General Information

French Republic

National name: République Française

Land area: 210,668 sq mi (545,630 sq km); total area: 211,209 sq mi (547,030 sq km)

Population (2008 est.): 64,094,658

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Paris, 9,854,000 (metro. area), 2,110,400 (city proper)

Other large cities: Marseille, 820,700; Lyon, 443,900; Toulouse, 411,800; Nice, 332,000; Nantes, 282,300; Strasbourg, 272,600; Bordeaux, 217,000

Monetary unit: Euro (formerly French franc)

Languages: French 100%, rapidly declining regional dialects (Provençal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Flemish)

Ethnicity/race: Celtic and Latin with Teutonic, Slavic, North African, Southeast Asian, and Basque minorities

Religions: Roman Catholic 83%–88%, Protestant 2%, Islam 5%–10%, Jewish 1%, unaffiliated 4%

National Holiday: Fete de la Federation, July 14

Literacy rate: 99% (2003 est.)

Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $2.047 trillion; per capita $33,200. Real growth rate: 1.9%. Inflation: 1.6%.

France is about 80% the size of Texas. In the Alps near the Italian and Swiss borders is western Europe's highest point—Mont Blanc (15,781 ft; 4,810 m). The forest-covered Vosges Mountains are in the northeast, and the Pyrénées are along the Spanish border. Except for extreme northern France, the country may be described as four river basins and a plateau. Three of the streams flow west—the Seine into the English Channel, the Loire into the Atlantic, and the Garonne into the Bay of Biscay. The Rhône flows south into the Mediterranean. For about 100 mi (161 km), the Rhine is France's eastern border. In the Mediterranean, about 115 mi (185 km) east-southeast of Nice, is the island of Corsica (3,367 sq mi; 8,721 sq km).

Archeological excavations indicate that France has been continuously settled since Paleolithic times. The Celts, who were later called Gauls by the Romans, migrated from the Rhine valley into what is now France. In about 600 B.C. Greeks and Phoenicians established settlements along the Mediterranean, most notably at Marseille. Julius Caesar conquered part of Gaul in 57–52 B.C., and it remained Roman until Franks invaded in the 5th century A.D.

The Treaty of Verdun (843) divided the territories corresponding roughly to France, Germany, and Italy among the three grandsons of Charlemagne. Charles the Bald inherited Francia Occidentalis, which became an increasingly feudalized kingdom. By 987, the crown passed to Hugh Capet, a princeling who controlled only the Ile-de-France, the region surrounding Paris. For 350 years, an unbroken Capetian line added to its domain and consolidated royal authority until the accession in 1328 of Philip VI, first of the Valois line. France was then the most powerful nation in Europe, with a population of 15 million.

The missing pieces in Philip Valois's domain were the French provinces still held by the Plantagenet kings of England, who also claimed the French crown. Beginning in 1338, the Hundred Years' War eventually settled the contest. After France's victory in the final battle, Castillon (1453), the Valois were the ruling family, and the English had no French possessions left except Calais. Once Burgundy and Brittany were added, the Valois dynasty's holdings resembled modern France. Protestantism spread throughout France in the 16th century and led to civil wars. Henry IV, of the Bourbon dynasty, issued the Edict of Nantes (1598), granting religious tolerance to the Huguenots (French Protestants). Absolute monarchy reached its apogee in the reign of Louis XIV (1643–1715), the Sun King, whose brilliant court was the center of the Western world.

After a series of costly foreign wars that weakened the government, the French Revolution plunged France into a bloodbath beginning in 1789 with the establishment of the First Republic and ending with a new authoritarianism under Napoléon Bonaparte, who had successfully defended the infant republic from foreign attack and then made himself first consul in 1799 and emperor in 1804. The Congress of Vienna (1815) sought to restore the pre-Napoléonic order in the person of Louis XVIII, but industrialization and the middle class, both fostered under Napoléon, built pressure for change, and a revolution in 1848 drove Louis Philippe, last of the Bourbons, into exile. Prince Louis Napoléon, a nephew of Napoléon I, declared the Second Empire in 1852 and took the throne as Napoléon III. His opposition to the rising power of Prussia ignited the Franco-Prussian War (1870–1871), which ended in his defeat, his abdication, and the creation of the Third Republic.

A new France emerged from World War I as the continent's dominant power. But four years of hostile occupation had reduced northeast France to ruins. Beginning in 1919, French foreign policy aimed at keeping Germany weak through a system of alliances, but it failed to halt the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine. On May 10, 1940, Nazi troops attacked, and, as they approached Paris, Italy joined with Germany. The Germans marched into an undefended Paris and Marshal Henri Philippe Pétain signed an armistice on June 22. France was split into an occupied north and an unoccupied south, Vichy France, which became a totalitarian German puppet state with Pétain as its chief. Allied armies liberated France in Aug. 1944, and a provisional government in Paris headed by Gen. Charles de Gaulle was established. The Fourth Republic was born on Dec. 24, 1946. The empire became the French Union; the national assembly was strengthened and the presidency weakened; and France joined NATO. A war against Communist insurgents in French Indochina, now Vietnam, was abandoned after the defeat of French forces at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. A new rebellion in Algeria threatened a military coup, and on June 1, 1958, the assembly invited de Gaulle to return as premier with extraordinary powers. He drafted a new constitution for a Fifth Republic, adopted on September 28, which strengthened the presidency and reduced legislative power. He was elected president on Dec. 21, 1958.

France next turned its attention to decolonialization in Africa; the French protectorates of Morocco and Tunisia had received independence in 1956. French West Africa was partitioned and the new nations were granted independence in 1960. Algeria, after a long civil war, finally became independent in 1962.

Islamic History and Muslims

Estimates of the number of Muslims in France vary widely. In accordance with a law dating from 1872, the French Republic does not ask about religion in its census. Nor does it ask for ethnic origin. In 2006 the United States Department of State placed it at roughly 10%, while two 2007 poll placed it at 3% of the national population. The CIA World Factbook places it at 5-10%. In 2000, the French Ministry of the Interior estimated the total number of people born into Islam as 4.1 million and converts as about 40,000. Estimates of numbers of Muslims, and the alleged dangers in the housing projects of the suburbs by the Renseignements Généraux, the intelligence agency, have often been criticized. Critics in particular are the Monde diplomatique and the Canard Enchaîné.

A study conducted by Michèle Tribalat, a researcher at INED, and based on 1999 French census returns, showed that claims of 5 to 6 million Muslims in France were overestimated. According to the census returns, there are 3.7 million people of "possible Muslim faith" in France (6.3% of the total population of Metropolitan France in 1999). These 3.7 million people whose ancestry is from countries where Islam is the dominant faith may or may not be observant Muslims themselves.

Nationalist and far-right organisations have often been hostile to the spread of Islam in France (as elsewhere in Europe).

An Interior ministry source in l'Islam dans la République (Haut Conseil à l'intégration, Nov. 2000, p.26) published the following estimated distribution of Muslims by country of origin:

Algeria 1,550,000
Morocco 1,000,000
Tunisia 350,000
Turkey 315,000
Sub-Saharan Africa 250,000
Middle East 100,000
Asians 100,000 (mostly from Pakistan and Bangladesh)
Converts 40,000
Illegals & awaiting regularisation: 350,000
Other 100,000
Total 4,155,000
These numbers may include non-religious or atheist individuals of Islam observing lineage. The study L'Islam en France et les reactions aux attentats du 11 septembre 2001, Résultats détaillés, of the Institut Français de l'Opinion Publique (IFOP), (HV/LDV No.1-33-1, 28 September 2001) found that of people of Islam observing lineage (Muslims), 36% self-describe themselves as "observant believers", and 20% claim to regularly go to the mosque on Fridays. 70% said they "observe Ramadan". This would amount to a number of roughly 1.5 million French Muslims who are "observant believers", another 1.5 million who identify with Islam enough to observe Ramadan, and 1 million citizens of "(Islam observing lineage) Muslim extraction" but with no strong religious or cultural ties to Islam. The number of people of Islam observing lineage who are practising Roman Catholics is negligible.

Another estimate is the 2004 study, again by Michèle Tribalat of INED, this time based on anonymous questionnaires that were given to 380, 481 people alongside the 1999 population census conducted by INSEE. In these questionnaires, people were asked the origin of their parents and grandparents. As a result, 3.7 million people in France are likely to be from Muslim families, that is either they, their parents or grandparents come from a predominantly Muslim country making them "possibly" Muslim. More than 14 million French people (23% of the total population) have at least one parent from a foreign country, mostly from other European countries. However, 3 million are from Maghreb and 700,000 from Sub-Saharan Africa. In total, regardless of nationality, in 1999 there were 1.7 million immigrants from mostly Muslim countries to France, 1.7 million children, and 300,000 grandchildren.

After the conquest of Spain Muslim forces also pushed into southern France but were turned back at the Battle of Tours in 732. In the 9th century Muslim forces conquered several bases in southern France.

During the winter of 1543-1544 Toulon was used as an Ottoman naval base under admiral Barbarossa. To facilitate the Turkish crews, the Christian population had been evacuated and the Toulon Cathedral was converted into a mosque.

Muslim immigration, mostly male, was high following World War II, because the French workforce was inadequate for reconstruction efforts. The immigrants came primarily from Algeria and other North African colonies; however, Islam has an older history in France, since the Great Mosque of Paris was built in 1922, as a sign of recognition from the French Republic to the fallen tirailleurs, in particular at the battle of Verdun and the take-over of the Douaumont fort.

For many French people, the term Muslim is still imprecise, as they sometimes use it to refer to an inherited culture, and sometimes as a varying set of religious practices. Though the French State does not want to have anything to do with religions, in recent years the government has tried to organize a representation of the French Muslims. In 2002 the then Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy initiated the creation of a "French Council of the Muslim Faith" (Conseil Français du Culte Musulman - CFCM), though wide criticism claimed this would only encourage communitarianism. Though the CFCM is informally recognized by the national government, it is a private nonprofit association with no special legal status. As of 2004, it is headed by the rector of the Paris Mosque, Dalil Boubakeur - who harshly criticized the controversial Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF) for involving itself in political matters during the 2005 riots. Nicolas Sarkozy's views on laïcité have been widely criticized by left- and right-wing members of parliament; more specifically, he was accused during the creation of the CFCM of favoring the more extreme sectors of Muslim representation in the Council, in particular the UOIF.

The first generation of Muslim immigrants, who are today retired from the workforce, keep strong ties with their countries, where their families lived. In 1974, the government passed a law allowing families of these immigrants to settle; thus, many children and wives moved to France. Most immigrants, realizing that they couldn't or didn't want to return to their homeland, asked for French nationality before quietly retiring. However, many live alone in housing projects, having now lost their ties with their countries of origin.

The situation was different with the "second generation", born in France, and as such French citizens by jus soli influenced law. As such, they can not be designated "immigrants", since they were born on national territory. A 1992 reform of the nationality laws delayed obtainment of French nationality until a request at adulthood (where previously it was automatically given). A large number of them are located in housing projects in the suburbs. Unlike in the United States and elsewhere, the French working classes often reside outside large cities, sometimes in ville nouvelles (such as Sarcelles for example, from which the term sarcellite was derived) for which no infrastructure other than sleeping dormitories have been planned, thus explaining a general boredom which a few allege contributed to the 2005 Paris suburb riots.

Olivier Roy indicates that for first generation immigrants, the fact that they are Muslims is only one element among others. Their identification with their country of origin is much stronger: they see themselves first through their descent (Algerians, Moroccans, Kabyles, etc.).

This is often true with the second generation of Arab Muslims, who often do not even speak French. Their rejection of French secular values are at odds with most modern-influenced French, but can be appealing to some . A conflict seems to be growing between those advocating French imams be trained in France, to French academic standards, including fluency in French and in accordance with French and EU legislation (such as human rights and a secular, democratic state), and those insisting that imams should be trained in Muslim countries (and as a consequence often at odds with French & EU legislation etc.).

Muslims in France can be distinguished from French citizens and Muslim immigrants. Most follow their religion within the French laïcité model: they may practice prayer (salah - though few pray five times a day as the salah requires), most observe the fast of Ramadan and most do not eat pork while many do not drink wine. A small minority (the UOIF for example) request the recognition of an Islamic community in France (which community remains to be built) with an official status.

Two main organisations are recognized by the French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM): the "Federation of the French Muslims" (Fédération des musulmans de France) with a majority of Moroccan leaders, and the controversial "Union of Islamic Organisations of France" (UOIF), influenced by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

1,535 mosques exist in France, and roughly 100 of them were built for that purpose. About 30 are currently being built. This number is low in comparison to the "possible Muslim" population. In comparison, there are about 40,000 Catholic churches for a Catholic population only 15 times bigger, althought this quite easy to understand, since France has been a Catholic country from many centuries ago. There are 1700 Protestant churches for about 500,000 adherents of that faith.

Since publicly funded State schools in France must be secular, owing to the 1905 separation of Church and State, Muslim parents who wish their children to be educated at a religious school often choose private (and therefore fee-paying) Catholic schools, of which there are many. Few specifically Muslim schools have been created. There is a Muslim school in La Réunion (a French island to the east of Madagascar), and the first Muslim collège (a school for students aged 11 to 15) opened its doors in 2001 in Aubervilliers (Paris' close suburbs), with 11 students. 2 other schools are planned as of 2003. Unlike most private schools in the USA and UK, these religious schools are affordable for most parents since they may be heavily subsidised by the government (teachers' wages in particular are covered by the state). Henceforth, the opening of Muslim schools may be a significant goal for Muslims pursuing a communitarianism policy, or simply for those who refused to abide by the recent French headscarf ban. However, while the debate about this law was quite heated, statistics have shown that only a very low minority of high-school students have refused to abide by it.

Several studies reveal that France seems to be, among the Western countries, the one where Muslims integrate the best and feel the most for the country. The study from the Pew Research Center on Integration is a good example of works revealing this typically French phenomenon which seems to lead to the conclusion that France has no lessons to learn from its critics.

The 2005 French riots have been presented especially by the foreign press as an illustration of the problems of integrating Muslims in France, but smaller scale riots have been occurring throughout the 1980s and 1990s, first in Vaulx-en-Velin in 1979, and in Vénissieux in 1981, 1983 , 1990 and 1999. Furthermore, while Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy claimed that most rioters were immigrants and already known to the police, a big proportion of them weren't citizens with either an immigrant or Muslim background and a majority were previously unknown by the police. French suburbians constently complain about the stigmatisation of their revolt, falsely over-simplified as a so-called "Muslim riot". French actor Roschdy Zem said in an interview with the French magazine Première given during the promotion of the movie Indigènes about those riots:

"Making of those riots an ethnico-religious affair seemed to me particularly disgusting. When railwaymen are blocking France, nobody goes search further as their demands. Take any Norwegian or Swede, inflict the same life conditions on them and I can assure you that they will end up burning cars too..."

Several parties, such as far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National and Bruno Mégret's Mouvement National Républicain, believe that large numbers of immigrants with non-Western European cultural background destabilize France and recognize that there is a clear danger in Islamist behavior among the immigrant Muslim population. In the 2004 regional elections, the MNR ran on a "No to Islamization!" platform.

In 2004, the French government expelled several foreign imams for preaching hate, an action highly criticized by Amnesty International. In a few cases, expulsion warrants on the basis of immigration status had already been issued. A few issues are crystallizing the debate, the hijab issue being the most significant.

Further information: French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools. The wearing of hijab in France has been a very controversial issue since 1989. The debate essentially concerns whether Muslim girls who choose to wear hijab may do so in state schools. A secondary issue is how to protect the free choice and other rights of young Muslim women who do not want the veil, but who may face strong pressure from families or traditionalist. Similar issues exist for civil servants and for acceptance of male Muslim medics in medical services.

Many muslims believe that the Qu'ran instructs women to keep their heads covered (outside of the immediate family) even though some others including Leila Babes in her book "The Veil Demystified" believe that wearing the veil does not derive from a Muslim religious imperative . Some Muslims argue that it is a form of religious discrimination not to allow head coverings in school. They believe that the law is an attempt to impose secular values on them. The specific parts of the Qu'ran are interpreted differently by groups of more liberal Muslims; another source for the requirement to keep women's heads covered is in the Hadith.

The French government, and a large majority of public opinion, is opposed to the wearing of a "conspicuous" sign of religious expression (dress or symbol), whatever the religion, as this is incompatible with the French system of laïcité. In December 2003, Mr. Chirac said that it breaches the separation of church and state and would increase tensions in France's multicultural society, whose Muslim and Jewish populations are both the biggest of their kind in Western Europe.

The issue of Muslim hijabs has sparked controversy after several girls refused to uncover their heads in class, as early as 1989. In October 1989, three Muslim schoolgirls wearing the Islamic headscarf were expelled from the collège Gabriel-Havez in Creil (north of Paris). In November, the First Conseil d'Etat ruling affirmed that the wearing of the Islamic headscarf, as a symbol of religious expression, in public schools was not incompatible with the French school system and the system of laïcité. In December, a first ministerial circular (circulaire Jospin) was published, stating teachers had to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to ban the wearing of Islamic headscarf.

In January 1990, three schoolgirls were expelled from the collège Pasteur in Noyon, north of Paris. The parents of one expelled schoolgirl filed a defamation action against the principal of the collège Gabriel-Havez in Creil. As a result, the teachers of a collège in Nantua (eastern part of France, just to the west of Geneva, Switzerland) went on strike to protest the wearing of the Islamic headscarf in school. A second ministerial circular was published in October, to restate the need to respect the principle of laïcité in public schools.

In September 1994, a third ministerial circular (circulaire Bayrou) was published, making a distinction between "discreet" symbols to be tolerated in public schools, and "ostentatious" symbols, including the Islamic headscarf, to be banned from public schools. In October, some students demonstrated at the lycée St. Exupery in Mantes-la-Jolie (northwest of Paris) to support the freedom to wear Islamic headscarves in school. In November, approximately 24 veiled schoolgirls were expelled from the lycée St. Exupery in Mantes-la-Jolie and the lycée Faidherbe in the city of Lille.

Since 1994, around 100 girls have been excluded from French state schools for wearing such veils. In half the cases, courts have subsequently overturned the decision.

In December 2003 President Chirac decided that the law should prohibit the wearing of visible religious signs in schools, according to laïcité requirements. The law was approved by parliament in March of 2004. Items prohibited by this law include Muslim hijabs, Jewish yarmulkes or large Christian crosses. It is still be permissible to wear discreet symbols of faith such as small crosses, Stars of David or Fatima's hands.

A large majority of French people, and in particular teachers, are in favor of this ban. Some religious leaders have showed their opposition. Two French journalists working in Iraq, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot were taken hostage by the "Islamic Army in Iraq" (an Iraqi resistance militant movement) under accusations of spying. Threats to kill the two journalists if the law on headscarves wasn't revoked were published on the Internet by groups claiming to be the "Islamic Army in Iraq". The two journalists were later released unharmed.

The Muslim immigrant population in France, comprised mainly of Franco-Maghrebi individuals, has become a prominent minority presence in the nation. The rai music genre provides an example of cultural syncretism when discussed in “Arab Noise and Ramadan Nights: Rai, Rap, and Franco-Maghrebi Identities.” Rai music originated in Algeria and is sung in the Orani Arab dialect. Its lyrics, often discussing alcohol, sex, and social issues, gained a substantial audience in the French Muslim population and French population as a whole, a new derivatives called Raï n' B (a mix of Raï and R&B) with lyrics both in French and Arab is particularly popular. For some Franco-Maghrebis, rai is a cultural expression for a minority struggling to carve out an ethnic identity and a space for itself in what is sees as an inhospitable environment.

Formal as well as informal Muslim organisations help the new French citizens to integrate. There are no Islam-based political parties, but a number of cultural organisations. Their most frequent activities are homework help and language classes in Arabic, but ping pong, Muslim discussion groups etc. are also common. However, most important associations active in assisting with the immigration process are either secular (GISTI, for example) or ecumenist (such as the protestant-founded Cimade).

The most important national organisation is the CFCM (Conseil Français du Culte Musulman), which gathers Paris and Marseille's mufti, and also the UOIF, which has many links with Arab government and negotiates with the French government. It is a very broad organisation and there is no real consensus on major issues.

Two more left wing organizations are PCM (Muslim Participation and Spirituality), who combine political mobilization (against racism, sexism etc.) and spiritual retreats and parties. The other is CMF (well-known as "the organization close to Tariq Ramadan", though he is not their leader). Both of these organizations put a lot of emphasis on the need to get involved in French society - by joining organizations, registering to vote, working with your children's schools etc. They do not have clear cut political positions as such, but push for active citizenship. They are vaguely on the Left in practice.

The government has yet to formulate an official policy towards making integration easier. As mentioned above, it is difficult to determine in France who may be called a Muslim. Some Muslims in France describe themselves as "non-practising". Most simply observe Ramadan and other basic rules, but are otherwise secular.

Islamism (Islamisme in French) is a term that is rather less used, perhaps due to its lack of precision. The following terms are instead used : Islamiste (when referring to a person of extremist opinions), islamique (for a qualifier, the "hidjab" or foulard islamique, or barbe islamique, the beard; this does not have the connotation of extremism), mouvement islamique (to refer to a political movement), mouvement intégriste or mouvement extrémiste (to refer to a fundamentalist group), mouvement terroriste (for a terrorist group).

In countries with Muslim majorities, Islamist movements are essentially political. Olivier Roy calls Islamists those which see in Islam a political ideology, in the modern sense of the term. In other words a theory which presumes to entirely understand the social side of a society, in political terms.

Islamists want to influence the laws of the state. When using the term Islamiste, Muslims refer almost exclusively to those whose program is to establish an Islamic state. There are many more movements to establish such states than are recognized as Islamist by the West, thus the use is not very uniform.

This is not to say that Islamist groups overtly advocate violent takeover in every political environment, so they should not be seen necessarily as terrorists. Because influence in French politics is possible without resorting to violence, the use of violence in that context is considered counterproductive toward achieving their goal of guiding the political system according to the principles of Islam. However, in Algeria, the situation is different. Events there ultimately affect the stance of Islamists toward France itself, as the hope of bringing about an Islamic state in Algeria is a cause for which some French Islamists are willing to turn to violence. Islamic terrorism events in France have been linked to Algerian Islamists.

The political aim of Islamists is ultimately the formal establishment of Sharia law, with or without modern adaptations. Fundamentalism and traditionalism, of themselves, do not have this specific political connotation at all. Islamists are deemed such according to their adherence to the political goal of an Islamic state, rather than by features of their religious observance.

A recall to tradition, which in Arabic is called "Sallaf". This is a doctrine from the end of the 19th century called "la Salafia". It may be found in many Islamist movements, and in particular in Algeria, in one of the GIA groups (There are several different doctrines in Islamism, and given the variety of the movements, and their varying goals, it is almost always advisable when referring to a specific political movement, to avoid generalizations and refer to it by its name.)
A return to following the laws outlined in the Qur'an ("Coran" in French). Islamists support a revolutionary and political reading of the Qur'an, they criticize the anti-Islamic times, also known as a return of the ignorance before the Prophet Mohammed. ("jahhiliyya" - Arabic for ignorance).
Islam as religion and State. This position has been adopted, for example, by the djazarist faction of the G.I.A. This group argues that the State itself should ultimately be Muslim in nature.
Islamists often present themselves as a revival movement, a call to Muslims to renew their adherence to fundamental Islamic religious principles and laws, which initially apply only to Muslims.

According to Pascal Mailhos, chief of the Renseignements Généraux (RG), out of 1700 known places of worship, 75 had been subject to attempts of destabilisations by radical elements, half of them resisting the attempts. 31 radical activists have been expelled from French territory, and a dozen have been monitored by the French police.

Islam in France is subject to strong foreign influences. Statistically, only a third of the imams in France have a good command of the French language, another third an average command, and the last third a poor command. This is due to the fact that there exists no imam training school in France, the 1905 law of 'laïcité' preventing the state from sponsoring religious establishments; in this case, any mosques or 'imam schools'. A low number of salafist elements can be found in some regions of France. The RG estimates that about 200,000 Muslims regularly practice their religion, and that there are about 5,000 salafists, of whom one quarter are involved in radical Islamism. However, its reports on security issues have often been criticized, for example by Le Monde Diplomatique or Le Canard Enchaîné. According to the RG head, Pascal Mailhos, radical Islamism had no influence on the 2005 civil unrest in France.

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  Association Cultuelle et Culturelle des Musulmans de Picardie, AMIENS
  Association Cultuelle Musulmane, Goussainville
  Association Cultuelle Musulmane de Neuville sur Saône / Mosquée Bilâl, Lyon
  Association Cultuelle Musulmane Dunoise Assalama Mosque, Chateaudun
  Association Culturelle Communauté Musulmane Ottman , Delle
  Association culturelle des turques de Pontarlier, Pontarlier
  association culturelle et cultuelle de bar le duc, Bar-le-Duc
  Association Culturelle et cultuelle de Chambéry, Chambery
  Association Culturelle et Educative des Musulmans de Combs la Ville, Combs-la-Ville
  Association culturelle franco-musulmane de Rillieux-la-pape, Lyon
  Association culturelle islamique, CHAMBERY
  Association Culturelle Islamique, Belley
  Association culturelle islamique, Chateau-Thierry
  Association culturelle islamique, Chateau Thierry
  Association Culturelle Islamique Tawhid du Muy, Le Muy
  Association Culturelle Musulmane , Savigny
  Association culturelle musulmane, Paris
  Association d'Orientation Islamique, Oullins
  association de l'amitié et de la fraternité des musulmans de Carpentras, Carpentras
Association des amis de St Clair - Mosquee As Sakina, Lyon

Association des Citoyens Musulmans de Lannion, Lannuon
  Association des Etudiants Islamiques de France, Paris
  Association des Français Musulmans de Villiere-le-Bel, Villiers-le-Bel
  Association des marocains de vernon, Vernon
  Association des musulman de hyeres, Hyeres
  Association des MUSULMANS D'ALLONNES, Allonnes
  Association des Musulmans d'Angers Centre Socio Culturel, Angers
  Association des Musulmans de Guyancourt, Guyancourt
  Association des musulmans de la gironde AMG, Langon
  Association des musulmans de montlucon, Montlucon
  Association des musulmans de Nogent sur Seine, Nogent-sur-seine
  Association des musulmans de PONTARLIER, Pontarlier
  Association des Travailleurs Marocains, Sallanches
  Association du Culte et de la Culture Islamique, Aulnoye-Aymeries
  Association for a better Integration (FRIEND), Epinay-sur-Seine
  Association francaise des Musulmans de PROVINS, Provins
  Association franco-musulmane de Rillieux-la-pape, Rillieux
  Association francomarocaine, Bolbec
  Association Fraternité et Espoir, Bagnols-sur-ceze
  Association Ibn Badiss, Orleans
  Association Islam and Youth, Chambery
  Association Islam Sciences et Vie, Evian-les-Bains
  Association Islamic de Romilly-sur-seine, Romilly-sur-Seine
  Association Islamique CIEL, Strassbourg
  Association Islamique Cultural of Haute-Loire, Puy De La Vache
  association islamique d'istres, Istres
  Association Islamique de Boulogne et sa Région, Boulogne-sur-mer
  Association Islamique de Castres, Casteres
  association islamique de saint-brieuc, Saint-Brieuc
  Association islamique du Viguier, Carcassonne
  Association Islamique en France , Paris
  Association Islamique Est France(A.I.E.F), Strasbourg
  Association Islamique Francaise d Istres( AIFI), Marseille
  ASSOCIATION ISLAMIQUE FRANCAISE D`ISTRES( AIFI).Islamic French Organization of Istres, Istres
  Association Islamique saint gilles, Saint-Gilles
  Association le Rassemblement des Musulmans de l'Agglomération Troyenne. A.R.M.A.T., Troyes
  Association Magrhebine, Avallon
  Association mauricienne des musulmans de France, Paris
  Association Mosquée Bilal de St-Fons, Lyon
  Association mosquée d'an-Nour., Dijon
  Association Mosquée Souna, Besancon
  Association Mosque, Pau
  Association Muslims Bagnolet, Bagnolet
  Association Musulmane de Culte et Culturelle, Cholet
  Association musulmane de Romorantin, Romorantin
  Association Musulmane de St. Herblain, Saint-Herblain
  Association Musulmane de St. Herblain, Nantes
  Association musulmane des bonnes oeuvres, Le Mans
Association Musulmane du Chablais, Thonon-les-Bains
  Association Musulmane Mosquée ASSOUNAH, Pierre-Benite
  Association of Islam, Dunkerque
  Association of Islamic Union of France, Mantes-la-Jolie
  Association of Mosque of the Islamic Center of Rheims, Rheims
  Association of Muslims, Arras
  Association of Muslims of Annecy Basin, Annecy
  Association of the Moslems in Alsace, Mulhouse
  Association of the Muslims of Picardie, Amiens
  Association pont et culture, Pont-Audemer
  Association Sociale et educative, Chatellerault
  Association Socio-Culturelle des jeunes du 15, Paris
  Association Socioculturelle et Cultuelle des Marocains de Calais, Calais Sud
  Association Solidarity Musulmane, Chaumont
  Assoctation chemin Droit, Paris
  Assotiation isslamique el-fath, Hagenau
  Asssociation Cultural mosque of the Moslems, Epinay-sous-Senart
  Asssociation Cultural mosque of the Moslems, Courcouronnes
  Attaqwa Mosque, Bourg-en-Bresse
  Attaqwan Mosque, 11e Arrondissement
  Attawba Mosque, Stains
  Attawba Mosque, Le Pre-Saint-Gervais
  Attawbah Mosque, 12e Arrondissement
  Avicenne Mosquée, Pontoise
  Azitoun Mosque, Aubenas
  Badr Mosque, Boulogne
  Bangladesh Islamic Centre in France, Paris
  Ben Mokdad Olfa, Athis-Mons
  Ben Youssef Mosque, Montfermeil
  Bilal Mosque, Saint Denis
  Bilal Mosque, Beauvais
  Billal Mosque, Clichy-sous-Bois
  Central Mosque, Reims
  Centre Culturel Islamique, Paris
  Centre Culturel Islamique d'Evry Courcouronnes, Evry
  Centre Culturel Islamique de Franche Comté, Besançon
  Centre Culturel Islamique de Moulins et ses environs, Moulins
  Centre Culturel Islamique de Paris, Paris
  Centre culturel islamique de Stains, Stains
  Centre Culturel Maghrebin, Chanteloup-les-Vignes
  Centre Culturel Musulman, Ferney-Voltaire
  Centre culturel TAWHID, Paris
  Centre Islamique de Chambéry le Haut, Chambery
  Centre Islamique Tawhid, Lyon
  Centre socio culturel musulman / association des musulmans de plaisir, Plaisir
  Centre Socio-Culturel, Grand-Couronne
  Cercle de la fraternité musulmanne, Blagnac
  Champs sur Marne Mosque, Champs-Sur-Marne
  Comité Musulmane de la Courneuve Mosquée Ibrahim E, Saint Denis
  Committee Islamic of Gavotte Peyret, Septemes-les-Vallons
  Communaut musulmane of Loiret, Gien
  Comptoir Islamique des Viandes , Paris
  Conseil Supérieur Représentatif des Musulmans de France, Lyon
  Crescent of Islam, Dunkirk
  Cultural and Athletic association the Railroaders, Verneuil-sur-Seine
  Cultural Association, Albertville
  Cultural Association, Bonneville
  Cultural Association of Flanders, Saint-Pol-sur-Mer
  Cultural Association of Moslem woman, Saint-Valerien
  Cultural Asssociation mosque of the Moslems, Evry
  Cultural center and Mosque of the Muslims of Tourcoing, Tourcoing
  Dammarie Mosque, Dammarie-le-Lys
  Dole Mosque, Dunkerque
  Dole Mosque, Dunkerque
  El Amine Association, Champs-Sur-Marne
  EL Baraka Mosque, Lunel
  El Emir Abdelkader Mosque, Nanterre
  EL FATH Mosque, Paris
  EL FATH Mosque, Amiens
  EL Fath Mosque, Tours
  EL FATH Mosque, Saint Dizier
  EL Fath Mosque, Bordeau
  El Feth Mosque, Louvroil
  El Forquane Mosque, Nantes
  El Hayat Islamic Cultural Association, Garges-les-Gonesse
  El Hijra Mosque, Vichy
  el houda, Clermont-Ferrand
  EL Houda Mosque, Bar-sur-Seine
  EL Houda Mosque, Bordeau
  EL Radiri Mosque, Nancy
  El-Asr Mosque, Antony
  EL-BADR Mosque, Meaux
  EL-FATIH Mosque, Saint Denis
  EL-IRSHAD Mosque, Garges-les-Gonesse
  EL-Taqwa Mosque, Athis-Mons
  Ennour Mosque, Soyaux
  Ennour Mosque, Clichy
  Ennour Mosque, Gennevilliers
  Enour home, Vitry-sur-Seine
  Erahma Mosque, Trappes
  Errahma Mosque, Saint Denis
  Es Salam Mosque, Mulhouse
  Essalam Mosque, Tours
  Essalam Mosque, Gennevilliers
  Essalam Mosque, Pont-a-Mousson
  Essalam Mosque, Saint-Ouen
  Essalam Mosque, Gaillon
  Et-Tawba, Clermont-Ferrand
Ettakwa Mosque, Noisy-le-Grand
  FATIH CAMII Ass. TURC, Toulouse
  Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, Laurent DuVar
  Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, Cenon Palmer
  Federation of Islamic Organisations in France, Courneuve
  Foyer A.D.E.F des Grésillons, Yvelin
  Foyer Sonacotra, Sartrouville
  Foyer Sonacotra(Mosque), Meaux
  French-African-Arabian Islamic Association, Ris-Orangis
  Friends of the Moslems, Choisy-le-Roi
  Grand Mosque, Arras
  Grand Mosque of Poissy, Poissy
  Grande Mosquée de Lyon, Lyon
  Grande Mosquée de Strasbourg, Strasbourg
  Gresillons Mosque, Gennevilliers
  Hamza Mosque, Pantin
  Hamza Mosque, Troyes
  Hamza Mosque, Epinay-sous-Senart
  Hamza Mosque, Garges-les-Gonesse
  Hope Association, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges
  Iman home, Vitry-sur-Seine
  Institut Musulman de Saint Etienne, Saint-Etienne
  IQRA Association Mosque, Levallois-Perret
  Irchard Mosque, Aulnay-sous-Bois
  Islamic Cultural Association Masjid An-noor, Le Havre
  Islamic Cultural Association Mosque, Sorgues
  Islamic Cultural Center ETOUVIE, Amiens
  Islamic Mosque, Marseille
  Islamic and Cultural association of Meaux, Meaux
  Islamic Arts centre, Moulin
  Islamic arts centre of Paris, 20e Arrondissement
  Islamic Ass. of the African Community, 20e Arrondissement
  Islamic association, Paris
  Islamic Association, Saint-Brieuc
  Islamic Association, Montereau
  Islamic Association, L'Aigle
  Islamic Association, Dunkerque
  Islamic Association Mosque, Lorient
  Islamic Association Mosque, Valence
  Islamic association of assistance for the teaching, Les Mureaux
  Islamic center, Marseille
  Islamic Center of Reims, Reims
  Islamic Cultural Ass., Mosque A Daawa, 19e Arrondissement
  Islamic Cultural Association, Cherbourg
  Islamic Cultural Association, Clichy-sous-Bois
  Islamic Cultural Association of Dreux, Dreux
  Islamic cultural Center, Saint Denis
  Islamic Cultural Center, Quimper
  Islamic Cultural Center Mosque, Rennes
Islamic Cultural center of French comte County, Besancon
  Islamic de Royan, Royan
  Islamic institute of France (Al Ihsan), Argenteuil
  Islamic mission of the Moslems, Chelles
  Islamic organization, Grenoble
  Islamic Religious organization, Octeville
  Islamic Religious organization, Villeurbanne
  Islamic Social and Cultural Association, Beauvais
  Islamic social cultural and Dawa center, Paris
  Islamic Sociocultural Center of Longjumeau, Longjumeau
  Islamic Theological Affairs Center, Canteleu
  Islamic union in France -El Fatih, Saint Denis
  Islamic union in France, Mosque El Fatih, 10e Arrondissement
  Islamique Tariq Ibn Ziyad Islamic Cultural Association, Les Mureaux
  Islamski kulturni centar bosnjaka Besancon, Besancon
  Khalid Ibn Al Walid Mosque, Marseille
  Khalid Ibn El Walid Mosque, 18e Arrondissement
  KHALID IBN WALID Mosque, Paris
  La Grande Mosquée, Clermont-Ferrand
  Le Blanc-Mesnil Mosquée, Le Blanc-Mesnil
  Le Rappel, Antibes
  Librairie El Feth, Marseille
  Maison de l'orient, Briancon
  MAISON DU MAROC Mosque, Paris
  Majad Masny, Masny
  Masdjid de carvin, Carvin
  Masjîd El Kawthar, Rouen
  masjed Al-Fateh,Planoise, Besancon
  Masjid, Saint-Michel-sur-Orge
  Masjid, Dijon-Ville
  Masjid, Tulle
  Masjid croix de chaveau, Montreuil-sous-Bois
  Masjid Abu Bakr, Lens
  Masjid Al Nour, Mulhouse
  Masjid Al Salam, Aix-en-Provence
  Masjid Al-Falah, Cachan
  Masjid Al-houda, Beziers
  Masjid ar-rahma, Vitry-sur-Seine
  Masjid Ar-Rahma, Behren-les-forbach
  Masjid ARRAHMA de Méricourt, Mericourt
  Masjid AS-SALAM, Bois
  Masjid Assalam, Joue-les-Tours
  Masjid Assalam, Clermont-Ferrand
  masjid attawba, Lyon-Vaise
  Masjid Badr, Lille
  Masjid de Pau, Pau
  Masjid el Fath, Alencon
  Masjid EL Houda, Savigny-le-Temple
  Masjid el houda, Villerupt
  Masjid Ennour, Poissy
  Masjid Errahma, Vierzon-Ville
  Masjid Moâad Ibn Jabal, Saint Germain
  Masjid noor, La Chapelle-Saint-Luc
  Masjid Othmane, Villeparisis
  Masjid Sunnah, Dunkerque
  Masjid TAOUBA, Lille
  Masjid Yahya, Rouen
  masjid-Assalam, Evreaux
  Masjide OMAR, Charvieu
  masjiid el tawba, Cavaillon
  Mesdjid El-Meddina El-Mounawara, Cannes
  Mohamed V Mosque, Colombes
  Montparnasse Prayer room, Paris
  Montreau Mosque, Montreau
  Mosaab Bni Omair Mosque, La Chapelle-Saint-Luc
  Moslem arts centre of Clamart, Clamart
  Moslem association of Sully/Loire, Sully-sur-Loire
  Moslem association of Sully/Loire, Octeville
  Moslem Cultural Ass, Bayonne
  Moslem Cultural Association of Goussainville, Goussainville
  Moslem Cultural Association of the Mount Mesl, Creteil
  Moslem Faith Association, Sannois
  Moslem institute of the Main Paris Mosque, 5e Arrondissement
  Moslem Integration Spinassienne(IMS), Epinay-sur-Seine
  Moslem religious organization of Dammarie-Les-Lys, Dammarie-le-Lys
  mosqée al forquane, Nantes Etat
  mosqe, Le Mans
  Mosquèe Othman (Foyer), Paris
  mosqué (MACON), Macon
  Mosqué de Montereau, Paris
  Mosqué Essalam, Laval
  Mosqué l'hay les roses, L'Hay-les-Roses
  mosqué omar, Saint-Martin-d'Heres
  Mosquéd d'Evry, Courcouronnes
  Mosquée, Le Mans
  Mosquée, Limoges
  Mosquée HAMZA, Beauvais
  Mosquée Abdallah Ibn Othman, Nanterre
  Mosquée Abou Baker Assiddiq, Coronne
  Mosquée ABOU BAKR, Paris
  Mosquée ADaoua, Paris
  Mosquée Addawa (Stalingrad), Paris
  Mosquée Al ansar, Armentieres
  Mosquée al rahma, Albi
  Mosquée Al Wahda, Clermont
  Mosquée Al-Huda, Bordeaux
  Mosquée Alhouda, Charonne
  Mosquée ALRAHMA, Vesoul
  Mosquée AMM, Mutzig
Mosquée Arrahma, Nantes Etat
  Mosquée Arrahma, Nantes
  mosquée ASSOUNNAH, Lyon
  Mosquée At Taqqwa (AJC), Grenoble
  Mosquée attakwa, Saint-chamond
  Mosquée Attawbah, Gare De Lyon
  Mosquée Badr, Boulogne-Billancourt
  Mosquée BADR, Calais
  Mosquée D'Achères Association des Marocains d'Achères, Acheres
  mosquée d'evry, Evry
  Mosquée DAR ES-SALAM , Saverne
  mosquée de belleforiere, Douai
  Mosquée de borny , Metz
  Mosquée de Draguignan ALIMANE, Draguignan
  Mosquée de Gerland, Lyon
  Mosquée de Jeumont, Jeu
  Mosquée de La bienfaisance, Periguex
  Mosquée de la fraternité, Aubervilliers
  Mosquée de la Ligue Islamique Mondiale, Paris
  Mosquée de La Maison du Maroc, Paris
  Mosquée de la sunnah, Le Pontet
  Mosquée de Lens, Lens
  Mosquée de Nemours, Nemours
  Mosquée de Paris, Paris
  Mosquée de Paris, Monges
  Mosquée de Persan Beaumont, Persan
  Mosquée de Strasbourg GARE, Strassbourg
  Mosquée de Villeparisis Masjid Othman Ibn affan, Villeparisis
  Mosquée des Comoriens, Paris
  Mosquée du 18ème, Paris
  Mosquée du centre ville مسجد وسط المدينة, Aix-en-Provence
  Mosquée El Amal, Colmar
  Mosquée El Fath, Ifs
  Mosquée el hidaya orgeval, Reims
  Mosquée El Khir, Dijon
  Mosquée El-Houda, Lyon
  Mosquée El-touba, Bagnols-sur-ceze
  Mosquée Ennour, Toulouse
  Mosquée Ennour ACMS Sartrouville, Sartrouville
  Mosquée Es-Salam, Lyon
  Mosquée Et-Tawba, Lyon
  Mosquée Fatih Camii, Cherbourg
  Mosquée Koba, Lyon
  Mosquée lumière te piété (Masdjed annour wattaqwa), Nimes
  Mosquée Mevlana, Nantes
  Mosquée Moissy, Moissy-Cramayel
  mosquée monclar, Avignon
  Mosquée Mossab Ibn Omaïr, Lyon
  Mosquée Musulmane et Cultuelle du Creusot, Le Creusot
  Mosquée OMAR, Paris
Mosquée Omar Ibn Khattab, Coronne
  Mosquée Othmane, Villeurbanne
  Mosquée Pavillon, Montreuil
  Mosquée Philippe GRENIER 25300 PONTARLIER, Pontarlier
  Mosquée Savigny, Savigny-le-Temple
  Mosquée Turque, Paris
  Mosquée Turque, Volta
  mosquée ZAC, Aix-en-Provence
  Mosque, Thionville
  Mosque, Maubeuge
  Mosque, Montereau
  Mosque, Nimes
  Mosque, Forbach
  Mosque, Garges-les-Gonesse
  Mosque, Valenciennes
  Mosque, Saint-Quentin
  Mosque, Nice
  Mosque, Wallers
  Mosque, Cannes
  Mosque, Garges-les-Gonesse
  Mosque, Sartrouville
  Mosque, Cagnes-sur-Mer
  Mosque, Versailles
  Mosque, Maubeuge
  Mosque, Nimes
  Mosque, Oignies
  Mosque, 20e Arrondissement
  Mosque, Carcassonne
  Mosque, Beaucaire
  mosque, Caen
  Mosque, Rosny-sous-Bois
  Mosque, Saint-Gratien
  Mosque, Louviers
  Mosque, Chaumont
  Mosque, Pithiviers
  Mosque, Bourges
  Mosque, Longwy
  Mosque, Neuilly-Plaisance
  Mosque, Blanc
  Mosque, Vitry-sur-Seine
  mosque, Niort
  Mosque, Bretigny-sur-Orge
  Mosque, Arles
  Mosque, Noisy-le-Grand
  Mosque of Pau A.M.P, Bayonne
  Mosque A.C.I, Reims
  Mosque Addawa, Flers
  mosque al joumoua, Nice
  Mosque Al Muhsinine, Bourg-en-Bresse
Mosque Ali Ben abi Taleb, 10e Arrondissement

Mosque Annasr - Fédération Régionale Musulmane, Marseille
  Mosque Annour, Toulon
  Mosque Annour, Elbeuf
  Mosque As'Salam, Sannois
  Mosque Assalam, Saint Quentin
  Mosque Assouna, Marseille
  Mosque at-tawaba, Rive-de-Gier
  Mosque attwhid (HALLUIN), Lille
  Mosque Averroes - Institut Risalat Averroes, Marseille
  Mosque d'Airbel - Association Culturelle et Sociale dAirbel, Marseille
  Mosque d'Etampes, Etampes
  Mosque Dar Es Salam - Association Dar Es Salam, Aubagne
  Mosque de CREIL, Creil
  Mosque de Levallois Perret, Levallois-Perret
  mosque de rrahma24, Behren
  mosque de villifontaine ( en construction), Villefontaine
  Mosque el fath, Bollene
  Mosque El Irshad, Garges-les-Gonesse
  Mosque El Mohsinine, Canteleu
  Mosque El Nasr, Henin
  Mosque El-Ihsan, Argenteuil
  Mosque Ennour, Melun
  Mosque Ennour, Argenteuil
  Mosque Ennour, Le Harve
  Mosque Errahmania - Association Culturelle Islamique Errahmania, Marseille
  Mosque Essalam, Argenteuil
  Mosque Ibn Sina, Montpellier
  Mosque Le Rappel, Nice
  Mosque Noure El Fath - Association Culturelle Islamique, Marignane
  Mosque of Chalon, Chalons-sur-Marne
  Mosque of Pontanezen, Brest
  Mosque of Angouleme, Angouleme
  Mosque of Baconnets, Antony
  Mosque of Bagneux Charitable organization, Bagneux
  Mosque of Bellevue, Le Havre
  Mosque of Bonnevay, Cholet
  Mosque of Breton, Cholet
  Mosque of Chatellerault, Chatellerault
  Mosque of Comoriens, 20e Arrondissement
  Mosque of Corbeil, Corbeil-Essonnes
  Mosque of Farébersviller, Farebersviller
  Mosque of Fontenay sous bois, Fontenay-sous-Bois
  Mosque of la Rochelle - Mosquée De La Rochelle, La Rochelle
  Mosque of Nangis, Nangis
  Mosque of Nemours, Nangis
  Mosque of Oiseaux, Avignon
  Mosque of Poitiers, Poitiers
  Mosque of Puteaux, Puteaux
  Mosque of Rocade (Masjid al Bukhari), Avignon
  Mosque of the book Essounah, Sannois
Mosque of the House of Morocco, 14e Arrondissement
  Mosque of the House of Tunisia, 14e Arrondissement
  Mosque of the train Station, Argenteuil
  Mosque of the World Islamic League, 15e Arrondissement
  Mosque of the Zup (Roman City Rolland), Argenteuil
  Mosque of Vignes, Chanteloup
  Mosque of Villeneuve la Garenne, Villeneuve-la-Garenne
  Mosque of Vitry, Vitry-sur-Seine
  Mosque of Zup, Epernay
  Mosque Turkish A.C.I.T., Reims
  Mosque Yunus Emre (Turkish Religious Organization of Montereau), Montereau
  Mosquee, Paris
  MOSQUEE AR RAHMA, Le Puy-en Velay
  MOSQUEE AS SALAM, Carcassonne
  Mosquee ASSALAM, Lille
  MOSQUEE ATTAOUBA, Ozoir-la-Ferriere
  MOSQUEE D'IVRY - MASJID AN NOUR (Centre cultuel), Ivry-sur-Seine
  mosquee dawa à ROUBAIX, Lille
  mosquee de bagneux, Bagneaux
  Mosquee de la Roche Sur Yon, La Roche-sur-Yon
  mosquee EL FETH, Mazamet
  mosquee garibaldi, Beziers
  Mosquee Koba, Mulhouse
  mosquee oqba ibno nafi, Chanteloup-les-Vignes
  mosquee oumma, Mulhouse
  Mosques, Guingamp
  Mosques and others islamic organisations, Halluin
  Mosques of Les Ulis, Les Ulis
  Muslim Association, Amiens
  Muslim Association, Amiens
  Muslim Association Mosque, Toul
  Muslim Association Mosque, Saint-Nazaire
  Muslim Community Cultural Association, Sevran
  Muslim Cultural Association, Morigny-Champigny
  Muslim Cultural Association of Brest, Brest
  Musulman sans Frantiére, Laval
  Musulmans de Plaisir (ASSOC) , Plaisir
  Nation Prayer room, Paris
  Nour Mosquée - Association Liberté, Amiens
  Nour Mosque, Montfermeil
  Nour Mosque, Bordeau
  Okba Ibn Nafae Mosque, Nanterre
  Omar Ibn Khattab, 11e Arrondissement
Omar Ibn Khattab Mosque, Antony
  Omar Mosque, Lyon
  OMAR Mosque, Cherbourg
  Organisation Culturelle des Musulmans de Remiremont, Remiremont
  Organisation Culturelle Islamique d'Uzes, Uzes
  Osmane Mosque, Mantes-la-Jolie
  Othman Mosque, 13e Arrondissement
  Place d'Italie Prayer room, Paris
  Plaisance Prayer room, Paris
  Port Cheval Room of Prayer, Flin
  Porte d'Ivry Prayer room, Paris
  Porte de Champerret Prayer room, Paris
  Porte de Clichy Prayer room, Paris
  Porte de Vanves Prayer room, Paris
  Qouba Mosque, Argenteuil
  Quai de la Gare Prayer room, Paris
  Rahma Mosque, Nanterre
  Rahman Mosque, Saint-Etienne
  Religious organization, Corbeil
  Religious organization of Asnières, Mosque Al Hida, Asnieres
  Religious organization of Maghrébine de Brétigny, Bretigny-sur-Orge
  Religious organization of the Moslems, Provins
  Religious organization of the Moslems of Vigneux, Vigneux
  Room of Prayer, Bagnolet
  Room of Prayer, Noisy-le-Grand
  Room of prayer, Athis-Mons
  Room of Prayer, Ivry-sur-Seine
  Room of prayer, Montlucon
  Room of prayer, Vichy
  Room of Prayer, Beziers
  Room of prayer, Chilly-Mazarin
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Thiais
  Room of Prayer, Orly
  Room of Prayer, Saint-Gratien
  Room of prayer, Massy
  Room of prayer, Massy
  Room of prayer, Evry
  Room of prayer, Etampes
  Room of prayer, Mulhouse
  Room of prayer, Corbeil
  Room of prayer, Corbeil
  Room of prayer, Corbeil
  Room of Prayer, Plessis-Trevise
  Room of prayer, Corbeil
  Room of Prayer, Thiais
  Room of Prayer, Thiais
  Room of Prayer, Mantes-la-Jolie
  Room of Prayer, Bagnolet
Room of prayer, Mulhouse
  Room of Prayer, Ivry-sur-Seine
  Room of prayer, Fumel
  Room of Prayer, Fontenay-sous-Bois
  Room of Prayer, Ivry-sur-Seine
  Room of prayer, Bordeau
  Room of Prayer, Fresnes
  Room of prayer, Bordeau
  Room of prayer, Bordeau
  Room of Prayer, Ivry-sur-Seine
  Room of prayer, Agen
  Room of prayer, Montlucon
  Room of Prayer, Montreuil
  Room of Prayer, Thiais
  Room of Prayer, Perpignan
  Room of Prayer, Blanc
  Room of Prayer, Orly
  Room of Prayer, Limoges
  Room of Prayer, Longwy
  Room of prayer, Montlucon
  Room of prayer, Arpajon
  Room of Prayer, Nogent-sur-Marne
  Room of Prayer, Ivry-sur-Seine
  Room of Prayer, Vitry-sur-Seine
  Room of Prayer, Montreuil
  Room of Prayer, Ivry-sur-Seine
  Room of prayer, Le Havre
  Room of Prayer, Livry-Gargan
  Room of prayer, Rouen
  Room of prayer, Rouen
  Room of prayer, Rouen
  Room of Prayer, Saint Denis
  Room of Prayer, Saint Denis
  Room of prayer, Rouen
  Room of prayer, Strasbourg
  Room of Prayer, Aubervilliers
  Room of Prayer, Aubervilliers
  Room of Prayer, Saint Denis
  Room of prayer, Rouen
  Room of Prayer, Epinay-sur-Seine
  Room of prayer, Louviers
  Room of Prayer, Saint-Ouen
  Room of prayer, Romilly-sur-Seine
  Room of Prayer, Saint-Gratien
  Room of prayer, Chalons sur Saone
  Room of prayer, Rouen
  Room of Prayer, Saint Denis
  Room of Prayer, Gagny
  Room of Prayer, Rosny-sous-Bois
  Room of Prayer, Aulnay-sous-Bois
Room of Prayer, Aulnay-sous-Bois
  Room of Prayer, Montreuil
  Room of Prayer, Montreuil
  Room of Prayer, Argenteuil
  Room of Prayer, Montreuil
  Room of Prayer, Argenteuil
  Room of Prayer, Montfermeil
  Room of Prayer, Argenteuil
  Room of Prayer, Argenteuil
  Room of Prayer, Saint Denis
  Room of Prayer, Sannois
  Room of Prayer, Montreuil
  Room of Prayer, Sannois
  Room of Prayer, Aubervilliers
  Room of Prayer, Aubervilliers
  Room of prayer, Auxerre
  Room of Prayer, Aubervilliers
  Room of Prayer, Sannois
  Room of Prayer, Argenteuil
  Room of prayer, Torcy
  Room of prayer, Noisiel
  Room of prayer, Nangis
  Room of prayer, Nangis
  Room of Prayer, Montfermeil
  Room of Prayer, Valenton
  Room of prayer, Saint-Florentin
  Room of Prayer, Choisy-le-Roi
  Room of prayer, Rennes
  Room of prayer, Quimper
  Room of prayer, Rennes
  Room of prayer, Lorient
  Room of prayer, Vannes
  Room of Prayer, Choisy-le-Roi
  Room of prayer, Vierzon
  Room of prayer, Bourges
  Room of prayer, Saint-Florentin
  Room of prayer, Clermont-Ferrand
  Room of prayer, Thiers
  Room of prayer, Thiers
  Room of Prayer, Villejuif
  Room of Prayer, Valenton
  Room of Prayer, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges
  Room of prayer, Cherbourg
  Room of prayer, Cherbourg
  Room of Prayer, Creteil
  Room of prayer, Cherbourg
  Room of prayer, Montbard
  Room of prayer, Bourges
  Room of Prayer, Chevilly-Larue
  Room of Prayer, Drancy
Room of prayer, Chalons-sur-Marne
  Room of prayer, Reims
  Room of prayer, Reims
  Room of prayer, Le Havre
  Room of prayer, Epernay
  Room of prayer, Reims
  Room of prayer, Reims
  Room of Prayer, Sevran
  Room of Prayer, Limoges
  Room of prayer, Chalons-sur-Marne
  Room of prayer, Langres
  Room of Prayer, Champigny-sur-Marne
  Room of prayer, Tours
  Room of prayer, Gien
  Room of Prayer, Clairvaux
  Room of Prayer, Boissy-Saint-Leger
  Room of prayer, Le Havre
  Room of prayer, Orleans
  Room of prayer, Orleans
  Room of Prayer, Alfortville
  Room of prayer, Orleans
  Room of prayer, Rennes
  Room of Prayer, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy
  Room of prayer, 12e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Amiens
  Room of prayer, Avignon
  Room of prayer, 11e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Soyaux
  Room of prayer, Cagnes-sur-Mer
  Room of Prayer, Osny
  Room of prayer, Cannes
  Room of Prayer, Sevran
  Room of prayer, Cannes
  Room of prayer, Menton
  Room of prayer, Nice
  Room of prayer, Compiegne
  Room of prayer, Compiegne
  Room of prayer, Compiegne
  Room of prayer, Nanterre
  Room of prayer, Lille
  Room of Prayer, Pontoise
  Room of prayer, Maubeuge
  Room of prayer, Gravelines
  Room of prayer, 11e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Anzin
  Room of prayer, 11e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Aisne
  Room of prayer, 12e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Beauvais
  Room of prayer, Beauvais
Room of prayer, Nice
  Room of prayer, Nice
  Room of Prayer, Boulogne
  Room of Prayer, Calais
  Room of Prayer, Courcelles-les-Lens
  Room of Prayer, Lievin
  Room of Prayer, Sartrouville
  Room of Prayer, Saint-Omer
  Room of Prayer, Saint-Omer
  Room of Prayer, Sartrouville
  Room of Prayer, Valenciennes
  Room of prayer, Nantes
  Room of Prayer, Sartrouville
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Boulogne
  Room of Prayer, Angers
  Room of prayer, Saint-Quentin
  Room of prayer, 11e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Trappes
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Trappes
  Room of prayer, Toulon
  Room of prayer, Toulon
  Room of prayer, Sorgues
  Room of prayer, 12e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Laval
  Room of prayer, 12e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Villemomble
  Room of prayer, Saint-Nazaire
  Room of Prayer, Herblay
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of Prayer, Goussainville
  Room of Prayer, Coignieres
  Room of Prayer, Maubeuge
  Room of Prayer, Gravelines
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of Prayer, Elancourt
  Room of Prayer, Conflans
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of Prayer, Ecquevilly
  Room of Prayer, Roubaix
  Room of Prayer, Roubaix
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of Prayer, Nancy
  Room of Prayer, Sannois
  Room of prayer, Issy-les-Moulineaux
  Room of prayer, Issy-les-Moulineaux
Room of prayer, Asnieres
  Room of Prayer, Villiers-le-Bel
  Room of Prayer, Villiers-le-Bel
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of Prayer, Tourcoing
  Room of Prayer, Tourcoing
  Room of Prayer, Tourcoing
  Room of Prayer, Carrieres sur Poissy
  Room of Prayer, Lille
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of Prayer, Metz
  Room of Prayer, Metz
  Room of Prayer, Les Mureaux
  Room of prayer, Levallois-Perret
  Room of Prayer, Nancy
  Room of Prayer, Nancy
  Room of Prayer, Nancy
  Room of Prayer, Nancy
  Room of Prayer, Nancy
  Room of prayer, Levallois-Perret
  Room of Prayer, Nancy
  Room of prayer, 6e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 6e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Goussainville
  Room of Prayer, Beauchamps
  Room of prayer, Gennevilliers
  Room of prayer, Courbevoic
  Room of prayer, Courbevoic
  Room of prayer, COURBEVOIE
  Room of Prayer, Anzin
  Room of Prayer, Garges-les-Gonesse
  Room of Prayer, Garges-les-Gonesse
  Room of Prayer, Cergy-Pontoise
  Room of Prayer, Cormeilles
  Room of Prayer, Franconville
  Room of prayer, Nanterre
  Room of Prayer, Bezons
  Room of Prayer, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy
  Room of prayer, Viry-Chatillon
  Room of prayer, Clichy
  Room of prayer, Colombes
  Room of prayer, Colombes
  Room of prayer, Colombes
  Room of prayer, Nanterre
  Room of prayer, Villeparisis
  Room of Prayer, Les Mureaux
  Room of Prayer, Neuilly-sur-Marne
  Room of prayer, Melun
  Room of prayer, Asnieres
  Room of prayer, Bagneux
Room of prayer, Boulogne
  Room of Prayer, Villepinte
  Room of Prayer, Porcheville
  Room of prayer, Chatenay-Malabry
  Room of prayer, Boulogne
  Room of prayer, Boulogne
  Room of prayer, Boulogne
  Room of Prayer, Neuilly-sur-Seine
  Room of Prayer, Sartrouville
  Room of prayer, Boulogne
  Room of prayer, Meaux
  Room of prayer, Meaux
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Dammarie-le-Lys
  Room of Prayer, Conflans
  Room of prayer, Chelles
  Room of Prayer, Perpignan
  Room of prayer, Champs-Sur-Marne
  Room of prayer, Champs-Sur-Marne
  Room of prayer, Champs-Sur-Marne
  Room of Prayer, Perpignan
  Room of prayer, 20e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Montgeron
  Room of prayer, Saint-Etienne
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 14e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 19e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Poissy
  Room of Prayer, Plaisir
  Room of prayer, Saint-Etienne
  Room of prayer, Lyon
  Room of prayer, 15e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Briancon
  Room of prayer, 17e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 17e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 15e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Villemomble
  Room of prayer, 15e Arrondissement
Room of prayer, 15e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, Saint-Etienne
  Room of prayer, Saint-Etienne
  Room of prayer, 14e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 14e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 14e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 13e Arrondissement
  Room of prayer, 14e Arrondissement
  Room of Prayer, Villepinte
  Room of prayer of Montconseil, Corbeil
  Safa Mosque, Gennevilliers
  Sahaba Mosque, Creteil
  Salam Mosque, Grande-Synthe
  Salem Mosque, Aulnay-sous-Bois
  Salle de prière, Corbeilles
  Salle de prière, Reuilly
  Salle de prière, Chanteloup
  Salle de prière, Reuilly
  Salle de Prière, Marseille
  Salle de prière, Paris
  Salle de prière, Goncourt
  Salle de prière, Charonne
  Salle de Prière, Chateauroux
  Salle de prière, Nemours
  Salle de prière (A.F.T.A.M.), Paris
  Salle de prière Danube, Paris
  Salle de prière de l Association Maghrébine, Sarrebourg
  Salle de prière foyer, Bobigny
  Salle de prière foyer, Boulogne-Billancourt
  Salle de prière foyer, Boulogne-Billancourt
  Salle de prière Foyer, Monges
  Salle de prière foyer, Perrinet
  Salle de prière foyer, Paris
  Salle de prière foyer, Boulogne-Billancourt
  Salle de prière foyer, Boulogne-Billancourt
  Salle de prière foyer, Bobigny
  Salle de prière foyer, Saint Maurice
  Salle de prière foyer, Bobigny
  Salle de prière La Bastille, Paris
  Salle de prière La Vilette, Paris
  Salle de prière Maison de Tunisie, Paris
  Salle de prière Porte de Clichy, Paris
  Sidna Nouh Mosque, Dugny
  Sociocultural Association, Athis-Mons
  Sociocultural association of the Moslems, Le Havre
Sonacotra mosque bobiny, Paris
  Station Mosque, Agen
  Station Mosque, Cherbourg
  Straight Path Association, Paris
  Sunna Mosque, Roubaix
  Sunna Mosque, Avignon
  Tawhid Centre, Saint Denis
  TAWHID Mosque, Blanc
  Télégraphe Prayer room, Paris
  Tolbiac Prayer room, Paris
  Trappes Mosque, Trappes
  Turkish Mosque, Aubervilliers
  Turkish Mosque, Pantin
  Turkish Islamic Association, Angers
  Turkish Mosque, 11e Arrondissement
  Turkish Mosque, Cherbourg
  Turkish Mosque, 11e Arrondissement
  Turkish Mosque, Rennes
  Turkish Mosque, Mulhouse
  Turkish Mosque, Beziers
  Turkish Mosque, 10e Arrondissement
  Turkish Muslim Association, Corbeil-Essonnes
  UCMA, Troyes
  UCMA (Union of the Moslem Community of the Paddle ), La Chapelle-Saint-Luc
  UNICITE Mosquée Dar Assalam جمعية التوحيد جامع دار السلام, Lyon
  Union de la communauté Musilmane de L'Aube, Troyes-Preize
  Union Islamique de France, Mosquée Al-Fatih, Paris
  Union Islamique en France, Strasbourg
  union islamique ne france, Lyon
  مسجد محمد الخامس, Bastia
  مسجد الفتح, Macon
  مسجد عمر بن الخطاب, Saumur
  Versailles Mosque, Versailles
  شssociation ismlamique marocaine mosquée nord, Cambrai

Islamic Organizations and Services

A.I.A.E.L.A, Paris
  abattoir LEFLOCH, Vannes
  African Muslim Association, Paris
  Al Fathou Mosque, Evreux
  Anasr Cultural Association, Cogolin
  Arabian Muslims Association, Paris
  Asasociation des musulmans du nord, Fresnes Sur Escaut
  Assalam Islamic Association, Orleans
  Association Arabophone de Lannion, Lannion
  Association Bastide Saint-Jean, Marseille
  Association Citoyens Elsau, Straszburg
  Association comtemporaine sociale et cultuelle des Turcs, Dunkerque
  Association cultuelle des musulmans de lorgues, Lorgues
  Association Cultuelle Musulmane Vietnamienne, Sarcelles
  Association Culturelle Éducative et Sportive La Madrassa, Villepinte
  Association Culturelle Islamique, Charvieu
  Association Culturelle Musulmane, Dammarie-le-Lys
  Association Culturelle Musulmane de Saint-Nazaire et sa région, Saint Nizier
  Association Culturelle Musulmane Des Vosges, Epinal
  Association de Coopération Islamique de la Communauté Africaine (ACICA), Paris
  Association des Français Musulmans de Villiers le Bel (AFMV), Villiers Les Convers
  Association des Jeunes Musulmans de Strasbourg (JMS), Strasbourg
  Association des musulmans de lorraine, Nancy
  Association des Musulmans des Alpes Maritimes, Nice
  Association des Musulmans soissonnais, Soissons
  Association Education Culturelle Enfants Africains (AECEA), Les Mureaux
  Association Etudes et Recherches Islamiques, Aix-en-Provence
  Association foi et pratique, Paris
  Association for the Islamic Cultural Promotion, Orange
  Association Isamique bienfaisance, Bagneux
  Association Isamique de Boulogne-Billancourt, Boulogne
  Association Islam, Laval
  Association Islam sans Frontières, Laval
  Association Islamic de Fresnoy, Fresnoy-le-Grand
  Association Islamic de Romilly-sur-seine, Romilly-sur-Seine
  Association Islamique de l'Ouest de la France, Nantes
  Association islamique de valence d'agen, Valence-d'Agen
  Association Islamique et culturelle du Calvados(AICC), Caen
  Association Maghreb et Culture, Louviers
  association musullmane rahmat, Epinay-sur-seine
  Association musulman de nogent sur seine, Aube
  Association Musulmane, Fontainebleau
  Association Musulmane Africaine en France (A.M.A.F), Paris
  Association Musulmane Ancenienne (AMA), Ancenis
  Association Musulmane du Campus de Grenoble, Grenoble
  Association musulmane du littoral, Dunkerque
Association musulmane firdaws, Saint Etienne

  Association of Flers, Flers
  Association of Moslems of Villiers, Villiers
  Association of Fraternit Islamique, Grenoble
  Association of Imams of France, Bordeaux
  Association of Islamic Solidarity and Culture, Arles
  Association of Muslims, Limoges
  Association of Muslims of Quartiers Suds, Marseille
  Association of Solidarity Islamique of the Ardennes, Charleville-Mezieres
  Association of the education and the teaching, Halluin
  Association of the Islamic Brotherhood, Grenoble
  Association of the Moslems, Reome
  Association of the Moslems, Saint Martin
  Association of the Moslems of Libourne, Libourne
  Association of the Moslems of Lorraine, Vandoeuvre
  Association of the Moslems of the Gironde, Bordeaux
  Association of the Moslems of the Maritime, Trinite
  Association of the Muslims of Picardie, Strasbourg
  Association of Turkish Muslim Families, Creil
  Association Socio Culturelle et Sprortive des Musulmans de La Ferté Bernard et des Environs, La Ferte-bernard
  Association Socio-Culturelle des Musulmans de Haute-Normandie, Le Harve
  Association Socio-Culturelle des Musulmans de Saint-Cyr-lEcole et de Fontenay-le-Fleury, Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole
  Association socio-culturelle Franco-Marocaine, Pontarlier
  Association solidarité islamique, Puteaux
  Éditions Arrissala, Paris
  Bangladesh journalistes union en France, Paris
  CCMG Centre Culturel Musulman de Grenoble, Grenoble
  Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur l'Islam, Paris
  Comité de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens, Paris
  communauté islamique du milli gorus, Lyon
  Conseil Représentatif des Musulman, Paris
  Cooperation association Islamic of the African Community, Paris
  Cultural Islamic association of the High loire, Le Puy-en Velay
  Fami Nour El Islam Association, Marseille
  Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, Leger De Fougeret
  Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, Amiens
  French Association of Islam and West, Madeleine
  Growing islam, Dunkerque
  Halal Distribution Center, Oberhausbergen
  HC-Sportswear, Paris
  Help for convert females, Montpellier
  Institut du monde arabe, Paris
  Institute Europenne de Science Humaines, Saint Leger
  Iqra Muslim library, Montreuil
  Islamic Association of Pakistani Families, Orleans
  Islamic and Cultural association, Saint-Clair
  Islamic and Cultural association of Aisne, Saint-Quentin
  Islamic arts of Honest-Comt, Besancon
  Islamic Association, Rive-de-Gier
  Islamic Association, Soissons
Islamic Association, Dunkerque

Islamic Association, Saint Laurent
  Islamic Association, Marseille
  Islamic Association, Louviers
  Islamic Association, Alencon
  Islamic Association, Woippy
  Islamic Association, Emerainville
  Islamic Association, Montreuil
  Islamic Association, Ledignan
  Islamic Association Française, Aix-en-Provence
  Islamic Association of Activities Researches Culture and Sport, Bordeaux
  Islamic association of Alene, Alene
  Islamic association of assistance for the teaching of the Language Arab, Paris
  Islamic Association of Hope, Amiens
  Islamic association of Orientation, Villefranche
  Islamic Association of Orientation, Villefranche-sur-Saone
  Islamic association of the West of France, Nantes
  Islamic Community, Beauvais
  Islamic Cultural Association, Strasbourg
  Islamic Cultural Association, Strasbourg
  Islamic Cultural Association, Avion
  Islamic Cultural Association, Chateaubriant
  Islamic cultural Association, Villerable
  Islamic Cultural Association, Colmar
  Islamic Cultural Association, Evin-Malmaison
  Islamic Cultural Association, Bondy
  Islamic Cultural Association, Vandoeuvre
  Islamic Cultural Association, Le Puy-en Velay
  Islamic Cultural Association, Gueugnon
  Islamic Cultural Association of Koenigshoffen, Strasbourg
  Islamic Cultural Association of Nantes, Nantes
  Islamic Cultural Association of d'Auneau, Auneau
  Islamic Cultural Association of d'Orleans La Source, Orleans
  Islamic Cultural Association of du Loiret, Chalette-sur-Loing
  Islamic Cultural Association ofv Pratique, Creil
  Islamic French Association of ISTRES(AIFI), Istres
  Islamic help, Montreuil
  Islamic Human Rights Association, Marseille
  Islamic league of North, Lille
  Islamic Religious organization, Gueugnon
  Islamic religious organization of Laon, Laon
  Islamic Religious organization of Paris, Paris
  Islamic Social Reform Center of Hautepierre, Strasbourg
  Islamic Turkish Cultural Association, Quimper
  Islamic union Educative of the Muslim Children in France, Courniou
  Jeunes Musulmans de France, Nantes
  la source Masjed, Roubaix
  La Voix des Opprimés, Paris
  League of French moslem women, Chateau-Chinon-Ville
  League of Muslim womens of France, Chinon
Librairie Al Bustane, Paris
  Librairie Al-Azhar, Paris
  Librairie du monde arabe, Paris
  Librairie El Khalil, Nanterre
  Librairie Islamique de Badr el Mukades, Paris
  Librairie orientale Samuelian, Paris
  Ligue Nationale des Musulmans de France - LNMF, Corbeil-Essonnes
  Maghreb Association, La Roche-sur-Yon
  Moslem association of Faith, Sarcelles
  Moslem association of Saint Chamond, Saint-Chamond
  Moslem Religious organization of Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Nazaire
  Mosquée de Vendeuvre sur Barse, Vendeuvre-sur-Barse
  Mosque ( union du marocaine), Ajaccio
  Muslim Association, Villiers-le-Bel
  Muslim Association, La Trinite
  Muslim Association, Le Havre
  Muslim Association, Dole
  Muslim Association, La Reole
  Muslim Association, Taverny
  Muslim Association of Marocains d'Arles, Arles
  Muslim Association of Montgeron-la-Forêt, Montgeron
  Muslim Cultural Association of Brignoles, Brignoles
  Muslim Cultural Associaton of Lisieux, Lisieux
  Muslim Cultural Associaton of Honfleur, Honfleur
  Nombreuses références sur l'Islam, Saint Denis
  Notre Plus Grand Combat, Paris
  Nour essalam, Vitry-sur-Seine
  Omar Ibn Khattab Association, Marseille
  Rassemblement des Musulmans de France, Paris
  S O S Young Islamic Association, Pau
  Scouts Musulmans de France, Paris
  Social cultural Islamic association and Educative of Thuir, Thuir
  Sociocultural center of the Paris Muslims, Paris
  STC Publications, Gueret
  The Islamic of Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle
  The Muslim Youth of France in Burgundy, Dijon
  Union des Organisation Islamiques de France, Paris
  Union des organisations islamiques de France- la Courneuve, Paris-Le Bourget
  Union of the Islamic Organizations of France, Courniou
  Union Turco Islamique Affaire , Paris
  World Council of Muslim Women Foundation, Grabels
  World islam, Paris
  Young Moslems of France, Valenciennes


Islamic Schools/Colleges

Averroes Islamic Secondary School, Lille
  École Annadawi de la langue arabe, Nice
  école la Réussite, Paris
  Granada Editions, Paris
  IESH DE Paris, Paris
  Institut de la Grande Mosqu饠de Paris, Paris
  Institut Europèen des Sciences Humaines(Chateau-Chinon), Chateau-Chinon-Ville
  Institut Européen des Sciences Humaines - Château Chinon, Chateau-Chinon
  Madariss AL-HILAL Islamiques, Paris
  Mosque Al - Hidaya, Paris
  Muslim institute of the Big Paris Mosque, Place

   Muslim Owned Business

  new balal, Paris
  Tharsana's, Paris
  . La Rose de l'Inde, Paris
  Ali Viandes, Evreux
  alsalam resturant, Vierzon-ville
  Association culturelle et islamique, Paris
  Au Baalbek, Grenoble
  Au Royaume Des Viandes, Nantes
  Autre Voyage, Paris
  Barnous Nacer Restaurant, Paris
  Beurger King Muslim, Paris
  Beverly Hills, Grenoble
  Bienvenue, Rouen Rive Droite
  Bombay Café, Paris
  Boucherie Al Baraka, Longwy
  Boucherie Charcutrie Halal épicerie Oriontale IFRAH, Mulhouse
  Boucherie halal saint marceau, Orlienas
  Boucherie Royale HALLAL, Gardanne
  Café Dé La Mosque, Paris
  Café Zaman, Paris
  Chez Hunza, Paris
  Clinique Vétérinaire du Pays de Retz, Bouaye
  Dr. Khalil R., Marseille
  Dr.Essaifi, Najat, Paris
  El Feth Library, Marseille
  Goodies Goodtaste, El Loubnani, Ferney-Voltaire
  Halal Butcher House, Marseille
  Halal Fast Food, Villiers Les Convers
  Halal-Kebab, Le Mans
  Hallal Hassan cardiologue, Meaux
  Hannibal, Grenoble
  HH Kebab, Ferney-Voltaire
  Ishwari, Grenoble
  Islamic Slaughter House of SARL, Marseille
  Islamic Slaughter House of l'Aubagnaise, Aubagne
  Jahida Boutique, Courcouronnes
  l'Arganier, Paris
  L'Orient Express, Ferney-Voltaire
  La Cedre, Brest
  La Mamounia, Ferney-Voltaire
Le Carthage, La Rochelle

Le Jaipur Tandoori, Lyon
  Le Nejma, Ferney-Voltaire
  Le Puits de St Louis, Marseille
  Le Relais Express, Paris
  Le wok St germain, Paris
  Libraires El-Hilal, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges
  Limousine Top Service, Paris
  Marjaane produits orientaux, Toulouse
  Maymana Pompes Funèbres, Bordeaux
  Mr Mahmoud HUSSEIN - Trading, Nancy
  New Sanna, Paris
  Noori,s, Nice
  Nusrat, Paris-Orly
  NVH Halal Food Products, Venansault
  Orientica Cachan, Cachan
  Pakistani Restaurant in Nice, Nice
  Pizzeria Al Manar, Limoges
  Pompes funebre almanar, Colombes
  Rajpoute Restaurant, Ornex
  Restaurant des 4 frères, Paris
  Restaurant l'Andalousie, Paris
  Restaurant le Mevlana, spécialités turques, Lyon
  Restaurant Pondicherry, Paris
  Resturant Cirta, Paris
  Royal Tandoori, Grenoble
  S. I. Lesaffre, Normandie
  Shahi Food, Paris
  Shop halal rue de BAYARD, Toulouse
  SMVD, Rouen
  Trk Kebab, Limoges
  Tacaps, Limoges
  World Delice, Plouay

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