General Information

Swiss Confederation

National name: Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra

Land area: 15,355 sq mi (39,769 sq km); total area: 15,942 sq mi (41,290 sq km)

Population (2007 est.): 7,554,661

Capital (2003 est.): Bern, 122,700

Largest cities: Zurich, 971,800 (metro. area), 348,100 (city proper); Geneva, 178,900; Basel, 162,800; Lausanne, 117,400

Monetary unit: Swiss franc

Languages: German 64%, French 20%, Italian 7% (all official); Romansch 0.5% (national)

Ethnicity/race: German 65%, French 18%, Italian 10%, Romansch 1%, other 6%

Religions: Roman Catholic 42%, Protestant 35%, Orthodox 2%, Muslim 4%, none 11% (2000)

Literacy rate: 99% (1980 est.)

Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2005 est.): $264.1 billion; per capita $35,300. Real growth rate: 1.8%. Inflation: 1.2%.

Switzerland, in central Europe, is the land of the Alps. Its tallest peak is the Dufourspitze at 15,203 ft (4,634 m) on the Swiss side of the Italian border, one of 10 summits of the Monte Rosa massif. The tallest peak in all of the Alps, Mont Blanc (15,771 ft; 4,807 m), is actually in France. Most of Switzerland is composed of a mountainous plateau bordered by the great bulk of the Alps on the south and by the Jura Mountains on the northwest. The country's largest lakes—Geneva, Constance (Bodensee), and Maggiore—straddle the French, German-Austrian, and Italian borders, respectively. The Rhine, navigable from Basel to the North Sea, is the principal inland waterway.

Called Helvetia in ancient times, Switzerland in 1291 was a league of cantons in the Holy Roman Empire. Fashioned around the nucleus of three German forest districts of Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden, the Swiss Confederation slowly added new cantons. In 1648 the Treaty of Westphalia gave Switzerland its independence from the Holy Roman Empire.

French revolutionary troops occupied the country in 1798 and named it the Helvetic Republic, but Napoléon in 1803 restored its federal government. By 1815, the French- and Italian-speaking peoples of Switzerland had been granted political equality.

In 1815, the Congress of Vienna guaranteed the neutrality and recognized the independence of Switzerland. In the revolutionary period of 1847, the Catholic cantons seceded and organized a separate union called the Sonderbund, but they were defeated and rejoined the federation.

In 1848, the new Swiss constitution established a union modeled on that of the U.S. The federal constitution of 1874 established a strong central government while giving large powers of control to each canton. National unity and political conservatism grew as the country prospered from its neutrality. Its banking system became the world's leading repository for international accounts.

Strict neutrality was its policy in both world wars. Geneva was the seat of the League of Nations (later the European headquarters of the United Nations) and of a number of international organizations.

Allegations in the 1990s concerning secret assets of Jewish Holocaust victims deposited in Swiss banks led to international criticism and the establishment of a fund to reimburse the victims and their families.

Surprisingly, women were not given the right to vote or to hold office until 1971. Switzerland's first woman president—as well as the first Jew to assume the position—was Ruth Dreifuss in 1999.

Islamic History and Muslims

According to the Confederate census of 2001, a total number of 310,807 Muslims were living in Switzerland which made up 4.26% of the total population. Islam is not an officially recognized religion in Switzerland. The largest concentration of Muslim population is in the German speaking Swiss plateau. The cantons with more than 5% Muslim population are:

6.72% Basel-Stadt
6.50% Glarus
6.13% St. Gallen
5.94% Thurgau
5.80% Schaffhausen
5.49% Aargau
5.39% Solothurn
5.33% Zürich

Geneva is the only non-German-speaking canton where the Muslim population is slightly above the average (4,35). Another remarkable demographic feature in comparison to other European countries is the relatively equal distribution throughout the country (compare Islam in the United Kingdom). No administrative unit has more than 8.55% of Muslim population, and no town or village more than 16.8%. The lowest percentage of Muslims in a canton is 1.82% (the Italian-speaking Ticino).

Most (88.3% as of 2000) Muslims in Switzerland are not Swiss citizens. Of the 11.7% (36, 481 people) with Swiss citizenship (0.5% of the total population), 7.7% are naturalized and 3.9% had Swiss citizenship from birth. Most Muslims in Switzerland are from former Yugoslavia (56.4%; especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia and the Sandžak region) and Turkey (20.2%).

The leading figure of the called "Euro-Islam", Tariq Ramadan currently resides in Geneva.In the 10th century, Arabs and Berbers from Mediterranean Fraxinet base for a few decades settled in the Valais[5] They occupied the Great St. Bernard Pass and even managed to reached as far as St. Gallen to the north and Raetia in the east.

There are two mosques in the country, one in Geneva and one in Zurich. There are also about 120 prayer rooms around the country, and about 100 additional "non-official" prayer rooms.

In 2007 the Bern city council rejected plans to build one of the largest Islamic cultural centers in Europe. A current political initiative wants to ban the building of minarets on future mosques.

  Mosque in Zurich, Switzerland

  Masjid Geneva Switzerland

Islam in Switzerland

Switzerland, and Geneva in particular, is often associated with emirs and other sheiks who enjoy sumptuous palaces, stroll along the harbor in the shade of the fountain and buy out the luxury shops. True, these visitors from the Gulf do exist, and they are well-known and highly appreciated by our businesses, however the bulk of the Muslim population has little to do with them.

The second largest religion in Switzerland
In 1990, the Muslim population was 152,200, or 2.2% of the Switzerland’s resident population. A surprising development for those who know that in the early seventies, there were less than 20,000 Muslims living in Switzerland. Islam is now the second largest religion in Switzerland, after Christianity.

The Muslim community of Switzerland is comprised of several nationalities, within which there are different cultures, languages and ethno-cultural particularities. In 1990, the vast majority (4/5) of the Muslim community was represented by Turk nationals (65,000 people or 42.8%) and nationals of the former Yugoslavia (55,000 people or 30.4%). The Muslim community from North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) represented 4% of the overall community, while the Lebanese community represented 3.3%.

The Muslim population is spread out evenly across Switzerland, and mainly in big urban centers (73% of all Muslims). The largest number is found in the cantons of Zurich, Aargau, St Gallen and Bern. It is interesting to note that 76% of the Muslims are settled in German-speaking Switzerland, and 14% in French-speaking Switzerland, which corresponds closely to the resident population distribution. The Turk community is more concentrated in German-speaking Switzerland, while the bulk of the North African community lives in French-speaking Switzerland. Nationals of the former Yugoslavia are spread here and there throughout the country.

It can be affirmed that the number of Muslims is surely underestimated, since, during the 1990 census, 3.1% of foreigners (an exceptionally high proportion) did not answer the question on religious affiliation. As for more recent figures, we have to resort to estimates of the non-governmental agencies, such as, for example, the Islamic associations or organizations in Switzerland. According to these sources, the number of Muslims in Switzerland is currently estimated between 200,000 and 250,000 people (from 2.8 to 3.5% of the resident population).

A fragmented community...
Whereas twenty years ago there were only three mosques in Switzerland (two in Geneva and one in Zurich), there are now almost 90, generally referred to as "Islamic Cultural Centers", sometimes open for the five daily prayers, and certainly open for Friday prayer. The increase in the number of Muslims is a phenomenon split between several communities and several attitudes.

Turks, Bosnians and Albanians are each organized round a mother house in Zurich, with branches spread throughout Switzerland. A particularity amongst the Turks reproduces the political divisions of the country: a portion of the centers are controlled by the Dyanet, the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs, through a representative at the consulate in Zurich. On the other hand, twenty or so of the other centers are run by the Milli Görush, an off-shoot of Refah, the former Islamic opposition party.

In the face of these structured entities, the Arabist world is not only minority, but also organized in less of a hierarchy, more difficult to decipher: between the so-called "official" centers, partially financed by Saudi Arabia (such as the Fondation, in Geneva) or by the United Arab Emirates (such as the Stiftung islamische Gemeinschaft, in Zurich), and movements of the pietistic group Tabligh, which advocates a return to individual practice without major political demands, or of the Muslim Brothers, a highly political reforming movement, there are rivalries but also many interlinks, contacts, common personages. It is impossible to describe this world without caricaturing it.

...that is trying to develop structure
For several years now, under the leadership of the very diplomatic Ismail Amin, who is of Egyptian origin and a former university professor of Arab philology, the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Zurich is attempting to structure the Muslim community: it brings together all the communities in the city, including the Dyanet and the Milli Görush, including the Habache movement, including the centers that are connected with the Muslim Brothers or the Tabligh. Ismail Amin has also patiently developed contacts with the official Churches, Protestant and Catholic alike. The result is that the Muslims are given a better voice in the political issues that they hold dear.

All the same, there still exists a wide range of Muslim organizations in Switzerland, notably associations that run prayer locations, small local associations. We have endeavored to provide a list of organizations that is representative of this range, however, our list is by no means exhaustive. ( )

  Islamic Centers and Organizations

Organizations active throughout Switzerland and in regular contact with the authorities

Cultural Association of Muslim Women in Switzerland
post box 2400
Le Locle/NE,
Tel. +41 (0) 32 931 45 95
Tel. +41 (0) 79 206 40 93

League of Muslims in Switzerland- LMS
Rue Temple 23
2400 Le Locle
Contact: Mohamed Karmous
Tel. +41 (0) 32 931 45 95


Föderation Islamischer Gemeinshaften in der Schweiz

Leutschenbachstr. 71
8050 Zurich
Tel. +41 (0) 1 301 3I 51

MMS Musulmans, Musulmanes de Suisse
Postfach 7303
3001 Bern

Gemeinschaft von Christen und Muslimen in der Schweiz
Postfach 6243
3001 Bern
Tel. +41 (0) 31 312 55 25
Fax. +41 (0) 31 312 55 71

Vereinigung Islamische Organisationen Zürich - VIOZ
Dr. Isrnail Amin
Granitweg 4
8000 Zurich
Tel. +41 (0) 1 363 06 87

Interessensgemeinschaft Muslimischer Frauen (IGMF)
Esther Fouzi
Stigweidstr. 13
8636 Wald
Tel. +41 (0) 55 246 49 10
Administration: Frau Karima Farooq

Stiftung Islamische Gemeinshaft

Rötelstr. 86
PF 419
8057 Zurich
Contact: Dr. Ismail Amin, Gratiltweg 4, 8000 Zurich;
Tel. +41 (0) 1 363 06 87

Verband der Islamischen Kulturzentren (Moschee)
Birmensdorferstr. 273
8055 Zurich
Tel. +41 (0) 1 451 17 15
Fax. +41 (0) 1 451 17 27

Türkische Stiftung für die Schweiz

Kochstr. 22
8004 Zurich
Contact: Herr Akgün
Tel. +41 (0) 1 242 77 47


Organizations active at the local level or in a specific domain

Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Islamischen Gemeinschaften
Künzlistrasse 24
8057 Zurich


Islamic Center and Mosque of the Islamic Center
Rue des Eaux Vives 104/Av. Grenade 13
1207 Geneva
Tel. +10 (0) 22 736 75 86

Bosnian Cultural Association in Geneva

av. de Luserna 18
1203 Geneva
Tel. +41 (0) 22 344 75 85

Swiss Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth
Post box 808

Bosnian Cultural Association in Geneva
Via Monnet 6
1214 Vernier
Tel. + 41 (0) 22 341 95 95
Fax + 41 (0) 22 341 88 41

Islamic Cultural Foundation and Mosque of Geneva
Post box 437
1211 Geneva
Contact: Hafid Ouardiri
Tel. +41 (0) 22 789 37 11
Fax +41 (0) 22 789 74 17

Islamic Charitable Association
Rte des Acacias 18
1227 Geneva
Tel. +41 (0) 22 342 51 30

Islamic Cultural Foundation

Chemin Colladon 34
1209 Geneva
Tel. +41 (0) 22 798 37 11
Fax +41 (0) 22 798 49 38

Isma’ili Cultural Center
av. Calas 3
1200 Geneva
Tel. +41 (0) 22 346 09 36

Mosque of the Islamic Center

Av. Grenade 13



Cultural Association of Muslim Women in Switzerland
Founded in 1992, the ACFMS is a non-profit organization that strives for a better knowledge and understanding of Islam and Muslims as well as for responsible and positive integration. Muslim women have always had the possibility of expressing themselves and being active members of society. This right bestowed upon us by our religion is the origin of the ACFMS’s creation. The association exits in order to promote Muslim women’s activities in Switzerland. To develop our abilities, keep ourselves informed, receive training and to come together and encourage dialogue in the fellowship and respect for all.
ACFMS strives to meet the cultural, religious, educational and humanitarian needs of women in Switzerland. It provides the Swiss and Europeans with a better knowledge and understanding of Islam and of Muslim men and women. It contributes to an individual and collective awareness-raising of the need for responsible and positive integration, and this in order to participate actively in the economic and social development of Switzerland. Our goals are primarily to reunite Muslim women, combine our efforts and work towards a common objective to broaden and develop the cultural exchange between Muslims and non-Muslims, within the scope of friendship and mutual respect.

Main activities

  • Annual meeting: of Muslim women in Switzerland and dialogue between "Muslim and Christian women"

  • Annual summer camp for young girls

  • Training seminars and think-tank groups, worship support during the month of Ramadan, conferences, sports and outings, occasional activities (celebrations, weddings, etc. )

  • Dissemination of information, exhibits (books, posters, models, artwork)

Nadia Rachedi Karmous,
CP 231
2400 Le Locle
Tel./Fax +41 (0) 32 931 45 95

Islamic Center of Lausanne

For over twenty years, the Islamic Center in Lausanne has served as a sort of stopping place for men and women from around the world. A place of prayer and teaching, the center also organizes weddings and funeral services for the community, or even visits to prison inmates. Run mainly on a volunteer basis with over one hundred active and financially committed members, the center does not receive funding from the state of Vaud, nor financial assistance from Muslim countries. Essentially devoted to teaching the Koran, the Center plays an important social and integrating role for many Muslims.

Islamic Center in Lausanne
Place de la gare 10
1003 Lausanne
Tel. 021 323 79 19
Fax 021 311 23 02

League of Muslims in Switzerland

The League of Muslims in Switzerland was created in 1994 to combine the efforts of Muslims, with a goal to be of service to Muslims in their religion and to encourage them to strive for a responsible and positive integration within Swiss society. The League deems that Muslims in Switzerland wish to uphold the protection contract with the federal authorities of this country and considers that all the conditions that govern the entry and residence in Switzerland do not require Muslims to abandon their faith and their culture. The League’s objective is to care for members of the Muslim community so that they may preserve their identity and personality in order to accomplish their role as citizens and participate in the collective effort to find adequate solutions to the problems of Muslims in Switzerland.
The League considers the recognition of the Islamic religion as the second largest official religious community in the country as beneficial for the entire Muslim community, since it will enable them to feel respected and taken into account and to better assume their responsibilities as citizens.

League of Muslims in Switzerland - LMS
Rue Temple 23
2400 Le Locle
Contact: Mohamed Karmous
Tel. +41 (0) 32 931 45 95

Mosque and Islamic Cultural Foundation of Geneva

Inaugurated in 1978 by King Kahled Bin Abdulaziz and the President of Switzerland, the Geneva Mosque is but one among many others, all different in size and architectural style. Within the Islamic Cultural Foundation, you can find:

  • a conference hall for holding lectures on the Islamic religion, culture, sciences, etc.,

  • a library where books on various subjects pertaining to Islam are available to readers (in Arabic, French and English)

  • a school for teaching the Koran, the Arabic language and Islamic studies

  • an Arabic language lab for non-Arabic-speaking adults

  • cafeteria

  • morgue for ritual funeral preparation.

The Mosque assures several essential functions on a permanent basis:

  • worship of the sole God, Creator of all that is visible and invisible

  • cultural, social and humanitarian link

  • vital role of educating, informing, accommodating, advising, dialoguing, etc.

Mosque and Islamic Cultural Foundation
Rue des Eaux Vives 104
Av. Grenade I3, I207 Geneva
Tel. +41 (0) 22 736 75 86

Foundation for Turkish Swiss, Zurich, ZURICH
Phone: 01-242 77 47

Al Kalam Foundation, Geneve

Comunità Islamica nel Canton Ticino, Lugano, Ticino
URL:   Phone: 0041919717329

Fondation Culturelle Islamique, Geneva, CH
Phone: +41 22 798 37 11

Al-Diwan, Geneve, GE
Phone: 022-755.9.38

Dynamic Business Group, Biel
Phone: 41 -32 327 24 24

Islamic Centre, Geneva
Phone: 022-736 75 86

Centre Etudes Islamique Imam Boukhari - Lausanne, Lausanne, Vaud
URL:   Phone: 00 41 21 625 28 10

Future IT Ltd., Gumligen, Berne
Phone: +41-(0)31 950 60 50

Albanian Association, Schaffhausen Falls
Phone: 071-672 38 98

  A.C.F.M.S., Le Locle
  A.S.M.F.Islamic Center, Marly-le-Grand
  Aksa Camii, Chur
  Albanian Association, Schaffhausen Falls
  Albanian Islamic Center, Lausanne
  Albanian Islamic Center, Rebstein
  Albanic Islamic Association, Kirchdorf
  Albanic Islamic Society, Winterthur
  Albanic Peace Association, Basel
  Albanic-Islamic Association, Reinach
  Albanic-Islamic Association, Zurich
  Albanic-Islamic Association, Ziegelbrucke
  Albanisch Islamischer Verband (AIV) Schweiz, Olten
  Albanisch islamisches Kulturzentrum, Visp
  Albanisch-Islamischen-Gemeinschaft, Zurich
  Albanisch-Islamischer Kulturverein, Wetzikon
  Albanisch-Islamischer Verein (AIV) Brugg, Brugg
  Albanische Vereinigung, Burgdorf
  Albanischer Kulturverein, Glarus
  Albanisches Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Emmenbrucke
  Arabic Mosque, Basel
  Arabische Islamische Gemeinschaft, Kriens
  Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Islamischen Gemeinschaften, Zurich
  Arbon ve civari turk Islamic Center, Arbon
  Arrahma Verrein مسجد الرحمة, Basel
  Association Culturelle des Bosniaques de Genève, Geneve
  Association de Bienfaisance Islamique, Geneve
  Association des Musulmans de Fribourg (AMF) , Fribourg
  Association Islamique, Fribourg
  Association Islamique, Yverdon-les-Bains
  Association Islamique Yverdon, Lausanne
  Association of Bosnian Muslim Women, Zurich
  Association of Muslims of Fribourg, Fribourg
  Association of Muslims of Switzerland in Friday, Fribourg
  Bashkësia Shqiptare Islame, Grenchen
  Bienne Islamic center arrissala, Biel
  Bosnian Cultural Association in Geneva, Vernier
  Bosnian Cultural Association in Geneva, Geneva
  Bosnian Islamic Organisation, Zurich
  Bosnische Dzemat der Islamischen Gemeinschaft Luzern, Emmenbrucke
  Bosnischer Kulturverein, Rheineck
  Bosnischer Verein - Klublokal Bukvar Ahmet, Appenzell
  Centre cultural Islamique de La chaux de fonds, La Chaux-de-Fonds
  Centre culturel Islamic, Vicques
  Centre Culturel Islamique Albanaise de la Gruyère, Bulle
  centre culturel islamique sunnite, Geneva
  Centre Culturel IslamiqueOmar Bin Khatab, Lausanne
  Centre Etudes Islamique Imam Boukhari - Lausanne, Lausanne
  Centre Islamique, Saint Gallen
  Centre Islamique AL-Falah Sion المركز الإسلامي لجمعية الفلاح - سيون, Sitten
  Centre islamique AR-RAHMAN, Delemont
  Centre Islamique et Mosque of the Islamic Center, Geneve
  Complexe Culturel des Musulmans de Lausanne, Lausanne
  Comunità Islamica nel Canton Ticino, Lugano
  Comunità Islamica- Giubiasco-ticino, Giubiasco
  Dar An-Nur Islamisches Frauenzentrum Bern, Saint Gallen
  Die islamischen Gemeinschaften, Allschwil
  Dzemat der Islam. Gem. Bosniens,, Schlieren
  Dzemat der Islamischen Gemeinschaft, Regensdorf
  Dzemat der Islamischen Gemeinschaft, Emmenbrucke
  Dzemat Islamische Gemeinschaft Bosniens, Basel
  Espace Culturiel, Geneve
  Eyup Sultan Mescid-Masjid and Turkish Cultural Centre, Lausanne
  Föderation Islam. Gemeinschaften, Reuss
  Föderation Islam. Gemeinschaften, Zurich
  Föderation Islamischer Gemeinshaften in der Schweiz, Zurich
  Federation of Islamic Association in Switzerland, Zurich
  Fondation Culturelle Islamique, Geneve
  Fondation Culturelle Islamique, Geneva
  Foundation for Turkish Swiss, Zurich
  Foundation Islamic Association, Zurich
  Foundation islamic centree bern, Bern
  Grüne Moschee, Aarburg
  Hasret Masjid, Siebnen
  House of Tukish Foreign Workers, Solothurn
  Islamic Association, Flums
  Islamic Centre, Geneva
  Islamic Cultural Association Center, Staufen
  Islamic Cultural Association Center, Romanshorn
  Islamic Cultural Association Center, Saint Gallen
  Islamic Cultural Association Center, Wetzikon
  Islamic Cultural Association Center, Basel
  Islamic Cultural Association Center, Saint Gallen
  Islamic Cultural Association Center, Zurich
  Islamic Cultural Society, Bozen
  Islamic Society, Regensdorf
  Islamic Society, Kreuzlingen
  Islamic Association, Romanshorn
  Islamic Association, Wallisellen
  Islamic Association, Yverdon
  Islamic Association, Cernier
  Islamic Association, Les Acacias
  Islamic Association, Niedern
  Islamic Association, Buchs
  Islamic Association, Siebnen
  Islamic Association, Neuchatel
  Islamic Association of Basel, Basel
  Islamic Association of Bosnian Muslims, Basel  Islamic Belief Association, Solothurn
  Islamic Belief Association, Reuss
  Islamic Belief Association, Cham
  Islamic Belief Association, Emmenbrucke
  Islamic Belief Association, Aarau
  Islamic Belief Association, Solothurn
  Islamic Belief Association, Solothurn
  Islamic Belief Association, Bulach
  Islamic Belief Association, Koblenz
  Islamic Belief Association, Chur
  Islamic Belief Association, Siebnen
  Islamic Belief Association, Saint Gallen
  Islamic Belief Association, Burglen
  Islamic Belief Association, Dietikon
  Islamic Belief Association, Uzwil
  Islamic Belief Association, Schmerikon
  Islamic Belief Association, Niederurnen
  Islamic Belief Association, Wetzikon
  Islamic Belief Association, Ziegelbrucke
  Islamic Belief Association, Biel
  Islamic Belief Association, Mohlin
  Islamic Belief Association Cultural House, Liestal
  Islamic belief foundation, Biel
  Islamic Center, Olten
  Islamic Center, Fribourg
  Islamic center, Geneve
  Islamic Center, Daniken
  Islamic Center, Roveredo
  Islamic Center, Seon
  Islamic Center, Wil
  Islamic Center, Erstfeld
  Islamic Center, Aarau
  Islamic Center, Wadenswil
  Islamic Center, Kreuzlingen
  Islamic Center, Wil
  Islamic Center, Neuchatel
  Islamic Center, Vaud
  Islamic Center, Basel
  Islamic Center, Vaud
  Islamic Center, Schlieren
  Islamic Center, Liestal
  Islamic Center, Vaud
  Islamic Center, Vaud
  Islamic Center, Koblenz
  Islamic Center, Vaud
  Islamic Center, Zurich
  Islamic Center, Vevey
  Islamic Center, Moudon
  Islamic Center, Valais Alps
  Islamic Center, Biel
lamic Center, Uster
  Islamic Center (AIAS), Liebefeld
  Islamic Center Berne / Islamisches Zentrum Bern, Bern
  Islamic Center Monthey, Monthey
  Islamic Center of Bern, Bern
  Islamic Centre, Chavannes
  Islamic Centre of Crissier-Renens, Crissier
  Islamic Centre of Sion, Sion
  Islamic Community Center, Ticino
  Islamic Cultural Association, Freiburg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Solothurn
  Islamic Cultural Center, Wattwil
  Islamic Cultural Center, Basel
  Islamic cultural center, Arth
  Islamic cultural center, Muhlen
  Islamic cultural center, Zug
  Islamic cultural center, Munchenbuchsee
  Islamic Cultural Center, Aarburg
  Islamic Cultural Center, Zurich
  Islamic cultural center, Freiburg
  Islamic cultural center, Burgdorf
  Islamic Cultural Center, Biel
  Islamic Cultural Center, Neuchatel
  Islamic Cultural Center, Saint Gallen
  Islamic Cultural Center, Baden
  Islamic cultural center, Bottmingen
  Islamic Cultural Centre, La Chaux-de-Fonds
  Islamic Cultural Foundation, Baar
  Islamic Cultural Foundation, Geneva
  Islamic Cultural House, Glarus
  Islamic Culture Centre, Bottmingen, Basel
  Islamic foundation Association, Langenthal
  Islamic foundation Association, Olten
  Islamic foundation Association, Bellechasse
  Islamic King Faisal Foundation, Basel
  Islamic youth association, Biel
  Islamic-Albanic Association, Affoltern am Albis
  Islamic-Albanic Cultural Center, Emmenbrucke
  Islamisch Gemeinschaft, Saint Gallen
  Islamisch jugendverein, Winterthur Toss
  Islamische Föderation, Luzern
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Altendorf
  Islamische Gemeinschaft, Sissach
  Islamische Gemeinschaft des FL, Triengen
  Islamische Gemeinschaft IKRE, Bern
  Islamische Gemeinschaft IQRAA, Bern
  Islamische Gemeinschaft Luzern, Kriens
  Islamische Gemeinschaft St. Gallen, Sankt Gallen
  Islamische Glauben Gemeinschaft, Solothurn
Islamische Kulturzentrum Emmenbrücke, Lucerne
  Islamische Pfadi Schweiz, Au
  Islamische Vereinigung, Rorschacherberg
  Islamischer Albanischer Verein, Rorschach Hafen
  Islamischer Albanischer Verein Winterthur, Winterthur
  Islamischer Arabischer kulturverein Schaffhausen, Schaffhouse
  Islamischer Jugend Verein (Arrahma Mosque), Winterthur
  Islamischer Jugendverein, Winterthur
  Islamischer Kulturverein, Zofingen
  Islamischer Kulturverein IKRE, Steffisburg
  Islamischer Verein, Horn
  Islamischer Verein, Regensdorf
  Islamischer Verein Besimtari, Basel
  Islamischer Verein von Dübendorf und Umgebung, Dubendorf
  Islamischer Verein Winterthur, Winterthur
  Islamisches Forschungszentrum, Aarau
  Islamisches Kultur Zentrum, Lugano
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Olten
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Winterthur
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum, Chur
  islamisches kulturzentrum St.Gallen, Sankt Gallen
  Islamisches Kulturzentrum(masdjid elrahma, Saint Gallen
  Islamisches Zentrum Bern, Berne
  Islamisches Zentrum Zürich, Zuricher See
  Islamischs Kulturzentrum, Murten
  Islâm Kültür Merkezleri Birligi, Zurich
  Jemaat of Islam, Koblenz
  Jemaat of Islam, Basel
  Jemaat of Islam, Regensdorf
  Jemaat of Islam, Schlieren
  JugendkulturZentrum TAKVA, Zurich
  KIOS - Koordination Islamischer Organisationen der Schweiz, Hinterkappelen
  Kommission Mosque, Biel
  Kulturelle Verein El iman, Dietlikon
  L.A.M.I.S.P.A. Islamic Centre, Vuiteboeuf
  League of Muslims in Switzerland - LMS, Le Locle
  Liestal Moschee, Liestal
  Luzern Camii, Emmenbrucke
  Madini Masjid, Zurich
  Masjed Alpanian, Winterthur Toss
  Masjid-ul-Qghair, Bern
  Merkez Imam Albani, Sankt Margrethen
  Mesolcina Islamic Community, Ticino
  Mevlana Cami, Bachenbulach
  MEVLANA Kultur Verein, Dubendorf
  Moschee, Schlieren
  Moschee Al-Tauhid, Luzern
  Moschee-Kommission, Solothurn
Moslimischer Verein, Bern

mosquée de geneve, Geneve-Cornavin
  Mosque, Zurich
  Mosque, Heerbrugg
  Mosque, Kriens
  Mosque, Basel
  Mosque, Solothurn
  Mosque Islamic Centre, Geneva
  Mosque of Geneva, Geneva
  Mosques, Biel
  Muslim Cultural forum, Geneva
  Muslim Friends Union, Wald
  Muslim Women's Association of Switzerland, Neuchatel
  Muslimischer Verein, Bern
  Relief organisation for Palestine, Basel
  Salah Al Deen. Islamic center, Biel
  Schweizerische Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft, Bremgarten
  Schweizerische Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft, Langenberg
  St.Gallen Moschee, Saint Gallen
  Stiftung der islamischen Jugend-Foundation of islamic youth, Zurich
  Stiftung Islamische Gemeinschaft Zurich, Zurich
  Stiftung Islamische Gemeinshaft, Zurich
  Summejja Schweiz, Zurich
  Swiss Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth, Biel
  Swiss Islamic Association, Wetzikon
  Swiss Muslim Society, Zurigo
  Swiss Muslim Society/Madini Masjid, Zurich
  Swiss-Turkish Islamic Foundation , Zurich
  Switzerland Moslem Association, Bern
  Türkisch Islamischer Verein, Zug
  Türkische Luzern Camii ve Lokali, Emmenbrucke
  Türkische Stiftung für die Schweiz, Zurich
  Türkischer Islamischer Verein, Schaffhausen
  Team of Islamic Unions, Zurich
  Teeba Islamisches Zentrum, Schaffhausen Falls
  Teeba Islamisches Zentrum, Neuhausen Am Rheinfall
  The Mosque of Zurich, Zurich
  Turkish Zürich Islamic Association, Zurich
  Turkish -Islamic Cultural Society, Zurich
  Turkish -Islamic Cultural Society, Winterthur
  Turkish -Islamic Society, Schaffhouse
  Turkish -Islamic Society, Neuenburg
  Turkish -Islamic Society, Saint Gallen
  Turkish -Islamic Society, Reinach
  Turkish -Islamic Society, Zurich
  Turkish -Islamic Association, Zurich
  Turkish -Islamic Association, Baar
  Turkish -Islamic Foundation, Zurich
  Turkish -Islamic Society, Buchs
  Turkish -Islamic Society, Aarau
Turkish Association, Aarau

Turkish Auxiliary work Society, Zurich
  Turkish Islamic Association, Uster
  Turkish Islamic Association, Ruti
  Turkish Islamic Association, Kleindietwil
  Turkish Islamic Association, Aarburg
  Turkish Islamic Association, Rorschach Hafen
  Turkish Islamic Association, Wil
  Turkish Islamic Association, Sirnach
  Turkish Islamic Center, Luzern
  Turkish Islamic Social und Cultural Center, Basel
  Turkish Society, Saint Gallen
  Turkish Society, Schaffhouse
  Turkish Society, Winterthur
  Union of Islamic Organisations of Zurich, Zurich
  Verband der Islamischen Kulturzentren (Moschee), Zurich
  Vereinigung Islamische Organisationen Zurich - VIOZ, Zurich
  Winterthurer Foundation Mosque, Winterthur
  Winterthurer Mosque, Winterthur
  Yusuf Islam, Basel
  Zavicaj Bosnian Society, Lenzburg
  الجمعية الثقافية لمسلمي نوشتال, Neuchatel  African Muslim Association, Geneve
  Al-Diwan, Geneve
  Albanian Association, Zurich
  Albanian Association, Saint Gallen
  Albanian Association, Arbon
  Albanian Cultural Association, Saint Gallen
  Arabian Islamic Library, Geneve
  Arabic Language School, Geneve
  Ass. culturelle des musulmans de Neuchâtel, Neuchatel
  Assistance Islamic Association of the Harar in Switzerland, Geneve
  Association Culturelle des Musulmans de Neuchâtel, Neuchatel
  Association de musulmans a vevey, VEVEY
  Association de Musulmans à Vevey, VEVEY
  Association of Albanian Emigrants, Domat Ems
  Basel Muslim Kommission, Basle
  Basler Muslim Commission, Basel
  Biblioteca Islamica, Chiasso
  Bosnian Association, Appenzell Ausser-Rhoden
  Bosnian Cultural Association, Saint Gallen
  Bosnian Cultural Association in Geneva, Geneva
  Bosnian Women's Society, Wettingen
  Bund Muslimischer Vereinigungen der Schweiz, Untersiggenthal
  Cultural Association of Muslim Women in Switzerland, Le Locle
  Dachverband islamischer Gemeinden, Saint Gallen
  Dar an Nur, Islamic women's center, Bern
  Die Barmherzigkeit, Turgi
  DMI Administrative Services, Geneva
  Fondation Culturelle de L'enfants et de la jeunesse, Zurich
  GSIW Gesellschaft Schweiz - Islamische Welt, Zurich
  Humanitarian Auxiliary Organization for Palestine, Basel
  Humanitäre Hilfsorganisation für Palästina, Basel
  Institut Culturel Musulman de Suisse, La Chaux-de-Fonds
  Interessengemeinschaft Muslimischer Frauen (IGMF), Zurich
  Islamic Association, Romanshorn
  Islamic Association, Fleurier
  Islamic Association, Fribourg
  Islamic Association, Grancy
  Islamic Association of Bosnian, Zurich
  Islamic Association of SOS, Lausanne
  Islamic Association of the Bosnian Muslim Women, Schlieren
  Islamic Association of the Egyptians in Switzerland, Grand-Saconnex
  Islamic Book Center, Zurich
  Islamic Charitable Association, Geneva
  Islamic Community of Mesolcina, Roveredo
  Islamic Cultural Association, Nyon
  Islamic Cultural Foundation, Geneve
  Islamic Cultural House, Ziegelbrucke
  Islamic Foundation, Basel
  Islamic Idealist Turkish Association, Suhr
  Islamic League of the States of Arabs, Geneve
  Islamic Relief, Geneva
  Islamic Relief Association, Geneve
  Islamic Union, Zurich
  Islamic Union, Baar
  Islamic Wakf Committee, Bremgarten
  Islamic Women Center of Bern Dar-an-Nur, Bern
  Islamic Women society, Zurich
  Islamic Youth Center, Aarau
  Islamisch Albanischer Verein, Rotkreuz
  Islamisch-Albanische Gemeinschaft, Affoltern
  Islamisch-Albanische Gemeinschaft, Kirchdorf
  Islamisch-Albanische Verein, Winterthur
  Islamisch-kultureller Verein, Schlieren
  Islamische Gem. aus Jugoslawien, Wallisellen
  Islamischer arabischer kulturverein, Schaffhausen
  Islamischer Frauenverein Zurich, Zurich
  Islamisches Zentrum Bern-Muslim Association, Bern
  Kolleksion Islamic Association, Rapperswil
  Konig Faysal Stiftung Basel, Basel
  Liga der Muslime in der Schweiz, Neuchatel
  Muslim League Switzerland, Neuchatel
  Muslime und Musliminnen in der Schweiz, Bern
  Muslimische Gemeinde Basel, Basel
  Relief Islamic Association of Palestinian, Basel
  Somalia Islamic Center, Affoltern
  Sri Lankan Muslims Association, Bern
  Stiftung Schweizerischer Islamischer Friedhöfe, Baar
  Switzerland Islamic Coordination Organisation, Kappelen
  Türkisch Islamische Stiftung für die Schweiz, Zurich
  Turk Association, Bern
  Turk Cultural Association, Buchs
  Turkish Association, Saint Gallen
  Turkish Association, Schaffhausen Falls
  Turkish Association, Zurich
  Turkish Association, Schattdorf
  Turkish Cultural Association, Saint Gallen
  Turkish Cultural Center, Zurich
  Turkish Cultural Association, Olten
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Schaffhausen
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Heerbrugg
  Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, Uster
  University of Bern, Bern
  مؤسسة الجمعية الإسلامية بزيورخ -سويسرا-, Zurigo
  VATRA Albanic Association, Zurich
Vereinigung der islamischen Organisationen des Kanton Luzern, Luzern

Ahmed ELSABBAN, Gland
  Al Kalam Foundation, Geneve
  Centre de Langue Arab, Geneve
islamische schule schaffhausen, Schaffhausen

  • Berichte, Dossiers, Statistiken/ Rapports, dossiers, statistiques/ Reports, dossiers, statistics

  • Lokale Vereinigungen, Moscheen/ Associations locales, mosquées/ Local Associations, mosques

  • Bundesweite Organisationen/ Federal Organisations

  • Regionale und Kantonale Dachverbände/ Regional and Cantonal Umbrella Organisations

  • Umbrella organizations in Switzerland (which have an own website)

    - VIOZ (Zurich):

    - VAM (Aargau):

    - UMMA (Berne):

    - Basler Muslim Kommission (Basel):

    - VIOKL (Lucerne):

    - Muslim Community Lucerne (IGL):

    - Muslims in Central Switzerland:

    - DIGO (Eastern Switzerland):

    - UAMF (Fribourg)

    - UVAM (Waadt)

    Other federations in Switzerland (selection)


    - Federation of islamic organizations in Switzerland (FIDS):

    - Islam in Ticino:

    - Rachid's Blog: Lieber Bruder Ali

    - Schweizerische Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft (SIG):

    - LMS:

    - ACFMS:

    - Verein für Religionspädagogik Schweiz:

    - Foundation of islamic youth:

    - Society Switzerland-Islamic World (GSIW):




    - Switzerland:

    - Germany:

    - Germany: e-magazine NUN

    - Germany:

    - Germany:

    Islamic funeral undertakers

    - Beerdigungsfond FUL:

    - Ahiret Islamic:

    - FURAT International Repatriation:

    Islamic aid organizations

    - Islamic Relief:

    - Muslime Helfen:


    Islamic portals in other countries

    - Germany:

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    - France:

    - Italy:

    - USA:

    - Worldwide:


    Dialogue between religions


    - Paulus-Akademie Zürich (PAZ):

    - Association of Christians and Muslims in Switzerland:

    - l'Arzillier - house of dialogue:

    - Zürcher Lehrhaus:

    - Religions of the world:

    - Institute of religious law at the university of Fribourg:

    - Discussion forum on world religions:




       Muslim Owned Business

    Aldaawa الدعوة, Genf
      Dynamic Business Group, Biel
      Frauenverein, Zurich
      Future IT Ltd., Gumligen
      Jinène S.A., Fribourg
      Jinène S.A.شركة جنان للحج, Freiburg
      Kebab Shop, Chur
      La fleur doranger, Neuchatel
      La Petite Boutique, Neuchatel
      Restorant Shalimar, Interlaken
      Shahi Restaurant, Geneva
      TaxiLeman, Lausanne
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