Take Away, Nottinghamshire
  Mughal Kashmir, Derbyshire
  Mughal Take Away, Nottinghamshire
  Mughal Tandoori, Cheshire
  Mughal Tandoori, Warwickshire
  Mughal Tandoori Restaurant Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Mughal Tandoori Takeaway, Nottinghamshire
  Mughal's Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Mughli Restaurant, Lancashire
  Muhib Indian Cuisine, London
  Mujib, Ellesmere Port
  Mujib Restaurant Ltd., North Yorkshire
  Mukhtars Sweet Centre, West Midlands
  Mullaco Foods, Batley
  Multan Kebabish & Multan Takeaway, London
  Multan Tandoori, Cleveland
  Multan Tandoori, Renfrewshire
  Multani & Co Ltd, Middlesex
  Mumtaj Indian Cuisine, West Midlands
  Mumtaz, Bristol
  Mumtaz Exquisite Halal Chicken and Ribs, Leicester
  Mumtaz Food Industries Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Mumtaz Halal Fastfood, Tyne And Wear
  Mumtaz Mahal, Benfleet
  Mumtaz Mahal Tandoori Indian Restaurant, Essex
  Mumtaz Paan House, Yorkshire
  Mumtaz Restaurant, Avon
  Mumtaz Restaurant, London
  Mumtaz Restaurant, Bedfordshire
  Mumtaz Taj Mahal Sweet Centre & Takeaway, Midlothian
  Mumtaz Tandoori, East Sussex
  Mumtaz Tandoori & Balti Takeaway, Gloucestershire
  Mumtaz Tandoori Restaurant, Worcestershire
  Munavvar Halal Meat Ltd., Leicestershire
  Munir Chaudry Associates, West Yorkshire
  Munir Promotion, Leicester
  Munir Promotion, Leicestershire
  Munir Tandoori, Derbyshire
  Munshis Halal, West Yorkshire
  Murtaza Zamary, Middlesex
  Musa A Patel & Co., West Yorkshire
  Musa A. Patel & Co, Dewsbury
  Mushtaq & Co, West Midlands
  Mushtaq Moosa, West Yorkshire
  Mushtaq Restaurants Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Mushtaq Sweet Centre, West Midlands
  Mushtaq Travel, Derbyshire
  Mushtaq Welfare Trust, Manchester
  Mushtaq's, Birmingham
  Mushtaq's Food Factory Ltd., West Midlands
  Muskaan Estates Ltd., West Midlands
  Muskaan Indian Cuisine, London
  Muslim 2 Muslim, Manchester
  Muslim Academy Ltd., London
  Muslim Booksellers, West Midlands
  Muslim Bookshop, London
  Muslim Butcher, Peterborough
  Muslim Butchers & Groceries, South Glamorgan
  Muslim Butchers Ltd., Cambridgeshire
  Muslim Car Connection, London
  Muslim Childminder, Cardiff
  Muslim College, London
  Muslim Community Project, Hertfordshire
  Muslim Directory (Uk) Ltd., London
  Muslim Directory Enquiries 786 Ltd., Lancashire
  Muslim Elderly Day Care Centre, Lanarkshire
  Muslim Enterprise Development Service(M E D S), Merseyside
  Muslim Food Guide, Batley
  Muslim Food Guide, West Yorkshire
  Muslim Food Store, Lancashire
  Muslim Global Income Network, Middlesex
  Muslim Grocer & Butcher, Cambridgeshire
  Muslim Halal Butchers, London
  Muslim Halal Meats, London
  Muslim Health Project, Derbyshire
  Muslim Investment Corp., London
  Muslim Marriage Helpline, Hounslow
  Muslim Marriage Link, London
  Muslim Marriage Service, Manchester
  Muslim News, London
  Muslim Videographer, Addlestone
  Muslim Welfare House, Tyne And Wear
  Muslim Welfare Trust, Cleveland
  Muslimah Clothing, London
  Muslimah Essentials Ltd, Reading
  Muslimedia Ltd., Lancashire
  Muslims Business Network Ltd., Nottinghamshire
  Muslims Education Centre, Nottinghamshire, London, Birmingham
  Mustafa Halal Meat, London
  Mustafa Solicitors, Manchester
  Mustafa Solicitors, Lancashire
  Myaa Architects, London
Myda Catering Service, Greenford
  Mystic Pizza, Yorkshire
  N & J Meats Ltd., Gloucestershire
  N & J Meats Ltd., Gloucestershire
  N A Industries Ltd, London
  NA Industries Ltd, London
  Naafiah Pizza Kebab & Curry House, Lancashire
  Naaz Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Naazhus, Kent
  Nabeel Foods Ltd, London
  Nabeen Restaurant, London
  Nabela Tandoori, Hampshire
  Nabi McMullan Accountants, Lanarkshire
  Nabi-McMullan Accountants, Glasgow
  Nabil Fanous, London
  Nabil Hindi Architects, London
  Nabishi Radio Systems, Reading
  Nadeem & Co Accountants, Middlesex
  Nadeem engineering, Ilford
  Nadeem Memon, Middlesex
  Nadeem Stores, Nottinghamshire
  Nadia's Patisserie, Cambridgeshire
  Nads Fast Food Takeaway, Derbyshire
  Nafees, Leeds
  Nafees Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Nagina Karahi, Middlesex
  Nagina Karahi, Southall
  Nagina Sweet & Kebab House Ltd, Lancashire
  Nagina Tandoori Mahal, West Yorkshire
  Nahar Cafeteria, London
  Naim Foods Ltd, West Midlands
  Najib Gedal Chartered Architect, Cheshire
  Najib Gedal Chartered Architect, Stockport
  Najib Halal Meat, Bradford
  Najib Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Nando's, London
  Nando's, Birmingham
  Nandos (Hounslow), Middlesex
  Nargis, Middlesex
  Nargis, Southall
  Nargis Balti Tandoori, Berkshire
  Nargis Kapuri, London
  Narseen Dar Asian Food and Spices, Cambridgeshire
  Nas Kebabs, Essex
  Nasar Motors, Essex
  Naseeb Indian Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Naseeb Indian Restaurant, Derbyshire
  Naseeb Tandoori, Leicester
  Naseebs, Crewe
  Nashat Tandoori, East Sussex
Nasib Fish Restaurant, Middlesex
  Nasib Tandoori, Cheshire
  Nasima Balti Takeaway, Cheshire
  Nasir Mehmood & Co, West Midlands
  Nasrin, Kent
  Nassen Fresh Halal Superstore, Lancashire
  Nation 786 Services Ltd, Luton
  Nation Daily Newspaper, Ilford
  National Halal Centre, West Midlands
  National Halal Centre, Birmingham
  National Halal Meat, London
  National Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Natural Health Service, London
  Natural Homeopathic Clinic, Glasgow
  Naveed Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Naveed Sadiq, Lancashire
  Nawaab Tandoori, Lancashire
  Nawaab Tandoori Asian Restaurant, Manchester
  Nawab & Co, Warley
  Nawab & Co, West Midlands
  Nawab Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Nawabs Tandoori Takeaway, Oxfordshire
  Nawaz Video, West Midlands
  Nayab, London
  Naz Balti House, Derbyshire
  Naz Takeway, Swansea
  Naz Tandoori Takeaway, Edinburgh
  Nazim & Co, Ilford
  Nazir Associates Ltd, West Midlands
  Nazir Son Construction, West Midlands
  Nazirs Ltd, Lancashire
  Nazma, East Sussex
  Nazma Restaurants, Aberdeen
  Nazma Tandoori, Peterhead
  Nazma Tandoori Restaurant, Slough
  Nazma Tandoori Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Nazmin 2, London
  Nazrul, London
  Nazrul 2, London
  Ned's Noodle Bar, London
  Neha S Collections, Manchester
  Nehmat Kadah, Slough
  Nelam Kebab House, Staffordshire
  Nemsaab Les Cuisine Indienne, London, Luton
  Netherton Halal Butchers, Netherton
  NetUse, Birmingham
  Network 2K Ltd, London
  New Asian Tandoori Centre, Southall
New Delhi Balti House, Essex
  New Dewaniam Tandoori Take-Away, London
  New Dome Hotel, London
  New Fashion House, Southall
  New Garden Chinese, London
  New Horizon, Exeter
  New Istanbul, Fife
  New Kabana Takeaway, Berkshire
  New Kashmir Balti House, March
  New Kashmir Tandoori, Devonshire
  New Look Leathers, London
  New Shahi Kebab, Berkshire
  New Shahi Nan Kebab, Leicester
  New Sultan, Leeds
  New Surma Tandoori, London
  New Tabak Restaurant, Lancashire
  New Tahir Take Away, Lancashire
  New Taj Mahal Tandoori Restaurant, Bedfordshire
  New Tayyab, London
  Newaz Tandoori, Kent
  Newcastle Al Halal Meats, Belfast
  Newsagent Sarah, Kent
  NEXT CARPETS, Birmingham
  Nice Kashmir Halal Meat, Buckinghamshire
  Nihal Art, Edinburgh
  Nikko Electronics LTD, Epsom
  Nile of The Bay Ltd, Torquay
  Nishan Tandoori, Essex
  Nizam, London
  Nizam Tandoor Restaurant, West Sussex
  Nizami's Brasserie, London
  Nizar Boga Art, London
  NK Carpenters, London
  Noodle Noodle, London
  Noor & Noor Co. Ltd., Merseyside
  Noor Caterers, Southall
  Noor Centre, Walsall
  Noor Centre, West Midlands
  Noor Computers Services Ltd, Berkshire
  Noor Computers Services Ltd, Slough
  Noor Groceries, London
  Noor Jahan, Birmingham
  Noor Jahan, Lancashire
  Noor Jahan, Nottinghamshire
  Noor Pharmacy Ltd., West Midlands
  Noor Superstore, Lancashire
  Noor Tandoori, Southend-on-Sea
  Noori Halal Meat, London
  Noori Traders, Essex
  Nooria Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
Nooria Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Nooris, Brighton
  Noorjahan, London
  Noorjahan Restaurant, London
  Noreen & Nosheen School of Motoring, London
  Norfolk Leather Centre, Great Yarmouth
  Nottingham Community College, Nottingham
  Nottingham Minibuses, Nottingham
  NTC Carpets, London
  Number One Café, London
  NUMBERPLATES4U, Manchester
  Nuramin, Berkshire
  Nurani Tandoori, Epping
  Nurbhai & Co, Manchester
  Oak Halal Lodge, West Bromwich
  Oasis Catering, London
  Offerton Balti Restaurant, Cheshire
  Oil Garden, Harrow
  Ojee Travel & Tours, London
  Olios Halal Fast Food, Birmingham
  Olios Halal Fast Food, West Midlands
  OlivePress Printing Company, Cardiff
  Olympic Enterprises, Manchester
  Omar Balti Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Omar Decorators Ltd., Merseyside
  Omar Discount Store, South Glamorgan
  Omar Electrical Services, Douglas
  Omar Foods, South Yorkshire
  Omar Footwear, West Midlands
  Omar Iftikhar, Lancashire
  Omar Kebabs & Pizza, Leicestershire
  Omar Khayam Restaurant, West Midlands
  Omar Khayyam, Midlothian
  Omar Khayyam Tandoori Restaurant, Stirlingshire
  Omar Restaurant, Cambridgeshire
  Omar Sharif, Lancashire
  Omar Stores, Stirlingshire
  Omar Take-Away, West Yorkshire
  Omar Tandoori, West Glamorgan
  Omar Tandoori, Essex
  Omar Tandoori Restaurant, Essex
  Omars, Bristol
  Omer Khayyam Tandoori Restaurant, Kent
  Omers Kebab House, Somerset
  Omi's Restaurant, London
  One Twenty Degrees Ltd, Wandsworth
  Onecall Travels, London
  Onecall Travels, London
Onesign, Sheffield
  Optics Vision, London
  Options Independent Mortgage Advisers, Reading
  Organic Halal Company, Somerset
  Orient Press, Bradford
  Oriental Buffet, London
  Oriental Carpets, London
  Oriental Cash And Carry (Butcher), Glasgow
  Oriental Foods Cash & Carry, Lanarkshire
  Oriental Halal Store, Small Heath
  Oriental Khazana, London
  Oriental Superstore, Colchester
  Oscars, London
  Osman & Co, London
  Osman Pharma Services Ltd., London
  Osmani Interiors, Surrey
  Osmans, Fife
  Osmans Solicitors, Middlesex
  Ossie Plumbing & Heating Suppliers, London
  Ottoman Kebab, Dorsetshire
  Oxford Macintosh Solutions Ltd, Oxford
  Pahlgam Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Paintex, London
  Pak Butchers , Avon
  Pak Butchers, London
  Pak Butchers, Cardiff
  PAK FOOD STORE, Sheffield
  Pak Foods, Stoke On Trent
  Pak Foods, Bristol
  Pak Foods, Avon
  Pak Halal, Manchester
  Pak Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Pak Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Pak Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Pak Mecca Meats Ltd, West Midlands
  Pak Poultry, Huddersfield
  Pakeeza, London
  Pakeeza Halal Butchers, Middlesex
  Pakistan General Stores, Merseyside
  Pakistan Hot Food Takeaway, Lancashire
  Pakistan International Airlines Corporation, West Midlands
  Pakistan Islamic Law Chambers, London
  Pakistan Professional Association International (PPA), London
  Pakistan Qurbani Project, Lanarkshire
  Pakistan Sweet Centre, South Yorkshire
  Pakistan Takeaway, South Yorkshire
  Pakistan Travel Ltd., Surrey
  PAKTURK (UK) LTD, Oldham
  PAKUK International, London
Palash Tandoori Take Away, Hampshire
  Panama Travel, West Midlands
  Pandoo's, London
  Panzim Tandoori, East Sussex
  Paper Fusion (UK), Glasgow
  pappa of paignton, Torquay
  Papushah Lahori Karahi, Southall
  Papushah Lahori Karahi, Middlesex
  Paradise Found, London
  Paradise Travel, Leicester
  Parbin Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Pars Halal Foods, Belfast
  Partners in Print, Birmingham
  Parveen Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Parvez Tandoori, Dorsetshire
  Parvez Tandoori, Saffron Walden
  Pasha, London
  Passage to India, London
  Patogh, London
  PC Factory Outlet UK, Halifax
  PCICom, London
  Peckish Halal Restaurant & Takeaway, London
  Pendle Halal Meat Shop, Lancashire
  Perfect Fried Chicken, Paisley
  Perfect Fried Chicken, London
  Perfect Fried Chicken - Takeaway, Glasgow
  Persia Kebab House, Cheshire
  Peshawar Kebab House, Birmingham
  Peter Sanders Photography & Photographic Library, Chesham
  Pharmatech 2000, London
  Phone Atlantic, London Borough Of Haringey
  Pindi Corner, London
  Ping Pong Dim Sum, London
  Pioneer Design Consultants, London
  Pip Printing, London
  Pipeline Plumbing Supplies, Harrow
  Pizza Bellezza, Scunthorpe
  Pizza House, London
  Pizza Kebabs & Burgers, South Yorkshire
  Pizza King, London
  Pizza King Royal Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Polash Tandoori Restaurant, Oxfordshire
  Pondok Buyong, Kensington
  Poppadom Palace, Banbury
  Portico Properties Residential Ltd, Wembley
  Portobello Bookshop, London
  Ports Wood Halal Meat Center, Southampton
  Portswood Halal Meat Centre Ltd, Hampshire
  Possession Direct, London
  Power Store UK, London Bridge Station
Preem, London
  Preem Restaurant & Balti House, London
  Premium Halal Lambs Ltd, Ilford
  Pretty Woman Slimming & Beauty Salon, Wembley Park
  pricemaster, Kilmarnock
  Primary Web Solutions, London
  Prime Halal Meat, London
  Prime Markets International, Reading
  Prime TV, London
  Private Transport for London Ltd., London
  Procom Direct Ltd, London
  Professional Arabic Translation, Birmingham
  Professional Security Services, Birmingham
  Project Coder Co., Bristol
  Project Rahnama, Nottinghamshire
  Prompt Print, Southall
  Pronto Express Pizza, Brighton
  Pubali Restaurant, London
  Punjab Grill House, Yorkshire
  Punjab Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Punjab Karahi, Middlesex
  Punjab Takeaway, Lancashire
  Punjab Tandoori Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Punjab Textiles Ltd, Middlesex
  Punjab Textiles Ltd, Southall
  Pyramids World Travel, Birmingham
  Q News International Ltd, Wembley
  Q-News, London
  Qabas, Bingley
  Qader Business Solutions Ltd., Staffordshire
  Qamar & Associates, West Midlands
  Qamar Indian Take Away, West Yorkshire
  Qamar IT Ltd, Hertfordshire
  Qamar Solicitors, West Yorkshire
  Qasim International Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Qasim Ltd., Leicestershire
  Qasim Services Ltd., Surrey
  Qasims Fruit & Veg, West Yorkshire
  Qayyum & Sons Ltd., London
  Qayyum Consulting Ltd., London
  Qayyum Enterprises Ltd., London
  Qayyum Sons Textiles, West Midlands
  Qazi Associates Ltd., Cheshire
  Qazi Consultancy Ltd., London
  QED - Quest for Economic Development, Bradford
  Qila Tandoori, Dyfed
  Qisim Khan Electrical Contractors, West Midlands
  Qismat Restaurant, Stirlingshire
  Qismat Tandoori, Lanarkshire
Qismat Tandoori Restaurant, Inverness-shire

Qualicom Aspire, Watford
  Quality Halal Meat, Ilford
  Quality Halal Meat, Manchester
  Quality Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Quality Halal Meats, Lancashire
  Quality Halal Meats, Derbyshire
  Quality Kebab, Hampshire
  Quality Kebab, Suffolk
  Quality Kebab, Essex
  Quality Kebab & Fish Bar, Kent
  Quality Kebabs, Middlesex
  Quality Kebabs Ltd., Kent
  Queens Park Beauty Clinic, London
  Quick Cash 2A all saints road, Gloucester
  Quick Translation & Editing, London
  R & B Travel, London
  R B Halal Food Centre, London
  R D Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  R.N.B. Enterprises, London
  Raavi Kebab (Halal), London
  Raavi Kebab Halaal Tandoori, London
  Rabab Educational Productions, Manchester
  Rafi S Spice Box, North Yorkshire
  Rafiks Botchergate Tandoori, Carlisle
  Rafiq & Co, London
  Rafiq Asian Jewellers, West Midlands
  Rafiq Driving School, Berkshire
  Rafiq Driving School, West Midlands
  Rafique Halal Meat Centre, Birmingham
  Rafique-Ul-Hujjaj, West Midlands
  Rafiques Indian Cuisine, London
  Rahana Tandoori, London
  Raheem IT Ltd, East Sussex
  Rahim Brothers Ltd, London
  Rahim Sevenstars Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Rahman & Co, London
  Rahman Bros. Ltd, Lancashire
  Rahman Jewellers, Lancashire
  Raies Tandoori Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Rainbow Hajj & Umrah, London
  Rainbow Travel, Slough
  Raj Cuisine, Yeovil
  Raja & Partners Solicitors, London
  Raja Driving School, Greenford
  Raja Tandoori, East Sussex
  Rajabs Take Away, South Yorkshire
  Rajas Pizza Bar, West Yorkshire
  Ramzans, Ayrshire
  Ramzans Curry House, Fife
  Rapyal Halal Meat & Poultry Wholesalers, Birmingham
Rasheed, London
  Rashid & Sons, West Midlands
  Rashid Abdul Khan Building & Maintenance, Lancashire
  Rashid School Of Motoring, Berkshire
  Rashid School of Motoring, Nottingham
  Rashid Tandoori, West Sussex
  Rashid Travel, Birmingham
  Rashid's Curry House, Staffordshire
  Rashids, Helston
  Rasoi Asian Cuisine, London
  Raymart Textiles, Manchester
  RAZA QURESHI, Liverpool
  Razmin Tandoori, London
  Real Burger World, London
  Real World Finance Ltd, Bedfordshire
  Red Rose Bangladeshi & Indian Restaurant, Lancashire
  Red Rose Tandoori, London
  Red Sea Travel, Cardiff
  Regent Tandoori, London
  Registered Child Minder, London
  Rehman & Sons, South Yorkshire
  Renhcy Shaheen, Middlesex
  Reshmi, London
  Restaurants Management Ltd, London
  Reza's Pizza, County Durham
  Riaz Ahmed & Co, Lancashire
  Riaz Ahmed & Co, Manchester
  Riaz Halal, Leicestershire
  Riaz Halal Meat and Poultry, Leicester
  Riaz Knit Ltd, Manchester
  Rice & Three Indian Halal Fast Food, Lancashire
  Richmond Architects, Richmond
  Riteway, London
  River Dale Group of Hotels, Margate Sand
  Riyadul Jannah Magazine, Leicester
  Rizwan Halal Meat adn Poultry, Leicester
  Rizwan Nash Ltd., London
  Robert Finnys Newsagents, Duns
  Rochdale Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Rofique Tandoori, East Sussex
  Rolex Trading Co, Bradford
  Rolex Trading Co, West Yorkshire
  Romana Tandoori Indian Take Away, Hampshire
  Romford Halal Meat Limited, Essex
  Roohani Salaam Counselling & Consultancy Services, Mitcham
  Roosters Chicken Northgate street, Gloucester
  Rose Palace Halal Chinese Cuisine, London
  Roshni, Southall
  Roshni, Middlesex
  Roti Halal Food, Belfast
Rotti, London
  Royal Cuisine Restaurant & Sweet Centre, Yorkshire
  Royal Kebab House, Buckinghamshire
  Royal Lahori Karahi, Poole
  Royal Naim, Birmingham
  Royal Naz Restaurant, Manchester
  Royal Tandoori, Birmingham
  Royal Tandoori, London
  Royal Tandoori, Hampshire
  Royal Tandoori, Cheshire
  Royal Tandoori Indian Takeaway, East Sussex
  Rubina Tandoori Indian Takeaway, East Sussex
  Ruby Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Ruby Restaurant & Takeaway, London
  Ruby's, London
  Rubys, East Sussex
  Rumman Tandoori, Berkshire
  Rush Hour, London
  Ryath Halal Tandoori, London
  S Akbar & Co, Kent
  S Amin, Kent
  S Khan Mini Market and Off License, London
  S Perwaiz, London
  S. Asghar & Co, London
  S. Yousaf & Co Ltd, Glasgow
  S.M.S. (U.K.) Ltd, London
  S9V24, London
  Saab Indian Takeaway, Berkshire
  Saad Berkeley Ltd., Surrey
  Saadat Construction Ltd, Essex
  Saadi Technical Solutions Ltd, East Sussex
  Saagar Tandoori Balti House, Hampshire
  Saagar Tandoori Indian Takeaway, Lincolnshire
  Saagar Tandoori Restaurant, East Sussex
  Saagar Tandoori Takeaway, Dyfed
  Saajan Halal Cafe, Lancashire
  Saajan Takeaway, Glasgow
  Saajan Takeaway, Manchester
  Saajan Tandoori Takeaway, Lancashire
  Saba Consult Ltd., West Glamorgan
  Saba Consulting Ltd., Buckinghamshire
  Saba Electrical Co. Ltd., South Yorkshire
  Saba Hair Studio, Lanarkshire
  Saba Motor Traders, Yorkshire
  Saba Software (Uk) Ltd., Berkshire
  Sabah Al Mukhtar, London
  Sabas Pipeline Systems Ltd., Northamptonshire
  Sabina Food Store, London
  Sabina Tandoori, London
Sabir Associates (Uk) Ltd., West Midlands
  Sabir Fruit Corner, Lanarkshire
  Sabir Moghal, Cleveland
  Sabir S Food, South Yorkshire
  Sabir Tandoori, Kent
  Sabs Kebabs, Hampshire
  Sabz Balti House, Lancashire
  Sabzi Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Sada-E-Madina Hajj & Umrah Services (UK), Huddersfield
  Sadagar Balti Restaurant, Cheshire
  Sadaqat Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Sadats Investments Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Sadiq Bios, Birmingham
  Sadlers Halal Fish & Chips, Derbyshire
  Saeed Dadkhah - Architect, London
  Saeed Dadkhah Architect, London
  Saeeda Consulting Ltd., Bedfordshire
  Saeeds Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Safa Books, London
  Safa Management Services Ltd., London
  Safaa Marwah International, London
  Safaaz Solicitor, Birchington
  Safaaz Solicitors, Margate
  Safaaz Solicitors, Herne Bay
  Saffron, London
  Saffron Tandoori, Rayleigh
  Saffrons, Brighton
  Saghir Food Store, Lancashire
  Sagor Tandoori, London
  Sahana Estates Ltd., Berkshire
  Sahanas Food Store, Berkshire Downs
  Sahebdin & Son Caterers, London
  Sahib Dee Takeaway, Cleveland
  Sahib Indian Cuisine, Peterhead
  Sahib Restaurant Ltd., South Yorkshire
  Sahil Construction Ltd., Bedfordshire
  Said Business School, Oxfordshire
  Saif Clothing, Birmingham
  Saif Clothing, West Midlands
  Saif Linen Hire, West Yorkshire
  Saif S Balti House, Merseyside
  Saifuddin & Co Chartered Accountants, Kent
  Saify's General Store Ltd., West Midlands
  Saima Halal, East Sussex
  Saira Rogers Studio For Hair, Staffordshire
  Saira Trading Co, Cheshire
  Saira Travel Service, Tyne And Wear
  Sajid Durrani, Bristol
  Sajid Gahfoor Foodstore, West Midlands
  Sajids Takeaway, Lancashire
Sakib Spice Indian Takeaway, Dorsetshire
  Sakinah, London
  Sala's Salon, London
  Salaam Bangla, Cheshire
  Salaam Bombay Restaurant Ltd., Tyne And Wear
  Salaam Foods Ltd., London
  Salafi book store, Berkshire
  Salafi bookshop and information centre, Cardiff Castle
  Salafi Bookstore, Cardiff
  Salafi Bookstore, West Yorkshire
  Salafi Bookstore, West Midlands
  Salafi Bookstore & Islamic Centre, Small Heath
  Salafi Bookstore & Islamic Centre, Birmingham
  Salam Balti House, Avon
  Salam Gilmo Design & Build, London
  Salam Halal Meat Ltd., London
  Salam Jarrash Pizza Chick, South Glamorgan
  Salam Publications Ltd., Cheshire
  Salam Venture Ltd., London
  Salama Consultants Ltd., Middlesex
  Salama Doner Kebab, Gwynedd
  Salama Properties Ltd., Middlesex
  Salama Somali Business Centre Ltd., West Midlands
  Salama Somali Restaurant, West Midlands
  SALCO Ltd, Bristol
  Saleem & Co, Lancashire
  Saleem & Sue Chaudary, Norfolk
  Saleem Bagh Balti Cuisine, West Midlands
  Saleem Convenience Store, Ayrshire
  Saleem Rana & Co, Midlothian
  Saleems, London
  Saleems Restaurant, Birmingham
  Saleems Restaurant, West Midlands
  Saleems Take Away, Lancashire
  Saleh's Autos, West Yorkshire
  Salem Kebabs & Pizza, South Yorkshire
  Sali Tandoori, London
  Salik Balti Indian Restaurant, Wiltshire
  Salim & Naeem Ltd., London
  Salim El-Doori Architectural Service, London
  Salim Restaurant & Take Away, London
  Salimar Management Ltd, Hampshire
  Saliques Tandoori, London
  Saliques Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Sally Tours, London
  Salma Foods, Staffordshire
  Salma School Of Motoring, Staffordshire
  Sals Kebab House, Hampshire
  Salsabeel Business Solutions Ltd., Essex
  Salsabeel Letting & Sale, London
Salsabil Healthcare Ltd., Bedfordshire
  Salsabil Investments Ltd., Surrey
  Saltana Tandoori, Essex
  Salwa Restaurant & Takeaway, London
  Salwaa's Delights, Birmingham
  Sam Travel & Tours, London
  Samad Overseas Service, Bedfordshire
  Sami's, Bedfordshire
  Samia Food Centre, Hampshire
  Samir Design Ltd., London
  Samiya Jewellers, South Yorkshire
  Sammys Kebab House, Bedfordshire
  Samra Improvements, West Midlands
  Samra's Electrical, Derbyshire
  Samrah Hair & Beauty, Bedfordshire
  Sana Book Ltd, Kent
  Sanaat Asliyyah, London
  Sanam, Derbyshire
  Sanam Fast Food, Edinburgh
  Sanam Restaurant & Sweet House, Manchester
  Sanam Sweet House Restaurant, Lancashire
  Sangam Restaurant Ltd, Lancashire
  Sangley Kebab House, London
  Sanha, West Yorkshire
  Sanjida\'s Mini market, Plymouth
  Sanna Beauty Studio, London
  Sapna Catering Services, Southall
  Saqib Kebab House, Birmingham
  Saqui Takeaway, London
  Sara's Pins n Scarves, Ammanford
  Sarah's, Bedfordshire
  Sarah's Catering, Essex
  Sarah's One Stop Baby Shop, West Yorkshire
  Sarahs Kebab House, Birmingham
  Sarahs Takeaway, Edinburgh
  Sarchnar, London
  Sarchnar Kebab, London
  Sarras Creative Printers, London
  Sarwar Grocers, Lancashire
  Sarzan Spiceland, Lancashire
  Satay Bar, London
  Satia Tours, Blackburn
  Saudi Technical Services Ltd, Hertfordshire
  Sayed & Co Accountants, Manchester
  Sayed Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Scherezade - Delicatessen and Butcher, Glasgow
  School of Motoring, Manchester
  School of Motoring, Sheffield
  School of Motoring, Liverpool
  schools connect ltd, London
Scope Design & Print Ltd, Leicester
  Scotland Turkish Kebab House Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Secure Telecom, Leicester
  Seedat General Stores, Dewsbury
  Sehgal & Co, Birmingham
  Selale, London
  Selasih, London
  Seldon Travel Limited, Surrey
  Select London, London
  Selfridges Food Garden Café, London
  Selim Kebab, London
  Selsdon Travel Ltd, Croydon
  Shaadi Ka Laddoo Ltd., Hertfordshire
  Shaan Indian Takeaway, South Yorkshire
  Shaan Properties Ltd., Essex
  Shaan Restaurant, Oxfordshire
  Shaan School of Motoring, West Yorkshire
  Shaan Tandoori Oven, Hertfordshire
  Shaan Tandoori Restaurant, West Glamorgan
  Shaan-E-Restaurant, Nottinghamshire
  Shaandaar Restaurant, Manchester
  Shaandar Curry House, Angus
  Shaandar Food Store, West Midlands
  Shaandar Supermarket Ltd., Staffordshire
  Shaandar Sweet Centre, West Midlands
  Shaandar Sweets, West Yorkshire
  Shabaaz, Manchester
  Shabab, Berkshire
  Shabab, Dundee
  Shabab Balti Centre, Shropshire
  Shabab Balti House, Derbyshire
  Shabab Balti Restaurant, Staffordshire
  Shabab Balti Restaurant Ltd., West Midlands
  Shabab Indian Restaurant, Lancashire
  Shabab Nan Kebab, Nottinghamshire
  Shabab Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Shabab Restaurant & Frozen Foods (Leeds) Ltd, West Yorkshire
  Shabab Tandoori, Lanarkshire
  Shabab Tandoori Restaurant, Birmingham
  Shabana, Kent
  Shabana Tandoori Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Shabaz Balti House, Cheshire
  Shabaz Khan Store, Bedfordshire
  Shabaz Restaurant, Nottinghamshire
  Shabaz Tandoori Take-Away, Cheshire
  Shabbir & Co, London
  Shabbir Cloth House, Midlothian
  Shabbir Saleemi Associates Ltd, London
  Shaber Tandoori Takeaway, Kent
Shabir Ahmed & Co Accountants, Birmingham

Shabir Cafe & Takeaway, Manchester
  Shabir Cafe And Takeaway, Lancashire
  Shabir Jewellers Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Shabna Tandoori, Manchester
  Shabnam Restaurant, Manchester
  Shabnum Tandoori Restaurant, Leicestershire, Birmingham
  Shadin, Bristol
  Shadwell Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Shafa Medical Services Ltd., East Sussex
  Shaffi & Sons Tyre Service, Lancashire
  Shafi Building Services Ltd., Staffordshire
  Shafi Fashion Ltd., London
  Shafiq Mughal - Westbury Dental Practice, London
  Shafiq Restaurant Ltd., North Yorkshire
  Shafique Tandoori, Chelmsford
  Shah & Burke, London
  Shah & Co. (Luton) Ltd., Bedfordshire
  Shah Balti Indian Restaurant Takeaway, London
  Shah Builders, Nottinghamshire
  Shah Faisal Tandoori Restaurant, Birmingham
  Shah Fashions, Lancashire
  Shah Halal Food Centre, Belfast
  Shah Jahan, South Yorkshire
  Shah Jahan, Dundee
  Shah Jahan Restaurant, Bournemouth
  Shah Jee Electronics, Lancashire
  Shah Jehan Tandoori Restaurant, Peterborough
  Shah Mini Market, Lancashire
  Shah Noor Balti House, London
  Shah Noor Tandoori and Balti House, London
  Shah Solicitors, Middlesex
  Shah Tandoori, London
  Shah's Fresh Halal Meat, Manchester
  Shah's Palace, Ayrshire
  Shaha Tandoori & Balti Restaurant, Carlisle
  Shahab Reza (Deaf), London
  Shahan Tandoori Takeaway, West Sussex
  Shahanshah Vegetarian Restaurant, Middlesex
  Shahbaaz, Hyde
  Shahbaaz Tandoori Restaurant, Aberdeenshire
  Shahbhag Tandoori, London
  Shahed Yousaf Computer Consultants Ltd., Angus
  Shahee Restaurant, Lancashire
  Shahee Tandoori Takeaway, Hampshire
  Shaheen Accountancy Services Ltd., London
  Shaheen Balti Ltd., Merseyside
  Shaheen Cash & Carry, London
  Shaheen Cash & Carry Ltd., Essex
  Shaheen Curry House, Lanarkshire
Shaheen Foods Uk Ltd., Lancashire
  Shaheen Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Shaheen Knitwear Ltd., Manchester
  Shaheen Newsagents, Angus
  Shaheen Of Knightsbridge, London
  Shaheen Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Shaheen Takeaway, Northamptonshire
  Shaheen Tandoori, Lincolnshire
  Shaheen Tandoori, Buckinghamshire
  Shaheen Tandoori Indian, Newtownabbey
  Shaheen's Spice Of Ryhill, Wakefield
  Shaheens, Durham
  Shaheens At the Old Post Office, County Durham
  Shaheer Halal Butcher, London
  Shaheer Meat Market, London
  Shahenshah Indian Take Away, West Yorkshire
  Shahenshah Restaurant, West Midlands
  Shahenshah Sweet Centre & Restaurant, Derby
  Shahfran Tandoori, West Midlands
  Shahi Balti, Cheshire
  Shahi Balti, Hampshire
  Shahi Balti, West Yorkshire
  Shahi Balti Indian Takeaway, Cambridgeshire
  Shahi Balti Indian Takeaway, West Midlands
  Shahi Balti Restaurant, Gloucestershire
  Shahi Balti Restaurant, Gwent
  Shahi ClothingLtd., Manchester
  Shahi Dawat, Essex
  Shahi Frozen FoodsLtd., Tyne And Wear
  Shahi India Restaurant & Takeaway, Berkshire
  Shahi Indian Restaurant, Northamptonshire
  Shahi Kebab House, West Midlands
  Shahi Kebab House, Lancashire
  Shahi Kebab House, Birmingham
  Shahi Kebab House, Manchester
  Shahi Mahal Takeaway, Humberside
  Shahi Manzil, Edinburgh
  Shahi Nan Kabab, Bedfordshire
  Shahi Nan Kabab, Leicestershire
  Shahi Nan Kabab, Leicester
  Shahi Nan Kebab, Luton
  Shahi Nan Kebab, Middlesex
  Shahi Raj RestaurantLtd., North Yorkshire
  Shahi Spice, London
  Shahi Spice Kitchen Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Shahi Tandoori, East Sussex
  Shahi Tandoori, Hampshire
  Shahi Tandoori, West Glamorgan
  Shahi Tandoori, Gwynedd
Shahi Tandoori Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Shahi Tandoori Indian Takeaway, London
  Shahi Tandoori RestaurantLtd., East Sussex
  Shahi Video, London
  Shahi Villa Takeaway, Kent
  Shahiba Takeaway, Lancashire
  Shahid Bari, West Yorkshire
  Shahid Building Services Ltd., Essex
  Shahid Grocers Ltd, Lancashire
  Shahid Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Shahid Hameed, Selkirkshire
  Shahid Rahman, London
  Shahid Sarfraz & Co. (Accountants)Ltd., Berkshire
  Shahid Supersave, Lancashire
  Shahida Stores, London
  Shahidas, Berkshire
  Shahidullah & Co, London
  Shahin & Bros, South Yorkshire
  Shahin & Co, Hertfordshire
  Shahin Kebab House, Gwynedd
  Shahin Tandoori Restaurant, Surrey
  Shahira Ltd, Lancashire
  Shahira RestaurantLtd., Tyne And Wear
  Shahiraj Tandoori, North Yorkshire
  Shahjahan Restaurant & Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Shahjahan Take Away, West Yorkshire
  Shahjahan Tandoori, Essex
  Shahjalal Umrah & Hajj Co. Ltd., Cheshire
  Shahjan Tandoori, Chelmsford
  Shahnaaz Fast Food, Leicestershire
  Shahnaaz International Cuisine, Leicestershire
  Shahnan Employment Bureau, London
  Shahnaz Husain Herbal International (UK) Ltd., London
  Shahnaz Tandoori, London
  Shahnaz Tandoori Balti Takeaway, Gwent
  Shahnaz Tandoori Restaurant, North Yorkshire
  Shahnoor Balti House, London
  Shahzad, Berkshire
  Shahzad Curry & Kebab, Berkshire
  Shahzahan Tandoori Take Away, Norfolk
  Shahzalal Tandoori, West Midlands
  Shaikh Hairdressers, West Midlands
  Shaimahal Restaurant, Birmingham
  Shajahan Restaurant, Cambridgeshire
  Shajahan Tandoori, Northamptonshire
  Shajan Indian Restaurant Ltd., Lancashire
  Shaju Balti Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Shakel Tandoori, Essex
  Shalamar House Restaurant, London
  Shalimar, London
Shalimar Halal Butchers, Middlesex
  Shalimar Halal Restaurant, London
  Shalimar Indian Cuisine, West Yorkshire
  Shalimar Indian Food Centre, Hampshire
  Shalimar Jewellers, Middlesex
  Shalimar Takeaway, Cleveland
  Shalimar Tandoori, Cleveland
  Shalimar Tandoori & Kingsland Kebab, Hampshire
  Shama Balti Tandoori Takeaway, Nottinghamshire
  Shama Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Shama Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Shama Tandoori Restaurant, West Midlands
  Shama Tandoori Restaurant, Birmingham
  Shamas Curry, Kent
  Shamas Halal Meat Shop, Lancashire
  Shamiana Indian Restaurant, London
  Shamir Restaurant, Cheshire
  Shan Moon, Ayrshire
  Shan Travel Agents, Southall
  Shan Wah Chinese Restaurant, Southall
  Shanaz Ahmed & Co, London
  Shanaz Carry Out, Lancashire
  Shanaz Catering Ltd., Essex
  Shanaz Hair & Beauty Salon, Lancashire
  Shanaz Indian Cuisine, Lewes
  Shanaz Indian Cusine, East Sussex
  Shanaz Restaurant, London
  Shanazia, Glasgow
  Shandar Balti & Pizza Bar, West Yorkshire
  Shandar Fastfood, West Yorkshire
  Shandar Take Away, Manchester
  Shanghai Fusion, Birmingham
  Shanwaz Tandoori, Middlesex
  Shapla Balti Takeaway, Devonshire
  Shararat Restaurant, Leicester
  Shard End Balti Indian Take Away, Birmingham
  Sharia Bank Ltd., Clwyd
  Shariah Finance Ltd., West Midlands
  Shariah Halal Meat Ltd., West Midlands
  Shariah Halal Meat Ltd., Birmingham
  Sharib Homeopathic Clinic, Wembley
  Sharif & Co, Surrey
  Sharif & Sons, Lancashire
  Sharif Enterprises Ltd., Essex
  Sharif Ibrahim Smart Cafe Ltd., London
  Sharif Memorial Trust Ltd., Hertfordshire
  Sharif Photographic Services, Manchester
  Sharif Photography Services, Lancashire
  Sharif Services Ltd., Middlesex
  Shariff Associates Ltd., Middlesex
  Shariff Auto Engineering, West Midlands
  Shariff Enterprises Ltd, Worcestershire
  Shariff Trading Ltd., Berkshire
  Shariffs Tandoori Takeaway, Hampshire
  Sharifs Takeaway, Devonshire
  Shaukat Consultants Ltd, London
  Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, West Yorkshire
  Shaukat Newsagency, Midlothian
  Shaz Indian Takeaway & Delicatessen, Mid Glamorgan
  Shazad Amin Consulting Ltd., Cheshire
  Shazad Yacob Kebab House, Staffordshire
  Shazads Balti Centre, Staffordshire
  Shazan Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Shazia & Alisha Property Co. Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Shazia Food Hall, London
  Shaziana Foods, Hayes
  Shazna, Cheshire
  Sheba Balti & Tandoori Ltd., Tyne And Wear
  Sheba Bed & Breakfast, Leicestershire
  Sheba Tandoori, Cheshire
  Sheba Tandoori, London
  Shebab Cafe, West Lothian
  Shebab Tandoori, Renfrewshire
  Shebab Tandoori Restaurant, Roxburghshire
  Sheereen Kadah, Birmingham
  Sheerness Kebab House, Kent
  Sheesh Mahel, Aylesbury
  Sheherazade Restaurant, London
  Shehnai Wedding Consultants Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Shehrazad Tandoori, Mid Glamorgan
  Shehzad Balti Tandoori Restaurant, Dundee
  Shehzad Indian Restaurant, Angus
  Shehzad Law Consultants Ltd., London
  Shehzad Meat Market Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Shehzad Properties Ltd., Essex
  Shehzad Restaurant & Takeaway, West Yorkshire
  Shehzad Stores, Leicestershire
  Sheikh & Co, Harrow
  Sheikh & Co, Glasgow
  Sheikh & Co, London
  Sheikh & Co. Accountants Ltd., Middlesex
  Sheikh Bros Halal Meat & Chicken Centre, Small Heath
  Sheikh Consultancy Ltd., Hertfordshire
  Sheikh Foodstore, Nottinghamshire
  Sheikh Grocers, London
  Sheikh Haq Halal Butchers, West Midlands
  Sheikh Investments Ltd., Dyfed
  Sheikh Liaqat Hajj & Umrah Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Sheikh Management Care Services Ltd., London
  Sheikh Mujib Research Centre Ltd., London
  Sheikh Real Estate Ltd., West Midlands
  Sheikh Sweets & Fries, West Yorkshire
  Sheikh's Accountancy Ltd., Middlesex
  Sheikhan Restaurant & Take Away, London
  Sheikhs Bangladesh Tandoori Restaurant, Worcestershire
  Sheikhs Naan Co., Lancashire
  Sheikhs Palace, West Yorkshire
  Shelina Tandoori, London
  Shelley's Driving School, London
  Shema Tandoori, East Sussex
  Shensha Tandoori, Aylesbury
  Shensha Tandoori & Balti Restaurant, Princes Risborough
  Shenu Fashions, Leicester
  Sher Khan, Birmingham
  Sher Khan Express, Kent
  Sher Khan Restaurant, Midlothian
  Sheraz, Kent
  Sheraz, London
  Sheraz Balti Cuisine, London
  Sheraz Tandoori Restaurant, Shropshire
  Sherazi Property Management Ltd., South Yorkshire
  Shere Khan Express, Saint Helens
  Shere Khan Indian Cuisine, Altrincham
  Shere Khan Restaurant, Cheshire
  Shere Khan's Chilli 'n' Spice, London
  Shezan Indian Cuisine, Ammanford
  Shezan Restaurant, London
  Shezan Tandoori Takeaway, Aberdeenshire
  Shezhad Hameed, Lancashire
  Shiekh Brothers Halal Meat Centre, West Midlands
  Shields Associates Ltd, Glasgow
  Shilam restaurant, Newtown
  Shilam restaurant for Halal food, Aberystwyth
  Shireen Restaurant, Leicester
  Shirin Kebab House Restaurant, Hampshire
  Shish, London
  Shish Mahal, Aberdeenshire
  Shish Mahal Indian Restaurant, London
  Shish Mahal Tandoori, London
  Shish Mahal Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Shish Muhal Tandoori Restaurant, Ayr
  Shobnam Indian Takeaway, Hampshire
  Shujon Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Shukr UK Textiles, Surrey
  Shukria Tandoori Takeway, Cheshire
  Shuma Tandoori, Cheshire
  Shunalee Tandoori Take-Away, London
  Shurma Indian Takeaway Food, Hampshire
  SHY Limited, Addlestone
  Siddiq & Sykes, Lancashire
Siddiqi Consultants Ltd., London
  Siddiqi Sports Ltd., London
  Siddique Malik Solicitors, West Yorkshire
  Siddique Pharmacy Ltd., West Yorkshire
  Siddique Textiles, West Midlands
  Siddiqui & Co., Middlesex
  Siddiqui Marketing Ltd., London
  Siddiqui Trading Ltd., Middlesex
  Signmakers, Ashton under Lyne
  Silk Road's End, Liverpool
  Silver Grill Kebab House, East Sussex
  Sima Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Simla Indian Resturant, Nottingham
  Sinbad, East Sussex
  Siraj Caterers Ltd., Dorsetshire
  Sirat International Ltd., Cheshire
  Sirat-E-Mustaqeem, West Midlands
  Sisters Clothing by Alkaram Jordan, Birmingham
  Skewers, London
  Smallheath Halal Meat Centre, Birmingham
  SmartKleen Contract Cleaning & Ancillary Services, Birmingham, London
  SMC Health Care, Southall
  Snappy Snaps, Sutton
  SNS Frozen Halal Foods, West Bromwich
  Sohail & Co. Ltd., Avon
  Sohail Jewellers, Avon
  Sohail jewellers, Dewsbury
  Sohail Tailors, Bedfordshire
  Sohails Balti House, Winchester
  Soho Sweet Centre, Birmingham
  Solent Kabab House, Hampshire
  Solies Transport Services, London
  Solkar Halal Butchers, Lancashire
  Solly Sports Ltd, Dewsbury
  Solly’s Africa, Glasgow
  Somali Ocean, London
  Sonali Indian Take-Away, Colchester
  Sonar Bangla Restaurant, London
  Sons of Adam Media Works, Liverpool
  Souk Al Halal, Liverpool
  Sound Vision, Hounslow
  Southall Shutters, Southall
  Southwark Tandoori, London
  Sovereign Shopfitting Services, Leicester
  Spanish Tile Company, London
  Spice bazar (Halal meat shop/Indian groceries), Scarborough
  Spice E1, London
  Spice Garden, London
  Spice Merchant, Food store, Lincoln
  Spice Route, Slough
  Spice Tandoori, Birmingham
  Spice Village, London
  Spicy Basil, London
  Spicy Cottage Halal, Lanarkshire
  Sports & Leisurewear, Glasgow
  springburn laundrette, Glasgow
  SS Halal Centre, Small Heath
  Standard Balti House, London
  Star Balti, Devonshire
  Star Kebab House, London
  Star Kebab House, Derbyshire
  Star of Bengal, Lancashire
  Star Of Bombay, London
  Star Tandoori, Birmingham
  Station Pizza & Punjab Tandoori, West Yorkshire
  Status Fisheries & Spice Ranch, Yorkshire
  Stircheley Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Stonebridge Halal Meat, London
  Stoney Car Parts, Coventry
  Stretford Balti, Lancashire
  Sub-Rung Centre, London
  Subhan Halal Meats, London
  Suhag Indian Cuisine, Lancashire
  Sulayman Productions, London
  Sultan & Lloyd, West Midlands
  Sultan Balti House, Bracknell
  Sultan Balti Palace, Berkshire
  Sultan Balti Palace, Wokingham
  Sultan Computers UK Ltd., West Sussex
  Sultan Express, Berkshire
  Sultan Fast Food Distribution Ltd., London
  Sultan Indian Take Away, West Midlands
  Sultan Kebab House, Kent
  Sultan of Lancaster Restaurant & Gallery, Lancaster
  Sultan Restaurant, Bristol
  Sultan Take Away, London
  Sultan Take Away, West Yorkshire
  Sultana Balti House, Middlesex
  Sultancy Ltd, Oxfordshire
  Sultanquote Ltd, Cheshire
  Sultronic Computers, Bradford
  Sumerians, Glasgow
  SummitSoft Ltd, Camberley
  Sunats Kebabs, Buckinghamshire
  Sunshine Day Nursery, Burton Upon Trent
  Super Style Signs, Ashton Under Lyne
Superdry Drycleaners & Laundrey Services, Kirkintilloch
  Superfresh Halal, Norfolk
  Superfresh Halal Ltd, Ilford
  Superfresh Halal Ltd., Essex
  Supreme Balti International Restaurant, Kent
  Surma Curry House, London
  Surma Halal Meat Supplier, London
  Surma Tandoori, West Sussex
  Surma Tandoori Restaurant, Ely
  Surma Tandoori Takeaway, Kent
  Surrey Solicitors, Croydon
  Surrey Tandoori, CAMBERLEY
  Sutton Medical Centre, Sutton
  Sweet & Spicy, London
  Syed Helal Uddin Architectural Services, Lancashire
  Syed Islam, West Midlands
  Syed Kamal, Leicestershire
  Syed Kamal Halal Meat Shop, Leicestershire
  Syed Kamal's, Leicester
  Syed Mubariz Hussain, Kent
  Syed Pur Spice Takeaway, Worcestershire
  Syed Traders, West Midlands
  Sylhet Tandoori Indian Takeaway, West Midlands
  Symbiosis Health Clinics, London
  T J Refrigeration Services, Rochdale
  T N A Bros Halal Meat Supplies, Lancashire
  Ta Ha Publishers, London
  Tabak Takeaway & Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  Tabaq, London
  Tabaq Restaurant, London
  Tabaq Restaurant, London
  Tabassam & Co. Ltd., West Midlands
  Taha Stores, Mid Glamorgan
  Tahir Halal Meat, Manchester
  Tahir Tour & Travels Ltd., Tyne And Wear
  Tahira Foods Ltd., Middlesex
  Tahirs Taza Halal Meats, London
  Tahnia Fashion & Design Ltd., Humberside
  Taj & Co, West Midlands
  Taj & Co, Grimsby
  Taj Balti, Dyfed
  Taj Balti House, Lancashire
  Taj Balti House, Surrey
  Taj Balti House, Leicestershire
  Taj Balti Takeaway, West Glamorgan
  Taj Express Indian Takeaway, Edinburgh
  Taj Mahal, Edinburgh
  Taj Mahal, London
  Taj Mahal, Kent
  Taj Mahal, Birmingham
Taj Mahal, Devonshire
  Taj Mahal, West Sussex
  Taj Mahal, Brighton
  Taj Mahal, East Sussex
  Taj Mahal Balti & Tandoori House, Birmingham
  Taj Mahal Tandoori, Middlesex
  Taj Tandoori, Cambridge
  Taj Tandoori, Birmingham
  Taj Tandoori Restaurant, Berkshire
  Taj's, Cleveland
  Tajmahal Indian Takeaway, Cheshire
  Tajura Helal & Spice, Avon
  Takafol (UK) Ltd, London
  Talib Fashion Ltd, Lancashire
  Talibah Ltd, London
  Talk Easy Communications, Manchester
  Tamana Balti House, London
  Tamana's North Indian Cuisine, London
  Tamanas North Indian Cuisine, London
  Tamrah, London
  Tandoor, London
  Tandoor Mahal, Kent
  Tandoor Mahal Restaurant (Hull) Ltd., Humberside
  Tandoori & Curry House, Kent
  Tandoori Centre, London
  Tandoori Cottage, Cheshire
  Tandoori Delight Takeaway, Derbyshire
  Tandoori Express, Middlesex
  Tandoori Express, Derbyshire
  Tandoori Express, Dorsetshire
  Tandoori Express, Buckinghamshire
  Tandoori Grill, London
  Tandoori House, Middlesex
  Tandoori Hut, Cambridgeshire
  Tandoori Hut, Buckinghamshire
  Tandoori Hut Royal Suite, Birmingham
  Tandoori Kebab Centre, Southall
  Tandoori Kebab House, Cheshire
  Tandoori King, Kent
  Tandoori Mahal, West Yorkshire
  Tandoori Mahal, Cheshire
  Tandoori Masala & Goan Takeaway, East Sussex
  Tandoori Masoom, Hoddesdon
  Tandoori Night, Birmingham
  Tandoori Nights, London
  Tandoori Nights, Devonshire
  Tandoori Palace, London
  Tandoori Palace, Hampshire
  Tandoori Spice, East Sussex
  Tandoori Taste, East Sussex
Tandoorian Recipes, London
  Tanim's Indian Takeaway, London
  Tankerton Tandoori Takeaway, Kent
  Tanwir Rao & Co, Wembley
  Taqudir Tandoori, Crewe
  Taqwa Quality Carpets, Ilford
  Tara Tandoori, Hampshire
  Tariq & Araf International Ltd., West Midlands
  Tariq Aziz, Winchester
  Tariq Food Store, West Glamorgan
  Tariq Gift Centre, West Yorkshire
  Tariq Halal Butchers, Middlesex
  Tariq Halal Family Butcher, Lancashire
  Tariq Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Tariq Halal Meat, Southall
  Tariq Halal Meat, Ilford
  Tariq Halal Meat, Bradford
  Tariq Halal Meat, Coventry
  Tariq Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Tariq Khan & Co, Manchester
  Tariq Khan & Co, Lancashire
  Tariq Licenced Grocers, Fife
  Tariq Newsagents, Lanarkshire
  Tariq Petroleum U K Ltd., Berkshire
  Tariq Restaurant, CAMBERLEY
  Tariq's Indian Brasserie, Surrey
  Tariqs Hamer Tandoori House, Lancashire
  Tas, London
  Taslima & Tasnim Spice Ltd., Kent
  Taste Master's Halal Take Away, Lancashire
  Taste Master-F Halal Cafe, Manchester
  Taste of Aladdin, Middlesex
  Taste Of Arabia, Middlebrough
  Taste Of Arabia the hallal choice, Middlesbrough
  Taste of Kashmir, South Yorkshire
  Taste Of Nawab, London
  Tasty Chicken, London
  Tasty's Karahi Restaurant, Leeds
  Tawbah, Derbyshire
  Tawfiq Islamic Centre, Southall
  Tayyibah Nikah Link, Leicester
  Taz Mahal, Lanarkshire
  Taza Fresh, London
  Taza Halal Foods - Takeaway, Glasgow
  Television/Video Services, High Wycombe
  Tempcover, London
  TFNC, London
  Thai Box, London
  Thariks Indian Restaurant, Paignton
  The Akber Tandoori Restaurant, Milton Keynes
The Arab Group in Hounslow & Suburbs Ltd., Middlesex
  The Arab Society of Certified Accountants, London
  The Aziz Corporation, Hampshire
  The Babas, Devonshire
  The Balti, Cleveland
  The Balti Cottage, Essex
  The Balti House, Middlesex
  The Balti Tandoori Cuisine, Cheshire
  The Bangla Halal Store, Middlesex
  The Bay Tree Cafe - Restaurant, Glasgow
  The Belal Tandoori Restaurant, Cheshire
  The Best Kebab House, Hampshire
  The Bombay Express, Dorsetshire
  The Book Centre, Bradford
  The Bridge to China, London
  The Brighton Halal, Belfast
  the british connection, London
  The Casbah Butchers, London
  The Chandni Takeaway, Hampshire
  The Charcoal Restaurant, London
  The Crescent Moon, Birmingham
  The Deans, London
  The Drive School, London
  The Empire Restaurant, Lancashire
  The Empress of Bengal, London
  The Fabkebab, Coleraine
  The Famous Curry Bazaar, London
  The Flower Cottage, Pinner
  The Fountain, Bedfordshire
  The Fountain - Educational & Scientific Magazine, Enfield
  the golden fryer halal fish and chips resturant, Bristol
  The Gulshan Indian Cuisine, Cambridge
  The Halal Food Authority, London
  The Ibn Jabal Language Institute, London
  The Instanbul Kebab House, Devonshire
  The Invitation Muslim Family Magazine, Nottingham
  The Islamic Establishment, Leicestershire
  The Kabab & Pizza Take Away, Aberdeenshire
  The Karamah holistic arts organisation, London
  The Karnofulli-Tandoori & Balti Take-Away, Cheshire
  The Kashmir Garden, Aylesbury
  The Kebab Company, Balham
  The Kebab House, Aberdeenshire
  The Kebab House, Hampshire
  The Kebab Hut, Essex
  The Kebab Shop, Aberdeenshire
  The Khyber Tandoori, Leicester
  The King Balti, Berkshire
  The Lemon Tree - Chinese restaurant, Glasgow
The Medina, Berkshire
  The Mezbaan, London
  The Middle Path, London
  The MillenNium Balti, Cleveland
  The Mina Tandoori Restaurant, Lancashire
  The Minar, Birmingham
  The Moghul Tandoori Restaurant, West Yorkshire
  The Mogul Takeaway, Bedfordshire
  The Momtaz, Bournemouth
  The Monsoon, London
  The Monzil Tandoori, London
  The Moonlight Indian Takeaway, Merseyside
  The Motoring School, Birchington
  The Motoring School, Sholden
  The Motoring School, Herne Bay
  The Muslim Bookshop, London
  The Muslim Enterprise Development Service, Merseyside
  The Muslim Matrimonial, London
  The Muslim Matrimonial, Isleworth
  The Nabha Indian Cusine, Berkshire
  The Nawab, Chelmsford
  The Nawab, Berkshire
  The New Gulab, Irvine
  The Olive Foundation UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  The Olive Tree, Merseyside
  The Olive Tree, Liverpool
  The Oriental Halal Store, Birmingham
  The Oriental Halal Store, West Midlands
  The Palace Tandoori Restaurant, Middlesex
  The Palace Tandoori Restaurant, London
  The Paradise Kebab House, Birmingham
  The Paris Tandoori Restarant, Birmingham
  the phone shop, Sunderland
  The Red Fort, London
  The Royal-Naz Restaurant, Lancashire
  The Serenity, South Glamorgan
  The Shah Jahan, March
  The Shahbaaz, Cheshire
  The Shahi Murgh, Middlesex
  The Shahi Nan Kebab, Middlesex
  The Shahi Nan Kebab, Leicester
  The Shahi Nan Kebab, Birmingham
  The Shahin Tandoori Restaurant, Middlesex
  The Shahnaz Indian Restaurant, London
  The Shampan, London
  The Sheeshmahal, Iver
  The Sock Factory, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  The Spice, London
  The Spice, London
  The Spice Shop, Aberdeen
The Suhail Tandoori Indian Restaurant, Prestatyn
  The Sultana, Wickford
  The Taj Mahal, Indian Restaurant, Haverfordwest
  The Tumar Tandoori, Leicester
  The Turkish Delight, Hampshire
  THE TYRE SHOP, Inverness
  The UK Pilgrim, Leicestershire
  The United Bank of Kuwait PLC, London
  the Viking fish & Chip Shop, Watford West Station
  The Vital Touch, London
  The Wardrobe Game, London, London
  Tiba food centre, Brighton
  Tijara Pages - Muslim Business Directory, Nottingham
  Tikala, Barrow In Furness
  Timberman Kitchen and Worktop Centre, Nottigham
  Tinseltown 24 Hour Diner, London
  Tipaza Grocery Halal Shop, Belfast
  Titan Systems UK PLC, London
  Tivoli Tandoori, Kent
  TKC Tandoori Kebab Centre, Middlesex
  TKC Tandoori Kebab Centre, Southall
  TMT Mobile Communications, Edinburgh
  Tolgay Halal Express, Lancashire
  Tombraiders magdalen st norwich, Norfolk
  Tondori Royale Restaurant, Lancashire
  Top Nosh, Nottinghamshire
  Tornado Sports, Cranford
  Totalrefurb (uk) Ltd, London
  Town and Gown Removals, Oxford
  Transworld Linguist Services Ltd, Croydon
  Trends Magazine, Birmingham
  Trinity Fisheries, Yorkshire
  Tulip Food Centre & Halal Meat, Chatham
  Tulipa Beauty Supplies, Leicester
  Turkish Kabab & Pizza House, Belfast
  Tutors in London, London
  TW5, Heston
  Tyre Stop, Walsall
  U & H Amin, Surrey
  U K Best Kebabs, Suffolk
  U K Fried Chicken Halal, Birmingham
  U K Fried Chicken Halal, Bradford The Total Website Solution,, Bradford
  Ubaid Jewellers, Midlothian
  UK Commission for Hajj Umrah, London
  UK Database Services Limited, London
  Uk Fried Chicken Halal, Lancashire
UK Hajj Umrah Services, London
  Uk Halal Meat & Food Store, Manchester
  Umair International, London
  Umar & Co. Accountants, London
  Umar Cutting Services Ltd., Leicestershire
  Umar Foodstore, Nottinghamshire
  Umar General Store, West Midlands
  Umar Halal Meats, West Yorkshire
  Umar Newsagents, Midlothian
  Umarraaz Take Away, West Yorkshire
  Umer Food Store & Halal Meat, Manchester
  Ummah Foods Ltd., Essex, London
  Umrah Visa Services, Lancashire
  Unicorn Carpets, Manchester
  Unilang, Greenford
  Unique Dental Care - Dr Vahida Hashemi, London
  United Halal Centre, Lancashire
  Universal Computers Technology Ltd, Northampton
  Universal Hajj & Umrah, London
  Universal Hajj & Umrah Ltd, Middlesex
  Universal Halal Food Products, Manchester
  Universal Halal Meat Food Store, Lancashire
  Uplands Computers Ltd, Swansea
  Upton Halal Balti House, Merseyside
  Upton Halal Balti House, Upton
  Upton Halal Balti House Ltd., Liverpool
  Uraeus, Glasgow
  Urban Feast Takeaway Halal, Birmingham
  USB Flash Drives, London
  Usman Accountancy Services, Lancashire
  Usman Auto Motor Repairs, West Midlands
  Usman Beds Co, Lancashire
  Usman Driving School, Lanarkshire
  Usman Engineering, Middlesex
  Usman Fabrics, West Yorkshire
  Usman Food Stores, West Yorkshire
  Usman International, West Midlands
  Usmani Book Centre, West Midlands
  Usmania Haj Tours Ltd., Manchester
  Usmaniyah Indian Takeaway, Lancashire
  Village Curry House, Glasgow
  Village Estates, London
  Vision of Reality, Birmingham c/o Brunel Hotel, London
  Vitesse Mailing, London
  Vocational /training College Limited, Manchester
  W. S. Qureshi Associates, Northampton
  Wa Wa Kya Khana, London
Wadud Patwari & Co, London
  Wahid Ahmed & Co, London
  Wajids Kebab House, Birmingham
  Waqar Kebab House, Birmingham
  Wardend Halal Meat, West Midlands
  Wardend Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Warsi, Birmingham
  Waseem Food Store, West Yorkshire
  Watan Foodstore, Glasgow
  Watan Halal Meat, Lancashire
  Wave Length Computing Ltd, Manchester
  Weaver Rose & Co, London
  Web Page Creations, Leicester
  Wellington Kebab House, Cheshire
  Wellworth Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Welsh Halal Caribbean Cuisine, Lancashire
  Welsh Halal Caribbean Cuisine, Liverpool
  Welsh's Halal Caribbean Cuisine, Lancashire
  Westbury Tandoori, Cleveland
  Whatton Halal Meat, Birmingham
  Whitaker Dental Laboratory, Derby
  Willesborough Tandoori, Kent
  Wise Islamic Bookshop, Buckinghamshire
  Withington Halal Meat Centre, Lancashire
  Woodbridge Collection Ltd, Birmingham
  Woodgreen Tandoori, London
  Woodhouse Dental Practice, London Borough Of Barnet
  Worcester Halal Meat, Worcester
  Words of Wisdom, Wolverhampton
  WorldWide Food, Plymouth
  www,, London Borough Of Barnet, Sheffield And South Yorkshire Navigation, Ashford, London Borough Of Enfield
  Wycombe Islamic Bookshop, High Wycombe
  Xpecting, Manchester
  Xpress Fried Chicken, Southall
  Yaad Gaar Kebab House, Lanarkshire
  Yaadgaar Bakery, West Yorkshire
  Yaadgaar Tandoori Restaurant, Nottinghamshire
  Yadgar Kebab house - Restaurant, Glasgow
  Yaqub & Co Ltd, Avon
  Yasar's Foods Ltd., London
  Yaseen Balti, South Glamorgan
  Yaseen Property Services Ltd., Surrey
  Yaseen's School of Motoring, Lancashire
  Yaser Doner Kebab House, London
  Yasin & Company, West Midlands
  Yasin Catering, West Yorkshire
  Yasin Garments, West Yorkshire
Yasin General Off Licence & Snack Bar, Tyne And Wear
  Yasin's Perfect Fried Chicken, London
  Yasir Medical Care Ltd., Middlesex
  Yasmeins School of Motoring, Berkshire
  Yasmin Brassieri, London
  Yasmin Cho Ltd, London
  Yasmin Cleaning Services, Alexandria
  Yasmin Consultants Ltd, London
  Yasmin Cooperation Ltd., Middlesex
  Yasmin Import Export Ltd., London
  Yasmin Jiwa Ltd, London
  Yasmin Medics Ltd., Surrey
  Yasmin Mini-Market Ltd., Avon
  Yasmin Restaurant, East Sussex
  Yasmin Supermarket Ltd., London
  Yasmin Tandoori, Norfolk
  Yasmin Tandoori, Kent
  Yasmin Tandoori Restaurant, London
  Yasmine Boutique, South Yorkshire
  Yasmins Bakery, Humberside
  Yasmins Bakery, Cleveland
  Yasmins Balti-Out Takeaway, West Midlands
  Yasmins Dial a Curry, London
  Yasmins Restaurant, London
  Yasmins Tandoori Restaurant, Peterhead
  Yasser Tandoori Restaurant, West Midlands
  Year of the Child, Middlesex
  Yemeni Community Association, South Yorkshire
  Yemeni Development Foundation, West Midlands
  Yemenis Community & Advice Centre, South Yorkshire
  Yemeny Community Association, South Glamorgan
  Yemtec Computers, Birmingham
  YMCA, Taunton
  York Mini Market Halal Food Specialist, Yorkshire
  Younas Hayat Khan, Middlesbrough
  Young Believers, London
  Young Muslims Nasheed Department, Bradford
  Yousaf Halal Butcher, Bristol
  Yousaf Halal Butcher, Avon
  Yousaf Jewellers, Tyne And Wear
  Yousaf Jewellery, Middlesex
  Yousaf Newsagents, Dumfriesshire
  Yousaf Religious Tours Ltd., Bedfordshire
  Yousaf Travel, West Yorkshire
  YS Fast Food Supplies Ltd, Walthamstow
  Yufa Pizza & Kebabs, London
  Yummies Kabab House, Gwent
  Yusuf Islam Hotel, London
Yusuf Sheikh - R S Food, West Midlands
  Zafash Pharmacy, London
  Zafer Hosiery Co, Lancashire
  Zaffar Homeopathic Clinic, Manchester
  Zaffar Iqbal, West Yorkshire
  Zaffar Jewellers, West Midlands
  Zaffar Travel, West Midlands
  Zafirah Halal Butchers, London
  Zafran Indian Cuisine, Berkshire
  Zafran Indian Restaurant, Dorsetshire
  Zafran Restaurant, South Yorkshire
  Zahalal Meat, London
  Zahara Ltd., Cambridgeshire
  Zahara Properties Ltd., Manchester
  Zahedi's Trading Co. Ltd., London
  Zaheer & Co., Manchester
  Zaher Younis Consulting Ltd., South Yorkshire
  Zahid Food Store, Cheshire
  Zahid Grocers, West Lothian
  Zahid Iqbal, London
  Zahid News, West Yorkshire
  Zahid Sweet House, West Midlands
  Zahid Trading Co. Ltd., West Midlands
  Zahid's General Store, South Yorkshire
  Zahina Trading Ltd., Buckinghamshire
  Zahir Jewellers, West Midlands
  Zahra Hair Removal, North Yorkshire
  Zahra Kebab House, Avon
  Zahra Sugaring Practitioner, Wiltshire
  Zaib Halal Butchers, Coventry
  Zaib Halal Butchers, West Midlands
  Zaib Trading & Co. Ltd., Lanarkshire
  Zaidy's Pizza & Curry House, Lancashire
  Zaiem Tandoori Restaurant Ltd, South Yorkshire
  Zaika Kebabs & Sweets Ltd., South Yorkshire
  Zaika Restaurant, West Lothian
  Zaika Restaurant Ltd., London
  Zain Cargo & Travel ., Manchester
  Zain Furnisher, West Midlands
  Zain Garments, Hertfordshire
  Zain Halal, Bradford
  Zain Halal, West Yorkshire
  Zain Halal Meat, West Yorkshire
  Zain International, London
  Zain Jewellers, West Midlands
  Zain Medical Centre, Middlesex
  Zain Money Exchange, Essex
  Zain Motors, West Midlands
  Zain Textiles, London
  Zainab Investments Ltd., Leicestershire
Zains Pizza & Kebab House, Merseyside
  Zaiqa Tandoori, Belfast
  Zakia Eastern Cuisine, Staffordshire
  Zakia Property Solutions Ltd., Devonport
  Zalfar Brothers, Leicestershire
  Zalshah Tandoori, Somerset
  Zam Accounting Ltd., London
  Zam Foods Ltd., London
  Zam Kebabs, West Midlands
  Zam Zam, Leeds
  Zam Zam Hajj & Umrah Services, London
  Zam Zam Halal, London
  Zam Zam Halal Sweet Centre, Bolton
  Zam Zam Luggage Store, London
  Zaman Ali & Co, London
  Zaman Tandoori, Essex
  Zamdani The Indian Tandoor, Hove
  Zameen Magazine, London
  Zamzam Halal Meat, Handsworth
  Zamzam International, London
  ZamZama, London
  Zanne's, Devonshire
  Zarra Balti House, Fife
  Zaynab, Pinner
  Zaytoun - 'The Olive' Restaurant, Leicester
  Zaytun Printers, London
  Zecki's, Devonshire
  Zeenat Al Nisaa, London
  Zeenat Consultants Ltd., Essex
  Zeenat Halal Butchers, Coventry
  Zeenat Restaurant, South Yorkshire
  Zeenat Zargar, West Midlands
  Zeera, Bristol
  ZehnTech, Manchester
  Zemzem Mini Continental Market, South Glamorgan
  Zetnet Internet Services, Lerwick
  Zia Solar Systems, Somerset
  Zia Ul Kitab Book Centre, West Yorkshire
  Zimtex, Birmingham
  Zoe Mortgages, London
  Zorba Kebab House, Cambridgeshire
  Zorbas, Birmingham
  Zorbas, Hampshire
  Zulfikar Ali: Paddock Fish Bar, West Yorkshire
  Zulfy Travel and Estate, West Midlands

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