General Information

Kingdom of the Netherlands

National name: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

Land area: 13,104 sq mi (33,939 sq km); total area: 16,033 sq mi (41,526 sq km)

Population (2008 est.): 16,645,313

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Amsterdam (official), 737,900; The Hague (administrative capital), 465,900

Other large cities: Rotterdam, 600,700; Utrecht, 263,900; Eindhoven, 206,900

Monetary unit: Euro (formerly guilder)

Languages: Dutch, Frisian (both official)

Ethnicity/race: Dutch 83%, other 17% (9% of non-Western origin, mainly Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, Surinamese, and Indonesians) (1999 est.)

Religions: Roman Catholic 31%, Dutch Reformed 13%, Calvinist 7%, Islam 6%, none 41% (2002)

National Holiday: Queen's Day, April 30

Literacy rate: 99% (2003 est.)

Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $639.5 billion; per capita $38,500. Real growth rate: 3.5%. Inflation: 1.6%.

the great plain of north and west Europe, the Netherlands has maximum dimensions of 190 by 160 mi (360 by 257 km) and is low and flat except in Limburg in the southeast, where some hills rise up to 322 m (1056 ft). About half the country's area is below sea level, making the famous Dutch dikes a requisite for the use of much of the land. Reclamation of land from the sea through dikes has continued through recent times. All drainage reaches the North Sea, and the principal rivers—Rhine, Maas (Meuse), and Schelde—have their sources outside the country.

Julius Caesar found the low-lying Netherlands inhabited by Germanic tribes—the Nervii, Frisii, and Batavi. The Batavi on the Roman frontier did not submit to Rome's rule until 13 B.C., and then only as allies.

The Franks controlled the region from the 4th to the 8th century, and it became part of Charlemagne's empire in the 8th and 9th centuries. The area later passed into the hands of Burgundy and the Austrian Hapsburgs and finally in the 16th century came under Spanish rule.

When Philip II of Spain suppressed political liberties and the growing Protestant movement in the Netherlands, a revolt led by William of Orange broke out in 1568. Under the Union of Utrecht (1579), the seven northern provinces became the United Provinces of the Netherlands. War between the United Provinces and Spain continued into the 17th century but in 1648 Spain finally recognized Dutch independence.

The Dutch East India Company was established in 1602, and by the end of the 17th century Holland was one of the great sea and colonial powers of Europe.

The nation's independence was not completely established until after the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), when the country's rise as a commercial and maritime power began. In 1688, the English parliament invited William of Orange, stadtholder, and his wife, Mary Stuart, to rule England as William III and Mary II. William then used the combined resources of England and the Netherlands to wage war on Louis XIV's France. In 1814, all the provinces of Holland and Belgium were merged into one kingdom, but in 1830 the southern provinces broke away to form the kingdom of Belgium. A liberal constitution was adopted by the Netherlands in 1848. The country remained neutral during World War I.

In spite of its neutrality in World War I, the Netherlands was invaded by the Nazis in May 1940, and the Dutch East Indies were later taken by the Japanese. The nation was liberated in May 1945. In 1948, after a reign of 50 years, Queen Wilhelmina abdicated and was succeeded by her daughter Juliana.

In 1949, after a four-year war, the Netherlands granted independence to the Dutch East Indies, which became the Republic of Indonesia. The Netherlands also joined NATO that year. The Netherlands joined the European Economic Community (later, the EU) in 1958. In 1999, it adopted the single European currency, the Euro.

In 1963, it turned over the western half of New Guinea to Indonesia, ending 300 years of Dutch presence in Asia. Attainment of independence by Suriname on Nov. 25, 1975, left the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba as the country's only overseas territories.

Islamic History and Muslims

In the early 1600s a delegation from the Dutch Republic visited Morocco to discuss a common alliance against Spain and the Barbary pirates. Sultan Zidan Abu Maali appointed Samuel Pallache as his envoy, and in 1608 Pallache met with stadholder Maurice of Nassau and the States-General in The Hague. On  December 24th, 1610, the two nations signed a treaty recognising free commerce between the Netherlands and Morocco, and allowing the sultan to purchase ships, arms and munitions from the Dutch. This was the first-ever official treaty between a European country and a non-Christian nation.

First Mosque

Q.U. Hafiz was the first Islam missionary in the Netherlands encouraged by the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in 1947. The first purpose-built mosque was opened 1955 by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan.


The Dutch Islamic population is very diverse. During the 1960s and 1970s the Netherlands needed a larger work force. It concluded recruitment agreements with countries like Turkey and Morocco, and people from those countries were allowed to stay temporarily in the Netherlands (smaller numbers of Muslim immigrants in this time came from Tunisia and Algeria). In 1973 there were about 22,000 Moroccans in the Netherlands.

Official work immigration ended in 1973, but the number of Moroccans and Turks remained on the increase as immigrants brought their family to the country using family reunification laws. A number of Surinamese Muslims came to the Netherlands before and after the independence of Suriname in 1975.

In the 1980s and especially since the 1990s, Muslims have also come to the Netherlands as refugees and asylum seekers, mainly from Bosnia, Somalia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Currently most Muslim immigration takes place through marriage migration and family reunification laws. Most Moroccan and Turkish 1st and 2nd generation immigrants marry people from their home countries. In the past year the Netherlands passed immigration laws which force future immigrants and their prospective Dutch partners to abide by very strict requirements. Immigrants must pass tests showing knowledge of Dutch in their home countries. The Dutch partner must be at least 21 years old and prove income of at least 120% minimum wage. These strict laws have caused many Dutch interested in marrying people from other countries to move to Belgium for a temporary period, in what has been called "The Belgian Route".

Because of increasingly restrictive legislation on family formation and reunification, the number of immigrants from Turkey and Morocco has decreased sharply since 2003. The number of immigrants from Turkey decreased from 6,703 in 2003 to 3,175 in 2006, and the number from Morocco was more than halved from 4,894 to 2,085.

Demographic situation

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), a Dutch governmental institution, 5.8% of the total Dutch population are Muslims (1 January 2004):

"There were 945,000 Muslims living in the Netherlands on 1 January this year (2004), double the amount in 1990, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) said on Monday. The number is expected to reach 1 million in 2006."

"The Islamic community made up 5.8 percent of the Dutch population on 1 January 2004 and its numbers will swell in coming years. The CBS expects there will be more than a million Muslims living in the Netherlands in 2006."
According to the US State Department, in 2005 there were 950,000 Muslims, including approximately 341,000 Turks and 295,000 Moroccans.

Like most non-Western immigrants, most Muslims live in the four major cities of the country, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. There are also relatively many Turks in Enschede, Arnhem and Zaanstad.

There were 850,000 Dutch citizens who professed Islam in 2006. Of this 38% were ethnic Turkish, 31% were Moroccan, 26% were other Asian/African, 4% were European (Non-Dutch) and 1% (12,000 people) were native Dutch. 40,000 of the Muslims were Pakistanis, 34,000 were Surinamese, 31,000 were Afghan and 27,000 were Iraqi. . If non-citizens living in Netherlands are included the total number would cross 1,000,000.

Housing, education and employment

The Muslim population tends to be concentrated in low-income neighbourhoods. For example, while Moroccans made up 2% of the Dutch population in 2004, they made up some 8.5% of the population in Amsterdam and Utrecht, and 30-46% in disadvantaged neighbourhoods like Kanaleneiland in Utrecht and De Kolenkit and Osdorp-Midden in Amsterdam.[9] A quarter of both Moroccan and Turkish Dutch lives in neighbourhoods with a majority of non-Western residents.[10]

Housing quality and high levels of crime are often a problem in these neighbourhoods. Muslims are overrepresented among the prison population; 20% of adult prisoners and 26% of juvenile offenders in the Netherlands are Muslim.

Data from Statistics Netherlands confirms that people from the main Muslim populations (Turks and Moroccans) have a significantly lower average income than native Dutch. Moroccan men have an average income that is 42% lower than that of native Dutch men; that of Turkish men is 34% lower. The gap is partly due to differences in average age of the population, household composition and number of years worked. Taking these elements into consideration, the income gap is left at about 25%. Low education levels are another important cause. Between a quarter and a third of Turkish and Moroccan men, and around 45% of women, have had only primary education. Even taking educational differences into account, though, both Turkish and Moroccan men earn over 10% less than their native Dutch counterparts.

Similar contexts pertain to the high unemployment among Dutch Muslims, 27% among Moroccans and 21% among Turks in 2006.[13] One of the backgrounds that play a role in these numbers is direct or indirect discrimination. International Labour Organisation (ILO) research in 2000 concluded that discrimination against non-Western immigrants in the labour market occurred more often in the Netherlands than in neighbouring countries.


There are about 400 mosques in the Netherlands, with about 200 Turkish mosques, 140 Moroccan mosques and 50 Surinamese. There are about 45 Islamic elementary schools, and two high schools. There are two main Muslim umbrella organizations:

The Contact Body for Muslims and Government (CMO), represents approximately 80 percent of the Muslim community
Contact Group Islam (CGI)
Broken down by ethnic group, Turks have more organisations than Moroccans and networks between these organisations are closer.

In the spring of 2007, Leidschendam-Voorburg city councillor Ehsan Jami and other Dutch ex-muslims formed the Central Committee for Ex-Muslims.


Whereas all foreign nationals who have legally resided in the country for five years have the right to vote in local elections, Moroccans traditionally turn out in low numbers, while turnout among Turks is comparable to that among native Dutch. After the 2003 elections, there were at least ten MPs from Muslim background among the 150 Members of Parliament but as few as three among them may have been active believers, while two explicitly classified themselves as ex-Muslims.

Nebahat Albayrak (State Secretary of Justice) and Ahmed Aboutaleb (State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment) are both the first Muslims in the Dutch cabinet. Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom has received many death threats in response to his outspoken remarks against Islam.


The murder of Theo van Gogh by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Moroccan-Dutch Islamic extremist, on 2 November 2004, as well as the arrest of the Hofstad Group on charges of terrorism, caused a lot of discussion about Islam and its place in Dutch society. The possibility of banning the burka was discussed in the cabinet.

Following the murder of Theo van Gogh, a number of websites appeared praising the murder and making death threats against other people. At the same time, starting with four arson attacks on mosques in the weekend after the murder, a significant number of apparently retaliatory incidents took place. By November 8, Christian churches were in turn targeted. A report for the Anne Frank Foundation and the University of Leiden counted a total of 174 violent incidents in November, specifying that mosques were the target of violence 47 times, and churches 13 times.

Between 23 November 2004 and 13 March 2005, the National Dutch Police Services Agency (KLPD) recorded 31 occasions of violence against mosques and Islamic schools .[21] The case that drew most attention was an arson attack that led to the destruction of a Muslim primary school in Uden in December 2004. The period of heightened tensions between Dutch and Muslim communities was also evidenced by several confrontations between what are known as the "Lonsdale Youth" (Dutch youth groups characterised by their preference for Lonsdale clothing) and Turkish and Moroccan youths in provincial towns like Venray.

These incidents took place against the backdrop of increasingly suspicious and fearful perceptions of Muslims, which have developed over a longer time. In May 2006, a poll by Motivaction / GPD (1,200 Dutch adults +/- 3%) found that 63% of Dutch citizens felt that Islam is incompatible with modern European life. A poll of June 2004 found that 68% felt threatened by "immigrant or Muslim young people", 53% feared a terrorist attack by Muslims in the Netherlands, and 47% feared that at some point, they would have to live according to Islamic rules in the Netherlands.

Feelings of fear or distrust coincide with a high degree of social segregation. About two-thirds of Turks and Moroccans "associate predominantly with members of their own ethnic group," while a similar proportion of native Dutch "have little or no contact at all with immigrants." Moreover, contacts between the groups are decreasing, notably those between second generation Turks and Moroccans and native Dutch.


In 2006 Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner provoked an outcry when he suggested the Netherlands might accept Sharia law in a constitutional manner. "It is a sure certainty for me: if two thirds of all Netherlanders tomorrow would want to introduce Sharia, then this possibility must exist. Could you block this legally? It would also be a scandal to say 'this isn't allowed! The majority counts. That is the essence of democracy." The statements were categorically refused by parties across the political spectrum, as well as by some Muslim leaders.

Dual Citizenship

Following the appointment of two Muslim ministers as state secretaries, both of which hold foreign passports, discussion started about double citizenship and the possibility of foreign citizens to hold office. The debate intensified when it was discovered parliament member Khadija Arib serves on an advisory council to King Mohammed VI of Morocco.


After the murder of Theo van Gogh in November 2004, Minister of Integration and Immigration Rita Verdonk commissioned an inquiry into the radicalisation of young Muslims. The conclusion was that many of them experience alienation, feeling disconnected with both their first-generation immigrant parents and from Dutch society. Previous reports had already found that young Muslims don't share the deep ethno-national attachment their parents feel with their country of origin, and instead are coming to identify primarily with their religion. While they participate less in religious activities than their parents, they more strongly link their identity with Islam and with the global Muslim community; radical and orthodox Islamic groups offer some of these young Muslims clear answers and a firm sense of belonging. While prior research found that the degree of religiosity in general decreases among Muslims with higher education and stable employment, the new report noted that highly educated young Muslims can also experience "relative deprivation" all the more strongly - the sense that despite their efforts they receive fewer opportunities than native Dutch of the same generation - and turn to radicalism in anger and frustration.

Moskee Eindhoven   Mosque, Regentessekwartier


Mevlana Mosque, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Fatih Mosque, Amsterdam. Formerly a Roman Catholic church San


Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Delft

Aqsa Mosque, The Hague

   Islamic Centers and Organizations

Abobakr Mosque, Rotterdam, 3122
URL:   Phone: 31-10-4650079

Abibakr Masjed, Nijmegen, gelderland
Phone: (+31)(0)24-3780817

Al Ummah Mosque, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Phone: 31-20-6179542

Ahel Alhades Mosque, Den Haag
Phone: 31-70-3924455

Association of Muslim Communities in the Netherlands, Den Haag, denhaag
Phone: 31-70-4276256

Abdul Kadir Geylani Mosque, Waalwijk
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Al masjid Alkabir, Amsterdam, Noord Holland
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An nasr mosque, Rotterdam, Netherland
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Alkabir Mosque, Amsterdam, Noord Holland
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Alhoda Mosque, Amsterdam, AMSTERDAM
Phone: 31-20-6190324

Elmalrrkez TakafiI Islamic Center, Rijen
  Gibraltar Foundation, Waddinxveen
  Marokkaanse Foundation, Den Haag
  Marokkaanse Muslim Immigrants Association, Lelystad
  Marokkaanse Muslim Workers Association, Lelystad
  Morroccan Islamic Center, Helmond
  Morroccan Muslims Association, Goes
  Mosque of Gennep, Gennep
  Muslim Foundation Al-Amal for the Disabled, S-Gravenhage
  Nokour Foundation, Gouda
  Nokour Foundation, Gouda
  (Sibo) Islamic Education Center, Arnhem
  Abdul Kadir Geylani Mosque, Waalwijk
  Abibakr Masjed, Nijmegen
  Abobakr Mosque, Rotterdam
  Abou Obaidah St. Moskee Rahman, Breda
  Ad Din, Zwolle
  Ahel Alhades Mosque, Den Haag
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  Ahmet Yesevi Mosque, Cuijk
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  Aksa, Dordrecht
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  Al 'Amal Foundation, IJsselstein
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  Al Fath Mosque, Gorinchem
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  Al Hidaaya, Enschede
  Al Hijra Mosque, Amsterdam
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  Al Islam Mosque, Vlissingen
  Al Islam Mosque, Weesp
  Al Kantara Foundation, Rotterdam
  Al masjid Alkabir, Amsterdam
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  Al Moslimin el mottakine, Zeist
  Al mouahidine Mosque, Leerdam
  Al mouhssinine, Amsterdam Centraal Station
  Al Ouahda Islamic Foundation, Veenendaal
  Al Rahman Mosque, Almere-Stad
  Al Taoba Mosque, IJsselstein
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  Al-Aksa Mosque, Amsterdam

Al-Fath Moskee, Hoorn
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  Allah's huis voor moslims in Enschede, Enschede
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  Almouwahidin Mosque, Naaldwijk
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  As Salam Mosque, Schiedam
  As-ssoennah Moskee, Centrum Sjeikh Al Islam Ibn Taymia, The Hague
  Assalam Islamic Center, Maarssen
  Assalam Mosque, Bussum
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  Associaton of Morroccan Muslims in Europe, Weert
  Assoenna Mosque, Apeldoorn
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  De multiculturele Europeese vereniging in Nederland (Assadaaka), Amsterdam
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  Djamatul Islam Mosque, Hoogezand
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  Domela Islami Center, Krommenie
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  Islamic Foundation voor Mosque, Haarlem
  Islamic Foundation Alhijra Mosque, Waddinxveen
  Islamic Foundation Arrahman Mosque, Almere-Buiten
  Islamic Foundation Buitenlands Vrouwen Center, Nijmegen
  Islamic Foundation Essalam Mosque, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation Mosque, Etten-Leurs
  Islamic Foundation Mosque El Hijra, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation Mosque Sounnat Zaanstad, Koog Aan De Zaan
  Islamic Foundation of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Arabic, Haarlem
  Islamic Foundation of El Ouma Mosque, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Uithoorn, Uithoorn
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Education Center, Alkmaar
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Zaanstreek Mosque, Zaandam
  Islamic Foundation of Nasr Mosque, Amsterdam

Islamic Foundation of Rabita Morrocan in Nederland, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Sports, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Welzijn, Naaldwijk
  Islamic Foundation of (KOOGAN), Noordwijk
  Islamic Foundation of Al Hidaya, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Al Maarif, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Al-Atlas, Waalwijk
  Islamic Foundation of Algemene Morroccan Cultur (A.M.C.), Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Almaged Saada, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Arabic Cultural Center, Utrecht
  Islamic Foundation of Arabic Sports, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Argan, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Assalem, Voorschoten
  Islamic Foundation of Belangen, Roermond
  Islamic Foundation of Berberproducties, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Chourouk, S-Gravenhage
  Islamic Foundation of Cultural Center in Geuzenveld, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Cultural Jongeren Center, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Dar Almaghrebe, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Dar Es Salaam, Hoofddorp
  Islamic Foundation of Dar Salam Tours, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of De Vrede Mosque, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of El Amal, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of El Badr Mosque, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of El Itihaad, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of El Mouahidine, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Euro-Arabic Dialogue Center, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Euro-Mediteraan Center Migratie en Ontwikkeling (EMCEMO), Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Ibn Al Khatib, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Ibn Khaldoun, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Ihayae, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Ihssaan, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Inter Cultural Institute ICI, Utrecht
  Islamic Foundation of Islamic College, Rotterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Islamic Hulpverlening, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Islamic Raad in Nederland, Rotterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Islamic Relief Nederland, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Islamic School El-Amal, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Izaouran, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Marhaba, Hoofddorp
  Islamic Foundation of Morrocan, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morrocan Medical, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Aalsmeer, Kudelstaart
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan adviesraad voor onderwijs (MARVO), Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Eenheid, Maassluis
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Group, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Jongeren, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Onderwijs, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Oudercomite, Amsterdam

Islamic Foundation of Morroccan social and educational center, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan vrouwen - Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Vrouwenkomite, Hilversum
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Workgroup Center Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Youth (M.J.C.), Culemborg
  Islamic Foundation of Narcis, Schiedam
  Islamic Foundation of Nasser, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Nida Mosque, Utrecht
  Islamic Foundation of Raad van Mosqueen in Amsterdam en omstreken (S.R.M.A.O.), Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Rabita Morrocan Nederland, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Rabita Taqafia, Tiel
  Islamic Foundation of Salaam Mosque, Hoofddorp
  Islamic Foundation of Social Cultural Center voor Marokkanen (SSCCM), Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Sports, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Union Haarlem, Haarlem
  Islamic Foundation of voor Morroccan Jongeren, Weesp
  Islamic Foundation of Vrienden van Marokko, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Yasmin, S-Gravenhage
  Islamic Foundation of Zeeland, Vlissingen
  Islamic Foundation of Zohor, Haarlem
  Islamic Foundation Social Cultural Center, Amsterdam
  Islamic Morrocan Association, Breda
  Islamic Mosque of Dordrecht, Alblasserdam
  Islamic Union of Nederland, Den Haag
  Islamic union Taaluf, Purmerend
  Islamisch Cultureel Centrum Drachten-Smallingerland, Drachten
  Islamitisch Centrum Europa-ICE-, Waalwijk
  Islamitisch Centrum Groningen, Paddepoel
  Islamitisch Pedagogisch Centrum, Den Haag
  Islamitische Cultureel Centrum Haarlem, Haarlem
  Islamitische Culturele Afghaanse Vereniging (ICAV), Den Haag
  Islamitische culturele Mosque, Roosendaal
  Islamitische Raad Nederland (IRN), Amsterdam
  Islamitische vereniging Annoer, Hoogezand
  Islamitische Vereniging Moskee Al- Fath, Dordrecht
  Islamitishe Vereniging Moskee Al-Fath, Dordrecht
  Islamitsch Genootschap Nederland (IGN), Den Haag
  ITC Mosjid, Enschede, Enschede
  Ittihad, Leiden
  Ittihad Islami Oudenbosch, Oudenbosch
  Jamai Mosque, Amsterdam
  Jami Masjid AI- Qurtaba, Rotterdam
  Jamiat Al-Hidjra Islamic Organisation, Driebergen
  Jeni Mosque, Zwijndrecht
  Jongeren Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Karkez Mosque, Rotterdam
  Kasbah Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Küba Mosque, Den Haag
  Kocatepe Mosque, Rotterdam

Komitee van Morroccan Arbeiders in Nederland (afd. Oud-West) (KMAN Cremerbuurt), Amsterdam
  Kuba Mosque, Rotterdam
  Kuba Mosque, Heerlen
  Kuba Mosque, Baarn
  L.S. Rotterdam Mosque, Rotterdam
  Laleli Mosque, Rotterdam
  Landelijke Islamitische Vrouwenorganisatie Nederland (LIVO), Rotterdam
  LB Attaj Morroccan Union, Beek
  leuwarden mosque, Dokkum
  Maassluis Yeni Camii, Maassluis
  Maghreb Islamic Center, Breda
  Mar. Vereniging Mosque, Emmen
  Mar.Ver.Mosque, Hoogezand
  Marhaba Morrocan Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Marokkaan Mosque, Schoonhoven
  Marokkaan Mosque, Weert
  Marokkaan Mosque, Venray
  Marokkaans Culturel Center, Groningen
  Marokkaans Islam Center, Groningen
  Marokkaans Islamitische Gemeenschap, De Bilt
  Marokkaanse Islamic Association, Almelo
  Marokkaanse Islamic Association, Zwolle
  Marokkaanse Islamic Association, Emmen
  Marokkaanse Vereniging Delft (MSCVD)Sociale Culturele, Amsterdam
  Marroccan Cultural Center, Amsterdam
  Masdjid Al Ummah, Den Haag
  Masjed an-nsr, Huizen
  Masjed alfath, Tilburg
  Masjed alfath, Hilvertsheim
  Masjed Asounna Zwolle, Zwolle
  Masjed Omar Ibn Al Khattab, Almere-Buiten
  Masjed Quba, Den Haag
  Masjede Abi bakressaddik-zu, Utrecht Centraal Station
  Masjid, Weert
  Masjid, Gennep
  Masjid, Geleen
  Masjid, Ulft
  Masjid, Tegelen
  Masjid, Tegelen
  Masjid, Steenwijk
  Masjid, Spijkenisse
  Masjid, Sliedrecht
  Masjid, Groningen
  Masjid, Almelo
  Masjid, Almelo
  Masjid, Eerbeek
  Masjid, Ede
  Masjid, Maassluis
  Masjid, Haaksbergen
  Masjid, Oss

Masjid, Utrecht
  Masjid, Enschede
  Masjid, Almelo
  Masjid, Rilland
  Masjid, Hoogvliet
  Masjid, Maastricht
  Masjid, Heusden
  Masjid, Hengelo
  Masjid annasr, Driebergen
  Masjid Ennasser, Zaltbommel
  Masjid Aarrahman, Deventer
  Masjid Al - Hikmah, Den Haag
  Masjid AL kabir, Amsterdam Amstelstation
  Masjid Al Moahhiden, Ede
  Masjid Al nahda, Weert
  Masjid Al-quran, Birmingham
  Masjid Alhijra, Leiden
  Masjid Almohsinin, Oosterhout
  Masjid Am Muhsinin, Den Haag
  Masjid Annasr, Gorkum
  Masjid Anour Foundation, Lopik
  Masjid Ar-Rahman, Haarlemmermeer
  Masjid Arrahma, Den Bosch
  Masjid Arrahman, Noordwijk-Binnen
  Masjid As-saabiqoon, Birmingham
  Masjid Assalam, Utrecht Centraal Station
  Masjid assalam, Schiedam
  Masjid Baitul-Rahman, Ridderkerk
  Masjid El Islam, The Hague
  Masjid Ennour, Nijkerk
  Masjid Nour, Cuijk
  Masjid Sayidina Ibrahim, Utrecht
  Masjid-ul-Aksa, Utrecht
  MasjidEba Bahadır ÖCal, Maassluis
  MasjideTaqwa, Nieuw-vennep
  Mehmatakif Mosque, Harderwijk
  Merhaba Islamic Center, Breda
  Merkez Mosque, Hoogvliet
  Merkez Mosque, Doetinchem
  Merkez Mosque, Deventer
  Merkez Mosque, Rotterdam
  Mesjide Elhouda, Groenlo
  Mevlana Mosque, Amersfoort
  Mevlana Mosque, Assen
  Mevlana Mosque, Amsterdam
  Mevlana Mosque, Hilversum
  Mevlana Mosque, Amsterdam
  Mevlana Mosque, Boxtel
  Mevlana Mosque, Amsterdam

Mimar Sinan Mosque, Heerhugowaard
  Mimar Sinan Mosque, Leiden
  Mimarsinan Mosque, Den Haag
  Mimarsinan Mosque, Terborg
  Minar Sinan Weesp, Weesp
  Mohsinin Mosque, Hoensbroek
  Moroccan Islamic Center, Etten-Leurs
  Moroccan Mosque, Rotterdam
  Morrocan Immigrant Muslims Association, Vlissingen
  Morrocan Islamic Center, Leiden
  Morrocan Islamic community, Dordrecht
  Morrocan Islamic foundation, Leiden
  Morrocan mosque, Alphen Aan Den Rijn
  Morrocan Muslim Cultural Center, Arnhem
  Morrocan Muslim Mosque Cultural Center, Assen
  Morrocan muslim Youth Association, Roosendaal
  Morrocans Foundation, Rotterdam
  Morrocans Mosque Foundation, Zwijndrecht
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Asten
  Morroccan Jongerenvereniging Albadil Islamic Organization, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Amicale in Amsterdam El Markasie, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Cultural Center, Lochem
  Morroccan Cultural Center Gennep, Gennep
  Morroccan Cultural Educatief Center, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Gemeenschap in Kerkrade, Eygelshoven en omgeving, Kerkrade
  Morroccan Islamic center, Roosendaal
  Morroccan Islamic Center, Harlingen
  Morroccan Islamic Cultural Center, Dordrecht
  Morroccan Islamic Center, S-Hertogenbosch
  Morroccan Islamic Center, Rosmalen
  Morroccan Islamic Center, Vlissingen
  Morroccan Islamic center, Utrecht
  Morroccan Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Center, Gorinchem
  Morroccan Islamic Center, Deurne
  Morroccan Islamic center - Tiel, Tiel
  Morroccan Islamic Center - Venray, Venray
  Morroccan Islamic Center of Nederland, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Cultural Foundation Zaanstreek, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Islamic cultural center, Roosendaal
  Morroccan Islamic Cultural Center, Oss
  Morroccan Islamic Cultural Center, Rotterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Cultural Vereniging Almere-Haven, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Educational Center, S-Hertogenbosch
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Breda
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Veghel
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Utrecht
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Eindhoven
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Zwijndrecht
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Gorinchem

Morroccan Islamic Foundation, S-Hertogenbosch
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Driebergen
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Gorinchem
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Panningen
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Harderwijk
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Barneveld
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Goirle
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Oisterwijk
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Venray
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Weert
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Tegelen
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Driebergen
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Etten-Leurs
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Maassluis
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Uden
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Schoonhoven
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Schiedam
  Morroccan Islamic foundation, S-Gravenhage
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Maassluis
  Morroccan Islamic Information Center, Amersfoort
  Morroccan Islamic social and Cultural Center, Rotterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Work Group Center, Amsterdam
  Morroccan IslamicCenter, Zaltbommel
  Morroccan Leefgroep Daarna, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Leerkrachten Vereniging in Nederland, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Migrant Muslim's Association, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Mosque Naser, Tiel
  Morroccan Muslim Association, Leerdam
  Morroccan Muslim Committee, Bergen Op Zoom
  Morroccan Muslim cultural center, Hilversum
  Morroccan Muslim Kader Preventief, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Muslim youth Foundation, Huizen
  Morroccan Oudercommissie Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Platform Amsterdam-Noord, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Unie Noord, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Vereniging Fath, Amsterdam
  Morroccan-Arabic radioprograms, Amsterdam
  Morroccan-Islamic Foundation, Weert
  Moskee al moslimine, Nijmegen
  moskee al souna, Kwintsheul
  Moskee Alkabir, Amstelstation
  Moskee Anadlu, Krommenie
  Moskee Assalam, Rhenen
  Moskee El Islam, S-Gravenhage
  Moskee el-Nour, S-Gravenhage
  Moskee Quba, Den Haag
  Moskee-arrahmaan, Deventer
  Moslim Debating Club'94, Capelle Aan Den IJssel
  Moslim Informatie Centrum (MIC), Den Haag

Mosque, Sneek
  Mosque, Maassluis
  Mosque, Amsterdam
  Mosque, Amsterdam
  Mosque, Wageningen
  Mosque, Amsterdam
  Mosque, Tilburg
  Mosque, Haarlem
  Mosque, Amsterdam
  Mosque, Roermond
  Mosque, Ede
  Mosque, Weesp
  Mosque, Boxtel
  Mosque An - Nur, Waalwijk
  Mosque Al Mouhsinin, S-Gravenhage
  Mosque Al-Ichlaas (IGN), Den Haag
  Mosque Al-Rahman, Gemeente Gennep
  Mosque Alhouda, Venlo
  Mosque An Nour, Amsterdam
  Mosque An-Nour, Veghel
  Mosque and Islamic Center, Groningen
  Mosque annour, The Haag
  Mosque Annour, Den Haag
  Mosque Arrahmane, Amsterdam
  MOSQUE AT-TAQWA, Etten-Leurs
  Mosque Attaouba, Almere-haven
  Mosque Attaouhid, Soest
  Mosque Birlik, Rotterdam
  Mosque Deppenbroek., Enschede
  Mosque El Azhar, Amsterdam
  Mosque El Houda, Amsterdam
  Mosque El Kods, Beverwijk
  Mosque El-Fetah, Beverwijk
  Mosque EL-FETAH, Nijmegen
  Mosque Errahman, Reuver
  Mosque Essalaam, Utrecht
  Mosque Jami Masjid AI- Qurtaba, Rotterdam
  Mosque Noeroel Islam, Den Haag
  Mosque Noordwijk, Noordwijk
  Mosque rahma, S-Hertogenbosch
  Mosque Schalkwijk, Haarlem
  Mosque Selimiye Kami, Huizen
  Mosque Ulu, Axel
  Mosque UT, Eindhoven
  Mosque Veghel, Veghel
  Mosque VERENIGING ALHYHRA, Vlaardingen
  Mosquee taowhid, Leerdam
  Moulana Mosque, Dordrecht
  Moulana Mosque, Rotterdam
  Muski El Mohcenen Islamic Center, S-Gravenhage

Muslim cultural center, Den Haag
  Muslim Information Center, S-Gravenhage
  Muslim Senior Citizen's forum, Amsterdam
  Muslim Youth Center, Almelo
  Muslim Youth Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Muslim youth sports, Amsterdam
  Nabi Mosque, Kampen
  Nader Islamic Center, Groningen
  Nahda Islamic Center, Geleen
  Nahda Islamic Foundation, Hoorn
  Naser Mosque, Amsterdam
  Nasser Mosque, Veenendaal
  Nederland Islamic Center, Hilversum
  Nederland Morrocan Muslim Cultural center, Amsterdam
  Nederlandse Islamitische Bond voor Ouderen (NISBO), Rotterdam
  Nederlandse Moslim Omroep (NMO), Hilversum
  Nederlandse Moslim Raad (NMR), Den Haag
  Netherland Islamic Federation, S-Gravenhage
  Netherland Islamic religious center, Den Haag
  Netherlands Muslim Association, Rotterdam
  Nida ul Islam Masdjied, Den Helder
  Nieuwe Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Niewe Mosque, Breda
  Noord Mosque, Amsterdam
  Nour Mosque, Heerlen
  Omer Alfarok Mosque, Utrecht
  Ondörtmasumlar Mosque, Den Haag
  OntdekIslam, Rotterdam Zuid
  Opbouwwerk Noord, Locatie Midden Noord, Amsterdam
  Organisatie Moslims Goes, Goes
  Orhan Gazi Mosque, Appingedam
  Orhangazi Mosque, Hoogezand
  Osmangazi Mosque, Veendam
  Osmanli Mosque, Lelystad
  Othman Mosque, Rotterdam
  Ouderkomitee van immigratieschool Oud-West, Amsterdam
  Pakistan Islamic Centre Netherlands Qortoba Mosque, Rotterdam
  Rachmatullaah Islam, Sint Michielsgestel
  Rahman Education Center, Amersfoort
  S.H.M.A. Eindhoven Mosque, Eindhoven
  S.I.C.B.W.Mosque, Winterswijk
  S.I.C.M. Mosque, Maassluis
  S.I.C.s Muslm Cemetry, Den Haag
  S.I.C.S. Mosque, Sittard
  S.M.A.G.M.Mosque, Maassluis
  S.M.J.Z.Mosque, Zoetermeer
  S.S.C.A. Mosque, Maastricht
  S.T.I.C.C. Ayasofya, Eerbeek
  Salam Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Kerkrade
  Süleymaniye Mosque, Rozenburg
Süleymaniye Mosque, Rilland
  School / Moskee TAOUBA, IJselstein
  Scouting IBN Batutta Rotterdam Foundation, Rotterdam
  Seglo Foundation, Utrecht
  Sehzade Mosque, Rotterdam
  Sehzade Mosque, Amsterdam
  Selimite Mosque, Enschede
  Selimiye Mosque, Veghel
  Selimiye Mosque, Dieren
  Selimiye Mosque, Rotterdam
  Selimiye Mosque, Arnhem
  Selimiye Mosque, Dordrecht
  Selimiye Mosque, Amsterdam
  Selimiye Mosque, Haarlem
  Senior Muslim Citizen's Forum, Amsterdam
  Seyd Samil Mosque, Hoofddorp
  Shaan E Islam, Rotterdam- west
  Shabab Elkhaima Youth Association, Weert
  Shabiebat Alhijra Youth Center, Amsterdam
  Soest Mili Gorus Teskilati, Soest
  Sonnat Mosque, Amsterdam
  Souna Mosque, Den Haag
  Souna Mosque, Wateringen
  Sounah Foundation, S-Gravenhage
  Speeltuinvereniging Volewijck, Amsterdam
  St. Maroko Mosque, Leidschendam
  St.Islam.Wetenschappen, Emmeloord
  St.Ver.Isl. Jong, Breda
  Stg. Morroccan Mosque, Veghel
  Stichitng As Soennah, S-Gravenhage
  Stichting Marokkaans Relgieus Centrum, Leeuwarden
  Stichting Al Ansaar, Hillegom
  Stichting Al Dawa, Utrecht Centraal Station
  Stichting Al Dawa Al Islamia International, Utrecht
  Stichting Al-Ghoufran, Wageningen
  Stichting Assalem, Voorschoten
  Stichting El Tawheed, Amsterdam
  Stichting Internationaal Islamitisch Centrum Wageningen, WAGENINGEN
  Stichting Islamitisch Centrum Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam
  Stichting Islamitisch Centrum Nederland (SICN), Utrecht
  Stichting ittihad-ul-muslimien, S-Gravenhage
  Stichting moskee Annasr, Rotterdam Hofplein
  Stichting Moskee Badr en Scholen, Amsterdam
  Stichting Moskee en Islamitisch Centrum Groningen, Groningen
  Stichting Moskee Essalam, Zaandam
  Stichting moskee Salaam, Emmeloord
  Stichting Moslim Unie Heerhugowaard, Heerhugowaard
  Stichting Mosque, Weesp
  Stichting Saada, Amstelveen
  Stichting Touba Moskee, Vlissingen
Stichting Touba Moskee, Vlissingsche Watergang
  stichtinng islamitische centrum, Venray
  Studenten Unie Nederland (SUN), Utrecht
  Suleyman Mosque, Gorinchem
  Suleymaniye Mosque, Tilburg
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Tegelen
  Sultan Ahmet Almere Mosque, Almere-Buiten
  Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Barneveld
  Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Utrecht
  Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Delft
  Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Zaandam
  Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Vaassen
  Sultani Mosque, Utrecht
  Surinaamse Islamic Center, Den Haag
  T.A.M.O. Foundation, Rotterdam
  T.I.C.V. / M.I.C.V. Yeni Mosque, Breda
  T.I.K. Mosque, Uden
  T.I.V. CUYK e.o.Mosque, Delft
  T.L.V Biddinghuizen Mosque, Biddinghuizen
  Takwa Marokkaanse Moske, Ridderkerk
  Türk Ýslam Derneði Mosque, Bunschoten
  Türk Dernegi Mosque, Den Haag
  Türk Islam Kül.Cem. Mosque, Panningen
  Türk Merkezi Mosque, Zevenbergen
  Türk Sosyal Kül Cem. Mosque, Doorwerth
  Tevhid Mosque, Venlo
  Tevhit Mosque, Maastricht
  Turkish Mosque, Weert
  turkish islam moske, Haag
  Turkish Islamic Federation Mosque, Rotterdam
  Turkish Morrocan Muslim Association, Goes
  Turkish Muslim Islamic Center, Den Haag
  Turkiyem Mosque, Arnhem
  Turks Islamic Center, Hoogvliet
  Turkse arbeiders vereniging Mosque, Rozenburg
  Turkse Mosque, Leeuwarden
  Turkse Mosque, Den Haag
  Turkse Mosque, Rotterdam
  Turkse Mosque, Heemskerk
  Turkse Mosque Rijssen, Rijssen
  Uilenstede Mosqee, Amstelveen
  Ulu Cami Mosque, Bergen Op Zoom
  Ulu Mosque, Enschede
  Ulu Mosque, Heemskerk
  Ulu Mosque, Rotterdam
  Ulu Mosque, Utrecht
  Ulu Mosque, Zwolle
  Ulu Mosque, Amsterdam
  Ulu Mosque, Amsterdam
  Ulu Mosque, Ede
Ulu Mosque, Bergen Op Zoom
  Ulu Mosque, Sliedrecht
  ULU Mosque, Leeuwarden
  Umar ibn al khattab Mosque, Rotterdam
  Unie van Marokkaanse Moslim Organisaties in Nederland (UMMON), Amsterdam
  University of Twente Mosque, Enschede
  Usta Mosque, Maastricht
  Uthman Mosque, Rotterdam
  مركز الشباب الإسلامي-بريدا, Breda
  مسجد الاتحاد الاسلامي, Leiden
  V.I.M.DORDRECHT e.o.Mosque, Dordrecht
  V.v.I.Ji.E. Mosque, Den Haag Driebergen Mosque, Driebergen
  Venray Mosque, Venray
  Ver. Islamitische Godsdienst Almelo, ALMELO
  Ver. Mar. In Naarden Mosque, Naarden
  Vereniging Aboubakr assidik, Almere-Stad
  Vereniging Al-Amal, Hilversum
  Vereniging Islamitische Godsdienst, Almelo
  Vereniging moskee El Fath, Gouda
  Vereniging Moskee Fath / Moskee Alfath, S-Gravenhage
  Wa Laite Amsterdam Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Wageningen Mosque, Wageningen
  Werkgroep Morroccan Vrouwen Helden, Koningslust
  Wijkveiligheidspost ‘Van der Pek’, Amsterdam
  Yasmine Morroccan Islamic Center, Bergen Op Zoom
  Yavusultan, Zwijndrecht
  Yeni Mosque, Amsterdam
  Yeni Mosque, Oosterhout
  YESIL DRUTEN Mosque, Druten
  Yesil Mosque, Roosendaal
  Yildirim Beyazid Mosque, Emmen
  Yildirim Beyazit Camii Uden Mosque, Uden
  Yney Mosque, Eindhoven
  Yunus Emre Cami, Delfzijl
  YUNUS EMRE Mosque, Bussum
  Yunusemre Mosque, Almelo
  Zenith Arabians Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  المركز الإسلامي العراقي في آرنهم, Arnheim
  بيت الله للمسلمين, Enschede

  Islamic Organizations and Services

AFAAK - Morrocan Muslim Youth organisation, Leiden
  Morroccan Cultural Center, Lochem
  Morroccan Islamic Association, Lelystad
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Rotterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Helmond
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Lelystad
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Utrecht
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Helmond
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Tiel, Zutphen
  Abibakr Majed, Nymegen
  Afaaq Federation of Youth organisations, Leiden
  Al Ahrar Muslim Youth Center, Gorinchem
  Al Balagh, Leiden
  Al Farabi cultural Center, Amsterdam
  Al Salam Foundation, Amsterdam
  al-noer irakese vereinging, Groningen
  Alfomin for Hadj & Umrah, Zoetermeer
  Alhidaya - Muslim Association, Almere-Stad
  Almere Muslim foundation, Almere-Stad
  An nasr mosque, Rotterdam
  Arabian Muslim Committee (KMAN), Utrecht
  Arabian Muslim Women's Organisation, Venlo
  Arabian Student's Association, S-Hertogenbosch
  Arabic Women's foundation, Leiden
  Assalam Morroccan Association, S-Gravenhage
  Assalam Muslim Foundation, Katwijk
  Association of Migrant Morrocan Muslims, Weert
  Association of Morrocan and Arabian Muslims, Brunssum
  Association of Morrocan Muslims (AMMU), Utrecht
  Association of Morroccan Muslim Youth (P.M.J.U.), Utrecht
  Association of Muslim Communities in the Netherlands, Den Haag
  Bensi-amar autos, Bergen Op Zoom
  Buitenlandse Jongeren Foundation, Gouda
  Dhr. Al-Hussari, Kerkrade
  El Islah, Amsterdam
  El Ouahda Islamic organisation, S-Gravenhage
  El Ouhda Morrocan Islamic Association, S-Gravenhage
  Federatie Islamitische Organisaties Nederland, Zaandam
  Foundation Morrocan Committee, Amsterdam
  Haarlem Islamic Association, Haarlem
  Halal Correct Certification, Amsterdam
  Halal Feed and Food Inspection Authority, The Hague
  Halal Food, Leiden
  Hijaz Tours BV, Amsterdam
  Hilversumse Morroccan Association, Hilversum
  Horizon Morrocan Muslim Foundation, Alphen Aan Den Rijn
  Iglasse Foundation, Amsterdam
  IMO (International Muslim Organisation), S-Gravenhage
  Indonesian Moslems in Enschede Association, Enschede
  Islamic Council of Netherland, Amsterdam
  Islamic Morroccan Comittee, Zevenbergen
  Islamic Youth association, Utrecht
  Islamic Cultural Association, Deventer
  Islamic Cultural Association, Nijmegen
  Islamic Foundation, Nijmegen
  Islamic Foundation, Geleen
  Islamic Foundation - Arnhem, Arnhem
  Islamic Foundation of Averroes, Enschede
  Islamic Foundation of Breda, Breda
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Committee, Amsterdam
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Islamieten te Heerhugowaard, Heerhugowaard
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Muslims, Arnhem
  Islamic Foundation of Morroccan Muslims, Enschede
  Islamic Foundation of Risella, Amsterdam
  Islamic Friends Wijchen, WIJCHEN
  Islamic Information Centre, Amsterdam
  Islamic Organisation (NFMIO), Breda
  Islamic Youth Association, Veghel
  Islamisches Zentrum Hamburg, Hamberg
  Islamitisch Centrum (Stichting), Ede
  Islamitisch Cultureel Centrum - Assen, Assen
  Islamitische Stichting voor cultuur en welzijn, TILBURG
  Islamitische stichting voor opvoeding en overdracht van kennis, Tilburg
  Ittihaad Muslim Youth Association, S-Gravenhage
  Kasbah Foundation, Amsterdam
  Katwijk Morrocan Muslim Foundation, Katwijk
  Keluarga Muslim Delft, Delft
  KMAN - Muslim Youth Association, Amsterdam
  Limburg Moslem Association, Maastricht
  MAI Islamic Social Service Association, Enschede
  Marokkaanse Sociale Culturele Vereniging Delft (MSCVD), Amsterdam
  Marokkaanse Sociale Culturele Vereniging Delft (MSCVD), Delft
  MeccaOne Media, America
  MGT Furkan, Haarlem
  Migrant Muslims Association, Amsterdam
  Migrant Muslims Association, Amsterdam
  Mimoza Muslim women's foundation, Amsterdam
  Morrocan Help Foundation, Amsterdam
  Morrocan Islamic Council, Gorinchem
  Morrocan Islamic Center, Amsterdam
  Morrocan Islamic council, S-Gravenhage
  Morrocan Muslim Association, Hoogezand
Morrocan Muslim Association, Leiden
  Morrocan Muslim Association, Roermond
  Morrocan Muslim Foundation, Amsterdam
  Morrocan Muslim Islamic Council, Amsterdam
  Morrocan Muslim Organisation, Utrecht
  Morrocan Muslim Students Association, Amsterdam
  Morrocan Muslim Women's Association, Weert
  Morrocan Muslim Women's Association, Nijmegen
  Morrocan muslim womens groups, Leiden
  Morrocan Muslim youth organisation, S-Gravenhage
  Morrocan youth Association, S-Gravenhage
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Colmschate
  Morroccan - Turksish Islamic Foundation, Apeldoorn
  Morroccan Arabian Committee, Schiedam
  Morroccan Culturele Union, Bussum
  Morroccan Gemeenschap in Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Council, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Association, Zaltbommel
  Morroccan Islamic Association, Weert
  Morroccan Islamic Association, Ede
  Morroccan Islamic Association, S-Hertogenbosch
  Morroccan Islamic Committee, Soest
  Morroccan Islamic Committee, Zaltbommel
  Morroccan Islamic Council, Groningen
  Morroccan Islamic Cultural Foundation, Hoensbroek
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Tegelen
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Rotterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Bleiswijk
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Delft
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Brunssum
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Venlo
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Heerlen
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, De Bilt
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, De Bilt
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Amersfoort
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation, Vlaardingen
  Morroccan Islamic Foundation enter, Venlo
  Morroccan Islamic Islamic Foundation, Emmeloord
  Morroccan Islamic Religious Center, Harlingen
  Morroccan Islamic Union, Heerenveen
  Morroccan Islamic Youth Center, Dordrecht
  Morroccan Islamic Youth Foundation, Venlo
  Morroccan Meisjesgroep Islamic Association, Beverwijk
  Morroccan Muslim Association, Beek
  Morroccan Muslim Association, Assen
  Morroccan Muslim Association, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Muslim Association, Maastricht
  Morroccan Muslim Association, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Muslim Association of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Morroccan Muslim Association of Nederland, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Muslim committee, Bussum
  Morroccan Muslim Committee, Haaksbergen
  Morroccan Muslim community, S-Gravenhage
  Morroccan Muslim commuunity Center, Venlo
  Morroccan Muslim Council, Ede
  Morroccan Muslim Girls Association, Helmond
  Morroccan Muslim Social and Cultural Center, Almelo
  Morroccan Muslim Sports Association, Venlo
  Morroccan Muslim Students union, Delft
  Morroccan Muslim Women's Association, Amsterdam
  Morroccan Muslim Women's Center, S-Gravenhage
  Morroccan Muslim Women's Organisation, Venlo
  Morroccan Muslim Women's Organisation, Uden
  Morroccan Muslim Women's Organisation, Ede
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Foundation, Roermond
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Roermond
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Maastricht
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Zutphen
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Geleen
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Ede
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Arnhem
  Morroccan Muslim Youth Association, Eindhoven
  Morroccan Social Cultural Center, Enschede
  Morroccan Vrouwengroep Islamic Association, Heemskerk
  Morroccan Youth association, Rotterdam
  Morroccan Youth Center, Venlo
  Morroccan-Islamic Association, Schiedam
  Moskee Qiblah, Zoetermeer
  Muslim foundation group, Leiden
  Muslim Information and Cultural Centre, Arnhem
  Muslim Sports Association, Amsterdam
  Muslim Student's Association, Eindhoven
  Muslim Students' Association Nijmegen, Nijmegen
  Muslim Women's Committee, Amsterdam
  Muslim Women's Committee, Amsterdam
  Muslim Women's Organisaton, Amsterdam
  Muslim Youth Association, Utrecht
  Muslim Youth Center, Amsterdam
  Muslim Youth Assocaiton, S-Gravenhage
  Muslim Youth Association, Amsterdam
  Muslim Youth Association, Amsterdam
  Muslim Youth Center, Utrecht
  Muslim Youth Islamic organisation, S-Gravenhage
  Nahda Muslim youth Sport Club, Utrecht
  Nederland Islamic Foundation, Amsterdam
  Onze Oemma, Rotterdam Zuid
  PvdM Dutch Islamic Human Rights Platform, Amsterdam
  Qaderi Import Export, Amsterdam
  Rabeeta, Culemborg
  Rachmatullaah Islam, Sint Michielsgestel
  Ruhi Uitvaartverzorging, Steenwijk
  S.A.M.R., Amsterdam
  Salaam Foundation, Alphen Aan Den Rijn
  Samen - Alsahaba, Oude Pekela
  Samen -Alsahaba, Groningen
  Sayidati Morroccan Muslim Women's, Gorinchem
  Shabab Al-Khaima Youth Association, Rotterdam
  Shabab el Watani - Youth Association, S-Hertogenbosch
  Shabab Muslim Youth Association, Schoonhoven
  Shabab Youth Foundation, Alphen Aan Den Rijn
  shadows in The Sunshine, Hilversum
  Sociaal Cultureel Stichting Nida ul Islam, Den Helder
  Stichting Al Huda, Zoetermeer
  Stichting al waqf al Islam, Eindhoven
  Stichting ar-rahmaan, Amsterdam
  Stichting Federatie Milli Gorus Noord-Nederland, Amsterdam
  Stichting Imam-Hatip Nederland, Amsterdam
  Stichting Islamitisch Arabisch Onderwijs & Cultuur (SIAOC), Enschede
  Stichting Islamitisch Begrafeniswezen/Islamic Burial Society, Eindhoven
  Stichting Jerusalem, Rotterdam
  Stichting Mevlana Haarlemmermeer, Hoofddorp
  Targuia Muslim Women's Organisation, Utrecht
  The Islamic Association, Noordwijk
  Tunis and Morrocan Muslim women's Association, Sittard
  Turkish Morroccan Muslim workers Association, Emmeloord
  Union of Muslim Students, Utrecht
  University of Amsterdam - Institute for Modern Near Eastern Studies, Amsterdam
  Van Hogendorpstraat 771, Amsterdam
  Vrouwenvereniging Alrisallah, IJmuiden
  World Islamic Mission Youth Circle, Ommen
  Youth Counsel Marhaba, Haarlem

Islamic Schools/Colleges

Aboe Da'oedschool, School voor islamitisch basisonderwijs, Utrecht
  Afaaq Muslim Youth Association, Rotterdam
  Arabica Lingua - Translations & Courses Arabic, Vianen
  Basisschool Hidaya, Nijmegen
  Bilalschool, Amersfoort
  Bilalschool, Amersfoort
  El Feth school, Bergen Op Zoom
  El Furkan Primary School, Schiedam
  el imaan, Alkmaar
  El Mahad El Islami Isalmic institute, S-Gravenhage
  El Marua, Amsterdam Muiderpoort
  I.B.S IKRA, Dordrecht
  Ibn Ghaldoen, Rotterdam Zuid
  Ibn-i Sina, Arnhem
  IBS AL Qalam, Gouda
  IBS Ibn-I-Sina, Rotterdam Zuid
  Islam Instituut, Leiden
  Islamic college, Rotterdam
  Islamic School of Helmond, Helmond
  Islamic University of Europe (Islamitische Universiteit van Europa), Schiedam
  Islamic University of Rotterdam, Rotterdam
  Islamic University of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Hofplein
  Islamitiche college Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  Islamitisch instituut, Den Haag
  Islamitische Basisschool Al Iman, Almere-Stad
  Islamitische basisschool Al-Ihsaan, Lelystad
  Islamitische Basisschool Al-slaam, Hilversum
  Islamitische Basisschool An-Noer, Alphen Aan De Rijn
  Islamitische basisschool Okba Ibnoe Isl, Breda
  Islamitischeschool Al-ikhlaas, Haarlem
  Isra Mosque, Dongen
  Salah Ed Din el Ayyoubi islamic primary school, Helmond
  SIMON schools, Amersfoort
  Tarik Ibnou Ziyad, Eindhoven

   Muslim Owned Business

Al Huda Travel , Utrecht
  A Healing Village, Nieuweschans
  A&M Bouwbedrijf v.o.f., Ridderkerk
  A.N.Technology BV, Ridderkerk
  Abdoel Tropisch Huis, The Hague
  ABSAT, Breda
  Ain Shams Arabic Translations Services, Rotterdam
  Akbulut Sport, Medemblik
  Al Tauba, Amsterdam
  Al-firdaus, Amersfoort
  ALMERE BAZAAR, Almere-Stad
  AmsCT Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  Andalucia Mini-Market, Venray
  Apptec Publications, Groningen
  Arabika Vertaalbureau [Translation Office], S-hertogenbosch
  Architectenbureau: Archiconcepts, Gemert
  As Salam, Amersfoort
  Bakkerij SIDE Patisserie, Hilversum
  Blessing Investment Group ( BIG BV ), Eindhoven
  Bysan for muslim women, Tilburg
  Chakomex, Arnhem
  Chicken Cottage, Leiden
  Damatec Web soluions, Amsterdam
  De regenboog minimarkt, Hilversum
  DesignPoint Networking Solutions, SCHIEDAM
  Eethuis Albela, Amsterdam
  Elbarakaat, Meppel
  EurNet Technologies, Rotterdam
  Eurobazaar, Venray
  Fullcontact ICT, Amsterdam
  Furqanhost, Eindhoven
  Hejaz, Rotterdam
  HUISdokter, Nieuweschans
  Hyderi Automatisering, Den Haag
  Import&export(groothandel), S-Gravenhage
  Islam Hosting, Rotterdam
  Khadija Mode (Fashion), Rotterdam Hofplein
  Le Souk, Groningen
  M-Kidz, Helmond
  Manasek Tourism, Den Haag
  Mansoor International, Veenendaal
  minimarkt oog inal, Utrecht
  Mohammed Halal Slagerij, Groningen
  Mouhandiz Foundation, Amsterdam
  Multicultureel Adviesbureau: MUADBU, Apeldoorn
  Muslim Businesse Centre Nida ul Islam, Den Helder
  Myka, Schoonhoven
  Nederlands Islamitisch Boekhuis | Uitgeverij NIB, Kerkrade
  Oemmah productions, Helmond
  Open Leercentrum Almere, Almere-stad
  Sazusoft, Zwolle
  SINBAD Resturant, Assen
  Sotra, Amsterdam
  Sotra BV, Utrecht
  Supermarkt Albaraka, Eindhoven
  Tanger, Delft
  TROPICANA, Gorinchem
  Turkse Winkel, Assen
  UenZo Thuiszorg Utrecht, Eindhoven
  Youaredutch Internet Services, Rotterdam
  Zina, Amsterdam
  المجزرة الاسلامية فوركا, Gouda
  سوبر مركت ومجزرة بركة الاسلاميةBARAKHA SUPERMARKT, Almere-Stad

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