General Information

Federal Republic of Germany

National name: Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Land area: 135,236 sq mi (350,261 sq km); total area: 137,846 sq mi (357,021 sq km)

Population (2008 est.): 82,369,548

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Berlin (capital since Oct. 3, 1990), 3,933,300 (metro. area), 3,274,500 (city proper)

Other large cities: Hamburg, 1,686,100; Munich, 1,185,400; Cologne, 965,300; Frankfurt, 648,000; Essen, 588,800; Dortmund, 587,600; Stuttgart, 581,100; Düsseldorf, 568,900; Bremen, 527,900; Hanover, 516,300; Duisburg, 513,400

Monetary unit: Euro (formerly Deutsche mark)

Language: German

Ethnicity/race: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, Italian 0.7%, Greek 0.4%, Polish 0.4%, other 4.6%

Religions: Protestant 34%, Roman Catholic 34%, Islam 4%, Unaffiliated or other 28%

National Holiday: Unity Day, October 3

Literacy rate: 99% (2003 est.)

Economic summary GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $2.81 trillion; per capita $34,200. Real growth rate: 2.5%. Inflation: 2.3%.

Located in central Europe, Germany is made up of the North German Plain, the Central German Uplands (Mittelgebirge), and the Southern German Highlands. The Bavarian plateau in the southwest averages 1,600 ft (488 m) above sea level, but it reaches 9,721 ft (2,962 m) in the Zugspitze Mountains, the highest point in the country. Germany's major rivers are the Danube, the Elbe, the Oder, the Weser, and the Rhine. Germany is about the size of Montana.

The Celts are believed to have been the first inhabitants of Germany. They were followed by German tribes at the end of the 2nd century B.C. German invasions destroyed the declining Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries A.D. One of the tribes, the Franks, attained supremacy in western Europe under Charlemagne, who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800. By the Treaty of Verdun (843), Charlemagne's lands east of the Rhine were ceded to the German Prince Louis. Additional territory acquired by the Treaty of Mersen (870) gave Germany approximately the area it maintained throughout the Middle Ages. For several centuries after Otto the Great was crowned king in 936, German rulers were also usually heads of the Holy Roman Empire.

By the 14th century, the Holy Roman Empire was little more than a loose federation of the German princes who elected the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1438, Albert of Hapsburg became emperor, and for the next several centuries the Hapsburg line ruled the Holy Roman Empire until its decline in 1806. Relations between state and church were changed by the Reformation, which began with Martin Luther's 95 theses, and came to a head in 1547, when Charles V scattered the forces of the Protestant League at Mühlberg. The Counter-Reformation followed. A dispute over the succession to the Bohemian throne brought on the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), which devastated Germany and left the empire divided into hundreds of small principalities virtually independent of the emperor.

Meanwhile, Prussia was developing into a state of considerable strength. Frederick the Great (1740–1786) reorganized the Prussian army and defeated Maria Theresa of Austria in a struggle over Silesia. After the defeat of Napoléon at Waterloo (1815), the struggle between Austria and Prussia for supremacy in Germany continued, reaching its climax in the defeat of Austria in the Seven Weeks' War (1866) and the formation of the Prussian-dominated North German Confederation (1867). The architect of this new German unity was Otto von Bismarck, a conservative, monarchist, and militaristic Prussian prime minister. He unified all of Germany in a series of three wars against Denmark (1864), Austria (1866), and France (1870–1871). On Jan. 18, 1871, King Wilhelm I of Prussia was proclaimed German emperor in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. The North German Confederation was abolished, and the Second German Reich, consisting of the North and South German states, was born. With a powerful army, an efficient bureaucracy, and a loyal bourgeoisie, Chancellor Bismarck consolidated a powerful centralized state.

Wilhelm II dismissed Bismarck in 1890 and embarked upon a “New Course,” stressing an intensified colonialism and a powerful navy. His chaotic foreign policy culminated in the diplomatic isolation of Germany and the disastrous defeat in World War I (1914–1918). The Second German Empire collapsed following the defeat of the German armies in 1918, the naval mutiny at Kiel, and the flight of the kaiser to the Netherlands. The Social Democrats, led by Friedrich Ebert and Philipp Scheidemann, crushed the Communists and established a moderate state, known as the Weimar Republic, with Ebert as president. President Ebert died on Feb. 28, 1925, and on April 26, Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg was elected president. The mass of Germans regarded the Weimar Republic as a child of defeat, imposed on a Germany whose legitimate aspirations to world leadership had been thwarted by a worldwide conspiracy. Added to this were a crippling currency debacle, a tremendous burden of reparations, and acute economic distress.

Adolf Hitler, an Austrian war veteran and a fanatical nationalist, fanned discontent by promising a Greater Germany, abrogation of the Treaty of Versailles, restoration of Germany's lost colonies, and the destruction of the Jews, whom he scapegoated as the reason for Germany's downfall and depressed economy. When the Social Democrats and the Communists refused to combine against the Nazi threat, President von Hindenburg made Hitler the chancellor on Jan. 30, 1933. With the death of von Hindenburg on Aug. 2, 1934, Hitler repudiated the Treaty of Versailles and began full-scale rearmament. In 1935, he withdrew Germany from the League of Nations, and the next year he reoccupied the Rhineland and signed the Anti-Comintern pact with Japan, at the same time strengthening relations with Italy. Austria was annexed in March 1938. By the Munich agreement in Sept. 1938, he gained the Czech Sudetenland, and in violation of this agreement he completed the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia in March 1939. His invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, precipitated World War II.

Hitler established death camps to carry out “the final solution to the Jewish question.” By the end of the war, Hitler's Holocaust had killed 6 million Jews, as well as Gypsies, homosexuals, Communists, the handicapped, and others not fitting the Aryan ideal. After some dazzling initial successes in 1939–1942, Germany surrendered unconditionally to Allied and Soviet military commanders on May 8, 1945. On June 5 the four-nation Allied Control Council became the de facto government of Germany.

At the Berlin (or Potsdam) Conference (July 17–Aug. 2, 1945) President Truman, Premier Stalin, and Prime Minister Clement Attlee of Britain set forth the guiding principles of the Allied Control Council: Germany's complete disarmament and demilitarization, destruction of its war potential, rigid control of industry, and decentralization of the political and economic structure. Pending final determination of territorial questions at a peace conference, the three victors agreed to the ultimate transfer of the city of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad) and its adjacent area to the USSR and to the administration by Poland of former German territories lying generally east of the Oder-Neisse Line. For purposes of control, Germany was divided into four national occupation zones.

The Western powers were unable to agree with the USSR on any fundamental issues. Work of the Allied Control Council was hamstrung by repeated Soviet vetoes; and finally, on March 20, 1948, Russia walked out of the council. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Britain had taken steps to merge their zones economically (Bizone); on May 31, 1948, the U.S., Britain, France, and the Benelux countries agreed to set up a German state comprising the three Western zones. The USSR reacted by clamping a blockade on all ground communications between the Western zones and West Berlin, an enclave in the Soviet zone. The Western allies countered by organizing a gigantic airlift to fly supplies into the beleaguered city. The USSR was finally forced to lift the blockade on May 12, 1949.

The Federal Republic of Germany was proclaimed on May 23, 1949, with its capital at Bonn. In free elections, West German voters gave a majority in the constituent assembly to the Christian Democrats, with the Social Democrats largely making up the opposition. Konrad Adenauer became chancellor, and Theodor Heuss of the Free Democrats was elected the first president.

The East German states adopted a more centralized constitution for the Democratic Republic of Germany, put into effect on Oct. 7, 1949. The USSR thereupon dissolved its occupation zone but Soviet troops remained. The Western allies declared that the East German Republic was a Soviet creation undertaken without self-determination and refused to recognize it. Soviet forces created a state controlled by the secret police with a single party, the Socialist Unity (Communist) Party.

Agreements in Paris in 1954 giving the Federal Republic full independence and complete sovereignty came into force on May 5, 1955. Under the agreement, West Germany and Italy became members of the Brussels treaty organization created in 1948 and renamed the Western European Union. West Germany also became a member of NATO. In 1955, the USSR recognized the Federal Republic. The Saar territory, under an agreement between France and West Germany, held a plebiscite, and despite economic links to France, elected to rejoin West Germany on Jan. 1, 1957.

The division between West Germany and East Germany was intensified when the Communists erected the Berlin Wall in 1961. In 1968, the East German Communist leader, Walter Ulbricht, imposed restrictions on West German movements into West Berlin. The Soviet-bloc invasion of Czechoslovakia in Aug. 1968 added to the tension. West Germany signed a treaty with Poland in 1970, renouncing force and setting Poland's western border at the Oder-Neisse Line. It subsequently resumed formal relations with Czechoslovakia in a pact that “voided” the Munich treaty that gave Nazi Germany the Sudetenland. By 1973, normal relations were established between East and West Germany and the two states entered the United Nations.

West German chancellor Willy Brandt, winner of a Nobel Peace Prize for his foreign policies, was forced to resign in 1974 when an East German spy was discovered to be one of his top staff members. Succeeding him was a moderate Social Democrat, Helmut Schmidt. Schmidt staunchly backed U.S. military strategy in Europe, staking his political fate on placing U.S. nuclear missiles in Germany unless the Soviet Union reduced its arsenal of intermediate missiles. He also strongly opposed nuclear-freeze proposals.

Helmut Kohl of the Christian Democrat Party became chancellor in 1982. An economic upswing in 1986 led to Kohl's reelection. The fall of the Communist government in East Germany left only Soviet objections to German reunification to be dealt with. On the night of Nov. 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall was dismantled, making reunification all but inevitable. In July 1990, Kohl asked Soviet leader Gorbachev to drop his objections in exchange for financial aid from (West) Germany. Gorbachev agreed, and on Oct. 3, 1990, the German Democratic Republic acceded to the Federal Republic, and Germany became a united and sovereign state for the first time since 1945.

Islamic History and Muslims

Owing to labour migration in the 1960s and several waves of political refugees since the 1970s, Islam has become a visible religion in Germany. As of 2006, there are 3.3 million Muslims (4.0% of the population). Of these, 1.0 million are German citizens (1.3%).

Islam is the largest minority religion in the country, with the Protestant and Roman Catholic confessions being the majority religions. The large majority of Muslims in Germany is of Turkish origin (over 90%), followed by smaller groups from Pakistan, countries of the former Yugoslavia, Arab countries, Iran and Afghanistan. Most Muslims live in Berlin and the larger cities of former West Germany. However, unlike in most other European countries, sizeable Muslim communities exist in some rural regions of Germany, especially Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and parts of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. Owing to the lack of labour immigration before 1989, there are only very few Muslims in the former East Germany. The majority of Muslims in Germany are Sunnis, at 97%. There are some members of the Shia, mostly from Iran. Most Turkish Muslims are Sunnis, but between a fifth and a quarter are believed to be Alevis. The Alevis are a heterodox Muslim sect with few if any outward religious characteristics, who account for between a fifth and a quarter of the population in their native Turkey.

Muslims first came to Germany as part of the diplomatic, military and economic relations between Germany and the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century. Twenty Muslim soldiers served under Frederick William I of Prussia, at the beginning of the 18th century. In 1745, Frederick II of Prussia established a unit of Muslims in the Prussian army called the "Muslim Riders" and consisting mainly of Bosniaks, Albanians and Tatars. In 1760 the Bosniakcorps was established with about 1000 men.

In 1798 a Muslim cemetery was established in Berlin. The cemetery, which moved in 1866, still exists today. By 1900, there were over 10,000 Muslims in Germany, mostly Slavs and European Turks.
In World War I about 15,000 Muslim prisoners of war were interned in Berlin. The first mosque was established in Berlin in 1915 for these prisoners, though it was closed in 1930. After the war, a small number of Muslims stayed in Berlin.

In the 1920s there was a small Muslim community in Berlin, composed mainly of students and intellectuals. The first mosque built for an established Muslim community in Germany, the Ahmadiyya Mosque Berlin was opened in 1924 by the Indian imam Maulana Sadr-ud-Din. The Central Institute Islam Archive was founded in 1927.

The German section of the World Islamic Congress and the Islam Colloquium, the first German Muslim educational institution for children, were established in 1932.

At this time there were 3,000 Muslims in Germany, 300 of whom were of German descent. The rise of Nazism in the country hasn't specifically targeted Muslims at all, but German Muslims felt an atmosphere of suspicion as a religious minority and xenophobia associated with Hitler's beliefs against other religions and racism against "non-Aryans" (i.e. non-European foreigners). By the end of World War II there were only a few hundred Muslims living in Germany.

After the West German government inviting foreign workers (g: "Gastarbeiter") this figure sharply rose to currently 3.5 Million (debated) within 2 centuries (most of them Turkish from the rural region of Anatolia in Southeast Turkey), sometimes called a "parallel society" within ethnic Germans.


Only a minority of the Muslims residing in Germany are members of religious associations. The ones with the highest numerical strength are:

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Deutschland: German branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim based in Frankfurt am Main.
Diyanet Ýþleri Türk Ýslam Birliði (DÝTÝB): German branch of the Turkish Presidency for Religious Affairs, Cologne
Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Görüþ: close to the Islamist Saadet Partisi in Turkey, Kerpen near Cologne
Islamische Gemeinschaft Jamaat un-Nur: German branch of the Risale-i Nur Society (Said Nursi)
Verband der islamischen Kulturzentren: German branch of the conservative Süleymancý sect in Turkey, Cologne
Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland organization of Arab Muslims close to the Muslim Brotherhood, Frankfurt
Verband der Islamischen Gemeinden der Bosniaken: Bosnian Muslims, Kamp-Lintfort near Duisburg
Furthermore there are the following umbrella organisations:

Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland, domimated by the "Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland" and the "Islamisches Zentrum Aachen"
Islamrat in Deutschland, dominated by Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Görüþ and its suborganisations
In addition there are numerous local associations without affiliation to any of these organisations. Two organisations have been banned in 2002 because their programme was judged as contrary to the constitution: The "Hizb ut-Tahrir" and the so called "Caliphate State" founded by Cemalettin Kaplan and later lead by his son Metin Kaplan.

German converts

According to German TV reports, over 4000 Germans converted to Islam in 2006. In 1989 a national register run by an Islamic organisation listed over 10,000 German converts.


On January 21, 2007, the Central Council of Ex-Muslims was founded. It is a German association (Verein) of more than 100 non-religious, secular persons of Muslim background or originating from Islamic countries. The council represents thousands of ethnic Turks and Southern Slavs living in Germany who do not practice the Islamic faith.


Since Islam is not a traditional religion in Germany and most debates about immigration in Germany focus on the religious question, there are several heated disputes about the role of Islam in the German state and society today.

One such issue concerns the wearing of the head-scarf by teachers in schools and universities. The right to practice one's religion, claimed by the teachers in question, contradicts in the view of many the neutral stance of the state towards religion; many people also regard the head-scarf as a political symbol of the oppression of women, even though many Muslim women reject this view. As of 2006, many of the German federal states have introduced legislation banning head-scarves for teachers. It is almost certain that in 2006 these laws will be validated as constitutional. However, unlike in France, there are no laws against the wearing of head-scarves by students.

In the German federal states with the exception of Bremen, Berlin and Brandenburg, lessons of religious education overseen by the respective religious communities are taught as an elective subject in state schools. It is being discussed whether apart from the Catholic and Protestant (and in a few schools, Jewish) religious education that currently exists, a comparable subject of Islamic religious education should be introduced. However, efforts to resolve this issue in cooperation with existing Islamic organisations are hampered by the fact that none of them can be considered as representative of the whole Muslim community.

The construction of mosques occasionally arouses hostile reactions in the neighbourhoods concerned. For example, in 2007 an attempt by Muslims to build a large mosque in Cologne sparked a controversy.

Fears of religious fundamentalism came to the fore after September 11, 2001, especially with respect to religious fundamentalism among second- and third-generation Muslims in Germany. Also the various confrontations between Islamic religious law (Sharia) and the norms of German Grundgesetz and culture are the subject of intense debate. German critics include both liberals and Christian groups. The former claim that Islamic fundamentalism violates basic fundamental rights whereas the latter maintain that Germany is a state and society grounded in the Christian tradition.

It is claimed that a growing number of muslim immigrants, mostly Turks, are creating a parallel Muslim society in Germany that has links to Islamic fundamentalism.

Islam and German intellectual life

Several prominent figures of German-language intellectual life are known for their positive attitude to Islam:

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832), Germany's most famous literary artist, was writing a verse drama on the life of Muhammad at his death. His work West-östlicher Diwan of 1819 is considered by many Muslims as evidence that Goethe was actually a Muslim. This was claimed in a 1995 fatwa.
Friedrich Rückert (1788–1866) translated the Qur'an into German.
Annemarie Schimmel (1922–2003) was a leading scholar of Islam and Sufism and the author of more than 100 books.
Hans Küng (1928- ), a dissident Catholic theologian at the University of Tübingen, has called for "peace among the religions."

Mosques in Germany

  Ahmadiyya Mosque Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 1924. Oldest mosque in Germany, aka Wilmersdorfer Moschee

  Fazle Omar Mosque Hamburg-Lokstedt, 1957. First mosque built after Word War II. in Germany

  Noor Mosque Frankfurt, 1959.

   Imam Ali MosqueHamburg-Uhlenhorst 1961. Build by Iranian business men.


Bilal Mosque Aachen, 1964. Maintained by Islamisches Zentrum Aachen.

Freimann Mosque Munich-Freimann, 1973.

Wesseling Mosque Mimar Sinan Camii“ Wesseling, 1987

Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque Mannheim-Jungbusch, 1995. Second biggest mosque in Germany


  Fatih Mosque Bremen-Gröpelingen, 1999. 1.300 prayers

Þehitlik Mosque Berlin-Neukölln, 2004.Architect: Hilmi Senalp


Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque Berlin-Kreuzberg, 2008


  Central Mosque Hamburg-St. Georg, 1977


Mosque in Sendling Munich-Sendling, 1989

  Vatan Mosque Bielefeld-Brackwede,2004

Baitul MominMünster-Hiltrup 2003

Fatih MosqueHeilbronn


  Fatih MosqueStadtallendorf

Mevlana MosqueEppingen2004

Merkez MosqueWuppertal-Elberfeld

  Central Mosque Offenburg

Turkish Mosque Berlin, 1968. First mosque built by Turkish immigrants in Germany
Mosque Werl, 1990
Tarik Bin Ziyat Camii, Gelsenkirchen-Hassel, 1992. Islamische Gemeinschaft Gelsenkirchen-Hassel e. V.
Königswinter Mosque Königswinter, 1991. Neubau mit Kuppel 2002 angebaut
Central Mosque Duisburg, Duisburg-Marxloh, 2008
Cologne Mosque project, Cologne. Begin of construction planned for 2008
Khadija Mosque, Berlin-Heinersdorf, 2008
Fatih Mosque, Pforzheim, 1990/92
Mevlana Mosque, Berlin-Kreuzberg, 2002
Ayasofya Mosque, Berlin-Moabit 2002
Baitul Shakoor, Groß-Gerau, 1992
Hicret Mosque, Lauingen, 1996
Baitul Huda, Usingen, 2004
Alperenler Mosque, Rheinfelden in Baden, 1996
Al-Quds Mosque Hamburg, Hamburg-St. Georg, 1993, „Arabischer Kulturverein e. V.“

New Muslim Stories

Murad Wilfried Hofmann

By : Murad Wilfried Hofmann

Ph.D (Law) Harvard. German Social Scientist and Diplomat. Embraced Islam in 1980.

Dr. Hofmann, who accepted Islam in 1980, was born as a Catholic in Germany in 1931. He graduated from Union College in New York and completed his legal studies at Munich University where he received a doctorate in jurisprudence in 1957.

He became a research assistant for the reform of federal civil procedure, and in 1960 received an LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School. He was Director of Information for NATO in Brussels from 1983 to 1987. He was posted as German ambassador to Algeria in 1987 and then to Morocco in 1990 where he served for four years. He performed umrah (Lesser Pilgrimage) in 1982 and Hajj (Pilgrimage) in 1992.

Several key experiences led Dr. Hofmann to Islam. The first of these began in 1961 when he was posted to Algeria as Attaché in the German Embassy and found himself in the middle of the bloody guerilla warfare between French troops and the Algerian National Front who had been fighting for Algerian independence for the past eight years. There he witnessed the cruelty and massacre that the Algerian population endured. Every day, nearly a dozen people were killed – “close range, execution style” – only for being an Arab or for speaking for the independence. “I witnessed the patience and resilience of the Algerian people in the face of extreme suffering, their overwhelming discipline during Ramadan, their confidence of victory, as well as their humanity amidst misery.” He felt it was their religion that made them so, and therefore, he started studying their religious book – the Qur’an. “I have never stopped reading it, to this very day.”

Islamic art was the second experience for Dr. Hofmann in his journey to Islam. From his early life he has been fond of art and beauty and ballet dancing. All of these were overshadowed when he came to know Islamic art which made an intimate appeal to him. Referring to Islamic art, he says: “Its secret seems to lie in the intimate and universal presence of Islam as a religion in all of its artistic manifestations, calligraphy, space filling arabesque ornaments, carpet patterns, mosque and housing architecture, as well as urban planning. I am thinking of the brightness of the mosques which banishes any mysticism, of the democratic spirit of their architectural layout.”

“I am also thinking of the introspective quality of the Muslim palaces, their anticipation of paradise in gardens full of shade, fountains, and rivulet; of the intricate socially functional structure of old Islamic urban centers (madinahs), which fosters community spirits and transparency of the market, tempers heat and wind, and assures the integration of the mosque and adjacent welfare center for the poor, schools and hostels into the market and living quarters. What I experienced is so blissfully Islamic in so many places … is the tangible effect which Islamic harmony, the Islamic way of life, and the Islamic treatment of space leave on both heart and mind.”

Perhaps more than all of these, what made a significant impact on his quest for the truth, was his thorough knowledge of Christian history and doctrines. He realized that there was a significant difference between what a faithful Christian believes and what a professor of history teaches at the university. He was particularly troubled by the Church’s adoption of the doctrines established by St. Paul in preference to that of historical Jesus. “He, who never met Jesus, with his extreme Christology replaced the original and correct Judeo-Christian view of Jesus!”

He found it difficult to accept that mankind is burdened with the “original sin” and that God had to have his own son tortured and murdered on the cross in order to save his own creations. “I began to realize how monstrous, even blasphemous it is to imagine that God could have been fallen short in his creation; that he could have been unable to do anything about the disaster supposedly caused by Adam and Eve without begetting a son, only to have him sacrificed in such a bloody fashion; that God might suffer for mankind, His creation.”

He went back to the very basic question of the existence of God. After analyzing works of philosophers, such as Wittgenstein, Pascal, Swinburn, and Kant, he came to an intellectual conviction of the existence of God. The next logical question he faced was how God communicates to human beings so that they can be guided. This led him to acknowledge the need for revelations. But what contains the truth – Judeo-Christian scriptures or Islam?

He found the answer to this question in his third crucial experience when he came across the following verse of the Qur’an: “… no bearer of burdens shall bear the burdens of another.” (Qur’an 53:38). This verse opened up his eyes and provided the answer to his dilemma. Clearly and unambiguously for him, it rejected the ideas of the burden of "original sin” and the expectation of “intercession” by the saints. “A Muslim lives in a world without clergy and without religious hierarchy; when he prays he does not pray via Jesus, Mary, or other interceding saints, but directly to God – as a fully emancipated believer – and this is a religion free of mysteries.” According to Hofmann, “A Muslim is the emancipated believer par excellence".

"I began to see Islam with its own eyes, as the unadulterated, pristine belief in the one and only, the true God, Who does not beget, and was not begotten, Whom nothing and nobody resembles … In place of the qualified deism of a tribal God and the constructions of a divine Trinity, the Qur’an showed me the most lucid, most straightforward, the most abstract - thus historically most advanced – and least anthropomorphic concept of God.”

“The Qur’an’s ontological statements, as well as its ethical teachings, impressed me as profoundly plausible, “as good as gold,” so there was no room for even the slightest doubt about the authenticity of Muhammad’s prophetic mission. People who understand human nature cannot fail to appreciate the infinite wisdom of the “Dos and Don’ts” handed down from God to man in the form of the Qur’an."

For his son’s upcoming 18th birthday in 1980, he prepared a 12-page manuscript containing the things that he considered unquestionably true from a philosophical perspective. He asked a Muslim Imam of Cologne named Muhammad Ahmad Rassoul to take a look at the work. After reading it Rassoul remarked that if Dr. Hofmann believed in what he had written, then he was a Muslim! That indeed became the case a few days later when he declared “I bear witness that there is no divinity besides Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger.” That was September 25, 1980.

Dr. Hofmann continued his professional career as a German diplomat and NATO officer for fifteen years after he became Muslim. “I did not experience any discrimination in my professional life”, he said. In 1984, three and half years after his conversion, then German President Dr. Carl Carstens awarded him the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The German government distributed his book “Diary of a German Muslim” to all German foreign missions in the Muslim countries as an analytical tool. Professional duties did not prevent him from practicing his religion.

Once very artistic about red wine, he would now politely refuse offers of alcohol. As a Foreign Service officer, he occasionally had to arrange working lunch for foreign guests. He would be participating in those luncheons with an empty plate in front of him during Ramadan. In 1995, he voluntarily resigned from the Foreign Service to dedicate himself to Islamic causes.

While discussing the evils caused by alcohol in individual and social life, Dr. Hofmann mentioned an incident in his own life caused by alcohol. During his college years in New York in 1951, he was once traveling from Atlanta to Mississippi. When he was in Holy Spring, Mississippi all on a sudden a vehicle, apparently driven by a drunken driver, appeared in front of his car. A serious accident followed, taking away nineteen of his teeth and disfiguring his mouth.

After undergoing surgery on his chin and lower hip, the hospital surgeon comforted him saying: “Under normal circumstances, no one survives an accident like that. God has something special in mind for you, my friend!”. As he limped in Holy Spring after release from the hospital with his “arm in a sling, a bandaged knee, an iodine-discolored, stitched-up lower face”, he wondered what could be the meaning of the surgeon’s remark.

He came to know it one day, but much later. “Finally, thirty years later, on the very day I professed my faith in Islam, the true meaning of my survival became clear to me!”

A statement on his conversion:

"For some time now, striving for more and more precision and brevity, I have tried to put on paper in a systematic way, all philosophical truths, which, in my view, can be ascertained beyond reasonable doubt. In the course of this effort it dawned upon me that the typical attitue of an agnostic is not an intelligent one; that man simply cannot escape a decision to believe; that the createdness of what exists around us is obvious; that Islaam undoubtedly finds itself in the greatest harmony with overall reality. Thus I realize, not without shock, that step by step, in spite of myself and almost unconsciously, in feeling and thinking I have grown into a Muslim. Only one last step remained to be taken : to formalize my conversion. As of today I am a Muslim. I have arrived.                                                                                (

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Massjid Ar-Rahman, Dusseldorf, nrw
Aachim Mosque, Bremen
  Abdul Majid Mosque, Berlin
  Abdulkadir Geylani mosque, Mannheim
  Abdulmecit Camii, Kreuzberg
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  Albanian Islamic cultural center, Hamm
  Albanian Islamic Cultural Center - Hamburg, Hamburg
  Albanian Islamic mosque, Nurnberg
  Albanian mosque, Berlin
Albanische Moschee, Neukolln
  Albanische Moscheegemeinde, Bremen
  Albanischer Verein, Basel
  Ali mosque, Duisburg and Hamborn
  Ali Pasa mosque, Hamburg
  Aliman moschee, Hamburg
  Almasjid.Islamischen Kulturverein, Muenchen-gladbach
  Alperenler Moschee, Rheinfelden
  Alrahma mosque, Darmstadt
  Anadolu Moschee, Schoneberg
  Anadolu Moschee, Berlin
  Anadolu Mosque, Dortmund
  Annour Moschee مـسـجـد النـور, Gelsenkirchen
  Annur Moschee, Karlsruhe
  Ansar ul Deen mosque, Hamburg
  Aqsa Mosque, Wunstorf
  Aqsa Mosque, Hersbruck
  Aqsa Mosque, Pak Dar ul Islam, Koblenz
  Ar-Rahman mosque, Saxonia
  Ar-rahmen Mosque, Rheydt
  Arab-Turkish friendship Association, Darmstadt
  Arabisch-Islamisches-Kulturzentrum Regensburg e.V., Regensburg
  Arabische Deutsche Muslime Union e.V., Pforzheim
  Arabische Gemeinschaft, Pfullingen
  Arabischer Kultur Verein, Kiel
  Arabischer Kulturverein e.V - Al Mohsinin Moschee, Bonn
  Arrahma Masjid, Dinslaken
  Arrahma Verein, Basel
  arrahman moschee, Hamm
  Ashabe Kahf Mosque, Berlin
  Ashabi Kehf Camii, Wedding
  Askeri e.V Mosque, Bremen
  Askernsettin Mosque, Berlin
  Askernsettin Camii, Wedding
  Assadaka Moschee, Raunheim
  Association for establishment of an Islamic Cemetery, Paderborn
  Association for the maintenance of Islamic culture, Brilon
  Association for the preservation of the Islamic Mosques, Bremen
  Association for the preservation of the Islamic Prayer Space, Delmenhorst
  Association for the promotion of Turkish Islamic Cultural, Dinslaken
  Association Islamic Cultural Center, Mulheim
  Association Islamic Mosque, Ludwigshafen
  Association Mosque, Morfelden-Walldorf
  Association Mosque, Borken
  Association Mosque, Hurth
  Association Mosque, Mulheim
  Association Mosque, Geesthacht
  Association New Mosque, Kitzingen
Association of Albanian Muslims, Bremen

Association of IslamicTürkish Employees, Lohne
  Association of the Islamic Women’s Group, Osnabruck
  Association of Islamic Brothers, Meschede
  Association of the Islamic union, Bremerhaven
  Association of the Turkish Employees, Essen
  Association of Turkish-Muslim Employees, Allendorf
  Association Remagener Mosque, Remagen
  Association to Save Islam, Gifhorn
  At-Tauba Mosque, Dusseldorf
  Atif Mosque, Koln
  Ayasofya Moschee, Tiergarten
  Ayasofya Moschee, Bremen
  Ayasofya Moschee, Berlin
  Ayasofya Mosque, Ingolstadt
  Ayasofya Mosque, Pforzheim
  Ayasofya Mosque, Hamburg
  Aysofya Moschee, Graben-Neudorf
  Ayyup Sultan Mosque, Bochum
  Baesweiler Mosque, Baesweiler
  Bait-ul-Mukarram, Hamburg
  Bangali muslim center, Berlin
  Bangladesh Islamic Center, Stuttgart
  Bangladesh Islamic Center, Frankfurt
  Bangladesh Islamic Centre, Hamburg-Wandsbek
  Bangladesh Islamic Centre, Hamburg
  Bangladesh Islamisches Zentrum e.V., Stuttgarter Bucht
  Bararos Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Barbaros Camii, Braunschweig
  Barbaros Mosque, Koln
  Basler Muslim Kommission, Basel
  Basweiler Camii, Basweiler
  Bayram Camii, Wedding
  Bayram Mosque, Berlin
  Bedi'uz-Zaman Said Nursi Cultural Center (Donated), Aschaffenburg
  Bedir Moschee, Neukoln
  Belal mosque, Hamburg
  Bennur Mosque, Cologne
  Bennur Mosque, Koln
  Bergkamen Camii, Bergkamen
  Beyazid Mosque, Berlin
  Beyazit Mosque, Wedding
  Big Mosque, Berlin
  Bilal Camii, Wedding
  Bilal Islamic Center, Aachen
  Bilal masjid, Narnberg
  Bilal Mosche, Aachen
  Bilal Moschee, Frankfurt Am Main
  Bilal Moschee, Aachen
  Bilal Moschee, Frankfurt
Bilal Mosque, Aachen-West

Bilal-i Habesi Moschee, Bremen
  Billstedt Mosque, Hamburg
  Birligi - Islam Youth Restaurant, Rodgau
  Blue Nile Center, Berlin
  Bochum Mosque, Bochum
  Bonndorf Moschee, Bonndorf
  Bosnian Isabeg mosque, Berlin
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Berlin
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Hessen
  Bosnian Islamic Cultural Center, Wurzburg
  Bosnian Islamic cultural Center, Duisburg
  Bosnian Islamic Cultural center, Castrop-Rauxel
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Hamburg
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Remscheid
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Bielefeld
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Duisburg and Hamborn
  Bosnian Islamic Cultural Center, Bochum
  Bosnian Islamic Cultural Center, Essen
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Witten
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Dortmund
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Hamm
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Lower Saxony
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Hagen
  Bosnian Islamic cultural center, Mainz
  Bosnian Islamic Cutural center, Rosenheim
  Bosnian Islamic Union, Aachen
  Bosnian mosque, Karlsruhe
  Bosnian mosque, Mannheim
  Bosnian Muslim Community, Hamburg
  Bosnisch Islamische Gemeinschaft Basel, Basel
  Bosnisch-Islamische Moschee und Kulturzentrum, Saarbrucken
  Bosnische Mosche, Eningen
  Bosnische Moscheegemeinde, Bremen
  Bosnisches Islamisches Kultur Center, Frankfurt
  Bosnisches Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Kreuzberg
  Bremen Sulingen Mosque, Bremen
  Bretten Masjid, Bretten
  Buggingen Moschee, Buggingen
  Bursa Emir Sultan Kuelliyesi, Mosque, Hessen
  Campus Praying Room, Kaiserslautern
  Carsi Camii (Hauptbahnhof Moschee), Munich
  Castrop Rauxel Mosque, Castrop-Rauxel
  Cemiyet-i Nisa, Berlin
  Center Mosque, Neumunster
  Central Mosque, Hamburg
  Central mosque of Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Braunschweig
  City Mosque, Hessen
  Clamens Mosque, Bruehl
  Communities of Islam, Sinsheim

  Community for Islamic education in Belief and culture, Biedenkopf
  Croatian Muslim Centre, Bad Waldsee
  CUBA MESCIDI/Islamic Union, Munich
  DAAWA Moschee, Bremen
  Dar Enour, Bern
  Dar Es Salam, Berlin
  Darul Qurane.V مسجد دار القرآن, Munich
  Darul-Quran Haus des Qurans, Muenchen
  Das Islamische Zentrum der E. Afghanen in Bayern e.V. (IZAB)مركز المهاجرين الافغان, Munich
  Das Islamische Zentrum der E. Afghanen in Bayern e.V. (IZAB)مركز المهاجرين الافغان, Feldmoching
  Davidjames, Wien-Bach
  Dei Gemeinschaft der Muslime in Ilmenau, Ilmenau
  Der moderne Islamisch Kultur Verein.EV, Flensburg-Hafen
  Deutsch -Türkischer Kultuverein e.V., Wannweil
  Deutsch Arabisch Islamische Organisation e.v., Ingoltsadt
  Deutsch·Türkischer Kulturverein, Duisburg
  Deutschsprachiger Islam Kreis e.V., Hannover
  Deutschsprachiger Moslimkreis e.V Weiden, Weiden
  Deutschsprachiger MuslimKreis e.V (المركز الثقافي الاسلامي), Braunschweig
  Diaynet Moschee, Landshut
  Diaynet Mosque, Ingolstadt
  Dibit Selimiye Mosque, Bamberg
  Die islamische Gemeinde e.V., Luedenscheid
  Die Islamische Gemeinschaft, Berlin-Friedrichshain
  Die Moschee, Berlin
  Die Moschee, Wilmersdorf
  Die Moschee, Wilbersdorf
  Die Trierische Masjid, Trier
  DITIB Ahlen Ulu Cami-i [Mosque], Ahlen
  DITIB Diyanet Iseleri Türk Islam Cemiyeti -Islamic Union, Mainburg
  DITIB Eichstatt Imaret Camii, Eichstatt
  DITIB Fatih Camii, Asbach-baumenheim
  DITIB Müslümanlar Cemiyeti (Muslim-Community), Fussen
  DITIB Mevlana Camii, Straubing
  DITIB Mosque , Markt Erlbach
  DITIB Muhammediye Camii (Islamic Association), Kempten
  DITIB Munih Merkez, Munich
  DITIB Selimiye Camii, Aichach
  DITIB Sultan Ahmet Camii, Waldkraiburg
  DITIB Sultan Ahmet Camii, Kirchheim Unter Teck
  DITIB Türkisch Islamische Gemeinde, Illertissen
  Ditib Ulu Mosque, Neumunster
  DITIB Yunus Emre Camii, Landshut
  DITIB-Munich Merkez, Muenchen
  Diyajnet Iseleri Turk Islam Birligi ( Union), Weilheim
  Diyanet Anadolu Camii, Kreuzberg
  Diyanet Anadolu Mosque, Berlin
  Diyanet Isleri Türk Islam Dernegi, Nersingen
  Diyanet Moschee, Lorrach
Diyanet Moschee, Braunschweig
  Diyanet mosque, Lower Saxony
  Diyanet mosque, Coburg
  Diyanet Türk Islam Kültür Dernegi, Kaufbeuren
  Diyanet Türk Islam Kültür Dernegi Fatih Camii, Schrobenhausen
  Diyanet-Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gelsenkirchen
  Dortmund Mosque, Dortmund
  Dr. Zeynel Abdidin Moschee, Bremen
  Dzemat Sabur, Muenchen
  einheit des Islam ev (Masjid-e-Tauhid), Offenbach
  Eisenfeld Moshcee, Eisenfeld
  EL FURKAN e.V. Islamisches Zentrum der Albaner, Munich
  El-Iman Mosque., Hamburg
  Emir Sultan Camii, Schoneberg
  Emir Sultan Mosque, Darmstadt
  Emir Sultan Mosque, Berlin
  Ensar Camii, Berlin
  Ensar Mosque, Charlottenburg
  Ertugrul Gazi Moschee, Berlin
  Essen Mosque, Essen
  Essenkatenberg Mosque, Essen
  Euskirchen Moschee, Euskirchen
  Eyüp Sultan Bahçe Moschee, Bremen
  Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Peine
  Eyueb Sultan Mosque, Hamburg
  Eyup Sultab Camii, Munchen
  Eyup Sultan Camii, Munich
  Eyyup-Sultan-Camii, Hamm
  Fahrplan Islam Vakfi Moschee e.V., Berlin
  Fatih Camii, Kreuzberg
  Fatih Camii, Braunschweig
  Fatih Camii ve Talebe Yurdu, Munich
  Fatih Camii/Foderation Islam Vereine, Munich
  Fatih Moschee, Wilhelmshaven
  Fatih Moschee, Botzingen
  Fatih Moschee, Baden Baden
  Fatih Moschee, Sinsheim
  Fatih Moschee, Zell Am Andelsbach
  Fatih Moschee, Oberderdingen
  Fatih Moschee, Karlsruhe
  Fatih Moschee, Spaichingen
  Fatih Moschee, Pforzheim
  Fatih mosque, Mannheim
  Fatih Mosque, Bremerhaven
  Fatih Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Fatih Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Fatih Mosque, Bremen
  Fatih Mosque, Uhingen
  Fatih Mosque, Berlin
  Fatih Mosque, Hessen
Fatih Mosque, Lunen
  Fatih Mosque, Essen
  Fatih Mosque, Heilbronn
  Fatih Mosschee, Waghausel
  Fatih-Mosque -Islamic Union Association, Homburg
  Fatih-Sultan-Camii, Hamm
  Federation Islamic Association, Hannover
  Federation of Islamic Associations in the Ruhr District, Bergkamen
  Federation of Islamic Associations and Unions, Munchen
  Federation of Islamic Associations and Unions in Land Bayern, Aichach
  Federation of the Islamic cultural center e.V., Hamburg
  Federation of the Islamic cultural centers, Mannheim
  Federation of the Islamic cultural centers - branch Waltrop, Waltrop
  Forbach Moschee, Forbach
  Freiberg Mosque, Freiberg
  FreisingCamii, Freising
  Furstenfeldbruck Islamic Center, Furstenfeld
  Furtwagen Islam Kultur e.V., Linden
  Gagganeu Moschee, Gaggenau
  Gazi Osman Pasa Camii, Neukoln
  Gemeinschaft Islamischer Dialog GID, Basel
  German Islamic Mosque Stiftung / Waqf, Dusseldorf
  German Muslim Circle - Berlin., Berlin
  German Muslim league, Bonn
  H. Bayram Mosque, Duisburg and Hamborn
  H. Bayram Mosque, Duisburg
  Haci Bayram Camii/Masjid Pasing, Munich
  Haci Bayram Moscchee, Hockenheim
  Haci Bayram Moschee, Philippsburg
  Haci Bayram mosque, Hessen
  Haci Bayram Yeni Moschee, Eberbach
  Hadimiye Mosque, Hessen
  Hadimiye Mosque, Frankfurt
  Haji Bayram Mosque, Frankfurt
  Haji Bayram Mosque, Kassel
  Haji Bayram Mosque, Wedding
  Hamburg Mosque, Hamburg
  Hameln Camii, Hameln
  Hamm Pelkuem Mosque, Hamm
  Hanau Camii, Hanau
  Hanau Mosque, Hessen
  Hannover Merkez Camii, Hannover
  Hanover Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Hansala Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Harburg Mosque, Hamburg
  Hasan Basri Mosque, Charlottenburg
  Hasenbergl Masjid, Feldmoching
  Hasenbergl VIKZ Moschee, Munich
  Haslach Moschee, Haslach
  Hassan Basri Mosque, Berlin
Hattersheim Mosque, Hessen
  Haus der Weisheit, Berlin
  Haus des orients e. v. , alkhulafaa moschee, Weimar
  Haushamm Camii, Hausham
  Hazrath Mosque, Bremen
  Heilbronn Moschee, Heilbronn
  Hermannplatz Moschee, Neukoln
  Hermannplatz Moschee, Berlin
  Herne Mosque, Herne
  Hessen Mosque, Hamm
  Hicret Camii, Brackwede
  Hicret Moschee, Hamburg-Altona
  Hicret Mosque, Hamburg
  Hijrath Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Hilal Spor, Kreuzberg
  HIRA Mosque Hira – Islamic Education center Wilhelmsburg e.V., Hamburg
  Hoca Ahmed Yesevi Moschee, Berlin
  Hoefel Mosque, Hamm
  Hof-Saale Islamic Center, Hof-Salbitz
  Hof-See Camii, Hof-See
  Home Mosque, Hamburg
  House of Islam (HDI), Hessen
  House of the Islam, Lutzelbach
  Hz.Ömer Moschee, Sulz Am Neckar
  Ibnkhalakan Mosque, Gelsenkirchen
  Ibrahim Khalil Moschee, Osnabruck
  Ibrahim-Khalil- Mosque Islamic association Muhajirin Afghanistan e.V., Hamburg
  IGMG - Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Vohringen
  IGMG - Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Stadthagen
  IGMG - Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Wiesbaden
  IGMG - Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Sinsheim
  IGMG - Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Schorndorf
  IGMG - Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Ulm
  IGMG - Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Walldorf
  IGMG - Islamic Association (Milli Gorus), Dortmund
  IGMG - Islamic Association of National View ( Milli Görüs), Bobingen
  IGMG - Islamic Association of the National View (Milli Görüs), Bretten
  IGMG - Islamic Center - Milli Gorus, Remscheid
  IGMG - Islamic Center - Milli Gorus, Ratingen
  IGMG - Islamic Center - Milli Gorus, Russelsheim
  IGMG - Islamic Center - Milli Gorus, Oer-Erkenschwick
  IGMG - Islamic Centre( Milli Gorus ), Darmstadt
  IGMG - Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Görüs, Hamburg
  IGMG e.V. Turkish-Islamic center, Pleidelsheim
IGMG- Islamic Association Of The National View (Milli Gorus), Gelnhausen
  IGMG- Islamic Association Of The National View (Milli Gorus), Herford
  IGMG- Islamic Association of The National View (Milli Gorus), Goslar
  IGMG- Islamic Association of The National View (Milli Gorus), Gladbeck
  IGMG- Islamic Association Of The National View (Milli Gorus0209-597076, Gelsenkirchen
  IGMG- Islamic Association Of The National View (Milli Gorus), Hannover
  IGMG-Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Görüs, Ortsverein Nippes, Koeln
  Indonesian Islamic Center e.V., Hamburg
  Indonesian Islamic Cultural Center, Hamburg
  Initiative for Islamic studies, Hamburg
  Institute for Islamic Studies, Berlin
  Institute for Islamic Studies(IIB e.V.), Hamburg
  Interkulturelles Zentrum für Dialog und Bildung (IZDB), Berlin
  International prayer center of the muslim community in Hanover, Hannover
  Internationales Islamischs Kulturzentrum, Erfurt
  Iraqi mosque, Hamburg
  Islam Cemiyeti, Lindau Bodensee
  Islami IImlr, Neukolln
  Islami Tahrik e.V. Berlin, Germany, Berlin
  Islamic Brothers Home, Sachsenheim
  Islamic Center, Nurnberg
  Islamic Center, Stadthagen
  Islamic Center, Stuttgart
  Islamic Center, Solingen
  Islamic Center, Wuppertal
  Islamic Center, Wurselen
  Islamic Center, Salzgitter
  Islamic Center, Uhingen
  Islamic Center for Yugoslavian Muslims, Stuttgart
  Islamic Center Milli Gorus, Vaihingen
  Islamic Centre, Freiberg
  Islamic Community, Uhingen
  Islamic Community in Germany, Stuttgart
  Islamic Cultural Association, Schleswig
  Islamic Cultural Association, Wesel
  Islamic Cultural Association, Vechta
  Islamic Cultural Association of Turkish Employees, Witten
  Islamic Cultural Center, Velbert
  Islamic Cultural Center, Sindelfingen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Sinn
  Islamic Cultural Center, Solingen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Velbert
  Islamic Cultural Center, Witten
  Islamic Cultural Center, Wesel
  Islamic Cultural Center, Vohringen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Wiesbaden
  Islamic Cultural Center, Weiden
  Islamic Cultural Center, Saulgau
  Islamic Cultural Center, Wuppertal
Islamic Cultural Center, Schwerte
  Islamic Cultural Center, Triberg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Weil der Stadt
  Islamic Cultural Center, Stadtallendorf
  Islamic Cultural Center, Wittlich
  Islamic Cultural Center, Steinfurt
  Islamic Cultural Center, Ulm
  Islamic Employees Union Mosque, Wittlich
  Islamic Federation, Stuttgart
  Islamic Federation, Walldorf
  Islamic Institute, Berlin
  Islamic Service and auxiliary Union, Siegen
  Islamic Social and Information Center, Stuttgart
  Islamic Solidarity in Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
  Islamic Union, Wertheim
  Islamic Union, Velbert
  Islamic Union, Stadtallendorf
  Islamic Union, Wulfrath
  Islamic Union, Schorndorf
  Islamic Union, Selters
  Islamic Union, Wiesbaden
  Islamic Union, Wasserburg
  Islamic Union, Velbert
  Islamic Union, Stuttgart
  Islamic Union of Erlangen, Erlangen
  Islamic Union of Turkey, Wunstorf
  Islamic - Arab Cultural Center, Berlin
  Islamic - Moroccan cultural center Ibne Omar Mosque, Dortmund
  Islamic - Turkish Cultural Association, Eppingen
  Islamic academy Germany, Hamburg
  ISlamic Al-Rahman Moschee e.V., Leipzig
  ISLAMIC ANSAR CENTER (Legal Advice)., Berlin
  Islamic Association, Alsfeld
  Islamic Association, Bebra
  Islamic Association, Altdorf
  Islamic Association, Philippsburg
  Islamic Association, Bohmte
  Islamic Association, Bonen
  Islamic Association, Trostberg
  Islamic Association, Bamberg
  Islamic Association, Gelsenkirchen
  Islamic Association, Hattersheim
  Islamic Association, Menden
  Islamic Association, Herten
  Islamic Association, Hanau
  Islamic Association, Mossingen
  Islamic Association, Oldenburg
  Islamic Association, Haigerloch
  Islamic Association, Garching
  Islamic Association, Bopfingen
Islamic Association, Altena
  Islamic Association, Rastatt
  Islamic Association, Bobingen
  Islamic Association, Solingen
  Islamic Association, Bochum
  Islamic Association, Lindau
  Islamic Association, Oberhausen
  Islamic Association, Dorfen
  Islamic Association, Duisburg
  Islamic Association, Karlsruhe
  Islamic Association, Baesweiler
  Islamic Association, Erding
  Islamic Association, Isny
  Islamic Association, Lunen
  Islamic Association, Gengenbach
  Islamic Association, Kamen
  Islamic Association, Crailsheim
  Islamic Association - Brüder, Herten
  Islamic association e.V., Ulm
  Islamic Association in Hildeshein and Surrounding area, Hildesheim
  Islamic Association Mosque, Hamm
  Islamic Association of the Turkish Cultural Center, Espelkamp
  Islamic Association of Turkish Employees, Essen
  Islamic Association of Turkish Employees, Beckum
  Islamic Association Turkish Islamic Mosque, Dortmund
  Islamic Brothers Association -Dortmund, Dortmund
  Islamic Brothers Community, Krefeld
  Islamic Center, Schomberg
  Islamic center, Kassel
  Islamic Center, Essen
  Islamic Center, Hannover
  Islamic center, Wetzlar
  Islamic center, Haiger
  Islamic Center, Frankfurt
  Islamic center, Herborn
  Islamic Center, Essen
  Islamic Center, Neumunster
  Islamic center, Mainz
  Islamic Center, Frankenthal
  Islamic Center, Bern
  Islamic center, Wedel
  Islamic Center, Mannheim
  Islamic Center, Duisburg
  Islamic Center, Meinerzhagen
  Islamic center, Lauenburg
  Islamic Center, Monchengladbach
  Islamic center, Kiel
  Islamic Center, Augsburg
  Islamic Center, Erding
  Islamic center, Duisburg and Hamborn
Islamic center, Bergneustadt
  Islamic center, Hessen
  Islamic Center, Osnabruck
  Islamic center, Norderstedt
  Islamic Center, Vilsbiburg
  Islamic Center, Bern
  Islamic Center, Hamburg
  Islamic Center Bruhl, Bruhl
  Islamic center Aachen, Aachen
  Islamic Center Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf
  Islamic center Hamburg, Hamburg
  Islamic Central Institute of Germany, Soest
  Islamic Centre, Ingolstadt
  Islamic Centre, Gutersloh
  Islamic Centre, Grasellenbach
  Islamic Centre, Furth
  Islamic Centre, Lunen
  Islamic Centre, Hamm
  Islamic Centre, Kaiserlauterns
  Islamic Centre Mosque, Hamburg
  Islamic Centre, Moschee, Heidelberg
  Islamic Centre- Tableegh Markaz, Goppingen
  Islamic Community, Heilbronn
  Islamic Community, Hamm
  Islamic Community, Herne
  Islamic Community, Munchen
  Islamic Community, Kiel
  Islamic Community, Marburg
  Islamic Community, Gengenbach
  Islamic Community Association, Bottrop
  Islamic community e.V., Stuttgart
  Islamic community Husejeb Dozo, Ingolstadt
  Islamic Community in Germany, Munchen
  Islamic community of German-speaking Muslims, Berlin
  Islamic Community of the Muslims of Yugoslavia, Hagen
  Islamic Community of Yogaslavian Muslims in Germany, Koln
  Islamic Cultivation Center, Aachen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Remscheid
  Islamic Cultural Center, Pirmasens
  Islamic Cultural Center, Rietberg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Osnabruck
  Islamic Cultural Center, Rheine
  Islamic Cultural Center, Ottersberg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Reinheim
  Islamic Cultural Center, Pfullendorf
  Islamic Cultural Center, Offenbach
  Islamic Cultural Center, Oberhausen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Oelde
  Islamic Cultural Center e.V, Regensburg
  Islamic Cultural - Federation, Overath
Islamic Cultural and Information Centre, Gottingen
  Islamic Cultural and Information Centre, Augsburg
  Islamic Cultural Association, Dortmund
  Islamic Cultural Association, Dinslaken
  Islamic Cultural Association, Buxtehude
  Islamic Cultural Association, Mettmann
  Islamic Cultural Association, Kehl
  Islamic Cultural Association of Turkish employees, Dortmund
  Islamic Cultural Association of Muslims of Yugoslavia, Mainz
  Islamic Cultural Association Of The Turkish Employees, Duisburg
  Islamic Cultural Association Sultan Mosque, Duisburg
  Islamic Cultural Association., Gelsenkirchen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Flensburg
  Islamic cultural center, Bocholt
  Islamic Cultural Center, Dortmund
  Islamic cultural center, Dieburg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Eitorf
  Islamic Cultural Center, Kamp-Lintfort
  Islamic Cultural Center, Frankfurt
  Islamic Cultural Center, Frankfurt
  Islamic Cultural Center, Ebersbach
  Islamic Cultural Center, Bern
  Islamic Cultural Center, Duisburg
  Islamic cultural center, Dinslaken
  Islamic cultural center, Cologne
  Islamic cultural center, Koblenz
  Islamic Cultural Center, Karlsruhe
  Islamic Cultural Center, Frankenthal
  Islamic Cultural Center, Ehingen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Landau
  Islamic cultural center, Betzdorf
  Islamic cultural center, Saarland
  Islamic Cultural Center, Elz
  Islamic cultural center, Bobingen
  Islamic cultural center, Waltrop
  Islamic Cultural Center, Aschaffenburg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Ubach-Palenberg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock
  Islamic cultural center, Hessen
  Islamic cultural center, Hamburg
  Islamic cultural center, Bremerhaven
  Islamic Cultural Center, Monchengladbach
  Islamic Cultural Center, Ludenscheid
  Islamic Cultural Center, Laupheim
  Islamic Cultural Center, Moers
  Islamic cultural center, Ingolstadt
  Islamic Cultural Center, Michelstadt
  Islamic cultural center, Hessen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Munchen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Munchen
Islamic Cultural Center, Mannheim
  Islamic Cultural Center, Lubeck
  Islamic Cultural Center, Bremen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Mainz
  Islamic cultural center, Braunschweig
  Islamic Cultural Center, Giengen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Lunen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Koblenz
  Islamic cultural center, Biberach
  Islamic Cultural Center, Memmingen
  Islamic Cultural Center of the Muslims of Bosnia, Wiesbaden
  Islamic Cultural Center Beytullah, Dusseldorf
  Islamic Cultural Center For The Albanian Muslims, Dusseldorf
  Islamic cultural center Gazija e.V., Wuppertal
  Islamic cultural center of Gazi Husrevbeg, Cologne
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Homburg
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Kassel
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Herten
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Gelsenkirchen
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Hochst
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Friedberg
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Hagen
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Herne
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Bergkamen
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Bayreuth
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Bamberg
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Bad Wurzach
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Bad Wurzach
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Hohr-Grenzhausen
  Islamic Cultural Centre, Kiel
  Islamic Cultural Centre - Hannover, Hannover
  Islamic Cultural Community, Ingolstadt
  Islamic Cultural Society, Ellwangen
  Islamic Culture and Educating Association, Berlin
  Islamic Culture Association e.V., Mainz
  Islamic culture center in resounds e.V., Saxonia
  Islamic Culture Union For The Roma Muslims, Dusseldorf
  Islamic development center, Mainz
  Islamic Donation Center, Augsburg
  Islamic Drug Assistance, Deisenhofen
  Islamic Employees Association, Russelsheim
  Islamic Employees Association, Hanau
  Islamic Faith Dialog-Forum, Stuttgart
  Islamic Federation, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  Islamic federation, Dortmund
  Islamic Federation, Essen
  Islamic Federation, Ravensburg
  Islamic federation, Breuberg
  Islamic Federation, Bremen
  Islamic federation of Berlin, Berlin
Islamic federation of the cultural centers, Bielefeld
  Islamic foundation, Augsburg
  Islamic geminde Nuremberg, Narnberg
  Islamic Information Center, Bonn
  Islamic Information Mosque, Lubeck
  Islamic Informations Center, Ulm
  Islamic Jurisprudence, Hannover
  Islamic Kultur Center, Haale
  Islamic Kultural Zentrum, Koln
  Islamic Mosque, Balingen
  Islamic Mosque Association, Bremen
  Islamic Organisation, Essen
  Islamic Organisationof Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Esslingen
  Islamic organization, Dresden-Neustadt
  Islamic Religious Community, Furtwangen
  Islamic social service and Information Center, Stuttgart
  Islamic Society Mosque, Eisenberg
  Islamic student association, Lower Saxony
  Islamic Telephone Consultation Contact, Berlin
  Islamic Ummah-Community, Heilbronn
  Islamic Union, Herrenberg
  Islamic Union, Monheim
  Islamic Union, Aachen
  Islamic Union, Jettingen
  Islamic Union, Mulheim
  Islamic Union, Aschaffenburg
  Islamic Union, Ludwigshafen
  Islamic Union, Altensteig
  Islamic Union, Garbsen
  Islamic Union, Albstadt
  Islamic Union, Muhlacker
  Islamic Union, Bad Hersfeld
  Islamic Union, Koln
  Islamic Union, Lengerich
  Islamic Union, Leinfelden-Echterdingen
  Islamic Union, Bad Kreuznach
  Islamic Union, Marl
  Islamic Union, Augsburg
  Islamic Union, Darmstadt
  Islamic Union, Ebersbach
  Islamic Union, Kamp-Lintfort
  Islamic Union Center-Mosque, Kiel
  Islamic Union of Germany, Freiberg
  Islamic woman Organisation, Berlin
  Islamic youth center, Ahlen
  Islamic youth mosque, Blaubeuren
  Islamic-Albanian cultural center e.V., Hamburg
  IslamicAssociation, Koln
  IslamicAssociation, Kuppenheim
  IslamicFederation, Pfungstadt
IslamicFederation, Pfungstadt
  Islamiches Kulturzentrum, Friedrichshafen
  IslamicUmmah-Community, Oranienburg
  Islamisch Albanisch Kulturzentrum, Hannover
  Islamisch zentrum in halle, Halle
  Islamisch-Arabischer Kulturverein e.V., Regensburg
  Islamische Gemeide de Albana in Tuttlingen und umgebung, Tuttlingen
  Islamische Gemeinde, Berlin
  Islamische Gemeinde Abu bakr Moschee, Frankfurt am Main
  Islamische Gemeinde Abu bakr Moschee, Frankfurt
  Islamische Gemeinde Jülich e.V مسجد السنة, Julich
  Islamische Gemeinde Magdeburg e.V., Magdeburg
  Islamische Gemeinde Penzberg, Penzberg
  Islamische Gemeinden Hamburg - Centrum Moschee e.V., Hamburg-Mitte
  Islamische Gemeinschaf e.V, Paderborn
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, München
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Aachen
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Wedding
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Hamm
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Saarbrucken
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Berlin
  Islamische Gemeinschaft ''DZEMAT TEVHID''/Masjid Al Bosna 2, Munich
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Al-Rahman e.V., Hamm
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Bodensee-Ravensburg e.V., Ravensburg
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Dzemat Sabur e.V/Masjid Al Bosna, Munich
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Geldern e.v, Geldern
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Minden, Minden
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Muenster IGM, Muenster
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Passau e.V., Passau
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Würzburg IGW e. V., Wurzburg
  Islamische Informations- und Serviceleistungen e. V., Frankfurt Am Main
  Islamische Konig Faysal Stiftung, Basel
  Islamische Kultur Zentrum, Bergisch Gladbach
  islamische kurdische legae, Gelsenkirchen
  Islamische Religionsgemeinschaft Hessen e.V., Giessen
  Islamische Religionsgemeinschaft Hessen e.V., Celle
  Islamische Religionsgemeinschaft Offenburg und Umgebung e.V., Offenburg
  Islamische Studentengemeinschaft (ISG), Islamic Student Community, Clausthal-Zellerfeld
  Islamische Union Münster e.V., Muenster
  Islamische Vereinigung, Wiesloch
  Islamische Vereinigung e,v Masjid Hamza, Koeln
  Islamische Zentrum, Bad Tolz
  Islamische Zentrum, Bielefeld
  Islamische Zentrum, Erding As
  Islamische Zentrum, Augsburg
  Islamische Zentrum, Aichach
  Islamische Zentrum, Forchheim
  Islamische Zentrum, Mainburg
  Islamischen Gemeinschaft in Müncen, Muenchen
  Islamischer Albanischer Verein für Kosova-Albaner e.V., Stuttgart
Islamischer Bund e.V:, Stuttgart
  Islamischer Bund Zentrum Stuttgart, Stuttgart
  Islamischer Federation in Rosenheim, Rosenheim
  Islamischer Kultur Verein e.v - Masjid Arrahman, Monchengladbach
  Islamischer Kulturverein Alsdorf e.V., Alsdorf
  Islamischer Kulturverein e.V, Mainz
  Islamischer Kulturverein e.V. Bergheim, Bergheim an der Erft
  islamischer kulturverein Maryam-Moschee, Oldenburg
  Islamischer Kulturverein Oldenburg (IKO), Oldenburg
  Islamischer Studentenverein an der TU-Darmstadt, Darmstadt
  Islamischer Verein, Basweiler
  Islamischer Verein Augsburg, Augsburg
  Islamischer Verein Besimtari, Basel
  Islamischer Verein für Dialog und Völkerverständigung, Neuwied
  Islamischer Verein fuer Voelkerverstaendigung Germersheim e.V., Germersheim
  Islamischer Verein Mesdzid-Sahabe e.V., Stuttgart
  Islamischer Verein MoscheeTarik Ben Ziad, Frankfurt
  Islamischer Verein Würzburg, Wurzburg
  Islamisches Centrum schule, Berlin
  Islamisches Cultur Center, Kassel
  Islamisches Cultural Center, Berlin
  Islamisches Gemeindezentrum, Bruhl
  Islamisches Kultur- und Erziehungsverein e.V, Neukolln
  Islamisches Kultur- und Erziehungszentrum e.V, Berlin
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Wurzburg
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Ingolstadt
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Wolfsburg
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Mutten
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum Düsseldorf der Bosniaken, Dusseldorf
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum e.V., Solingen
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum für religiöse Aufklärung, Berlin
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum für religiöse Aufklärung (IKRA) Al-Rahman Moschee e.V., Berlin-Mitte
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum Greifswald e.V. , Moschee Greifswald, Greifswald
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., Dessau-Ziebigk
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., Dessau
  Islamisches kulturzentrum,Deutsch-Arabischer Kulturverein e.V., Bamberg
  Islamisches Zentrum, Frankfurt
  Islamisches Zentrum, Munchen
  Islamisches Zentrum, Hamburg
  Islamisches Zentrum, Munchen
  Islamisches Zentrum, Munchen
  Islamisches Zentrum Aachen (Bilal-Moschee), Aachen-West
  Islamisches Zentrum Dresden e. V, Al-Faruk Mosque, Dresden-Altstadt
  Islamisches Zentrum Dzemat-Sabur, Munchen
  Islamisches Zentrum für Dialog und Bildung, Berlin-Mitte
  Islamisches Zentrum Frankfurt, Frankfurt Am Main
  Islamisches Zentrum Freiburg, Freiburg Im Breisgau
  Islamisches Zentrum Hamburg e.V., Hamburg-Barmbek-Uhlenhorst
  Islamisches Zentrum Jena e.V., Jena
  Islamisches Zentrum Kaiserslautern (Islamic Center Kaiserslautern), Kaiserslautern
  Islamisches Zentrum Kassel e.V. المركز الإسلامي في كاسل, Kassel
  Islamisches Zentrum München, Munchen
  Islamisches Zentrum München, Munchen
  Islamisches Zentrum Münster e.V, Münster
  Islamisches Zentrum Münster e.V, Munster
  Islamisches zentrum muenster, Muenster
  Islamisches Zentrum Munchen, Freimann
  Islamisches Zentrum Munchen(المركز الاسلامي في ميونيخ), Munich
  Islamisches Zentrum Paderborn, Paderborn
  Islamisches Zentrum Schwerin, Schwerin
  Islamisches Zentrum Stuttgart, Stuttgart
  Islamisches-Albanisches Kulturzentrum, Kassel
  Islamishes Zentrum Dresden e.V., Dresden
  Islamska Zajednica Kirchheim-Teck-Lenningen, Dettingen Unter Teck
  Jama'at - Nur Islamic Community, Hannover
  Jamia Masjid Essen, Essen
  Jugo Moschee, Hamburg
  Kamen Islam Zentren., Kamen
  Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Moschee, Wiesloch
  Kücük-Istanbul Mosque, Hamburg
  Khaled Moschee, Bochum
  Koca Tepe Moschee, Siemensstadt
  Koca Tepe Moschee, Berlin
  KOCA TEPE Moschee, Volklingen
  Kocatepe Moschee, Buchen
  Koethen moschee, Koethen
  Kuba Moschee, Bremen
  Kulturni Centar, Bochum
  Kulturverein - Islamische Gemeinschaft der Bosniaken in Bonn e.V., Bonn
  Kulturverein Moschee Arrahmaa, Darmstadt
  Kulturzentrum Anatolischer Aleviten e. V., Berlin
  Lübars Moschee, Reinickendorf
  Lübars Moschee, Berlin
  Lübeck Fatih Mosque, Lubeck
  Lehre vom Qu´ran study center, Berlin
  Lorch Türk-Arbeiter e.V., Lorch
  MA KulturHaus e.v ( مسجد الرحمة), Munich
  Mariendorfer Moschee, Berlin
  Mariendorfer Mosque, Berlin
  Markaz e Islam Islamic center, Bergneustadt
  markaz of dawat o tabligh(tablighi jamaat), Berlin
  Marl Islamic Center, Marl
  Marokkanische Gemeinde Assalam Moschee Hattersheim, Frankfurt Am Main
  Masjad Nur, Koeln
  Masjed Abo Baker, Koeln
  Masjed Al Rahman, Cottbus-Strobitz
  Masjed Alhedaya, Peine
  Masjed Arrahman, Düsseldorf
  Masjed Ibrahim, Siegen
Masjed Passau, Passau
  Masjid, Ludwigsburg
  Masjid, Halle-Neustadt
  Masjid, Lohhof
  Masjid / مصلى, Fallingbostel
  Masjid Al Balkan, Munich
  Masjid Al Iman, Nordhausen
  Masjid Al Madeenah مسجد المدينة, Munich
  Masjid al magharbah, Julich
  Masjid al mohsinin, Muenchen
  Masjid al-Falah, Berlin
  Masjid Al-Mohsineen مسجد المحسنين(Bei Real), Munich
  Masjid Al-Salam مسجد السلام, Munich
  Masjid Al-Towba, Kassel
  Masjid Ali (Sunnah), Kostheim
  Masjid am Odeonsplatz, Munich
  Masjid Ansarul-Deen, Hamburg
  Masjid Anur, Vowinkel
  MASJID ARAHMA, Castrop-Rauxel
  Masjid Arahman, Kassel
  masjid arrahman e.V, Duesseldorf
  Masjid as Sunnah Culture Center, Oberhausen
  Masjid As-Salam, Schwerin
  Masjid As-Salam Reisholz, Dusseldorf
  Masjid AS-SUNNA, Kreisfreie Stadt Monchengladbach
  Masjid e Aqsa - Turkish Islamic cultural centre, Berlin
  Masjid Ebingen, Albstadt
  Masjid El-Taqwa, Idar-Oberstein
  Masjid elsdorf marokkaner, Elsdorf
  Masjid Ensar /Islamische Foderation Ensar Moschee in HOF, Munich
  Masjid gebetshaus freising, Freising
  Masjid Imam Alhidjra, Hessen
  Masjid Imam Dar Alhidjra, Darmstadt
  Masjid iqraa مسجد ودار إقرأ, Munich
  Masjid Ommer مسجد عمر, Munich
  Masjid Quba, Hombruch
  Masjid Salam, Darmstadt
  Masjid Sanjaq, Munich
  MASJID SUNNA, Ratingen
  Masjid Tawhid, Cologne
  Masjid Yumus Emre, Munchen
  Masjid-El-Ummah Hannover, Hannover
  Masjid-ul-Ummah (مسجد الأمة), Feldmoching
  Masjid-ul-Ummah (مسجد الأمة), Munich
  Massjid Ar-Rahman, Dusseldorf
  Massjid AR-Rahman, Duisburg-Hamborn
  Massjid Ar-Rahman Brückhausen e,v, Duisburg And Hamborn
  Massjid Attawhid, Bielefeld
  Müslümanlar Cemiyeti, Unterschleissheim
  Müslümanlar Cemiyeti Tuttlingen, Tuttlingen
Medina Moschee (ALEM e.V.), Bremen
  Medinah-Moschee, Erfurt
  Medreseti Nuriye – Ittihad Camii, Berlin
  Mehmed Akif Camii, Wedding
  Mehmed Akif Camii ve Kultur Merkez, Munich
  Mehmed Akif Mescidi, Munchen
  Menschenisch Mosque, Cologne
  Menschenisch Mosque, Koln
  Merkez Camii, Kreuzberg
  Merkez Camii, Bielefeld
  Merkez Camii, Muslimgemeinde e.V, Vilsbiburg
  Merkez Kleinbasel Gebetsraum, Basel
  Merkez Mosche, Rottweil
  Merkez Moschee, Karlsruhe
  Merkez Moschee, Kehl
  MERKEZ Moschee, Saarbrucken
  Merkez Moschee, Nagold
  Merkez Moschee Diyanet, Tuttlingen
  Merkez Mosque, Hamburg
  Merkez Mosque, Berlin
  MerkezMoschee, Offenburg
  Mescidi Aksa Moschee, Berlin
  Mescidi Aksa Moschee, Hufingen
  Mescidi Nur Camii, Kreuzberg
  Mesdzid-Sahabe, Stuttgart
  Mesdzidul Aksa, Penzberg
  Mesdzidus-Sahabe, Zuffenhausen
  Mesjed Mohmet akif, Muenchen
  Mesjed Sanjaq, Muenchen
  Mesjid, Muenchen
  Mesjid Al Bosna, Muenchen
  Mesjid Al Madina, Muenchen
  Mesjid Ramadan مسجد رمضان, Munich
  Mevlana Cami, Basel
  Mevlana Camii, Kreuzberg
  MEVLANA CAMII, Furstenfeldbruck
  Mevlana Masjid, Osnabruck
  Mevlana Moschee, Dettingen
  Mevlana Moschee, Konstanz
  Mevlana Moschee, Bremen
  Mevlana Moschee, Ettlingen
  Mevlana Mosque, Duisburg
  Mevlana Mosque, Koln
  Mevlana Mosque, Berlin
  Mimar Sinan Camii, Wedding
  Mimar Sinan Moschee, Maulbronn
  Mimar Sinan Moschee, Mosbach
  Mimar Sinan Moschee, Bad Sackingen
  Mimar Sinan Mosque, Leutkirch
Mimar Sinan Mosque, Berlin
  Mimar Sinan Mosque, Krefeld
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic, Schwerte
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Stuttgart
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Selbitz
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Weiden
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Schwelm
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Stade
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Wolfenbuttel
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Solingen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Schirnding
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic -Union, Saulgau
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Osnabruck
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Emsdetten
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Essen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic cultural association, Bielefeld
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Osterode
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ostfildern
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Emmerich
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Forchheim
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Frankfurt
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Esslingen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hohr-Grenzhausen
  Ministry of -Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Vechta
  Ministry of Central Mosque Association, Hagen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Center - Rietberg, Rietberg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre Mosque, Herford
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Harsewinkel
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gelsenkirchen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Pforzheim
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Russelsheim
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gottingen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Rheinfelden
  Ministry Of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Duisburg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Heidelberg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hamburg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Kamp-Lintfort
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ravensburg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hanau
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hannover
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Albstadt
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Rinteln
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Herzberg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hirschhorn
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hildesheim
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hofheim
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Deggendorf
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Kelsterbach
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Mainz
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Munderkingen
Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Obertshausen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Monchengladbach
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Mosbach
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Bonndorf
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Koln
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Kerpen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Kirchheim
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Butzbach
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Kassel
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Kolbermoor
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Burscheid
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Nurnberg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Oberstenfeld
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Munchen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ditzingen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ibbenburen
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Dorsten
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ludwigsberg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ingelheim
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Dieburg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association - Fatih Mosque, Augsburg
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association of Ansbach, Ansbach
  Ministry of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association- Fatih Mosque, Bocholt
  Moabit Moschee, Tiergarten
  Moabit Moschee, Berlin
  Mochee der Muslimanischen Studenten an der Fachhochule Zittau/Görlitz, Zittau
  Mohajirin mosque مـسجد المهاجرين, Bonn
  Mohammed Akif Mosque, Berlin
  Monchengladbach Mosque, Monchengladbach
  Moroccan Islamic Association, Remscheid
  Moroccan mosque, Hamburg
  Moroccan--Islamic meeting place, Dortmund
  Morrocan Mosque, Heiligenhaus
  Morroccan Muslim Mosque, Ludenscheid
  Moschee, Basel
  Moschee, Wismar
  Moschee, Koethen
  Moschee, Hohenstein
  Moschee Abu Bakr, Frankford-on-Main
  Moschee Alrahma, Bochum
  Moslemische Kuturelle Vereinigung Alsdorf e.V, Alsdorf
  Mosque, Albstadt
  Mosque, Aichach
  Mosque, Mainz
  Mosque, Ahlen
  Mosque, Saxonia
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Albstadt
  Mosque, Albstadt
  Mosque, Aachen
  Mosque, Aachen
  Mosque, Aachen
  Mosque, Hessen
  Mosque, Achern
  Mosque, Achim
  Mosque, Aachen
  Mosque, Aldenhoven
  Mosque, Ahaus
  Mosque, Ludwigshafen
  Mosque, Hamburg
  Mosque, Hamburg
  Mosque, Monheim
  Mosque, Hamburg
  Mosque, Hessen
  Mosque, Reutlingen
  Mosque, Hamburg
  Mosque, Hamburg
  Mosque, Hamburg
  Mosque, Hamburg
  Mosque, Neuses
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Schleswig
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Bielefeld
  Mosque, Rheda-Wiedenbruck
  Mosque, Solingen
  Mosque, Dortmund
  Mosque, Kiel
  Mosque, Holstein
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Achern
  Mosque, Villingen
  Mosque, Berlin
  Mosque, Berlin
  Mosque, Karlsruhe
  Mosque, Gladbeck
  Mosque, Marl
  Mosque, Schwetzingen
  Mosque, Bochum
  Mosque, Leverkusen
  Mosque, Pforzheim
  Mosque, Greven
  Mosque, Bavaria
  Mosque, Uetersen
  Mosque, Ravensburg
  Mosque, Vilsbiburg
  Mosque, Augsburg
  Mosque, Regensburg
  Mosque, Lauingen
  Mosque, Krumbach
  Mosque, Kempten
  Mosque, Schwabach
  Mosque, Erding
  Mosque, Freesen
  Mosque, Schrobenhausen
  Mosque, Hessen
  Mosque, Bonn
  Mosque, Aalen
  Mosque, Hessen
  Mosque, Allendorf
  Mosque, Albstadt
  Mosque, Hessen
  Mosque, Recklinghausen
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Aichbichl
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Cologne
  Mosque, Cologne
  Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Mosque, Hessen
  Mosque, Freiburg
  Mosque, Saxonia
  Mosque Assalam, Wuppertal
  Mosque Clamens, Bruhl
  Mosque in Student Hostel, Chemnitz
  Mosque of University of Saarland Building 15, Dudweiler
  Mosque,madrasa, Frankfurt
  Mosques, Merseburg
  Moulana Mosque, Offenbach
  Moulana Mosque, Duisburg and Hamborn
  Moulana Mosque, Cologne
  Muhadjirin mosque, Hamburg
  Munchen Islamic Center, Munchen
  Munich Islamic Center, Muenchen
  Muslim Center, Rosenheim
  Muslim Union, Munchen
  Muslim Association, Albstadt
  Muslim association, Bielefeld
  Muslim Association, Bruchsal
  Muslim Association, Ettlingen
  Muslim Association, Bochum
  Muslim Association, Radolfzell
  Muslim Association, Reichertshofen
  Muslim Center, Tutingen
Muslim Center Mosque, Winterlingen
  Muslim community, Amberg
  Muslim cultural center Behar, Lower Saxony
  Muslim Cultural Centre - Behar, Hannover
  Muslim Culture Group - Behar, Schwabisch Gmund
  Muslim Gemeinde, Schifferstadt
  Muslim Humanitarian Organisation -, Munchen
  Muslim Union, Lauchringen
  Muslim Union, Wuppertal
  Muslim Youth and Culture Association, Bremen
  Muslim Youth Association, Kassel
  Muslim Youth IGMG Fatih Mosque, Dusseldorf
  Muslime Helfen e.V., Deutschland
  Muslimische Gemeinde Aalen, Aalen
  Muslims Club, Wuppertal
  Muslims of Swiss (MMS), Bern
  Mussala Ahlu Sowna Wal Jama, Minden
  Nasrul Faida mosque, Hamburg
  Nassirudin Al Albani Mosque, Dusseldorf
  Neuaubing VIKZ-Moschee/YENI CAMII, Munich
  Neuaubing VIKZ-Moschee/YENI CAMII, Neuaubing
  Neukölln Moschee, Neukoln
  Neukölln Moschee, Berlin
  Neuperlach VIKZ Camii, Munich
  Neuss Mosque, Neuss
  Neuwiedenthal mosque, Hamburg
  Noor Moschee,, Hannover
  NUR Islamic Association, Krefeld
  NUR- Mosque, Hamburg
  Nur-Moschee, Hamburg
  Oberhausen Mosque, Oberhausen
  Omar Al-Faruq Mosque, Mannheim
  Omar Ibn al-Khatab, Dortmund
  Omar Ibn AL-Khattab Moschee, Marburg an der Lahn
  Omar ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, Dusseldorf
  Omar ibn al-Khattab Mosque, Marburg
  Omar ibn al-Khattab mosque, Hessen
  OMAR Moschee, Munchen
  OMAR Moschee, Berlin
  Organisation of the Muslim women, Berlin
  Orhan Gazi Moschee, Kreuzberg
  Orhan Gazi Moschee, Berlin
  Osman Gazi Camii, Ulm
  Osman Gazi Mosque, Charlottenburg
  Osmani Moschee, Calw
  Osterholz Moschee, Bremen
  Othman Ibn Affan Masjid, Russelsheim
  Otman Mosque, Duisburg
  Otmanmoschee, Aschaffenburg
Pak Alem Markaz, Hahnenberg
  Pak Alem Markaz e.V., Hamburg
  Pak Dar El Hikma (Haus der Weisheit) e.v., Saarbrucken
  Pak Darul Islam Mosque, Frankfurt Am Main
  Pakistan-Zentrumi, Masjid Ummah, Hannover
  Pakistanische Islamische Gemeinde e.V., Frankfurt
  Pakistanische Masjid, Munich
  Pakistanische Masjid, Feldmoching
  Pakistanischer Deutscher Kulturverein, Saarbrucken
  Pakistanish Mosque, Magdeburg
  Pasa Mosque, Berlin
  Pasinger Moschee /HACI BAYRAM CAMI, Muenchen
  Qudiis Camii ( Masjid Qudis), Munich
  Quds mosque, Hamburg
  Radolfzell Moschee, Radolfzell
  Rahman Mosque, Aachen-West
  Rastatt Central Mosque, Rastatt
  Recklinghausen Mosque, Recklinghausen
  Reinickendor, Neukoln
  Rheda Mosque, Wiedenbruck
  Rheinfelden Islamic Center, Munchen
  Rheingau Islamischer Kultur Verein e.V., Rudesheim Am Rhein
  Rostocker Moschee, Rostock
  Saleemia Mosque, Berlin
  SALIH SANLI STIFTUNG /Neuperlach Sud Moschee, Munich
  Salimiya Mosque, Duisburg
  Sancak Moschee, Lauchringen
  Süleymaniye Moschee, Bremen
  Süllezamaniye Camii, Charlottenburg
  Schedling Islamic Union, Trost-Berg
  Schnelsen mosque, Hamburg
  Schopfheim Moschee, Schopfheim
  Schortmar Mosque, Bad Salzuflen
  Schwarzwald Moschee, Gengenbach
  Schweinfurt Camii, Schweinfurt
  Schwetzingen Moschee, Schwetzingen
  Sehitlik Camii, Neukoln
  Sehzade Moschee, Berlin
  Sehzade Moschee, Neukoln
  Selimiye Mosque, Karlsruhe
  Selimiye Mosque, Hamburg
  Selimiye-Mosque, Vohringen
  Shehid Shamil Moschee, Reutlingen
  Singen Moschee, Singen
  SMSU, Pfaffenwald
  Social service islamic and information center, Frankfurt
  Solingen Mosque, Solingen
Sophia Mosque, Karlsruhe
  South Germany Islamic Association, Frankfurt
  Spandau Büyük Moschee, Berlin
  Spandau Büyük Moschee, Spandau
  Spandauer Moschee, Berlin
  Stadtallendorf Mosque, Stadtallendorf
  Stuttgart Mosque, Stuttgart
  Sulmania Mosque, Berlin
  Sultan Ahmad mosque, Duisburg and Hamborn
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Cologne
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Koln
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bruchsal
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Berlin
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque Association, Bochum
  Sultan Ahmet Moschee, Bruchsal
  Sultan Ahmet mosque - Islamic service, Betzdorf
  Sultan-Ahmet-Merkez-Camii, Hamm
  Sunna Mosque, Hannover
  Sunnah Moschee, Bonn
  Sunnah mosque, Lower Saxony
  Takva Mosque, Peine
  Takwa Moschee, Dortmund
  Tanveer Mosque, Bremen
  Taqwa Moschee, Frankfurt
  Taqwa Moschee, Frankfurt am Main
  Taqwa-Moschee [Islamisches Zentrum Bayreuth (Taqwa-Moschee) e.V.], Bayreuth
  Tarek Ben Ziad Moschee, Frankfurt
  Tarek Ben Ziad mosque, Hessen
  Tarik Bin Ziad Moschee, Frankfurt am Main
  Tauhid Moschee مسجد التوحيد, Wiesbaden
  Tawhid Association, Essen
  Türk Islam Birligi, Friedberg
  Türk Sehitilik Camii, Tempelhof
  Türkisch Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion e.V., Frankfurt Am Main
  Türkisch-Islamische Moschee, Sulzbach
  Türkisch-Islamische Moschee, Schmelz
  Türkisch-Islamische Moschee, Dillingen
  Türkisch-islamische Union, Friedrichshafen
  Türkisch-Islamische Vereinigung u. Kulturaustauschstätte e.V., Kreisfreie Stadt Krefeld
  Türkischer Islamischer Kulturverein, Geesthacht
  Türkish Islamic Federation, Speyer
  Türkish Islamic Culture Association Heubach e.V., Heubach
  Türkish Mösche, Hafen Straße,, Bremerhaven
  Türkiyem Mevlana Moschee, Weinheim
  Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Gebetsraum), Munchen
  Thanhausen Camii, Thannhausen
  Thanhausen Mosque, Thanhausen
  The Albaninan Islamic Center, Stuttgart
  Turk - Islamic Ministry of Religious Affairs, Bad Vilbel
Turk Iscileri Dernegi, Gunzburg
  Turk Islam Kültür Dernegi ( Union), Turkheim
  Turk Islam Kultur Dernegi, Germering
  Turkisch Islamic Association, Stadtprozelten
  Turkisch Islamic Association, Stadtoldendorf
  Turkisch Islamic Cultural Center, Wilhelmshaven
  Turkisch Islamic Cultural Center, Wetzlar
  Turkische Moschee, Germering
  Turkische Moschee- Deutsch-Türkischer- Kulturverein e.V., Munich
  Turkish Islamic - cultivation society in Aachen and environment, Aachen
  Turkish Association Mosque, Hamburg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Furth
  Turkish Union-Islamic Center, Bruhl
  Turkish cultural center Kassel e. V., Hessen
  Turkish Cultural Islamic Religious Association, Nienburg
  Turkish culture Merkez, Lower Saxony
  Turkish DITIB Mosque Derendorf, Dusseldorf
  Turkish DITIB Mosque Eller, Dusseldorf
  Turkish DITIB Mosque Oberkassel, Dusseldorf
  Turkish Employees Cultural Association, Moosburg
  Turkish Employees Islamic Cultural and education Association, Oberhausen
  Turkish Employees Association, Herborn
  Turkish Employees Association Mosque, Herborn
  Turkish Employees Islamic Center, Oberhausen
  Turkish Employees Union Mosque, Welzheim
  Turkish Isalmic Association, Schuttorf
  Turkish Islamic Association, Erlenbach
  Turkish Islamic Center, Schopfheim
  Turkish Islamic Center, Zell
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Waldbuch
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Soest
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Stadthagen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Schramberg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Welzheim
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Wurzburg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ulm
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Wipperfurth
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Siegen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Spenge
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Salzgitter
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Unna
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Helmstedt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Worms
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Wurselen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Witten
  Turkish Islamic Society, Viernheim
  Turkish Islamic Union, Sigmaringen
  Turkish Islamic Union, Wachtersbach
  Turkish Islamic Union, Sulz
  Turkish Islamic Union, Bullay
Turkish Islamic Union, Urbach
  Turkish Islamic Union, Simmern
  Turkish Islamic Union, Solingen
  Turkish Islamic Union, Spaichingen
  Turkish Islamic Union, Villingen im Schwarzwald
  Turkish Islamic Union, Weinheim
  Turkish Islamic Union, Weil am Rhein
  Turkish Islamic Union, Tettau
  Turkish Islamic Union, Schwandorf
  Turkish Islamic Union, Schorndorf
  Turkish Islamic Union, Wiesbaden
  Turkish Islamic Union Cultural Association, Sinzig
  Turkish Islamic Association, Recklinghausen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Hof
  Turkish Islamic association, Blumberg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Peine
  Turkish Islamic Association, Gluckstadt
  Turkish Islamic Association, Parsberg
  Turkish Islamic association, Bingen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Rothenburg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Krefeld
  Turkish Islamic Association, Gelsenkirchen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Freystadt
  Turkish Islamic Association, Schwenningen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Roth
  Turkish Islamic Association, Goppingen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Munsingen
  Turkish Islamic association, Hamburg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Iserlohn
  Turkish Islamic Association, Schwabach
  Turkish Islamic Association, Bergkamen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Heidelberg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Lubbecke
  Turkish Islamic Association, Kirchheim
  Turkish Islamic Association, Hemer
  Turkish Islamic Association, Miltenberg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Buggingen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Detmold
  Turkish Islamic Association, Coburg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Hagen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Dreieich
  Turkish Islamic Association, Dingolfing
  Turkish Islamic Association, Hechingen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Lauda-Konigshofen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Munchberg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Hohr-Grenzhausen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Munchen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Hufingen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Lage
  Turkish Islamic Association, Gronau
  Turkish Islamic Association, Herten
  Turkish Islamic Association (Cemiyeti), Kelheim
  Turkish Islamic Association - Heimat, Moers
  Turkish Islamic Association - Yunus Emre, Krefeld
  Turkish Islamic Association Eller, Dusseldorf
  Turkish Islamic Association in Süddeutschland, Mutterstadt
  Turkish Islamic Association Moulana Masjid, Bergkamen
  Turkish Islamic Center, Ingolstadt
  Turkish Islamic center, Norderstedt
  Turkish Islamic Center, Bern
  Turkish Islamic Center, Albstadt
  Turkish Islamic Community, Hamm
  Turkish Islamic Community, Massing
  Turkish Islamic Community, Brakel
  Turkish Islamic Community, Regensburg
  Turkish Islamic Community Mosque, Horn-Bad Meinberg
  Turkish Islamic Community Mosque, Bad Lippspringe
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Ratingen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Osnabruck
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Philippsburg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center ., Rendsburg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Aldenhoven
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Goslar
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Albstadt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gutersloh
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Guglingen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Grevenbroich
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Grunstadt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Halle
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Halver
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Munster
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ahaus
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Augsburg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Alsdorf
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ingolstadt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Heilbronn
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Haslach
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Landau
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Langenau
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Laichingen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ladenburg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Holzminden
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Kornwestheim
  Turkish Islamic cultural association, Blaubeuren
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Duren
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Baesweiler
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Karlsruhe
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Darmstadt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Dortmund
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Itzehoe
Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Celle
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Bonn
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Bremerhaven
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Heiligenhaus
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Karlstadt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Burladingen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Hessisch Oldendorf
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Lemgo
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Erding
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Bad Schwalbach
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gelsenkirchen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Germersheim
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Bad Oldesloe
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Freudenstadt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gieben
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gladbeck
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Bad Camberg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Bad Bramstedt
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Backnang
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Aschaffenburg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Engelskirchen
  Turkish Islamic cultural association, Bielefeld
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Iserlohn
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Ludwigsberg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Gau-Bickelheim
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Association Mosque, Garbsen
  Turkish Islamic cultural association(Türkisch-Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion - DITIB), Berlin
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Kassel
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Waldenbuch
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center VIKZ Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Society, Elmshorn
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Society, Ehingen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Society, Elsdorf
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Union, Bremen
  Turkish Islamic culture association, Schleswig
  Turkish Islamic culture association, Elmshorn
  Turkish Islamic culture Dernegi, Lower Saxony
  Turkish Islamic Employees Association, Lunen
  Turkish Islamic Employees Association, Landsberg
  Turkish Islamic Employees Cultural Association, Bunde
  Turkish Islamic Federation, Oer-Erkenschwick
  Turkish Islamic Ministry of Cultural Association, Bad Wurzach
  Turkish Islamic Social and Cultural Association, Gunzenhausen
  Turkish Islamic Social And Cultural Care Organisation, Duisburg
  Turkish Islamic Society, Allach
  Turkish Islamic society, Bad Homburg Vor Der Hohe
  Turkish Islamic Society, Allach, Munich
  Turkish Islamic Union, Rheine
  Turkish Islamic Union, Pleidelsheim
  Turkish Islamic Union, Koln
Turkish Islamic Union, Gersthofen
  Turkish Islamic Union, Bad Homburg
  Turkish Islamic Union, Friedberg
  Turkish Islamic Union, Bad Sackingen
  Turkish Islamic union, Lower Saxony
  Turkish Islamic Union, Hamm
  Turkish Islamic Union, Lippstadt
  Turkish Islamic Union, Haiger
  Turkish Islamic Union, Memmingen
  Turkish Islamic Union, Melle
  Turkish Islamic Union, Schwieberdingen
  Turkish Islamic Union, Babenhausen
  Turkish Islamic Union, Rehau
  Turkish Islamic Union, Lichtenfels
  Turkish Islamic Union, Murrhardt
  Turkish Islamic Union, Hamburg
  Turkish Islamic workers culture association, Biedenkopf
  Turkish IslamicAssociation, Rothenbach
  Turkish Islamische Union für religionse Angelegenheim Hof e.v, Hof
  Turkish Kultural Merkez, Hannover
  Turkish Mosque, Kaiserslautern
  Turkish Mosque, Augsburg
  Turkish Mosque, Ditzingen
  Turkish Muslim House, Altenstadt
  Turkish Religious Association - Kocatepe Mosque, Aschaffenburg
  Turkish Union Mosque, Vohringen
  Turkish WG Moulana Mosque, Stade
  Turkish-Muslim Employees Association, Kamen
  Ulu Cami, Langen
  Ulu Moschee, Berlin
  Ulu Moschee, Lahr
  Ulu MosqueMosque, Hamburg
  Union Mosque, Witzenhausen
  Union of Muslim, Warendorf
  Union Masjid assalam e.V, Velbert
  Union Mosque, Wuppertal
  Union Mosque, Waldbrol
  Union Turkish Cultural and Islamic Religion, Sulingen
  Union for the preservation of the Islamic Centers, Sulingen
  Union Muslimischer münsteraner(Attauba Moschee), Muenster
  Union of Turkish Islamic Cultural Association, Koln
  Universität Dortmund, Dortmund
  Usman Mosque, Duisburg and Hamborn
  مسجد أكاديمية الملك فهد في لانسدورف, Bonn-Bad Godesberg
  مسجد أهل السنة, Karlsruhe
  مسجد الفتح, Offenbach
  مسجد المحسنين, Frankfurt Am Main
  مسجد المحسنين, Bonn-Beuel
  مسجد المحسنين, Bonn-bad Godesberg
  مسجد النور(Annur masjid), Wuppertal
مسجد التوحيد Tawhid Moschee, Dietzenbach
  مسجد التضامن, Munich
  مسجد الرحمن, Magdeburg
  مسجد الرحمن فى مدينة لير, Leer
  مسجد الرحمة, Bonn
  مسجد السنه, Moers
  مسجد بلال, Darmstadt
  مسجد عباد الرحمن, Freiburg Im Breisgau
  مسجد عثمان بن عفان, Ludwigshafen Am Rhein
  مصلى مطار ميونيخ, Munich
  Vahdat cultural association, Berlin
  Vahdet mosque, Hamburg
  Vahrenwalder Mosque, Hannover
  Vakif Camii, Neukolln
  Vakif Moschee, Kreuzberg
  Vakif Mosque, Berlin
  Valide-i-Sultan Moschee, Steglitz
  Valide-i-Sultan Moschee, Berlin
  VEB and of the Islamic cultural centers - branch Dortmund, Dortmund
  Veddel mosque, Hamburg
  Velbert Mosque, Velbert
  Verband der Islamischen Kulturzentren, Mannheim
  Verband der islamischen Kulturzentren, Bonen
  Verband der islamischen Kulturzentrern e.v, Muenchen
  Verbandes der Islamischen Kulturzentren, Koln
  Verein der traumatisierten Frauen aus Bosnien und Herzegowina, Berlin
  Verein für islamische Moscheen, Ludwigshafen
  Verein zur Betreuung muslimischer Mitbürger eV. جمعية رعاية المسلمين, Bitburg
  Verein zur Pflege der islamischen Kultur Coburg e.V. جمعية المحافظة على الثقافة ألإسلامية كوبورج, Coburg
  Walldorf Moschee/Mosque SAP AG, Walldorf
  Weil Moschee, Weil Am Rhein
  Wilhelmsburg Mosque, Hamburg
  Witten Mosque, Witten
  Yavuz Salim Mosque, Offenbach
  Yavuz Sultan Selim Moschee, Heidelberg
  Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque, Mannheim
  Yeni Beyazit mosque, Hamburg
  Yeni Camii, Spandau
  Yeni Mosque, Munchen
  Yeni Mosque, Berlin
  Yeni Mosque, Hamburg
  Yesil Moschee, Bretten
  Yogaslavian Muslim Islamic Association, Ludwigshafen
  Yunus Emre Camii, Munich
  Yunus Emre Camii, Hannover
  Yunus Emre Mosche e. V., Wuppertal
  Yunus Emre Moschee, Reutlingen
  Yunus Emre Moschee, Wehingen
  YUNUS EMRE Moschee, Neunkirchen
  Yunus Emre Mosque, Wedding
Yunus Emre Mosque, Lower Saxony
  Yunus Emre mosque -Turkish Islamic culture association, Berlin
  Yunus Emre Propagation Center, Schwabisch Gmund
  Yunus-Emre-Camii, Hamm
  zaytona Moschee, Ingoltsadt
  Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland (ZMD), Eschweiler
  Zufen Husen mosque, Stuttgart
الجمعيه الاسلاميه في كريفلد, Krefeld-Uerdingen

Islamic Organizations and Services

Afghan muslim Development services, Hamburg
  Al Balkan Islamische Gemeinschaft, Munich
  Al-islamic Library / book cener, Munchen
  Albanischsprachige Muslime, Basel
  Alles zum Thema Islam, Green
  Ansar Service, Nurnberg
  Arabic Language Center, Munchen
  Augsburg Islamic forum, Augsburg
  Baitunnisa, Hamburg
  Berlin Hilal Spor, Berlin
  Bilal´place for praying, Tettens
  Der Islamische Verein Tübingen eV, Tubingen
  Deutsche Muslim-Liga e.V., Hannover
  Deutschsprachiger Muslimkreis Berlin, Berlin
  Deutschsprachiger Muslimkreis Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe
  DMK Obernburg-Miltenbergkreis, Obernburg Am Main
  Dzemat Islamische Gemeinschaft Bosniens, Basel
  Federation of Islamic Association, Unterschleissheim
  Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe, Youth & Student Committee Europe, Cologne
  Gazi Osman Pasa Camii, Berlin
  German Islamic partnership, Berlin
  German Moslem league, Hamburg
  Haci Bayram Camii, Berlin
  Halal Control e.K., Frankfurt
  I.I.S, Frankfurt
  IKID ( islamische indonesische kultur verein ), Darmstadt
  Instit f�r islamische Erziehung, Stuttgart
  Institute of Islamic constructive mediation, Hamburg
  Inter Religious Muslim working center, Nachrodt
  Interface e.V. (ehem Ribat-ul-Huda), Dusseldorf
  Isalmic Society, Langenhagen
  ISG - The association of the Moslem students at the Technical University of Clausthal, Clausthal
  Islam in Hannover - Portal, Hannover
  Islam scientific research center, Wiesbaden
  Islamic Adult education center, Frankfurt
  Islamic Adult education center Munchen branch, Frankfurt
  Islamic Advisory council, Hamburg
  Islamic apprenticeship, Augsburg
  Islamic arts Museum, Berlin
  Islamic association, Hamburg
  Islamic burial institute, Hamburg
  Islamic burial Service, Munchen
  Islamic Burial services, Essen
  Islamic Burial services, Dortmund
  Islamic Burial services, Frankfurt
  Islamic College, Berlin
  Islamic Community, Erlangen
  Islamic community in Neuenfelde, Hamburg
Islamic community - Neuwiedenthal, Hamburg

Islamic community - Schnelsen, Hamburg
  Islamic community university, Hamburg
  Islamic council, Frankfurt
  Islamic Cultural Center Bremen e.V, Bremen
  Islamic Federation of Lande Bayern, Waldkraiburg
  Islamic ferderation in Hessen, Frankfurt
  Islamic Information Center, Sigmaringen
  Islamic Institute, Aachen
  Islamic newspaper Publishing House, Berlin
  Islamic production united by Turkish employees, Essen
  Islamic research Center, Ludwigshafen
  Islamic School , Munchen
  Islamic service society, Bruchsal
  Islamic society, Gelsenkirchen
  Islamic society, Krefeld
  Islamic solidarity, Baden
  Islamic sports club, Nurnberg
  Islamic Women's and girls center, Hamburg
  Islamic worker society, Aschaffenburg
  Islamic worker society of worker society, Russelsheim
  Islamic workers society, Lunen
  Islamic youth alliance, Hamburg
  Islamic-forum for the woman and family, Niedersachswerfen
  Islamische Studierendenunion, Muenster
  Islamische Akademie Deutschland, Munchen
  Islamische Dachverband Heilbronn e.V, Heilbronn
  Islamische Datenbank, Siegburg
  Islamische Föderation in Hessen, Frankfurt Am Main
  Islamische Förderation in Niedersachsen, Hannover
  Islamische Gemeinde e.V. Abu Bakr Moschee, Frankfurt
  Islamische Gemeinde Giessen (IGG), Giessen
  Islamische Gemeinde Mülheim e.V.(Hamza Moschee), Mulheim An Der Ruhr
  islamische gemeinde milli gorus, Albstadt
  Islamische Gemeinde Saarland e. V., Saarbrucken
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Rosenheim
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Münster e.V, Munster
  Islamische Kulturgemeinschaft, Ingolstadt
  Islamische Stiftung, Augsburg
  Islamische Studenten Gemeinde an der RUB, Bochum
  Islamische Union Freiburg eV., Freiburg im Breisgau
  Islamischer Dachverband Heilbronn, Heilbronn-Sontheim
  Islamischer Studentenverein (ISV), Braunschweig
  Islamischer Weg e. V, Delmenhorst
  Islamisches InformationsZentrum, Ulm
  ISV Islamic Student Association Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf
  jamuhiyatul khariyatul islamiyat.e.v aachen, Aachen
  Keluarga Islam Aachen, Aachen
Kurdish-islamic-youth society, Hamburg

Lebanese muslim Cultural welfare center, Hamburg
  Marhama e.V, Bonn
  Migration und'Neue Medien, Himbergen
  Muslim Adult-education center Munich, Munchen
  Muslim Belief Union, Kassel
  Muslim burial institutes, Frankfurt
  Muslim communtiy, Aschaffenburg
  Muslim enlightenment society of Nigeria, Frankfurt
  Muslim Help Center, Garching
  Muslim Lawyers e.V., Potsdam
  Muslim Marriages or Moslemische Verbindungen, Aachen
  Muslim social scientist organisation, Koln
  Muslim Solidarity Association, Stuttgart
  Muslim Student Organisation, Frankfurt
  Muslim Students Union Stuttgart, Stuttgart
  Muslim women association, Koln
  Muslim women in Berlin, Berlin
  Muslim women's association, Hamburg
  Muslime in Deutschland und Europa, Boll
  MuslimInnen in L.E (e. V.), Leipzig
  Muslimische Frauen im Fokus, Berlin
  Muslimische Frauen in Berlin, Berlin
  Muslimische Jugend, Berlin
  Muslimische Studentenvereinigung Tübingen- MSV Tübingen, Tubingen
  Muslimische, Religion, Migration, Integration, Berlin
  Network of Muslim Women, Bonn
  Nile-Rhine Arab society, Mainz
  Nor Elhoda, Bonn
  Religion partnership of Islam, Stuttgart
  Sehitlik Camii, Berlin
  Society of Traumatized Muslim women of Bosnia, Berlin
  Türk Kultur & Sport e.V., Horb Am Neckar
  Türkisch Islamischer Sozial und Kultur Verein beider Basel, Basel
  Türkisch,deutsche,islamische,kultur, Plochingen
  Türkischer Kulturkreis, Saarbrucken
  The Cultural Council, Wien
  The Organisation for Education & Culture in Germany, Koln
  Tuerkische Moschee Dorf Weidenhausen, Gladenbach
  Turkish employee Islam, Melle
  Turkish employee-society-and-Moslem-society, Worth Am Rhein
  Turkish employees islamic association, Melle
  Turkish Islamic Association, Weiber Berg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Dachau
  ملتقى النور الثقافي, Gelsenkirchen
  Way to Allah e.V., Koeln, Hannover
  Youth Oroganization Islamic Community Milli Gorus Europe, Koln
  Yunus-Emre-Abend, Hamburg
  Zentralrat der Muslime in Baden Württemberg, Stuttgart
Zentrum für islamische Frauenforschung und Frauenförderung (ZIF), Koln
  الجمعية الاسلامية بكاسيل Islamische gemeinde Kassel, Kassel
  الجمعية العربية الالمانية الاسلامية- مسجد الزيتونة, Ingolstadt
  الرابطة الاسلامية الكوردية, Gelsenkirchen

Islamic Schools/Colleges

Annour Schule / Wuppertal, Wuppertal
  Arabic School, Munchen
  Deutsch-Islamische-Schule, Muenchen
  German Islamic School, Munchen
  German-islamic institute, Eldingen
  Hagadnan, Wehrden
  IHV Wuerzburg, Wurzburg
  Institute for islamic development, Hamburg
  Institute of Islamic Studies, Koln
  Iranee Arabischkurse & ArabienTraining, Frankfurt Am Main
  Isamischer Shudenten Heidelberg, Heidelberg
  Islamic elementary school, Berlin
  Islamic Grand school, Berlin
  Islamic Institute, Frankfurt
  Islamic Kindergarten, Frankfurt
  Islamic kindergarten, Karlsruhe
  Islamic oriental Institute, Leipzig
  Islamic Research Academy, Tubingen
  Islamic school, Nurnberg
  Islamic Science Institute, Hamburg
  Islamic Sscience and Development Institute, Hamburg
  Islamic Theological institute, Kiel
  King Fahad Academy, Bonn
  Modern Arabic School, Munchen
  Muslim Theological institute, Hamburg
  Salahuddin Islamic School, Mainz
  Shaffi Islamic School, Dusseldorf
  Studienprogramm Islam, Frankfurt


   Muslim Owned Business

  Abdulrahman Market, Marburg an der Lahn
  Al Amin, Zwickau
  Al-andaluos im&export GmbH, Hamburg
  al-libas islamic clothes, Dusseldorf
  Al-Sham Shop, Saarbrucken
  Aleppo, Berlin-Friedrichshain
  ALSAFA, Bonn
  Amy's Malaysia Restaurant, Berlin
  An-Nur Imbiss, Bremen
  ArCC - Arabian Culture Coach, Munchen
  Arsalan Kebab, Ulm
  Öz Urfa Kebap Salonu, Hannover
  Öz Urfa Kebap Salonu, Hamburg
  Bel-Air Hotel, Hamburg
  Best Imbiss Spezialitaten, Karlsruhe
  Bismellah, Frankfurt
  Bismellah Halal - Imbiss, Berlin
  Bistro International, Bremen
  Burg Imbiss, Berlin
  Café-Restaurant Desi, Berlin
  Can Kardesler Dönerproduktion, Berlin
  Claudia Market, Altenstadt
  Dalhausen Mosque, Bochum
  Dalil Magazin, Belin
  Dar-us-Salam Islamic book publishing house, Munchen
  Das arabische Buch, Berlin
  Desi Restaurant, Berlin
  Doner Imbiss, Munich
  Dr. Kose Ali, Berlin
  Dr. Nassar, Ashraf, Berlin
  Dr. Nemati Mohammad, Bonn
  EDV-Systeme-Lippstadt, Lippstadt
  Efendi kebab, Kaiserslautern
  Ercan Imbiss, Hameln
  Erco-Computer, Dortmund
  Export - Marketing Jaradat, Bremen
  G.Y.N.Mohammed Ohg, Idar-oberstein
  Globus Institute, Dusseldorf
  Greenland Asian Foods, Kaiserslantern
  Habibi Falafel Shawarma, Hannover
  Hafez, Berlin
  HALAL CONTROL e.K., Russelsheim
  Halal Control e.K., Trebur
  Halal-Shop, Coburg
  Hilal Market, Aachen-West
  Hotel River Dale, Frankfurt Am Main
  Ilada markt for halal, Quakenbruck
Imbiss Nil, Berlin

Islamic Book Center, Munchen
  Islamische Gemeide de Albana in Tuttlingen und umgebung, Tuttlingen
  Islamische Kleidung Für Damen Und Herren, Erfurt
  Islamischer Kulturverein, Mainz
  Juttas Stübchen, Sprockhovel
  Kandil Restaurant, Munchen
  Kaya Markt, Paderborn
  Khadija´s mobiler Damenfriseur, Barsinghausen
  Kokab D. Shah, Ratzeburg
  Library ATTAWHID, Dusseldorf
  Mekkafood Halal Products, Nettetal
  Mevlana GmbH, Donauworth
  Middcom Travel Service, Bonn
  Moschtagalischah Hadjabdulhamid, Hamburg
  Muslimbazar, Frankfurt
  Mustafa Shalabi Nutzfahrzeuge und Restposten Aller Art Handel, Beckum
  Olgun Kebab Göthestr.42, Hannover
  Orientalischer Buchhandel, Paderborn
  Orientalischer Markt, Krefeld
  Praxis Dr. med.(Syr.) N. Bnayane, Lippstadt
  Restaurant Baraka, Berlin
  Restaurant Erciyes 1, Hannover
  Restaurant Erciyes 2, Hannover
  Restaurant SCHARK, Stuttgart
  Rif Shop, Mannheim
  Sölen Imbiss, Bremen
  SDK Islamic Book house, Munchen
  SERPA, Bruchsal
  Shahin Imbiss, Minster
  Taharah Clay Soap Distributor, Saarbrucken
  Tauhid Markt متجر التوحيد, Wiesbaden
  Tiba Hadsch und Umra Service, Gottingen
  Titizler Supermarkt, Braunschweig
  Toko Indonesia Halal- Restaurant with indonesian and thai food, Hamburg
  مكتبة عالم الإسلام Islam Ketap EVI, Wiesbaden, Wuppertal, Frankfurt Am Main
  X-MB² Ltd, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen
  Yahla, Krefeld

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